Ponyville For The Blood God!

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  1. >"OHMYGOSH ARE YOU NEW? WE JUST HAVE TO THROWYOUAPARTYANDITWILLBESUPERAWESOMEAN-" Pinkie's inane ramble was cut short as her skull was cleaved in two by the new arrival in ponyville.
  3. >"BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD" the berserker roared hacking apart Pinkie's torso, reaching in with a hand and ripping her innards out.
  4. The usual sounds of ponies on their daily business in Ponyville was replaced by screams, and vomiting after what they had witnessed.
  6. >"Spike? What's all that noise about?" Twilight asked, not raising her head from the book she was studying.
  7. >Spike waddled over to the window to have a look. Silence ensued, "Spike? What's happen-" Twilight sniffed, scrunching her face. "What's that smell?" she looked up from her book to see Spike passed out, lying in a pool of excrement.
  8. >"FOR THE DARK GODS!" the chaos marine screamed, kicking down the door of the library and opening fire. 
  9. >Twilight was hit with a bolter shell and exploded in a shower of limbs, blood and entrails.
  10. >About to leave the now burning library the marine noticed the unconscious Spike on the floor, "How disgusting" he snarled stomping down on the baby dragon, crushing his body into a pulp.
  12. >Leaving the ruins of what was Twilight's library, the marine surveyed the town now littered with corpses.
  13. >"MAIM KILL BURN! MAIM KILL BURN!" the marine shouted, opening fire with his bolter on every pony and building in sight. 
  14. >Throwing grenades at every building the marine let out a hoarse laugh, "FOR CHAOS!".
  15. >A scream of 'NOT MY DRESSES' was heard from Rarity's boutique, as it caught fire. The roof of the building started to crumble under the inferno, resulting in a wet cry of pain, quickly silenced by the entire building collapsing upon it's inhabitant.
  17. >"Did someone say chaos?" the marine spun around, looking to see who the arrival was. 
  18. >"My my, what a mess. Although causing chaos is one of my favourite pastimes, this is a bit macabre don't you thi-" Discord's head burst like a melon after a spray of bolter shells were fired.
  19. >"SILENCE, YOU KNOW NOTHING OF CHAOS!" the marine roared, continuing to shoot Discord's body, angry at being interrupted from his genocidal ecstasy.
  21. >”Rainbow! Rainbow Dash!” shouted a stallion from Ponyville's weather team, banging on Dash's door. The rainbow-maned pegasus opened the door with a grunt, wiping sleep from her eyes, “What is it?”. “It's Ponyville, Rainbow! Ponyville is on fire! There’s...bodies everywhere” the stallion looked terrified, his eyes red from crying.
  22. >”Woah calm down, what happened?” Rainbow said, suddenly alert. “There’s, keeps shouting things about chaos, he's burning the town down and killing everyone!”
  23. >”Chaos hmm?” Rainbow growled, “Discord has gone too far this time” she said with a snarl.
  24. >”No..not Discord, Discord was there but he was well..” “Was what? Tell me!”
  25. >”He was..killed”.
  26. >“Killed?” Rainbow said, mouth agape, a look of incredulity on her face.
  27. >The stallion looked like he was about to be sick, going a shade of green, “Discord confronted the monster and...the 'thing' shot a bolt of what seemed like magic at Discord.....his head exploded, it was hor-” the stallion turned to the side and vomited, interrupting his sentence.
  28. >Rainbow looked on in horror whilst the stallion wiped his mouth before continuing, “What should we do rainbow? We need to help!”
  29. >Rainbow scratched her chin for a second ,”grab everyone from the weather team, if..they are alive. Get them to grab a storm cloud each and meet me right here.
  30. >The stallion nodded and flew off at speed, “What the hay is going on” Rainbow said under her breath before flying off to fetch a storm cloud.
  32. >”Right everypony!” Rainbow said to the gathering of pegasi at her house. “We're going to take these storm clouds to Ponyville, give them a buck, and fry the hay out of this monster destroying the town!”
  33. >There was a half-hearted cheer from the crowd, but most of them were too terrified to speak. “Follow my lead, and be careful! We don't want anyone getting hurt!” Rainbow took a last look at the scared pegasi and shouted “LETS GO”.
  34. >Rainbow flew off with her cloud, followed by the rest of the weather team in the direction of ponyville. Casting a glance to Sweet Apple Acres on her way she saw, to her horror, that the majority of the farm was on fire, along with part of the Everfree Forest. “APPLEJACK, FLUTTERSHY!” Rainbow shouted, about to fly away from the weather team to see if her friends were okay, but she remembered the reports of the monster in Ponyville. Her face a mask of pure rage now she picked up her speed , the flaming town of Ponyville getting closer and closer.
  35. >”HA, YOU THINK BIRDS WILL STOP CHAOS?” the marine laughed looking up at the incoming group of pegasi, continuing however, to fire his bolter at anything that moved, and anything that didn't.
  37. >”ATTACK!” Rainbow screamed to the pegasi as they each bucked their storm clouds, sending lightning bolts to strike the chaos marine. Smoke forming around the monster, the pegasi refused to stop so soon, carrying on bucking the clouds until they were exhausted, and the charge of the clouds depleted.
  38. > They looked on anxiously to the cloud of black smoke surrounding the monster, a few pegasi were vomiting and crying after seeing the destruction of their town and the corpses of its population.
  39. >”HA HA HA, YOU CANNOT STOP CHAOS” came a roar as the cloud of smoke cleared, revealing the laughing marine, completely unharmed.
  40. >”Fuck” was the last thing Rainbow said before the berserker opened fire, decimating the group of pegasi in seconds, causing blood and limbs to rain down from the sky.
  42. >Sweet Apples Acres was a field of fire. Every tree was on fire, the fields of crops were charred to a crisp, and what remained of the barn and house of the apple family, was burning rubble.
  43. >The only indication that there had been anyone previously there was a singed stetson hat, lying near the remains of the house.
  45. >The inferno that was Sweet Apple Acres had spread partly to the Everfree Forest behind.
  46. >Thousands of panicked animals were escaping the forest, running to seek refuge at Flutterhy's cottage, known as a safe haven for all animals.
  47. >But once reaching the cottage, they were encountered by yet another mass of fire.
  48. >Fluttershy's cottage was ablaze, her screams could be heard from outside, joined by the cries of pain from the wildlife she cared for.
  49. >Being only animals however, and trapped between the blaze of fire between Everfree Forest, Sweet Apple Acres, and Fluttershy's cottage. All they could do was sit panicked, and hope the fire's would stop, aswell as the screaming from inside the building.
  51. >”NO” shouted Celestia with tears in her eyes, causing Luna to jump out of her seat. “What is it sister?” the princess of night asked with a look of concern.
  52. >”The bearers....they're...they're dead.” Celestia sobbed.
  53. >”WHAT, DEAD, HOW?” Luna roared, shocked. Before the sun goddess could answer the door to her chambers burst open.
  54. >”I apologise princesses for disturbing you but we have a problem” Celestia looked up at Discord, tears streaming down her face and nodded.
  55. >”What has happened?” Luna questioned Discord, “Well princess, I visited Ponyville earlier after hearing an awful amount of screaming. It sounded like chaos, and as you know I rather enjoy chaos” the lord of chaos said with a smirk, receiving an impatient stare from Luna.
  56. >”But when I arrived, it was ghastly! There were buildings on fire, bodies everywhere, all caused by some kind of monster. I went to confront this bringer of destruction, pointing out to him that his choice in chaos was well, grim to say the least. His answer was to use, what I imagined to be a sort of magic wand, and....he killed me.”
  58. >”He killed you?” Luna said with a look of confusion.
  59. >”Don't be silly! Of course he didn't Lu-Lu!” the alicorn's growl indicated she had no time for Discord's idiocy.
  60. >”I simply created an illusion to make him think he killed me, then proceeded to watch the, ahem, 'chaos' invisible, unbeknownst to him. It was rather fascinating I must say, if a bit gory.”
  61. >Celestia had stopped crying, her grief now replaced by pure page. Her chamber's temperature seemed to increase fourfold with her state of anger.
  62. >She lifted a bell used to summon guards to her chambers with her magic, and rang it so hard it shattered, sending pieces of metal across the room.
  63. >A guard hastily ran in to fulfil their lieges request. “Get me Shining Armour and Flash Sentry, NOW” Celestia snarled, the guard ran out of the room as fast as they could, hoping not to anger her highness with sluggishness.
  65. >Shining Armour and Flash Sentry hurried into the chambers, recoiling slightly at seeing their princess so angry.
  66. >”There is a monster in Ponyville at the moment, wreaking havoc, killing everything in sight and burning the whole town down” Celestia said to the guards, noticing their widened eyes and look of horror, but they let her continue.
  67. >”The bearers of the elements...” she sighed, “have been killed. I am sorry Shining” she lowered her head in sadness.
  68. >”” Shining said under his breath, suppressing a sob he remembered he needed to do his duty and stay strong for the princess, and Equestria. “Twilight,”.
  69. >A glare from Shining Armour prevented Flash Sentry from finishing his sentence, and he nodded slowly, understanding the need for stoicism in this time of crisis.
  70. >Celestia looked back at the guards, “Flash Sentry, I need you to take half the guards and prepare Canterlot for defence, dismissed.” Flash Sentry nodded and left the room in a hurry.
  71. >”Shining, I want the other half of the guards to be fitted for war and to accompany me, my sister and Discord to Ponyville.” Discord looked to Celestia like he was about to complain, but a steely cold gaze from the Solar Princess quelled any debate.
  72. >”Report to me when you are prepared, but make haste, from this moment, Equestria is at war. Dismissed.”
  74. >Hovering over Canterlot, a few hundred guards waited patiently with their captain for the arrival of their princesses, and to go to war.
  75. >Spotting the two princesses, Discord and what appeared to be the elements of harmony hovering in Celestia's magic, Shining Armour nodded and turned to the army.
  76. >”Guards!” Shining Armour said, his voice amplified through magic. “Equestria is at war with a foe we know little about. This..thing, has laid waste to Ponyville and it's population, and as guardians of the princesses and Equestria we must put an end to this threat. Formations and tactics have already been discussed with you, so you all know what the plan is. But this monster will prove a tough adversary, I want each and everyone of you to perform your best. No not your best, we have to be BETTER than that if we want to win this war.”
  77. >Stealing a glance at Celestia, who nodded her readiness he raised his voice, “GUARDIANS OF EQUESTRIA, FIGHT WITH HONOUR AND PROWESS, NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER. MOVE OUT”
  78. >With that, the princesses and Discord led the army of hundreds, suited in armour, towards the ruins of Ponyville, ready to fight back.
  80. >”WHAT, MORE BIRDS?” the chaos marine laughed as he spotted the army heading towards Ponyville. He'd gotten bored due to the lack of living things to maim, so was currently looking in the various ruins and houses, searching for something to kill.
  81. >As the army got closer he realised there was a large amount of them. “AN ARMY OF BIRDS? HERE, HAVE SOME CHAOS” he roared and opened fire on the army.
  82. >”NOW NOW NOW” Shining armour shouted, the army splitting into three groups, two to flank the monstrosity, and the centre to shield the princesses and the elements of harmony..
  83. >”CLEVER BIRDS, THIS WILL MAKE IT ALL THE MORE ENTERTAINING.” Laughing, the berserker directed his fire to the flanking groups of guards, the sky was full of explosions of feathers, brains and guts.
  85. >Watching in horror as the flanking armies were completely destroyed, by what appeared to be explosive magic from the monster, Shining Armour roared “CHARGE!” and the remaining centre formation of guards dived at blazing speeds, performing twists and turns to avoid the bolter shells.
  86.  >More pegasi exploded into chunks as the berserker reveled in the slaughter. “GUARDS, RETREAT, BACK TO CANTERLOT” Luna boomed, causing all the guards to break off their attack and head back, eager to get away from the slaughter.
  87. >Shining armour, not being a pegasus could only observe the slaughter with the Princesses, shielded behind a magic forcefield, and using levitation to get to a good observational location in the sky. He shot a questioning glance to Luna, but nodded his acceptance, this wasn't a battle, it was slaughter,
  88. >Turning to the captain of the guards Celestia said, “Back to Canterlot Shining, this is beyond the guards now. We will have to face this creature in battle.”
  89. >”This should be interesting” said Discord, who was currently sitting upon a floating deckchair, wearing sunglasses and sipping a cocktail.
  90. >”You too Discord.” Celestia glared at him, he thought he could see fire burning in her eyes, and decided against arguing.
  91. >”Fine” he sighed, “let us go then. To battle, and all that!” a sword appeared out of nowhere and he waved it around.
  100. >Approaching the chaos marine, the princesses and discord (who was now fully clad in medieval armour) prepared themselves to fight. The magic forcefield Luna was protecting them with deflected all the bolter shells fired from the marine, but Luna appeared to be getting tired, it had to end quickly.
  101. >”HA HA, A PSYKER. KHORNE WILL BE PLEASED TO HAVE YOUR SOULS” the giant marine laughed, continuing to spray the magical barrier with shells.
  102. >The trio landed in front of the marine, who instantly ran at them slicing down on the barrier with his immense chainaxe. Luna flinched, sweat rolling off her, eyes scrunched shut in concentration, yet the barrier still held.
  103. >Celestia fired a bolt of pure arcane energy at the marine, blasting him back. Yet he rose, and resumed his attack on the barrier. “YOUR FILTHY PSYKER MAGIC CANNOT HARM ME” he roared as he hacked against the barrier. “Discord, help me” Celestia said.
  104. >Suprised at being asked for help so openly from the ruler of Equestria he raised his eyebrows, but cast a spell of his own. A giant potato the size of a house appeared above the marines head, causing him to look up. The potato was let loose and crashed down upon the berserker, causing Discord to laugh himself to tears.
  105. >He stopped laughing however once the potato was pushed away, and proceeded to roll down the streets of Ponyville, the marine standing up roaring in anger.
  107. >A stronger blast of magic, this time from Celestia, blasted the marine further away, to smash into the rubble of a building. Yet he still rose and continued his attack, Luna was close to collapsing now, the magical barrier flashing intermittently a sign of her exhaustion.
  108. >”So be it” Celestia growled, lowering her head, aiming her horn at the marine. The elements of harmony levitating in the air began to spin around her. Eyes closed, Celestia spun the elements faster and faster until a tornado created from pure magic, lightning arcing around it, was formed.
  109. >The marine looked up at the tornado and begun to laugh hysterically, “GO ON, PYSKER FILTH. TEST YOUR PUNY MAGIC AGAINST A WARRIOR OF KHORNE, IT WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH”
  110. >”I beg to differ” Celestia said, opening her eyes to reveal blinding white light, as hot as the sun. The chaos marine grabbed his helmet, trying to shield himself from the pain, against the power of the sun however, there was little he could do but scream in agony.
  111. >With a flick of her horn Celestia directed the arcane tornado to the marine, engulfing him in it's elemental might.
  112. >“ENJOY YOUR BANISHMENT TO THE SUN, SPAWN OF EVIL” Celestia roared, her voice had a demonic edge to it that made even Discord flinch in fright,
  113. >”YOU MAY KILL ME PSYKER, BUT THERE WILL ALWAYS BE CHAOS” screamed the chaos marine.
  114. >”I do hope so” replied Discord with a grin, followed by a flinch as a wet gurgled scream came from within the tornado.
  115. >Then it was over, the tornado faded away, the elements dropped to the ground with a clang. Celestia and Luna collapsed, leaving Discord standing there, mouth agape, looking at the charred patch of earth where the chaos marine had been.
  117. FIN, kinda, (did this next bit to see if anyone wanted to carry on the story)
  119. >The slowly fading light streaming through the blinds of the chambers indicated that daytime was nearing an end, Luna would soon bring the night to Equestria.
  120. >Celestia sighed, a pile of scrolls sat in front of her. It had been a month since the beast had destroyed Ponyville and wiped out it's population, among them, the bearers of the elements of harmony.
  121. >Celestia dearly missed them all, but especially Twilight Sparkle, her most faithful student.
  122. >She had yet to find 6 ponies who had understood the magic of friendship enough, to bear the elements like their predecessors.
  123. >The goddess lifted her head after few sturdy knocks on the door of her chamber were heard. The noise bringing her out of her pensiveness, calling out to the guard to enter.
  124. >”Your highness” the guard bowed, looking anxious. “There is a...errr.a visitor for you.”
  125. >She raised an eyebrow, wondering who it could be at this time, “let them in” she replied.
  126. >The guard hurried off, his hoofsteps heard clattering on the floor. Replaced by a slow thudding sound, along with the faint clang of metal on metal.
  127. >The noise increased, indicating that whatever the source of the noise was, it was getting closer.
  128. >Celestia stood up, slightly unnerved by the sound, yet unable to figure out who or what it could be.
  129. >Those thoughts soon disappeared when a towering figure entered the room, causing Celestia to flinch back in shock.
  130. >The new arrival steadily got down to one knee with a creak, bowing his head.
  131. >”Your highness, I understand you are the ruler of this land and see to it's safety.” the voice emanating from the colossal figure was deep, yet soft.
  132. >The princess nodded in confirmation, too shocked to speak.
  133. >”I understand you had an encounter with a...beast, a month ago”
  134. >Celestia nodded yet again, eyes still wide from shock.
  135. >The figure slowly rose up from it's kneeling position, to it's towering full height.
  136. >Pulling back it's hood, revealing a face looking directly at the princess the figure said softly.
  137. >”I am Lexus, a Dark Angel of the Adeptus Astartes.” he paused for a second, looking for any recognition from the white alicorn.
  138. >”We are commonly known as 'Space Marines'.”
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