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  1. C4e's Ixtreme Burner Max, in association with Team Jungle and Team Xecuter
  3. As you may or may not be aware, the new XGD3 format has a larger capacity than a standard DVD+R DL disc so it has become virtually impossible to make a 100% backup of the disc.
  5. They said it was impossible. They said that CFW was finished. They were wrong.
  7. C4E presents yet another world first to the Xbox scene, the iXtreme DVD Burner FW which now increases the capacity of a standard dual layer DVD+R DL to a FULL 8.7GB !
  9. Features:
  10. * 100% Customized burner firmware – never been done before !
  11. * Full 8.7GB 100% Backups on standard Dual Layer DVD+R DL
  12. * Flashable via Jungle Flasher (Upcoming Version)
  13. * No IMGBurn Errors
  14. * No CIV errors
  15. * Passes all current checks
  17. Requirements:
  18. * Verbatim Dual Layer DVD+R DL Compatible only at this time
  19. * ********** SATA DVD Burner
  21. Note: The model of the DVD Burner will be announced shortly. There are several different versions of this model and we want to make sure that each one can be patched before we tell you to go out and buy.
  23. We are so far supporting 4 different versions of this drive, we want to make sure we can cover as many as possible.
  25. There are LOTS of this particular drive available and the RRP is less than $25 USD. On the bright side At least everyone will be forced to upgrade to a decent burner now
  27. Testing is fully underway. The current LT+ 2.0 requires no update (except Samung which will require a small change). As an example we bought the troublesome Forza4 (doesn’t work with previous burning method – failed various checks), ripped to a backup using 0800 v3 and burned using the new iXtreme Burner Max and have been playing with it on XBL for several hours with the same LT+ 2.0 that was released last week.
  29. Coming very soon to a burner near you
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