Neverending Hallway

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  1. =='''Introduction'''==
  2. Alright, let me introduce myself. Not going to names, but you can say i am a''' '''classic gamer. I played Super Mario Bros, GTA I, The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask, etc. And now, i love to share stories, about my past experiences on Reddit and Facebook. But this one is horrifying, even for myself since i was a kid. I usually played horror games in the mid 80's and they scared the ███ out of me. So i'm paranoid and sometimes deal with depression just to make matters a lot worse. But who am i kidding, you're here for the story. So, here we go.
  3. ===''Notes from the publisher, The Redded One :''===
  4. <u data-parsoid="{"stx":"html","dsr":[631,842,3,4]}">I will split the story by chapters to focus on certain topics to be more organized and for the convenience of readers to find a certain part of the story. The original writer didn't put this to the story.</u>
  6. <u data-parsoid="{"stx":"html","dsr":[844,948,3,4]}">The original story has vulgar words, so i will block them all for the young readers in this wiki.</u>
  8. <u data-parsoid="{"stx":"html","dsr":[950,1094,3,4]}">This story was wrote in 2003, but the writer sent it to me via email in 2019. So don't be confused how 30 years from 2019 is 1973 - 1972.</u>
  9. ==The Story==
  10. ==='''Chapter 1 : Starting to Have Hallucinations'''===
  11. I don't really remember much, but this was around 30 years ago at the early 80's around 1980 to 1981. Trying to remember the exact date, at least the year, but i could pop my veins in my forehead if i try too hard. I was 6 at the time, i lived in San Francisco, California with my parents. I have a brother that was dealing with smallpox, but shortly vaccinated with a vaccine and it worked effectively. After coming home from the hospital, it was 9 pm and summer holiday, so i stayed up late watching Night of the Living Dead. My parents were chill about me watching it, so i watched it. It was great, scary and good. I suddenly had an urge to take a big ███. Now lemme tell you something. My house has 3 bathrooms, 1 at my parents bedroom, one at the end of the hallway and one downstairs (It was broken at the time, so i couldn't use it.). It was 1 am in the morning and it was dark, and i mean dark. it was so ███ing dark even cats can't see this dark. Now, at the 1st floor, the bedrooms are connected to a tight hallway. My parents were rich, like super duper rich. So they bought a house only God and my parents themselves knows why they bought a house that could house, ahem... ''Two families at the same floor?'' Hear me out, there were 6 bed rooms, and no, that's does not include the occupied rooms me and my parents occupy. So those bedrooms are usually dark, too. These doors are always open, just to take advantage of the windows for extra ventilation. They have creepy bedrooms and lamps and all that jazz. My fight and flight response will kick in if any ghosts jump out from any of them. So i wanna take a big number two, as i said. And oh, dear Lord it was creepy as heck when i see outside. It was darkness everywhere, darkness, darkness, darkness, darkness, darkness, darkness, ooh, is that light? Nope, darkness. I blink and then everything clears up. I activate one of the light switches in the hallway (Keep in mind there was 8 bedrooms and each of them was HUGE. so the hallway had to be around 30 feet long.). I was really paranoid at the time, just watched Night of the Living Dead and all. So i walked the first step, and suddenly i see a figure, white, all white, with blood dripping down in a location supposedly it's mouth, my heart raced as Usain Bolt and my spine was chilled like i was in the South Pole. I gritted my teeth and took one step forward, and the figure makes a moan very quietly but disturbingly. The figure creeps back to the darkness. I was mortified and was sweating 50 cal bullets. I took one more step, and then the figure comes out from one of the bedrooms, i screamed as loud as i can when my parents come out of their bedrooms while the figure comes in the bedroom again. My parents calms me as i point to the bedroom while screaming and crying. My Mom picked me up and soothes me and calms me down. I was creeped out of my socks and wanted to tell my parents about it when i faint of shock.
  12. ===Chapter 2 : More Often Encounters===
  13. I woke up in my bed with my Mom looking pale as a blanket. i cried while my Mom hugged me of relief. She asked me what happened and i tell her the story. '''Mom : '''Oh dear, you must be sleepwalking. What? No. It can't be. It felt like it was real, or is it? I was confused, i wanted explanation. Info. So at around 11pm, i came out from the door, and all praise the Majesty, it was there. Just, closer. i felt uncomfortable as it moved 1 feet closer, i can see the mouth with dripping blood and black eyes. Bald white but dirty head. It's moaning, and then for the first time, i hear it say : '''Follow me, f r i e n d . '''I ain't your friend! I think in my head. It then goes back to the darkness. With him signaling to come with him. after he's gone, i heard bloodcurdling and ear piercing screams, i was horrified, i could've vomited. But then, i was too scared. Suddenly, running sounds can be heard, with the white figure becoming more visible.. I screamed as loud as i could while the figure stops and runs to the darkness. My parents come out again and try to calm me down, i hugged my Dad as hard i could while he offers to stay with me the rest of the night. Now, the next night, it happened again. And then tommorow, happens again. This goes on and on through a couple of weeks before finally the figure disappeared. it stopped appearing again in my life. At least to this day.
  14. ===Chapter 3 : The Game===
  15. I am now at my 30's, and well, a gamer. I never payed attention to the experiences that i had. Until my Mom brought it up at a family gathering, so i did some digging in the internet about other people that experienced this kind of nightmare. And after some time of trying to find if i'm the only one, there was one particular file that noted reports of people that dealt with paranoia if put in a hollow space would see a figure. Some saw it spoke, some saw it running towards them, etc. I was then directed that a game was made at the same time of the reports that looks suspiciously same as this. The description in the download was : What if you followed it. I booted up my Windows 2000, put inside a copy, and launched it. I was greeted with only a START GAME with black background. Well, i guess i have no choice but to start it. i sigh and clicked it. There was 4 levels, Parking Lot, Elevator, Hallway and Stairs. i chose Hallway, and was spawned in a similar house, MY house! I was like How the ██ing ███ this thing knows how does my house looks like? Suddenly, a white figure approaches. Same monster i encountered. Blood dripping out, black eyes. And says '''Follow me, f r i e n d . '''Once again. I proceeded, while he speedwalks to the darkness. Let me tell you something, this is just like my house, except the hallway, it seemed like it never ends. I was confused as i progressed through the empty and hollow bedrooms, this game made me anxious and i wanted to quit already. But just as i almost quit, i had an idea, what if i go back? I go back, it took me like 5 minutes to realize up to no avail and it is just looping. I suddenly hear more bloodcurdling screams with now accompanied blood thirsty laughs. i have pictures in my head, a girl with hollow eyes and mouth, head only placed on a cupboard. I then had people with the same hollow eyes and mouth on fire. I tried to quit, but i can't. I then felt a tap on my shoulder, when i turn around, nobody was there. When i look back, the computer screen was in BSOD state. I read the instructions when i noticed the error code. '''BEHIND_YOU_SILLY. '''I wanted to quit and go outside. When i look at my door to see the figure in white, and says '''Follow me, f r i e n d . '''Oh no no no, never.I was creeped out. I wanted to go to a friend's house and stay there. But i gathered bravery. I said hesitated, '''no.''' It walks away slowly, and it says in the distance "Your word, is law." and i was spine chilled. I bolted for my car and asked if i can stay in his house. To this day it still keeps it's promises and never bothered me again. Or will it come back and haunt me again? 
  17. '''Will it?'''
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