Fearless Fantasy Stories: The World Without Sexual Taboo

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  1. Kelly & Dottie-
  2. Bisexually trained Girl Scout Kelly (6) meets a new girl in her troop named Dottie (8) and they both become fast friends, but Kelly is confused when Dottie refuses sex with her to impress the Boy Scouts. The two of them do still surrender their bodies to the boys to do whatever they want, and afterward Dottie invites Kelly over for a sleepover. Kelly learns that Dottie's father is extremely religious and has taught her to believe that good, "Pure" Christian girls (pure in a different definition) only have sex with men and refuses to allow her to go naked in front of other girls. He still has a threesome with Kelly and Dottie, but insists that they not sleep in the same room together. He takes her to sleep in his room, where the two have sex.
  3. That Sunday, at church, Dottie gets brought into the office of the local priest, Father Felix, who strips her down naked and molests her. This is a regular weekly thing, sometimes more depending on how often Dottie's family attends church, but Father Felix keeps trying to fill her head with things like "A good Christian girl wouldn't resist the holy seed", "Your body desires for God's love inside you", and, after climaxing in her face (and not allowing her release, since he says the Bible says female orgasms and masturbating are forbidden), he tells her that he hopes to do more after their wedding, specifically taking her anal virginity. When Dottie asks her father, he says that he was excited to hear Father Felix--an honest, good, holy man--wanted to marry her and gave her hand to him. Dottie then tells Kelly about this, after confessing her "sinful" love for Kelly and having passionate lesbian sex in the bathroom during recess. Kelly comes up with a plan to get Dottie's father to instead give her to HER dad instead (which he [Dottie's dad] goes for at first, considering how Kelly's dad's dick is even bigger; Kelly's father actually comes up with a plan to go along with the wedding, but switching the one marrying Dottie to Kelly at the last minute).
  5. From here, there's actually two endings: one is where Dottie, despite her protests and last minute pleading, is still brought to Father Felix to be married to him (Dottie's father even answering the "I do" for her, and tells her "you're embarrassing yourself" when she tries to speak up), where he takes her anal virginity on the altar to symbolize his ownership of her and continues fucking her (and even impregnates her) through the honeymoon. From thereafter, he spanks or punishes her whenever she tries to get release of any kind, refuses to allow her fucking the altar-boys (which is how she got off before they were married), and basically goes as far as forcing her to blow him through entire sermons. After she gives birth to a girl, he spanks her across his lap in front of his entire church. Cutting ahead 5 years, both Dottie and her daughter have been enslaved to Felix and their daughter having her virginity taken away on her 5th birthday before both mother and daughter are subjected to pleasuring every man at the party.
  6. The other one plays out slightly differently before the wedding, but with Kelly's dad at the altar instead. Dottie's father still answers "I do" for her but when Kelly's father is about to say it, Kelly says "I do", and the two of them are married instead. They have a honeymoon full of nothing but hot loli lesbian sex (complete with passionate scissoring), and then Kelly tells her that, since she was married to her dad already (this is one of those things considered "common" in this altered world: a little girl will marry her father/mother/sibling/whatever, which symbolizes their ownership of her as his/her/their sex slave, until they get ACTUAL married to a new Master/Mistress and are passed down to them) and since Dottie married her, then it means that BOTH girls are going to be sex slaves to Kelly's father. Dottie is still a sex slave, but Kelly's dad allows her far less restrictions, much less abuse and punishment, and starts training her to being bisexual. Kelly and Dottie are now happily declaring themselves "girlfriends" and wearing their Daddy's collars proudly while he and Kelly's brothers fuck both Kelly and Dottie frequently. Bringing it full-circle, at the end of a Girl Scout orgy with Kelly, they both reveal to each other (with glee) that Kelly's dad got them both pregnant.
  8. Jenny & Katie-
  9. After being trained by her father to be a subservient, cum-craving whore from age 3, Jenny (9) is bought by the father of 10yo Katie in the hopes of using her as an example. Katie is a virginal, shy, meek little girl who is terrified of sex, but knows that if she doesn't then she'll be tied to a wooden pony with a long, thick dildo in both holes or spanked raw or whatever else her Daddy decides to do for her. While Jenny has been conditioned to love and passionately enjoy her frequent fuckings and even pleading Katie's Daddy for more cum and more sex, she finds herself drawn to Katie and slowly coerces her friend and eventual lover to enjoy sex, even after both of them are impregnated and Katie is carrying twins for their Daddy--something Jenny is very jealous of. It's not long after Katie's birth (before Jenny's) that Katie is completely broken and the two submit totally and fully to their Daddy. From then on, Katie is right next to Jenny begging to provide her Daddy with blowjobs and trying to get a bigger load of cum than her sister and never attempting the slightest resistance for her Daddy's fingers or cock in either hole.
  11. Lila & Laura-
  12. 5yo Lila has so many frequent wet dreams (sometimes 3 to 4 a night) that her mother is forced to put her back in diapers, with the promise she can go back to sleeping naked if she can remain dry every night for 2 whole weeks. However, Lila's 9yo sister Laura also starts having problems with wet dreams. However, because of Laura's sexual inexperience, she and Lila must both attend the same kindergarten class, meaning they need to both be taught willing submission (to their own class and older kids--including Laura's own peers), using sex toys (on themselves and others), being breastfed during snack time (or even feeding the other kids in Laura's case), and potty training in front of the whole class, and frequently punished with spankings or special toys and other things. While Lila is able to adapt over time (despite routine spankings by her teacher for not using the potty in the middle of class, which end up causing her to wet herself later), Laura is absolutely humiliated at every moment and especially for being cheered on for using a tiny potty in front of kindergarteners; this gets to the point their teacher warns them that she'll recommend to their mother they should be wearing diapers in the daytime too. After a while, Laura simply learns to accept her new place and willingly surrenders herself to the small children as her equals and even superiors, which gets her bumped up to the 2nd Grade, and Lila to the 1st. However, their mother makes it clear they still have some time before they can get out of sleeping in diapers, but allows them to sleep with each other for adorable loli sex.
  14. Betty & Charlie-
  15. Fairly basic: Charlie (14) decides to babysit for one of his neighbors by watching their little girl Betty (who's around Pre-K to Kindergarten-age), and spends the entire weekend naked and molesting her--which she actively encourages the entire time. This one doesn't have any kind of major plot or anything: it's just a young teenage boy being begged for sex by a kindergartener, some stuff like playing with sex toys, bathing with her, masturbating her on the couch while watching cartoons (which are basically just heavily sexualized versions of preschool shows), and all while they're both completely naked for an entire weekend.
  17. Kim & Jason & Nick-
  18. Kim (11) is deeply in love with her boyfriend Nick [or Nicky] (13), and was able to voluntarily give herself to him and become his willing sex slave. However, she also must remain subservient to her little brother Jason (7), who's frequently much less gentle than Nick and often much more demanding and refuses to cum anywhere but inside her pussy. One day, she finds out about how Jason actually offered Nick a blowjob to help settle his nerves before their first date. When she catches him trying on her underwear, she remarks how they seem to fit Jason almost perfectly and tells him that his tiny little penis is actually a mistake; that he's really a little girl who was born with an underdeveloped penis by mistake. Kim is able to convince Nick to use a special cream that, when slathered on Jason's genitals, will make his cock shrink smaller and smaller the more semen is ingested by his body and even locks away his penis into a tiny ill-fitting cage and tells him that it'll just slide right off once his penis shrinks away to nothing. Kim then starts dressing Jason like a little girl (now frequently sporting her underwear or something for much younger girls) and teaching him to please all the boys he can [part of her conditioning is telling Jason that his mind has lied to him about having sexual feelings for girls since his/her body only loves boys]. Jason is completely conditioned very quickly, after having many tender lovemaking sessions between "Kimmy" and her [later their] boyfriend Nicky, who even makes Jason his sex slave alongside her long before his physical conditioning is gone. Jason's penis finally inverts completely and transforms him physically and biologically into a little girl/cuntbi, and Jason pleads for his/her penis back after their father gets him/her pregnant. Kim refuses, stating that being impregnated by a man makes the transformation irreversible. By the time her son is born, Jason [still retaining the boy name, though there's an alternate version where she's given the new, more fitting name Josie; in both versions, Jason is referred to exclusively in female pronouns from the moment his/her conditioning begins] has been fucked and molested so many times and even given herself totally and irrevocably to Nicky, her sister, and even her son and proudly declares that she never wants to be a little boy again.
  20. Maddie and Benny-
  21. [Trigger Warnings: incest, shota-sissy, occasional piss-drinking, Yaoi, brainwashing, bottling girlcum]
  22. When Nora married her new husband, she was hoping to find a good stepfather for her young children Maddie (9) and Benny (6) after she has to take on a second job and spending less time with them at home. Before meeting their new stepfather, Maddie and Benny have been raised by their birth parents (later just their mother when their father left) that they only needed to have sex once a week, but their new stepfather seemed to have other ideas. Not only would he be able to work from home and spend all his time with the kids but he also had a very special talent for...hypnosis. Within his first week, he’s able to hypnotize both Maddie and Benny into becoming his willing, pleading sex servants, convincing Maddie to treat him as her boyfriend and share the master bed, leave her psychologically incapable of un/dressing herself (allowing her to be dressed how her stepfather sees fit), and getting Benny’s 6yo cock locked up in a tiny little cage (after his constant erections from Maddie’s underwear) and forcing him to beg desperately to be his own sister’s piss trough.
  23. Now, the two who were previously relatively isolated from sex are receiving near-constant groping and fingering, forbidden from wearing a thread of clothing in their own house, Benny going to school in his sister’s hand-me-downs and used as a sexual plaything by every boy in school, and Maddie is eventually impregnated by her daddy after more than a month of all-night incestuous sex that she BEGS for from her Daddy. After 3 months, Maddie is now going to school naked to fully expose her pregnant belly (even getting bumped up a grade for refusing all the sexual advances), Benny is now the football team’s fucktoy and coming to school in even girlier outfits, and they still come straight home to their daddy begging to give him a blowjob and fight over his groping hands.
  25. There's also one more I have about a k-12 boarding school for training girls into whatever type of fetishes and sexuality their parents/owners want them to be (from learning to accept boys/girls/both to how to love sex with certain animals to even just coming back as outright porn stars), and there's several stories surrounding that. So, quick highlight reel of my favorites:
  26. -Kelly (same from the first one) being brought in with her sister Katie (from the second story) so they can both learn to love sex with other girls as much as they both love sex with boys, and Kelly getting moved into a dorm with a lesbian girl named Natalie who was brought there to learn to stop fighting her father's advances and openly take anal sex.
  27. -Betty's (from the Charlie story) preschool/kindergarten class are given "special medicine" that turns all the girls in class into boys [giving them large dicks, complete with balls] and all the boys into girls [taking away their penises altogether] to see how they survive for a whole month; while the boys' pussies are to scale with their bodies, the girls' new dicks are about 6-8" at full and both of their new genitals are 150% more sensitive to stimulation than they would normally be. Betty is happy to have a new penis under her skirt but her best friend Annie hates having a penis and her "boyfriend" Ronnie hates all the attention his pussy is giving him.
  28. -Betty also gets another babysitting story where she's being watched for the night by a pregnant Kelly, and spends the entire night doting on her, kissing her leaking pussy, suckling milk from her swollen breasts and feeling her tummy and asking Kelly lots and lots of questions about having a baby inside her and what it'll be like for her [Betty] when she's a Mommy.
  29. -[this is one of the only stories actually not using original characters, but set in relatively the same/similar universe] Polly and her mom have to submit to every request from the boys in the Pocket house (including Polly having to breastfeed Paxton, give her older brother--and his friends--free blowjobs and sex on demand, and even giving up her room to sleep naked in her father's bed), and even enslaved alongside her friend Shawni by their best friend Lila who turns them into her obedient lesbian whores through rigorous, frequent punishments and only allowing them to cum after pleading for it from their "Mistress".
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