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  1. [19:48:45] <@Ali> It's July 4! Probably an Unovan holiday but we don't have this sort of stuff in Gennis so it's a normal work/class day!
  2. [19:50:01] * Coriander is probably on a grassy spot somewhere, studying, surrounded by caterpies and weedles and wurmples.
  3. [19:51:05] * @Ali is meanwhile returning from a dip in the lake, wearing one of those really expensive-looking swimsuits!
  4. [19:53:00] <@Ali> Mokou is walking beside him, bellowing hot steam from her caldera humps while they walk. "Hmm... I... Think i know you?"
  5. [19:54:42] <Coriander> "You are in my Ancient History class, as well as Legendary Studies." Coriander says softly, looking up from his book. "You're one of those that go with the Dawn, too."
  6. [19:56:09] <@Ali> "Yes... Rica mentioned you before..." He nods while stopping on his tracks.
  7. [19:56:41] <Coriander> "I see." Coriander just says simply and quietly, no inflection to his voice.
  8. [19:56:54] <@Ali> "You asked her about breeding, right?" He tries to make a pouty serious face but can't. "Oh well."
  9. [19:58:28] <Coriander> "Uh, yes, that's correct, she helped me breed some of my bug Pokemon..."
  10. [19:59:39] <@Ali> "Oh." Well that is a relief. "I-i mean, uh... So, did they talked to you about Vale? Do you have any doubts?"
  11. [20:00:01] <Coriander> "Do you not? You should."
  12. [20:00:27] <Coriander> "It's a complicated situation to be sure, and it is not easy to know the truth of things."
  13. [20:03:06] <@Ali> "Oh, i do have a lot of doubts. For example the fact we are serving homicidal monsters fighting homicidal humans!"
  14. [20:03:53] <@Ali> "Or that a girl that i... I liked... Is the Masque leader. And a guy."
  15. [20:04:02] * Coriander seems pleased by that answer. "Quite. I'm not sure there's a correct answer her, but as long as I'm caught up in it I shall try."
  16. [20:04:30] <Coriander> "You speak of Aria. Hmm, yes, would that I could speak with her..."
  17. [20:06:13] <@Ali> "Oh. They TOLD you about Aria." Frown. "And you can speak with her? What do you mean here?"
  18. [20:07:27] <Coriander> "No, I merely wish I could. She .. or he, I suppose, would offer much useful information in these matters, I believe. Or maybe only fill my hea with self-serving lies, but it would be of benefit to know that creature's viewpoints."
  19. [20:07:47] <Coriander> "You must always know your enemy if you hope to prevail, after all."
  20. [20:09:51] <@Ali> "Creature?" Ali sits and stares at Coriander's eyes. "S-I mean, he is a person. A human being, no matter what they say. So i would like that you refer to he as such. And... I still don't consider him as my enemy. Even when he revealed himself, we talked and i promised that i would do my best to avoid confrontation with him."
  21. [20:13:59] <Coriander> "I did not mean to offend, Prince. But those powers do make ... him an unpredictable and dangerous foe. And even if you do not wish to style him your enemy, you must admit we are working in opposition. I do not wish to engage in any unnecessary conflict tough, so I am glandsome to hear that he is not actively anticipating it."
  22. [20:15:00] <Coriander> ( gladsome* ;-; )
  23. [20:17:21] <@Ali> (Oh there will be some glands.)
  24. [20:17:58] <Coriander> ( ura gland )
  25. [20:18:40] <@Ali> "And aren't we all unpredictable and dangerous?" Ali sighs while looking at the grass. "You are really cute-looking, but being as cold as the Red-hatted Beauty is something really bothersome..."
  26. [20:20:35] * Coriander turns beet red and stares down at his shoes. "I .. uhm, I am not cold, I merely act with propriety and logic, as should everyone."
  27. [20:24:05] <@Ali> "Boooo-ring. You should try to be more passionate. Just like... This." He gives a wicked smile and suddenly grabs Coriander, kissing his lips!
  28. [20:29:11] <Coriander> ( damnit ali )
  29. [20:30:06] <Coriander> HEY GUYS - WATCH THIS
  30. [20:30:10] <Coriander> EMERGENCY RELEASE!
  31. [20:30:30] <Coriander> GOGO DREADNIGHT!
  32. [20:30:44] <Mons> His lips taste like cockroach
  33. [20:30:47] <Coriander> Ali finds his lips pressed against a Protosect!
  34. [20:30:50] <Mons> ...those aren't lips
  35. [20:32:30] <@Ali> "Well that's gross."
  36. [20:32:56] <Mons> The beast is STUNNED for a moment, potentially enough to run away from it
  37. [20:33:39] * @Ali jumps away! "T-t-this was uncalled for!"
  38. [20:35:31] <Coriander> "I would say the same to you!"
  39. [20:35:39] <@Ali> (Oh god sudden invasion)
  40. [20:36:00] <@Ali> "Well, i was going to do you a favor! You never kissed a boy before, didn't you?"
  41. [20:36:10] <Coriander> "I thought Princes were gentlemen, but you are clearly a lecher who takes what he pleases!"
  42. [20:36:36] <Coriander> "A-a f-favor!? If and when I kiss anyone is no concern of yours, sir."
  43. [20:36:58] <@Ali> "I'm not a lecher! I-i have a girlfriend! And probably some others in the future!"
  44. [20:37:55] <Coriander> "You have a girlfriend, and yet here you are, forcing yourself on me!? Then you are not only a lecher, but faithless to boot!"
  45. [20:38:31] <Coriander> "For the honor of this girlfriend you claim and mine own, I bid you to arm yourself. Hearteater, my Dreadknight, I choose you."
  46. [20:38:43] <Mons> It hisses.
  47. [20:38:47] <Mons> In hunger.
  48. [20:44:21] * @Ali sighs. "Well this is going to suck." Mokou hrrmphs beside him, bellowing steam! "I really don't want to fight, you know, and i still don't get why westerners are so closet-minded with monogamous relationships but.."
  49. [20:46:36] <Coriander> "What you do with your relationships is no concern of mine, but you will not try to push yourself on me, much less when you claim to be with another."
  50. [20:47:41] * Coriander reaches into his belt, and grabs a Pokeball ...
  51. [20:47:58] * Coriander and throws it at Ali!
  52. [20:48:05] <Coriander> 1d20 BAM, RIGHT IN THE BODY
  53. [20:48:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Coriander, BAM, RIGHT IN THE BODY: 16 [1d20=16]
  54. [20:48:23] <Coriander> 2d8+6+5
  55. [20:48:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Coriander, 2d8+6+5: 14 [2d8=1,2]
  56. [20:48:33] <@Ali> "Ow! That hurts!"
  57. [20:48:55] <@Ali> "Look, i might be a gentleman, but enough is enough!"
  58. [20:49:56] <Coriander> "You are no gentleman."
  59. [20:50:11] * @Ali cuts his own wrist open and throws a spray of blood at Coriander! It coagulats in midair with chilly frost!
  60. [20:50:31] <@Ali> 1d20 Hey Guys watch this! Icicle Crash!
  61. [20:50:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Ali, Hey Guys watch this! Icicle Crash!: 15 [1d20=15]
  62. [20:50:48] <@Ali> 3d12+14+24
  63. [20:50:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Ali, 3d12+14+24: 60 [3d12=9,12,1]
  64. [20:51:03] * Coriander is fleenched.
  65. [20:51:43] <Coriander> ( Heartcruncher's speed is 10 )
  66. [20:51:58] * @Ali umus as he turns his back and heads away with Mokotan.
  67. [20:52:10] <@Ali> (Mokou's is 4 so...)
  68. [20:53:38] <Coriander> 1d20 Ancientpower, hitting both!
  69. [20:53:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Coriander, Ancientpower, hitting both!: 13 [1d20=13]
  70. [20:54:07] <Coriander> 2d10+8+16+6
  71. [20:54:07] <DiceMaid-9001> Coriander, 2d10+8+16+6: 37 [2d10=2,5]
  72. [20:56:04] <@Ali> Yowch! This did hurt Mokou a bit! She retaliates by covering herself with water and tackling the Bug!
  73. [20:56:15] <@Ali> 1d20 Watered Take down
  74. [20:56:15] <DiceMaid-9001> Ali, Watered Take down: 11 [1d20=11]
  75. [20:56:58] <@Ali> 3d12+14+20+13
  76. [20:56:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Ali, 3d12+14+20+13: 69 [3d12=11,7,4]
  77. [20:57:58] * Coriander is fleench'd
  78. [20:59:53] <@Ali> "Tell your Mongrel insect to get down! Get down before your superior!" Ali again throws another bloody Icicle at Coriander.
  79. [20:59:59] <@Ali> 1d20 Icicle Crash~
  80. [20:59:59] <DiceMaid-9001> Ali, Icicle Crash~: 17 [1d20=17]
  81. [21:00:13] <@Ali> 3d12+14+24 flinched again
  82. [21:00:13] <DiceMaid-9001> Ali, flinched again: 65 [3d12=9,11,7]
  83. [21:00:59] <Coriander> "Never!"
  84. [21:01:00] <zoofman> (man this is horseshit compared to what my attacks do :C)
  85. [21:01:24] <Coriander> 1d20+2 Dark Pulse, on both again
  86. [21:01:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Coriander, Dark Pulse, on both again: 10 [1d20=8]
  87. [21:01:39] <Coriander> 3d10+12+20+6
  88. [21:01:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Coriander, 3d10+12+20+6: 52 [3d10=5,8,1]
  89. [21:01:57] <@Ali> "Then suffer for your convict-!" Mokou is Ko'd!
  90. [21:03:45] <Coriander> ( back to Ali then~ )
  91. [21:04:25] <@Ali> Ali is hurt but he seems to be able to take more punishment? (Ali is at 107/216 atm)
  92. [21:04:50] <@Ali> He starts convulsing... And vomits up a wave of blood at Coriander and the Protosect!
  93. [21:04:58] <@Ali> 1d20 blood surf
  94. [21:04:59] <DiceMaid-9001> Ali, blood surf: 17 [1d20=17]
  95. [21:05:11] <@Ali> (aaah i should have blizzard')
  96. [21:05:12] <Coriander> ( what about the damage from your own moves? )
  97. [21:05:22] <@Ali> (-20)
  98. [21:05:37] <@Ali> (counted it, if not he had 127)
  99. [21:06:06] <@Ali> 4d12+40
  100. [21:06:07] <DiceMaid-9001> Ali, 4d12+40: 66 [4d12=4,9,5,8]
  101. [21:08:15] <Coriander> "Hmph!"
  102. [21:08:24] <Coriander> The Dreadknight uses ... HONE CLAWS ... AND THEN
  103. [21:08:59] <Coriander> HGWT!: Round Trip! TAG IN!
  104. [21:09:03] <Coriander> activate: FIRST BLOOD
  105. [21:09:59] * Coriander recalls the DREADKNIGHT, and sends out the Queen, who comes crashing upon Ali like an unholy meteor
  106. [21:10:10] <Coriander> 1d20+4 strat targ, meteor mash
  107. [21:10:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Coriander, strat targ, meteor mash: 7 [1d20=3]
  108. [21:10:41] <Coriander> 4d12+16+70
  109. [21:10:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Coriander, 4d12+16+70: 113 [4d12=7,4,7,9]
  110. [21:10:50] <@Ali> (Welp_
  111. [21:13:09] <@Ali> Ali is thrown away like a rag doll!
  112. [21:14:18] * Coriander stands up, covered in ice and frost and blood, and limps over to Ali, putting a foot on his chest.
  113. [21:14:29] <Coriander> "The Queen's justice is served, lecher."
  114. [21:15:17] * Coriander whistles to the crowd of caterpies, wurmples, and weedles.
  115. [21:15:28] <Mons> wiggle?
  116. [21:15:31] <Mons> wigglewigglewiggle
  117. [21:15:44] <Coriander> "String Shot, my friends. I will see this one bound and taken to the infirmary."
  118. [21:15:45] * @Ali coughs. "If i had my way you would be smashed, cheater."
  119. [21:16:15] <Mons> WigglewigglewiggleBFFFFSSSSSSSS
  120. [21:16:48] * Coriander lets out the Dreadknight again, and leans on him as the cutebugs wrap Ali up in a snug silk coccoon!
  121. [21:17:46] <Mons> He thrashes and jerks away a bit, eyeing Ali.
  122. [21:17:52] <Mons> HSSSSSSS?
  123. [21:18:24] <Coriander> "Maybe you're the wrong choice for this. Sorry, ser dreadknight."
  124. [21:18:31] * Coriander recalls before he eats Ali or something.
  125. [21:18:42] * Coriander sends out the Captain, instead.
  126. [21:18:49] <@Ali> "I will remember this, mongrel!"
  127. [21:19:15] * Coriander can't make out Ali's muffled yelling because the prince is wrapped up in a silk coccoon! >:|
  128. [21:19:32] <Mons> Bzz?
  129. [21:19:32] <Coriander> "Captain, if you'll help get me and ... our bundle, to the infirmary."
  130. [21:19:40] <Mons> Salute! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
  131. [21:19:42] * Coriander climbs onto the Flygon's back.
  132. [21:19:58] <Coriander> </scene>
  134. [21:29:03] * HARDJACKSpice KNOCK KNOCK KNOCKs on Frederica's door.
  135. [21:29:12] <Frederica> "Please come in!"  It's immediate.
  136. [21:29:47] <Frederica> There's a 'vrrr'ing sound from inside, the rustling of some blankets, Scouts characters shouting at each other, et cetera.
  137. [21:29:56] * HARDJACKSpice Coriander stumbles in, looking rather beat up. There's still frost in his hair, though he's applied some bandages to the bruises and cuts left by the icicles.
  138. [21:30:11] <HARDJACKSpice> "Uhm, excuse me. Lady Frederica?"
  139. [21:30:15] <Frederica> "... Oh dear."
  140. [21:30:41] * Frederica HOPS into her chair and opens a bunch of compartments. "Hold still. You can tell me what happened while you're being treated, all right?"
  141. [21:31:03] * HARDJACKSpice does as he'd bid, staying still.
  142. [21:31:15] <Frederica> "This might sting a bit..."
  143. [21:31:19] <HARDJACKSpice> "I'm sorry to bother you, it's just..." he says softly
  144. [21:31:28] * HARDJACKSpice closes his eyes at the sting, but doesn't flinch
  145. [21:31:38] <HARDJACKSpice> "You're friends with that Prince from Drapistan, are you not?"
  146. [21:31:47] * Frederica applies some ointments and bandages. "No, it's fine. I..."
  147. [21:32:10] <Frederica> Her head kind of tilts to the side a bit, with a pause.  "Well... er, we're close, yes.  Did something happen to him?"
  148. [21:33:12] <HARDJACKSpice> "Well, yes, but I've taken him to the infirmary. He's being seen to by the Nurse. It's not serious, we ... got in a fight, you see." He says, softly as usual, and looking rather ashamed of himself.
  149. [21:33:58] <HARDJACKSpice> "I was uhm, I was hoping you could tell me who his girlfriend was ... he claimed to have one, and I should tell her about what happened."
  150. [21:34:11] <Frederica> "... Hold on."  She finishes WRAPPING and pulls it tight, a much sturdier bandage than the ones that were already there.  "There.  Now you... can..."
  151. [21:34:54] * Frederica giggles a little. "... What exactly happened, now? Getting into fights is something he seemed like he was going to stop doing."
  152. [21:35:30] <Ali> (Well, he got pelted by a ball on the face_
  153. [21:35:34] <HARDJACKSpice> "To my shame, I must admit to initating the confrontation, but ..."
  154. [21:35:49] * Frederica folds her arms and floats back, listening.
  155. [21:36:50] <HARDJACKSpice> "We were talking, amiably enough; I rather liked what he had to say about our situation regarding The Vale, in fact, but then all of a sudden he said I was cold ... and I said I wasn't, I was acting with propriety was all, and then hesaidIshouldbemorepassionatenadkissedme."
  156. [21:37:00] <Frederica> "..."
  157. [21:37:01] * HARDJACKSpice is beet red again.
  158. [21:37:03] <Frederica> "He what."
  159. [21:37:36] <HARDJACKSpice> "He uhm, well, he TRIED to kiss me, actually - but I'm quick, and I let out my Pokemon, who received the kiss in my stead."
  160. [21:37:54] <HARDJACKSpice> "And I was just going to let it go; it is folly to fight over a kiss, to be sure, but...."
  161. [21:37:56] <Frederica> "That... definitely sounds like something he'd to, all things considered, but..."  Her hand slams into her face.  "And then you got into a fight because of it?"
  162. [21:38:23] <HARDJACKSpice> "No no no, I was going to just let it go but then ... he said ..."
  163. [21:38:52] <HARDJACKSpice> "He said ... he said he had a GIRLFRIEND, and here he was kissing me anyway, and then he said he was doing me a FAVOR."
  164. [21:39:00] <HARDJACKSpice> "And I just got so mad"
  165. [21:39:07] <Frederica> "... I'm sorry about him.  I'd really thought he'd matured more than that- did he apologize to you?"
  166. [21:39:17] * HARDJACKSpice starts tearing up, blinking away a few tears
  167. [21:39:41] * Frederica rolls up her sleeves. "If he didn't, I'm going to make sure he does. I'm the girlfriend he was talking about, after all."
  168. [21:39:49] <Frederica> "I think I'm going to have to have a TALK with him."
  169. [21:40:06] <HARDJACKSpice> "Apologize? Uhm, no, last he said to me was ... that I should bow before my superiors, and that 'he'd remember this, mongrel' ... and I hope he doesn't try and fight me again, I didn't really want it to come to this, but he shouldn't..."
  170. [21:40:11] * Frederica pats the cute bugboy on the head... with one of her chair's gigantic hands. "That's not to say I think you were right either."
  171. [21:40:26] <HARDJACKSpice> "He shouldn't go around kissing people against their will, much less when he has a girlfriend, and much much less claiming he's doing them a favor!"
  172. [21:40:40] <Frederica> "You said he's in the infirmary?  Why don't you come with me?  Let's hear his apology together."
  173. [21:41:18] <Frederica> "I think he already knows what to expect from me after I find out he's been kissing people."
  174. [21:41:26] <HARDJACKSpice> "I will not stand by while you wrestle a false apology from him. Empty words help no one. If he wishes to apologize to me, he knows where to find me."
  175. [21:42:09] <HARDJACKSpice> "Expect from ... you? And ... you said you ... close ... oh, oh no, oh, YOU'RE his girlfriend, aren't you? Oh ..."
  176. [21:42:09] <Frederica> "As long as you were responsible about it.  Thank you for telling me, er... Coriander, was it?"
  177. [21:42:44] * Frederica waggles her index finger. "I just said that, didn't I? I'll make sure to send him your way once he recovers from his additional injuries."
  178. [21:43:26] <HARDJACKSpice> "Well, er ... thank you. I'll uhm, see you soon."
  179. [21:43:51] <Frederica> "Please be careful.  Don't get into fights anymore if you can help it, okay?"
  180. [21:44:02] * HARDJACKSpice stands up, walks slowly towards the door, as if Frederica might pounce on him if he moves too fast...
  181. [21:44:13] <HARDJACKSpice> "Haha of course yes I promise okay."
  182. [21:44:22] * HARDJACKSpice bolts as soon as he's out the door!
  183. [21:44:44] <Frederica> "... What an odd student.  Well, I'm glad he's honest."
  184. [21:44:49] * Frederica gets a horrifying spark in her eye.
  185. [21:44:50] <Frederica> TO
  186. [21:44:51] <Frederica> BE
  187. [21:44:52] <Frederica> CONTINUED?
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