Rina and Cyrus Rp

Jan 19th, 2020
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  1. Rina Kain Well this was a sight that she hadn't ever seen before then again she was only about three hundred years old, a child compared to everyone else in her lineage. So there would be times she'd learn something new every so often and was well aware of this. That witch girl left the beasty all caged up, with those chains and such she decided it would be wiser to leave him there. It may belong to that place she had found in one of her trips into the woods, she was one that wondered around quite a bit and often did odd jobs in order to pay for what she needed. So she would slip out from her hiding spot a while away as she closed her eyes to concentrate a bit more deeply to open her mind to that precognition, which she worked in reverse for remembering where things were at. There it was! Not to far off from where he was, so she began in that direction, there was no way she was planning to approach that creature without some protection. She'd only been awake for a little while and wasn't a fan of dying so quickly after she got up from her fifty year rest, not that it mattered much, she would always come back to life. It was still a pain to deal with though so off she went as her feet tracked a seemingly worn path right to the guardhouse. She could feel a deep power wafting off of it, so wisdom was a good key to plug into as she took her first steps inside and made her way along the hallways. It was a gorgeous place and be a lovely place to visit save for that creature that seems to be lurking around it, but for noe it was bound up by someone else's doing. For now she would push that aside as she entered in deeper, taking her time there really was no reason to rush. Soon enough though with all the different twists and turns she would find herself in the middle of the fountain area, of course then the curious nature kicked in and she just had to approach it. She could see the clear still water as she looked into the water, her reflection against the surface there of. A slight frown crossed her lips as she could barely recognize herself and it was irritating, but then her mark began to warm against her skin. It felt more of a warning as she stepped back a bit away from the fountain as if she expected something to happen or maybe it was someone to appear and show themselves.
  3. The Guard Slayer The beast wasn’t happy in the least. Eventually he would break his binds, but they were proving more difficult than they looked. Still, he would struggle, snap and bite at what he could. The massive wolf thing pulled and howled in anger. Outside the guardhouse, he powers and actions varied. Guided more by instinct rather than thought, it would take time before he’d figure something else out. The guard was unaware of witnesses and quite frankly didn’t care at this point. Should anyone be stupid enough to get his attention, they would become his victims in a heartbeat…IF he could get to them. The place was currently left unguarded and eerily quiet. Moreso because it was void of life. The armored being was the lone thing that graced the area’s presence. Even the entity that resided there was still and silent, but far from vulnerable. The guard was there to amuse it and do its bidding. To protect the treasures laid away in the catacombs from all intruders. It was aware of those that came to seek them or to use the area for storage. It was grand to see the various reasons one would risk their lives to come here. It made the rewards all the more special and that they should stay put. As soon as Rina stepped past the gates, it, as well as the guard, knew an intruder had crossed the threshold. The beast’s anger intensified as he thrashed and dug at his magical binds. His claws digging into the wet ground beneath him….The woman would see a shimmer in the air, but beyond that, nothing more. The corridors were littered with all kinds of bone, cloth, armor, weaponry, whole skeletons and partial ones. Most of them were nearly dust or so mummified they could barely be counted as humanoid. No vermin of any kind roamed the halls and rooms. The only sounds coming through them was the whisper of a draft. Once she got to the fountain though, nothing else changed. Simply the wind being the only audio about. The water in the fountain however remained still. Clear as glass and reflected her face back to her. As soon as her mark began to warn her and she pulled away, her reflection started to rise. The water remained still as Rina, in perfect mimicry of the real one, became present and stared at her. The being had a light layer of shimmer across its skin and clothing. Her eyes would dart from the girl to where the mark burned and then back. Soon multiple voices spoke. “<i>Daughter of Cain. Leave here at once. This will be your only warning.</I>” Which she was lucky enough to get. Most never got a warning or a chance to escape. Something would move through the ground and behind the stones surrounding the fountain and the base itself. The guard may not be present, but the place was alive itself. Roots were ready to launch out and attack her if she didn’t comply.
  5. Rina Kain Well she had to give this place gusto, it was quite creative with the decor of the inside, body's some dust and some just beyond recognizable, maybe she should praise whoever it that accomplished it. Even some Africa places she did stop along the way had their own inspiration for how they took care of the dead. Nonetheless it didn't cause her mind to sway from going inside further to look around, she got a sense that the whole place was alive, which made her wonder about how it might be destroyed. But she soon slid that bit to the back of her mind as she wondered how long that creature had been here, from it's current temper she was able to hear of all the way into the guard house after she stepped through the opening. Boy it seemed really angry, all because she was here? Seriously, something uptight, besides there was nothing as far as it's prizes or what belonged to people of greats, and the like. She heard the lore about a place where heavy magical stuff, and the weapons and alike where kept in a secretive place, and only the being inside would decide your fate. How many thought they were worthy to be in here to try and steal something, to be only slaughter down into nothingness, yet that seemed a far fetched dream for her. She detested the idea of having to be a daughter of Cain, why did she have to suffer for his poor choices, and yet here she was, living, yet always dying and never staying dead. An eternal escape from this kind of hell, was damn near impossible, only on a few occasions she heard how, but those would remain forever tightly sealed in her heart. While, they were cursed, her family had actually turned around at some point after the middle ages; turning it into something that could help others instead. Humans can be so messy, ugh the thought of how much crap she got herself into for helping.The fountain was pretty, but it was off, like way off on the scale of full on just supernatural, but remaining calm as she watched her own reflection just up and rise out of the water. She raised an eyebrow, okay so that's also something new, and a new record too, she may freak out at some point. The mark intensified at her left hip near her belly button. She would hear it speak, now this was very interesting, it may cost something, but she wanted to know more about it then the stuff in it, plus that creature outside needs a friend by now right? She had time to spare on her hands currently so why not, so she was going to just cut to the chase as she frowned at hearing those words though. "If I had a choice, surly I would want to have nothing to do with being anyone related to that, but I'd like to strike a deal with you" she told her as a small smirk creased up onto her lips as she stared right back at her reflection. "Besides, we both have the time to spare no? I highly doubt that poor creature out there will be able to free himself anytime soon, not my doing, just happened to see it happen though; fairly interesting. Plus you're kind of pretending to look like me, so the least you could do is hear me out, unless your going to be able to walk out of here to go free him yourself, but I suspect your pretty much limited to the inside of this place" she spoke as her greenish hues darted around before landing back on the entity. "Though you could try to kill me, which won't work, as well as I assume you already know and we keep repeating this every day forever and you won't have your pet back" she told it. With a fairly confident attitude, not cocky, no she knew better, but quite assured from what she noticed as she looked around.
  7. The Guard Slayer Guests was something neither one worried about, for they usually never got far. Those that did, would see the various warnings strewn about. It tended to gauge their determination as well and give a sliver of a chance to turn back. Going forward, with death about them, was either out of desperation, stupidity or they may actually have the power to survive the trek. The latter was a very rare thing. The guard had been injured quite a bit, but his fate wouldn’t allow him to die. No one knew of the fountain and what it held within, for no one took the chance to explore, not like how Rina was doing it. The armored being was usually on the grounds unless sent out by the entity. Never had he been caught in a magical trap before, at least not outside the walls. Had he been free when Rina passed the gates, he would have been right on her heels. He could feel the pull from the cage, calling him, SCREAMING at him to get his ass back to his prison. In his failure to do so, a punishment will await his return. It was unavoidable, for as soon as he was able to, he would be pulled to face the fountain. It, along with leaving the grounds, were the only things he truly feared. The entity which stood in the bowl of the fountain continued to regard Rina, completely ignoring the cries of its guard. The being could care less about her detesting her lineage. Even if she gave it her name, it would not use it. The being moved and shimmered a bit as it did so. The form it took was her own and not a single detail was out of place. The eyes however, may have been the only thing different. They remained blue and staring at the real thing. The intruder that seemed to be mad. It had warned her to leave, yet she didn’t. Stupidity, desperation, or maybe stronger than it. Those were the three categories ‘visitors’ came in. The entity’s brows furrowed in suspicion when it heard those words. “<i>Daughter of Cain.</I>” The multiple voices repeated. “<I>I will not remove the curse that follows you.</I>” Already shooting down the deal before it was even uttered. It was already displeased with her being present and didn’t appreciate the smirk. The roots remained poised and ready within the walls and underground. This place has been ‘destroyed’ before and would repair like it always did. “<i>Do not pity him, Daughter of Kain. He has chosen this life.</I>” A warped version of his request of course, but it didn’t need to go into detail. “<i>I ‘pretend’ to be no one. Only in appearance am I you, nothing more.</i>” The being was content with allowing the guard to suffer. It could take care of itself, though wouldn’t be exposing that hand yet. Another pathetic howl would only get the being to tilt her head a bit. “<i>Such a baby.</I>” The unpleased expression deepened. “<i>He’s become boring.</I>” A slight yawn, but it was far from being sleepy. A flick of the hand and it would speak again. “<i>Fine, what’s your deal?</i>”
  9. Rina Kain Rina though wasn't a normal guest, by any means at all. Where as others tended to seek after their own personal gain, or desires and enter into this place, she was just more curious about this place. Though the desire for anything inside of it was null and void to her, almost worthless. Besides her own first blade could easily count for one of the those special items to store here until she wanted to return for it, but that wasn't going to happen. Her visit was purely out of boredom, and curiosity, and timing of course. It was indeed a fine place, anyone should meet their pleasure of an end here it would be okay for her to. Maybe she was looking for a challenge or something just to pass the time, who knew how long she had before going the way of her grandfather did, or maybe she might just be able to surpass it. Though if she did perhaps she would truly end up being a daughter of Cain, as if one born close to the man himself. It occasionally happened in their family, one every so often came close to matching or superseding what Cain was able to handle. What a pain this whole thing was, but she had long ago accepted things as they are, curse of God and all, by her own lonesome self. Though the woman couldn't help, but to be intrigued by the entity, she would move slightly from side to side as she peered at her reflective state, but had to resist the desire to poke it to see if it wiggled around a bit or at least rippled. Her thoughts weren't far from the creature looming outside in it's bonds, but for now she needed to focus on what was in front of her. Rina though laughed, not just any laugh, but a full on deep rooted laugh at the words of the entity. Though soon enough coming to a close she would sigh in contentment as she leaned back on the heels of her feet. "Even, IF, which I don't, wanted you to remove it, I highly doubt even you can, many have tried before in the past and it's all failed. Now unless your the creator himself, I highly doubt your abilities would be enough to unlock this key" she spoke honestly and very frankly with it. No reason to lie from her end at least. She couldn't help herself, really the only way to get rid of the mark was to give it away to someone else, but she wasn't about to let someone else suffer like she has been. So carry the burden she must. "Mm I wouldn't call it pity as much as it is about curiosity, as much in him as there is about you? I mean what else can I do besides take risks and enjoy learning new things, being alive so much things are bound to get boring occasionally right?" She asked, though the answer wasn't needed she had a feeling the entity knew to well of this as also. "Plus, we all make bad choices from time to time, but it doesn't mean we all need to be stuck with them, or stick others with our own doings" she stated simply with a slight shrug. "You maybe you, but yet you still chose to mirror my image, I'm not sure how else you can pretend to be someone else if it were not for those two factors" she bemused back. But the bowel distracted her a bit, but soon turning towards the being, as the plan was newly reformed in her mind. "Well simply this, I stay here, for let's say a good time fifty to seventy-five years or so, be your company for a change, maybe a different kind of conversation? Welcome to ask as many questions as you wish to or not; which is your choice after all." She began as a glint in her eyes seemed to surface. Though being able to answer some of them was far forbidden, but most of them she probably would. "For in return though, I'd like to know about you both more, and to have the ability for him to come out with me in the evening times with the ability to have full control, to bring back food, objects that you've never even heard of or witnessed, and the like; while the reason for this, is basic needs of a human needing food and water, and no offense, I'd rather not feel what it's like starving to deathl" she offered up. This was just crazy, she really was prepared to stay that long and spend all day talking hell or even cleaning up etc if she had to. Besides it looked as if would be a nice home for a little while. She could even do inventory about all the different objects around here as well.
  11. The Guard Slayer Mad, plain and simple. This woman was crazy if she thought to sate her boredom here. There had to be something else. True, there were those that accidentally stumbled upon this place, but they would try to leave ASAP…Or was that the ones who the guardhouse chose to ensnare? It was guilty of ‘kidnapping’ yes, but mainly out of the entity’s own boredom. If one escaped, oh well, if they died? Same reaction. Either way would prove amusing until the very end. She though, chose to STAY out of boredom and curiosity. There were plenty of OTHER things out there to cure that! Not a place of death and destruction. To each their own. Maybe it might get some entertainment from this strange woman. Once Rina started moving and looking the entity over, her reflection would shift some itself. The being was keeping an eye on her as well as showing it wasn’t some oddity to behold. Unless there was praise involved, it didn’t like being stared at for long. Her laughter however, would soon cause the ground to tremble some and the waters in the fountain rippled. Laughing at it surely didn’t gain her any favors. Regardless of her being unable to die, it was perfectly content in killing her over and over again. Should the guard be free, he too would take up the task once the entity grew bored of her. “<i>How dare you mock me!</I>” It snapped at her. “<i>I may not be YOUR God, but I am one! You will show respect in my house or get out!</I>” Its own curiosity about her deal was dwindling fast, but it also started thinking. Depending on what was made, it was going to twist it horribly. Much MUCH worse than what it did to the guard. The waters still rippled, trembling in anger as the reflection moved about the bowl. The entity would change some, becoming more serpentine as it snaked around the fountain and glared at her from the top like an angry cat. No longer was it truly mimicking her, ‘pretending’ to be her. As Rina continued on with her ‘deal’, it would instantly think of this ‘company’ business. The entity didn’t need it, not one bit. It never spoke to the guard no matter how much he begged it to. Begged it to lift this ‘curse’ and let him rest. The man inside the suit wasn’t ready to die of course, for his life had been robbed from him. He wanted to live, to experience the outside world and stop this murderous rampage. Well, it never answered him, nor would it. He had chosen this path and would forever be stuck with it. So, without the need for it, it could twist her request. The woman could be turned into a tree, a stone, statue, dirt…Another corpse to line the halls or stay in the courtyard. Constantly there, with the entity only knowing of her existence. Well, it and her God. That would teach her for crossing the deity. Oh, those wheels were turning! A finger elongated, almost appearing claw like as the being tapped its chin. “<i>You wouldn’t need sustenance…Just like him.</I>” There, a clue that his guard never ate or drank. The only time he rested too was kneeling before the fountain. It acted as though it never heard the years offered, but it did. Rina appeared human and her body could break down over time. Old and frail, having taken her life as well…That was an amusing thought. Then again, she was a Cain, so there could be surprises. “<i>Let HIM tell you the tale.</I>” It was still angered from the laughter, but wanted her out of its sight. “<i>Done.</I>” Came the final word before her reflection dropped back into the fountain and disappeared. The voice however came forth again. “<I>He will not attack you.</I>” Hinting that she could leave now and go free her new comrade.
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