Don't Talk to Strangers - Part 1

Feb 6th, 2015
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  1. Midnight A man appears on the television screen. He is standing in the middle of what appears to be a battle zone in the middle of the city street and there is smoke in the background. You can hear the sounds of distant gunfire and explosions. “The National Defense Force is currently in a fire fight with an unknown group, citizens are requested to remain indoors at all times. For your own safety please do not-“ The screen blurs as somethin
  2. 17:32 Midnight Damori Daigo runs his fingers through his hair and sighs. He turns off the T.V. and returns his gaze to the overeds gathered there. "We expect nothing less than a False Hearts attack. We'd like you to go out and gather information on what the NDF is fighting and even more importantly, we want you to put a stop t it. People's lives are in danger."
  3. 17:34 Mary blinks, both hands covering her mouth in surprise at what she has just seen. "Ah... Well, when you put it that way..." She kind of forces a giggle, "And I can here expecting a date or confession."
  4. 17:36 Tsuboki_Junko "Dates and cake, is that all that motivates you onee-san?" Junko is doing the delinquent thing and smoking of course, pantlegs rolled up like her sleeves today.
  5. 17:36 Astra watches, her expression remaining relatively calm, though a close eye could tell she was bothered. She llooke dot Daigo and asked, "Of course. Any ideas where to start?" She looked to Junko and Mary after asking, wondering if they were taking this seriously.
  6. 17:37 Mary "Heading off human suffering would make that three, you know? Jeez, you paint me as such an skyhead..." She glances over and raises an eyebrow. "Where there is smoke and gunfire, right?"
  7. 17:38 Pinko Ian is busy sucking on the butt of his cigarette, half listening to the briefing of the UGN officer, cursing his own luck about being drafted into this as he examines the sights on his rifle, making sure they're well adjusted.
  8. 17:38 Midnight "The ghettos have been hit the most. Though the NDF refuses to supply us with intel. We believe it is likely that they'll have a base of operations there. The enemy of your enemy is supposed to be your friend, right?" He doesn't seem sure.
  9. 17:40 Tsuboki_Junko "So we kick both their asses and call it a job well done."
  10. 17:41 Midnight "The NDF is still Japanese forces. We don't want you attacking agents of the Japanese government and police force if it can be avoided."
  11. 17:42 Mary "I'm sure Tsuboki-chan doesn't resent authority that much." She smiles and bows, "Then, we should be prepared for Overed?"
  12. 17:42 Midnight "Most deffinitely. They wouldn't be using that much firepower on anything less."
  13. 17:43 Mary "Ara ara..." Mary rubs her cheek as her brow furrows. "I suppose we should hurry there." She makes for the door. "The ge-he-to... Tsuboki-chan, you'll have to guide me..."
  14. 17:44 Midnight "Before you go."
  15. 17:44 Astra "I don't think it's so clear cut," she answers Daigo bluntly. "But yes, we should probably hurry. Don't worry, direct conflict with the NDF will be avoided as much as possible."
  16. 17:44 Astra "Yes?"
  17. 17:45 Pinko The sound of Ian reloading his rifle echoes in the small room, just before he'd extinguish his dying cig into the wrist of his suit, before swinging his equipment over his shoulder, throwing a bored star at Daigo.
  18. 17:46 Midnight The man stands rubbing his temples. "Because of the importance of the mission, it's extremely important you excercize caution. We cannot risk letting knowledge of the Renegade get out at any cost."
  19. 17:48 Tsuboki_Junko "Not this speech again."
  20. 17:48 Mary "Well then..." Mary looks over her shoulder and smiles, "We'll have to /ward/ off any curious children, won't we?"
  21. 17:48 Pinko "Sure, who do we think we are, teenagers and ragtag amateurs?", teases Ian as he walks towards the exit. His walking pace is dazzling, really, despite the nonchalence of it.
  22. 17:48 Mary "... When you put it like that...."
  23. 17:49 Midnight "Good luck."
  24. 17:49 Midnight -------------------------------
  25. 17:58 Midnight You're deffinitely in the right area. There's gunfire to be heard everywhere. It's hard to tell exactly where it's coming from let alone where the NDF would have set their base.
  26. 17:59 Mary "Ah... That's a sound I wasn't hoping to hear." Mary winces a little at the sound of gunfire, covering her ears and leaning against a wall.
  27. 18:01 Midnight The buildings are fairly dilapidated. You're not too sure if it's just from the battles or if it's from years of wear and tear. They didn't call it the ghetto for nothing.
  28. 18:01 Astra "Pull yourself together," she says to Mary sternly, "We'll need to follow it." Before long, she's taking off to try to do just that.
  29. 18:03 Mary "You'll have to forgive me, gunfire is not a noise I am well accustomed with." She smiles despite herself and glances around, making her own way.
  30. 18:03 Pinko Ian is sitting on the roof of a small depot, just above Mary, scoping the horizons through the scope of his rifle. "Well, such is 'our' line of work, Mary. I thought you'd be used to this now, didn't you mention having some experience?", Ian is not trying to sound harsh, he's genuinely curious in his tome.
  31. 18:05 Mary "I have yet to meet a gyaum who will shoot me with a gun, rather than try to tear me apart and drink my vitals." She giggles a little, rubbing her neck.
  32. 18:06 Pinko "I'm glad someone explained to me what a gyaum is. Do you know that the last time I saw one, I ended up hugging it?", says Ian with an uncomfortable look on his face.
  33. 18:07 Mary "Ah? Ahaha~" Mary smiles, "How cute. Maybe there's a heart behind those eyes instead of a brain." She's not trying to mean, just teasing.
  34. 18:09 Pinko He throws a tiny rock at her feet, scuffing, amused grin on his lips. "Don't mess with my head, nee-chan."
  35. 18:10 Tsuboki_Junko Junko rolls her eyes, lighting up a fresh cigarette. "Lets just get to it already, yeah?"
  36. 18:10 Midnight The group is led by Astra. There are several different gunfights but only one that sounds large enough to be anything other than a minor skirmish. As they get closer, Ian's scope starts to pick up the fires of recent explosions.
  37. 18:12 Pinko "Holy shit, it's like those warzones on the international news.", says Ian with an upset tone, trying to spot if he can find living beings nearby.
  38. 18:13 Astra "It's pretty bad, I won't lie," she nods to Ian, taking survey of the carnage, "Let me know if you spot something."
  39. 18:13 Mary "Yes, as fun as this is..." Mary follows the rest. "I've not seen this kind of damage for a long time."
  40. 18:15 Midnight They're not hard to notice from the roof. There's a group of about 10 civilians running for their lives down the street towards you. Junko just barely manages to pick up the sound of footfals behind the gunfire.
  41. 18:16 Pinko "There's still people here, they didn't evacuate them?", says Ian in disbelief. "There's a bunch of people running towards us. 10 I think. We might want to hide or something, as sad as it is, we're not here to -save- them."
  42. 18:17 Tsuboki_Junko "Doesn't mean we don't.:
  43. 18:17 Tsuboki_Junko "
  44. 18:18 Pinko "Making this harder than it should be...", says Ian with a scoff.
  45. 18:18 Tsuboki_Junko "So sit it out up here cherry boy."
  46. 18:18 Astra "We can't really do an evacuation. best we can hope for is to cover their escape as we go."
  47. 18:20 Midnight The panicked civilians round the corner and the first of them almost barrel over you before they can stop themselves. "You gotta run for your lives! The monsters are coming!"
  48. 18:21 Astra Astra simply steps aside with her uncanny reflexes, letting them pass without a word.
  49. 18:23 Tsuboki_Junko Junko watches them pass before looking in the direction they came from.
  50. 18:23 Pinko "Just go, we've got you covered.", says Ian to the crowd with an annoyed sigh from the roof of the small house he's on top off, kneeling and bracing his rifle. "Looks like we've got a monster to ambush, peeps."
  51. 18:24 Mary Mary blinks in surprise, "Ah..." She looks at the other overed and nods, "Alright, we'll be right behind you. Be safe." She returns to the other freaks and bites her cheek. "Combat so soon?"
  52. 18:25 Astra "Sounds like it. Be ready," Astra leaps back to the fore, a cybernetic visor ejecting from the side of her head to cover her eyes.
  53. 18:27 Midnight The civilians run past, one or two of them giving your group odd looks and seeming reluctant to let you guys stay there before they're gone. Just beyond their footsteps is a quiet skittering sound.
  54. 18:28 Mary "... It sounds like many, but..." Mary takes a deep breath. "I think it'll just be one. We should do well."
  55. 18:30 Midnight It takes a few seconds watching the street before you all notice the dog sized spider crawling along the walls of the buildings.
  56. 18:31 Tsuboki_Junko "Aw crap."
  57. 18:38 Pinko "Well, fuck.", says Ian as he scopes in and takes aim at the monstrosity, before firing his springfield rifle, an awfully loud bang echoing through the air as Ian manipulates the sonic waves of his projectile.
  58. 18:43 Midnight The shot echoes through the city as the bullet rips through the spider, dropping it to the ground. It's legs curl up as it screeches in pain and dies.
  59. 18:44 Pinko "Ah, bullseye.", says Ian with a greedy smirk on his lips.
  60. 18:44 Mary "Ara~...." She leans out and watches, making a face. "Heaven's that's an ugly thing... Good work, Goodwill-san."
  61. 18:47 Midnight You don't sense any more approaching, it looks like it was just the one that had chased those civilians.
  62. 18:48 Mary "Shall we continue in that direction?"
  63. 18:51 Tsuboki_Junko "Probably a good idea." Off she goes!
  64. 18:52 Pinko "I'd say. There's problaby more of those. We just gotta follow the opposite direction of running civilians if we want to find what's out here.", says Ian as he runs up the wall of the next building.
  65. 18:53 Mary nods and goes to follow the rest.
  66. 18:53 Astra "Not sure what those things are, but they're probably bad news."
  67. 18:53 Astra Astra bolts onwards with the others
  68. 18:55 Midnight With the sounds of the main battle to lead you, it doesn't take long before you can see the army fighting off literally hundreds of the spiders. It seems like a standstill, even with the mounted artillery and explosives. However there does seem to be at least one overed among the army already.
  69. 18:56 Midnight He's wading through the spiders, covered head to toe in what looks like some sci-fi fan's dream armor swinging a huge hammer. Mary can tell who it is at first sight. Kato Akane.
  70. 18:57 Tsuboki_Junko "Another cherry boy. Great."
  71. 19:00 Mary "... Ahaha." Mary's smile is definitely forced. "Akane-san." She looks at the rest and rubs her forehead. "He's one of those Strangers... Tsuboki-chan, you might like him."
  72. 19:00 Tsuboki_Junko "He looks like an idiot."
  73. 19:01 Pinko "Fuck, that's a lot of creepy-crawlies.", sas Ian under his breath. "Think he needs help?"
  74. 19:01 Mary Mary doesn't confirm or deny that, just keeps up her strained smile. "Probably not help, but, if anybody has an idea on what's happening..."
  75. 19:02 Midnight As if in answer, some of the rear guard soldiers spot you. "Hands in the air! This is a restricted zone, civilians were ordered to evacuate!"
  76. 19:03 Tsuboki_Junko Junko grits her teeth.
  77. 19:04 Mary makes a scared noise, hair standing on end as she looks between the other overeds. Her hands slowly creep up.
  78. 19:07 Mary "Maybe... we could speak to Akane-san?"
  79. 19:08 Pinko Ian groans and runs down the building, still holding his rifle. "Relaaaax, bud, we're your Overed backup."
  80. 19:09 Pinko Ian seems rather nonchalent about the fact, too, like it was the simplest of matters.
  81. 19:10 Midnight The soldiers look at eachother, their guns still trained on you. "Overed-You know Sergeant Kato?" One of them steps back to radio in while the others move closer. "We need to sort this out, hold on."
  82. 19:10 Astra raises her hands, looking irritated, but not hostile, "We're with the UGN. We were sent here to assist you."
  83. 19:11 Midnight You overhear the soldier on the radio. "Confirmed, they are UGN."
  84. 19:11 Mary "Kato-kun and I are acquainted, yes."
  85. 19:11 Tsuboki_Junko Junko rubs at the corner of her eye with her middle finger while looking at them.
  86. 19:13 Pinko "Tsssk, so I'm still a cherry boy, eh Junko-chan? Not even slightly impressed?", asks Ian as he lights another cigarette.
  87. 19:14 Tsuboki_Junko "S'right."
  88. 19:15 Midnight They make you wait for a few more minutes before Akane himself is standing in front of you. The rest of the troops are sent back to the front lines. The man's helmet seems to shrink back into his head and you can see he's been smoking a zigar under the visor. That can't be healthy. "Can't you UGN assholes see I'm waging a war out here?"
  89. 19:16 Mary "A strange place to wage a war, in the middle of Japan, no?" Mary bows her head respectfully.
  90. 19:18 Midnight "Yeah well we didn't choose this spot, Tsukimiya. What the hell is this anyways, playtime?" He asks, looking at your group.
  91. 19:19 Tsuboki_Junko "This fuckin' gobou," Junko mutters, doing everything she can not to look at him.
  92. 19:19 Pinko "Hey, fuck you too.", says Ian as he blows his smoke towards the Sarge.
  93. 19:19 Mary Mary's smile drops at the name for a moment, and she takes a deep breath before smiling again. "Perhaps it is." They invited you, after all. Mary doesn't say that, but then realizes her companions are saying it for her.
  94. 19:19 Mary "Can we spare the pleasantries now? You seem to be having issues." A wide smile.
  95. 19:20 Astra "We can, and that's exactly why we're here," Astra answers curtly, "We've been sent to respond to this threat."
  96. 19:22 Midnight "Congratulations on having eyes. But we didn't ask for the UGN's help. We have this handled, once our reinforcements get in we'll push em back."
  97. 19:24 Tsuboki_Junko "Maybe you're misunderstanding, sticks in your ears as well as your ass? We're here to respond to the threat, not especially help you."
  98. 19:25 Pinko "Don't worry, we were told to be careful and babysit the poor Japanese government staff here, we won't hurt you."
  99. 19:25 Pinko Ian's tone is obviously one of sarcasm.
  100. 19:25 Mary Mary rubs her cheeks, "Now now, Kato-kun is just tsundere I'm sure. Do you know these creatures' origin?"
  101. 19:26 Astra "We're going to be taking care of this problem that falls under our jurisdiction as well. It'd be in both of our best interests to work together. I don't like it any more than you."
  102. 19:28 Midnight "Listen here, Bitches. The threat is handled. Go back to your taskmasters and tell em we don't need no two bit gangster, some dumbass kids, and a samurai movie throwback to deal with some goddamn spiders."
  103. 19:29 Tsuboki_Junko Junko just straight up gives the guy two middle fingers for that one. "Just stay out of the way otaku."
  104. 19:29 Mary "You forgot me..."
  105. 19:30 Mary "You forgot ageless beauty!"
  106. 19:32 Pinko "Who you calling a two-bit gangster?", says Ian as he shoulders his rifle. "Anyway, their nest. They must have a nest, right? Where is it?"
  107. 19:33 Midnight If it weren't for the smoke from the cigar you could swear there was steam coming off of him. "Hell yeah there's a nest moron! We're standing on it. Now get the hell out of my battle. I've got spiders to kill and no more time to waste on idiots."
  108. 19:33 Mary "Standing on it? You can't waste time on yourself anyways, just tell us and we can get out of your hair. Or, we can stick around, if you like?" Mary grins.
  109. 19:35 Astra "Our mission is to eliminate the threat here. Gathering intel on what's happening is only secondary," She narrows her eyes coldly.
  110. 19:37 Midnight "Can't even get the fucking hint? God when I said idiots..." He points straight down. "We. Are. Standing. On. The. Nest."
  111. 19:37 Mary "... Sewers?"
  112. 19:38 Pinko "So, the False Hearts operate down there, uh?", says Ian as he kicks the ground. "Yuck."
  113. 19:38 Tsuboki_Junko "Good places for rats."
  114. 19:39 Midnight His eyes narrow and he marches off back to the front, "Now like I said, get the hell off of my battlefield. Gotta save the Civies..."
  115. 19:39 Mary "So..." Mary steps away, rubbing her cheek and looking at the others, waiting for the sergeant to be out of earshot.
  116. 19:41 Midnight It's not long before he's gone. The soldiers don't even acknowledge your presense anymore.
  117. 19:42 Pinko "So, what now, find a way into the sewers and find the False hearts? That's a bit of a longshot."
  118. 19:42 Mary "... Underground, huh?"
  119. 19:45 Tsuboki_Junko "We're all gonna smell after this."
  120. 19:45 Astra "Well, let's go find a way then."
  121. Mary "... Do... DO we have to walk through here?"
  122. 19:54 Pinko "You could swim if you'd rather."
  123. 19:54 Tsuboki_Junko "This sucks."
  124. 19:55 Pinko Ian watches the rear, rifle shouldered, his suit a complete ruin.
  125. 19:55 Mary "I'm sure you'd love to see that. My swimsuit figure is something to marvel, you know?" Mary makes light of it as best as she can, trying to not breath in too much.
  126. 19:55 Midnight The sewers are nasty but most of the...sludge can be avoided by walking on either side of the canal. The fighting seems much more distant down here, but the lack of light and the sense of warding about you tells you that danger is near.
  127. 19:56 Astra Astra sticks tot he front, gritting her teeth and remaining quiet to endure the smell.
  128. 20:08 Midnight It's easy enough to follow the warding to where it is thickest. As you walk however, it becomes clear that the spiders must have placed it all throughout the sewers. It is only Ian's keen eye in findeing the gossomer threads of spider silk that lets you know you're headed in the right direction.
  129. 20:09 Mary "Eugh... If I was a normal human I'd feel sick," Mary whispers, following after the others, watching where she steps with care.
  130. 20:10 Pinko "I guess the spiders are all out on the surface and that the NDF are keeping them busy. I thought we'd have seen way more by now.", remarks Ian.
  131. 20:11 Astra "I don't know. If this were their nest, you'd think it'd be guarded somehow. Stay wary."
  132. 20:13 Midnight All at once they hear screeches from both sides as spiders pour out of nearby drainage pipes and exits.
  133. 20:13 Mary "Spiders..." Mary shivers. "To think some people would keep these things in their houses as pets." She runs a hand through her hair and shakes her head. "I'm afraid I'll look tomorrow and find one in my hair. How many do you think will be left from-" She freezes at the sudden explosion of spiders.
  134. 20:26 Pinko Ian is startled by the sudden group of spiders flooding in, and uses superhuman reflexes and speed to gain some distance from them before the distinctive, loud crackshot can be heard.
  135. 20:34 Midnight the bullet tears into their ranks but the spiders don't stop their charge towards you.
  136. 20:47 Mary lets out a panicked noise at all the spiders, and closes her eyes. "Tsukuyomi no Mikoto, please, grant me strength!" For a moment, her hair and skin start to glow intensely as two wings of light sprout from her shawl. And then, poof, gone.
  137. 20:51 Mary The next moment there's a flash of light where she was standing, as three fans of light spray out to strike the spider swarms. Mary reappears, hair bright silver and eyes shining, smiling. "Ah... I suppose I have been neglectful in my worship..."
  138. 20:52 Midnight Spiders scream in pain as their bodys are seared with the hole light. They rush in from all sides, even dropping from the ceiling.
  139. 21:04 Midnight They overwhelm Ian biting and slashing with their claws at all sides.
  140. 21:07 Mary Mary looks up and lets out a little yelp as the spiders come down, ducking and covering her head. However, they pitter-patter off of her, glowing as they rain on the ground.
  141. 21:17 Astra extends a cybernetic blade from the top of her arm, punching at one of the spiders nearby, but the creature proves too agile for even her lighting fast reflexes. "Damn it all!"
  142. 21:25 Tsuboki_Junko "You guys take this way too seriously!" She laughs as her arm transforms, the long and sharp blades that were her fingers slicing into the spider-gjaum that had dropped down on top of them.
  143. 21:28 Midnight Spiders go flying in all directions, trying to regroup with lesser numbers.
  144. 21:31 Pinko Ian then dashes away, breaking all kinds of speed record, ending up quite a way away from them. "Don't worry guys, I'll support you!"
  145. 21:38 Mary Mary raises into the air as her wings vibrate and glow, "Ah! Alright! Moonlight bow!" She fires a glowing blue bolt at the mass of spiders.
  146. 21:38 Midnight As if on the same wavelength the spiders all scatter from the lights, not a one getting even so much as a scratch.
  147. 21:39 Mary "Ah!" Mary lets out a sad cry. "I worked hard on that!"
  148. 21:46 Astra Astra leaps and flips her way away from the swarm with amazingly precise reflexes. To others it would seem like a blur as the spiders pass and she emerges unscathed
  149. 21:54 Astra As she lands from her feat, she pounces her blade down on more than a few of the annoying critters.
  150. 22:00 Tsuboki_Junko Still enjoying herself Junko turns, sharp claws tearing throught the group of spiders brave enough to get closer to the group. "I could do this for hours!"
  151. 22:03 Pinko Ian takes a knee as he takes aim at the group of spiders that shifted away from the ceiling, the shot deafeningly echoing through the hall.
  152. 22:11 Pinko The 30-06 cuts through the group of spiders, the bullet hitting the ground hard and cuasing rock shrapnels to bounce away.
  153. 22:16 Mary tries to summon another bolt, but her previous failure causes her movements to be shaky. Somehow, she manages to get a weak beam off!
  154. 22:17 Midnight The weakened group of spiders dissolves. Many try to run while the rest join the swarm by Astra.
  155. 22:22 Midnight The enraged spiders regroup and attack Astra and Junko trying to overwhelm their defenses.
  156. 22:23 Astra The cybernetic overed tries to leap out of the way once more, but the spiders prove quick to adapt and she's swarmed and bitten rather badly. It takes awhile for her to shake them off.
  157. 22:24 Tsuboki_Junko Astra may have made it through but down goes Junko.
  158. 22:26 Astra Astra remains standing and seems to only have been made angry by the assault. She retailiates with a quick series of strikes to end the spider.
  159. 22:26 Astra (*to hopefully
  160. 22:28 Midnight The spider flies back crushing a few legs of it's brethren on the way.
  161. 22:29 Pinko Ian sights the target, and once more the deafening blow echoes through the tunnel. Mary must be quite annoyed, really.
  162. 22:37 Mary Mary shakes her head, "I'm really tired of spiders now! Please, do us a service and flee!" With that, she fires another blue/white burst of light at the arachnids.
  163. 22:38 Midnight Spiders are ripped apart by gunfire and piercing arrows of light. The spiders around them try to flee while the last group seems to only be spurred on by the loss of yet another group.
  164. 22:40 Mary "You troublesome little..."
  165. 22:46 Astra Astra manuevers away from the swarm coming at her once more. She's clearly wearing out now. She brings her bladed arm forward once more to strike at a few of them, then lands and catches her breath, "Damn these things are persistent."
  166. 22:46 Pinko Ian inhales, his ears ringing as he takes yet another shot.
  167. 22:48 Pinko Ian sighs as the bullet ricochet harmlessly near his target, feeding a new 5 cartridges clip into his rifle.
  168. 22:50 Midnight The spiders, taking attacks from all sides, have taken enough, it seems. They begin to run, breaking away from Astra in the process.
  169. 22:50 Mary takes another shot, "Kami-sama, I appreciate the power, but, mayhaps we could trade my eyes sometime, you know?"
  170. 22:57 Pinko Ian adjusts his aim and prays for the best...!
  171. 23:00 Midnight The bullet and the screeches of the spiders fill the hallway as the rest frantically try to escape the group and the bodies of their dead.
  172. 23:03 Mary fires again, a bead of sweat running down her forehead as her renegade grows slowly. "I think... I may have to spend time practicing my aim..."
  173. 23:06 Pinko Not only does the bullet clear through the spider, the powerful shockwave that Ian manipulated crashes into them, tearing them to bits, Ian collapsing and panting from his current state.
  174. 23:07 Mary slowly sinks to the ground, rushing to Junko. "Tsuboki-chan, are you alright?!"
  175. 23:08 Tsuboki_Junko She mutters something unintelligable, the Renegade healing her wounds.
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