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  1. kung: wassup?
  2. cusp: hi
  3. cusp: o
  4. cusp: dis yur girl>
  5. cusp: tru
  6. kung: okay who are you?
  7. cusp: why
  8. kung: why is someone coming to me saying that YOU
  9. kung: have my name in your mouth
  10. kung: but idk you
  11. kung: so who are you
  12. cusp: ooh
  13. cusp: so
  14. cusp: here's the thing
  15. cusp: either way if you find out who i am or not
  16. cusp: dont make a difference
  17. kung: why am i in the conversation
  18. cusp: so dw about who i am
  19. kung: is the point
  20. kung: ok demi
  21. kung: next
  22. cusp: ?
  23. kung: continue
  24. cusp: i mean you asking me who I am
  25. kung: u was saying i was with everyone
  26. cusp: but you already know
  27. cusp: so
  28. cusp: whats up
  29. kung: like lets skip to that oint
  30. kung: point*
  31. cusp: uh, okay?
  32. cusp: are you hurt
  33. cusp: do you feel offended
  34. kung: Lmao
  35. kung: nah
  36. cusp: is this impacting your daily lively functions
  37. cusp: so
  38. kung: its just weird that u
  39. kung: Z
  40. kung: a random
  41. cusp: why u pullin me constantly
  42. cusp: nd
  43. cusp: tryn
  44. kung: yeah
  45. cusp: ask me some shit u already no
  46. kung: whats ur name
  47. kung: do i make ur day
  48. kung: II
  49. kung: who goes to someone's dad and talk shit
  50. cusp: wot u tryn get out this convooo cos
  51. cusp: ????
  52. kung: yo mad weird
  53. kung: is that what yall do sit around and talk about me and my wife
  54. kung: thats weird
  55. kung: bro just go this is hella funny
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