Alice Nursing

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  1. ////Alice [Nurse] non-combat option for lactating players. Tooltip "The poor girl just needs to be fed."
  2. What she wants is to feed, like any succubus, and neither violence nor magical manipulation is necessary for that. [if (clothed) While freeing your [breasts] from your upper wear|While lightly caressing your [breasts]], you explain that you'll be happy to feed her.
  4. A small blush begins to form on her [aliceskin] face. [say: I'm not really a child, you know,] she quietly mutters. Of course you are aware of this, but that doesn't stop her from looking cute in your eyes. Letting her suckle you is something you'd enjoy, and she may get more out of this than she expects. You settle on the ground and welcome her with open arms.
  6. [say: Okay,] she says, with quite a hint of awkwardness. The Alice walks over and sits in front of you. With a preceding gulp, she leans forward and puckers her lips over your [nipple]. You let out a contented sigh, enjoying the sensation of milk flowing out into the small demon's mouth. Hesitant though she was, she seems to be relaxing with you. Like this, it's almost as though you're her mommy. [if (pronoun male) Or daddy, in your case. The Alice coughs suddenly. [say: Please don't, this gets a lot weirder if you put it that way.]] You stroke her [alicehair] hair[if (pronoun male) , setting her back at ease]. One might forget she's a sex demon at this rate. You embrace the youthful demoness, pushing her against your bosom more. For a while, she's just a little girl.
  8. The Alice starts hugging you tighter, and maneuvers herself to lay across your lap. Lifting her dress, she swishes her tail back and forth near her [alicepanties], inviting you to it. She <i>really</i> likes [mommy]'s milk, it seems. [if (silly and male pronoun) The demoness groans loudly. [say: I told you <b>please</b>, that sounds so weird!] Her vocal dread is amusing, but you'll lay off, and instead see to her needs|So be it, you'll quench her needs]. You set about stroking her panties externally first, and the sensation is enough to have her legs tense up immediately. She sighs as you continue rubbing, and her suckling seems to get stronger too. Any prior hesitation about this arrangement has melted away now that her lust is being tended to.
  10. You slip a finger along the side of her panties, pushing them away to wriggle into the cleft underneath. The demoness sharply inhales at the increase in stimulation, and her inner walls constrict tightly against your digit before you've barely sunk in at all. Her [aliceeyes] eyes stare up longingly at you, full of ignited lust. She squeezes your [chest] to silently urge you on, and you gladly push deeper inside her. The hot flesh hugs your finger and hinders any attempt to withdraw. Amidst the wetness, no vice-grip can truly hold you back, however.
  12. You pick up the pace, sliding your finger through her slick [if (silly) wonder-]tunnel. Her whimpering and moaning come off much cuter with her feeding on your [breast] than they otherwise would, and you take pleasure in stimulating her further. She suddenly winces strongly, compressing your [hand] between her thighs, while her innards quiver. So soon? After she begins to calm down again, you redouble your efforts, thrusting into her [if (silly) organic slip'n'slide|vagina]. Overwhelmed by this, she pulls her face from your nipple, releasing her whines and moans openly.
  14. [say: N-no more, mommy, I'm full,] she spouts, deliriously. She's not getting away so easily. You shove a second finger in and increase the ferocity of the thrusts. Her noises begin to sound more like some mix between crying and panting. Finally, you push inside to the limit and rub around in circles, relishing in her squeals. Spurts strike your palm, and the Alice cries out another orgasm. Her squirts quickly soak the only dry portion your hand had, and you let the poor girl relax.
  16. [say: That was better than I thought it'd be,] she remarks between breaths. You ease the demon with some stroking of her hair, and she gently smiles as she closes her eyes. Calmly picking yourself up, you leave the Alice to relax and bask in the post-orgasm bliss.
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