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  1. /home/dg/svn/te4online3.dev/modules/luvit-mysql/parser.lua:566: attempt to perform arithmetic on field 'columnLength' (a nil value)
  2. stack traceback:
  3.         /home/dg/svn/te4online3.dev/modules/luvit-mysql/parser.lua:566: in function 'receive'
  4.         /home/dg/svn/te4online3.dev/modules/luvit-mysql/client.lua:125: in function 'callback'
  5.         /home/dg/tmp/ln2/luvit/lib/luvit/core.lua:164: in function 'emit'
  6.         /home/dg/tmp/ln2/luvit/lib/luvit/net.lua:159: in function 'callback'
  7.         /home/dg/tmp/ln2/luvit/lib/luvit/core.lua:164: in function 'emit'
  8.         /home/dg/tmp/ln2/luvit/lib/luvit/uv.lua:29: in function </home/dg/tmp/ln2/luvit/lib/luvit/uv.lua:28>
  9.         [C]: in function 'xpcall'
  10.         /home/dg/tmp/ln2/luvit/lib/luvit/luvit.lua:167: in function </home/dg/tmp/ln2/luvit/lib/luvit/luvit.lua:165>
  11.         [C]: in function 'run'
  12.         /home/dg/tmp/ln2/luvit/lib/luvit/luvit.lua:317: in main chunk
  13.         [C]: in function 'require'
  14.         [string "    local path = require('uv_native').execpat..."]:1: in main chunk
  15. WARNING: forgot to close luv_tcp lhandle=0x40d1e9e0 handle=0x76ce90
  16. WARNING: forgot to close luv_tty lhandle=0x4088e5c8 handle=0x7619e0
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