Jun 25th, 2012
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  1. [08:33:10] <Rica> So it is currently the...
  2. [08:33:12] <Rica> 1d31
  3. [08:33:14] <DiceMaid-9001> Rica, 1d31: 27 [1d31=27]
  4. [08:33:18] <Rica> 27TH OF JUNE.
  5. [08:33:26] <Rica> Oh wait June has 30 days, doesn't it?
  6. [08:33:42] <Mikaela> 27th is fine.
  7. [08:34:11] <Mikaela> Though how exactly has this worked...? I assume Rica invited Ali? Because Mika and Ali haven't really talked in ages.
  8. [08:34:16] <Rica> Whatever it's still the 27th! Rica's been going drinking with Mika and occasionally others to Nyan Nyan's every week or so, and today they decided to bring Ali along. Actually, she just wanted to talk to Ali herself, but this seems more fun.
  9. [08:34:27] <Rica> Because everybody needs to be involved.
  10. [08:34:40] <Rica> Currently, they are in the train on the way there!
  11. [08:35:04] <Mikaela> (you're just asking me to do that aren't you?)
  12. [08:35:08] <Rica> (yes)
  13. [08:36:03] <Mikaela> (why)
  14. [08:36:07] <Rica> (wynaut)
  15. [08:36:44] <Ali> (let's just start this shit)
  16. [08:36:55] <Mikaela> <Chiririririri!> Ranka has been singing a CERTAIN song the entire train ride in aura voice. Thank fuck they're the only ones in the train.
  17. [08:36:57] <Rica> In fact, Rica herself had debated wearing the kitsunemimi that was made for her on the way there, but decided to hide them under her hat for now.
  18. [08:37:08] <Rica> (yesssssss I am so satisfied)
  19. [08:37:22] <Mikaela> *in this train car
  20. [08:37:27] * Ali is sitting on one of the train seats, drinking Tea on a really posh manner. He can't help but to smile at Rica's INCREDIBLE CUTENESS at this situation.
  21. [08:38:10] * Rica is actually cute in a... probably a creepy way, because while smiling it looks totally fake and her eyes are trained at the ground. She's glad to have SOMEBODY cheery around.
  22. [08:38:21] <Mikaela> "Y'know, you're gonna feel left out if you're the only sober one in the karaoke room, right?"
  23. [08:38:46] <Rica> "Actually, Mika, I was planning on holding back today... well... maybe."
  24. [08:39:03] <Mikaela> "What."
  25. [08:39:04] <Rica> "Though if he could join us in a few that'd be nice too."
  26. [08:39:40] <Rica> "Well.... you knooow... I'm just a little worried about when I pass out and you have to push me home. Felicia is never happy when that happens."
  27. [08:40:46] <Mikaela> "Maybe you should invite her along for these then. Whatcha think she's doin' when we're out anyway?"
  28. [08:41:16] * Rica giggles. "Remember what happened last time we brought her along? It was worse than when I feed her ice cream."
  29. [08:42:18] <Ali> *Siiip*
  30. [08:42:32] <Mikaela> <TRAIN TRAIN! I LOVE MY STATION!> Ranka cheerfully announces their arrival at their stop.
  31. [08:42:51] <Rica> "She's actually... last I asked, she was making vitamins and doing experiments with her chemistry set back at the dorm." A spark floods her eye. "I always leave Scouts on the TV when we leave though, in case she's a secret fan."
  32. [08:42:52] <Ali> "I can take you home, actually. That is what a Big Brother is supposed to do."
  33. [08:43:30] <Ali> "You would do well not to hide the cute ears i made for you though!"
  34. [08:43:44] * Rica gets on-chair once the train stops and floats over to Ali. "Hehe, thanks. But being the responsible one isn't always fun- you need a break just as much as any of us do."
  35. [08:43:51] <Rica> "Uh... er... well..."
  36. [08:43:57] <Rica> A fox ear pops out.
  37. [08:44:34] <Rica> "I-I just thought it'd be more appropriate DURING the karaoke, that's all."
  38. [08:46:10] * Mikaela quirks an eyebrow. "Still lookin' to dress us all up? I thought you'd gotten more into the habit of makin' these for pokemon now. I haven't seen Scarves 'round lately, so I didn't know much the cafe was still goin', y'know?"
  39. [08:47:17] * Ali pats Rica's head. "Awww~" He then turns to Mika. "OH... Yeah, we have been taking care of it actually. Guess I am the manager now, at least i do the part of it..."
  40. [08:48:24] <Rica> "Work is still work," Rica floats off ahead of the others. "Customers' requests have been getting stranger and stranger lately. I still don't see the point of dressing up while I'm always in the back, myself, but it's not like it's uncomfortable. And Ninetales isn't an uncute pokémon by any means."
  41. [08:48:44] * Rica lifts her hat slightly for the ears to pop out but then drops it back on.
  42. [08:49:43] <Mikaela> "Where to? Nyan Nyan's as per usual?" Mika steps out and kicks up her hoverboard, letting her pokemon on as well.
  43. [08:49:43] <Rica> "It's fun things like this that I like to focus on lately, I guess. It's better than thinking about... well... other things." Her voice trails off at the end.
  44. [08:50:33] <Mikaela> "Sometimes we do gotta think 'bout other things though..." Mika says a bit more quietly. "Masque's not just gonna disappear."
  45. [08:50:43] <Rica> "Mhm, please." She shakes her head. "Though I'm not sure if we'll get the Ha- ... oh, who am I kidding, of course we will."
  46. [08:50:59] <Ali> "Let's just have some fun then!" He wh-floats her outside the Train as it stops on the station.
  47. [08:51:35] * Rica floats along unless Mika's going at TOP SPEED or something, in which case she'd give Ali a ride and race or something silly like that. "It's not just them, anyway. It's... ohh never mind, he's right! Come on!"
  48. [08:54:54] <Mikaela> "If ya say so." Mika looks back to make sure the odd chitchitwile is still on her hoverboard too. The thing is probably whispering some Lovecraftian chant out the back of its head.
  49. [08:54:59] <Ali> "That is the spirit!" Now, let's assume we arrived at the Nyan, no? Ali starts perusing the Karaoke's songlist until he finds something he likes!
  50. [08:55:38] <Rica> Rica and Mika probably exchange glances on the way there. The former asks for the haxorus piss once Ali isn't paying attention if the latter didn't already, but keeps it out-of-view for the most part. Then zoom karaoke.
  51. [08:56:21] * Mikaela doesn't see the need to conceal booze. She just buys it up openly and carries it to the karaoke room.
  52. [08:56:32] <Ali> "What kind of name is Seel... Okay then, i think i'll choose this one anyway..." He puts a coin inside the... Jukebox? I don't know how that shit works, really!
  53. [08:56:41] <Rica> I don't either
  54. [08:56:59] <Mikaela> (really?)
  55. [08:57:15] <Mikaela> (you have a remote control and some books. Each song has a number you enter via remote, and it queues it up)
  56. [08:57:20] <Rica> (Really, I've only heard of these things on like animu and such, I can only guess what they're actually like)
  57. [08:57:47] <Mikaela> (sometimes the machine will have an option to browse most commonly sung songs too - sometimes the only way to get to certain songs since the books aren't always updated when the machines are)
  58. [08:58:19] <Rica> (Also psst tonis in case you didn't see the last one all sorts of animu shit is on there too, so please be as shameless as possible)
  59. [08:58:48] <Ali> (oh my idea is worse than animu)
  60. [08:59:01] <Rica> (bracing for tunak tunak tun)
  61. [08:59:17] <Ali> A quiet tone starts to play as Ali throws Mika and Rica two mics as he starts...
  62. [08:59:38] * Rica blinks at it but gets into position. What a shame nobody's drunk yet.
  63. [09:00:14] * Mikaela gulps down some booze and fills up two more glasses for the others.
  64. [09:00:21] <Ali> "Parara parara... There used to be a greying tower alone in the seaa... Yooou became, the light in the dark side of meee~"
  65. [09:00:23] <Rica> Oh there we go. GULP.
  66. [09:00:44] <Mikaela> (oh christ)
  67. [09:00:51] <Rica> (what a ploot)
  68. [09:01:08] <Ali> (Hey kids! It's Seel's Kiss from a Roserade from the Crobatman Returns movie!)
  69. [09:01:34] <Rica> (>Crobatman)
  70. [09:01:35] <Rica> (I)
  71. [09:01:37] <Rica> (you)
  72. [09:01:44] <Mikaela> "Y'know he's singin' 'bout cocaine, right?" Mika remarks. She joins in nonetheless.
  73. [09:02:05] <Ali> "Love remained! A drug that's high and not the pill!" Ali doesn't notice he is confirming her theory.
  74. [09:02:20] <Rica> "Oh, that's wh- er, right." She coughs and joins in too, still with the softness problem. Well, kind of, not as much as usual.
  75. [09:02:57] <Ali> He then points at Rica. "But did you know! That when it snows! MY EYES BECOME LARGER AND THE LIGHT THAT YOU SHINE CAN BE SEEN!"
  76. [09:03:14] * Rica flips her hat off and tosses it on a couch.
  78. [09:05:05] <Ali> "Oooh! The more i get from you, stranger it feels yeeeah! And now that your Roselia is in bloom! A light hits the gloom on the Grey!" He leans closer to Rica while saying that.
  79. [09:05:24] <Ali> "Parara para para para parara~"
  80. [09:05:50] * Rica gets a little louder, accompanied by a cliché blush.
  81. [09:06:02] <Ali> "Theeeere is so much a man can tell you so much he can saaay! Yooou remain! MY POWER MY PLEASURE MY PAIN!"
  82. [09:06:38] <Ali> "BAYBEEE! TO ME YOU ARE A GROWING ADDICTION THAT I CAN'T DENY!" Oh god it is a cocaine song!
  83. [09:07:10] <Mikaela> It totally is. Mika sings along anyway, though not quite as enthusiastically as Ali.
  84. [09:07:10] <Rica> It so is. Whenever he turned away Rica'd been creeping slower to Mikaela in terror.
  85. [09:07:46] <Ali> "Won't you tell me is that healthy, baby?" He then turns to Mika and holds her in his arms as he leans the mic closer. "But did you know? That when it snows, my eyes become larger and the light that you shine can be seeeeen~"
  86. [09:08:34] <Ali> "BAYBEEEE! I COMPARE YOU TO A KISS FROM A ROSERADE ON THE GREY!" He continues the Chorus while spinning Mika around.
  87. [09:08:57] * Mikaela scoots away from Ali and gives him a look warning to keep a good sense of personal space.
  88. [09:09:15] <Ali> "IIIIII'VE BEEN KISSED BY A ROSERADE ON THE GREEEY!" He gives no shit to personal space, really.
  89. [09:09:23] * Rica looks over to Mika and giggles a bit whenever there's enough of a break to do so.
  90. [09:09:40] <Mikaela> Then he gets shoved away until he does. >:I
  91. [09:10:13] <Ali> I guess Rica will like it better then! For someone who is not drunk he does play the part!
  92. [09:10:58] <Rica> Well, during the song she shoots Mika an 'oh, give him a break' look. Clearly she's greatly amused and doesn't really do anything to stop him doing the same thing to her, really.
  94. [09:11:30] * Mikaela just sighs and shakes her head at Rica's look.
  95. [09:11:53] * Rica shrugs and keeps the song going while smiling big.
  96. [09:12:35] * Ali continues to sing while patting Rica on the head. "NOW THAT YOUR ROSE IS IN BLOOM! A LIGHT HITS THE GLOOM ON THE GRAVE!"
  97. [09:13:06] <Rica> The kitsunemimi ears flop around with each pat.
  98. [09:15:01] <Ali> "Ooooh~ The more i get of you! Stranger it feels, yeaah~ AND NOW THAT YOUR ROSE IS IN BLOOM! A LIGHT HITS THE GLOOM ON THE GRAVE!" He finishes as the music on the background dies down.
  99. [09:16:04] * Rica spins her mic dramatically for no real reason and armcrosses once it ends.
  100. [09:17:24] <Rica> "Mika, what's wrong? I'm glad he's having fun. And besides.... more, please~" GULP ALCOHOL.
  101. [09:17:47] <Mikaela> Once the song ends, Mika makes sure to pour everyone adequate booze.
  102. [09:18:18] <Ali> "Hmm~" He puts the mic down and smiles at Frederica. "Well, tell me your choice then, little sister~?"
  103. [09:18:37] <Mikaela> "It's 'cause I made it clear my feelings on the matter, y'know. I just want my space respected, s'all. Who's choosin' next song?"
  104. [09:18:57] <Mikaela> "We should just queue 'em up, y'know, stop the wait between songs." Mika flips open the books.
  105. [09:19:58] <Rica> "Oh, I'll do it." As Mika would know is THE THING by now she's already picked out some Mizuki Nana, let's say it's BRAVE PHOENIX or something to day. No shame allowed. "But... well, we're here to have fun, after all, aren't we?"
  106. [09:21:51] <Rica> Also the player isn't shameless enough to type out the lyrics to this despite it being blasting, but you can imagine how silly a cripple with fox ears looks trying to sing Nanoha insert songs at the top of her lungs.
  107. [09:23:30] <Ali> Someone would find that hella cute though! And i'm not specifying if it's character or player.
  108. [09:23:59] <Rica> IT'D BETTER BE BOTH. Actually she does a bunch of diva-esque poses and swings her mic around during, finishing off by taking a HUGE swig of booze.
  109. [09:24:07] <Rica> ... You know, once it's over.
  110. [09:24:26] <Mikaela> "...So much for holdin' back, huh?" Mika refills her glass with a grin.
  111. [09:25:00] <Rica> "Ohhhh, I can hold this much! ... I think."
  112. [09:25:20] * Rica pushes Ali some booze despite his probable objections, only slightly redfaced.
  113. [09:25:48] * Mikaela picks up the mic. "Y'know how I've been feelin' lately, it kinda feels right to pick a song from 'round here first." She takes a deep breath before beginning to sing. "A falling star fell from your heart"
  114. [09:26:13] <Mikaela> "And landed in my eyes. I screamed aloud, as it tore through them. And now it's left me blind."
  115. [09:26:44] * Ali tries to be the most polite as possible while trying to throw the drink behind me!
  116. [09:27:20] * Rica is too fucking good at noticing things, just sighing a bit but not bringing it up again. Yet.
  117. [09:27:43] * Mikaela stifles a laugh at Ali being a total pussy before continuing, her voice strong and clear. "The stars! The moon! They have all been blown out!"
  118. [09:29:02] <Ali> Some memories from drinking here were not good... NOT GOOD AT ALL!
  119. [09:29:24] <Ali> So he just tries to ignore this shit and sing along with Mika!
  120. [09:30:06] * Rica considers concocting some scheming-little-sister stuff to get him smashed but ultimately decides she isn't that kind of person, doing the same as him now.
  121. [09:32:01] <Mikaela> Annnd the player really isn't up for looking up the rest of the lyrics to Cosmic Love and then typing them out, so Mika continues singing with the theatrics you'd expect of an aspiring musical star!
  122. [09:32:16] <Rica> Lazycademy
  123. [09:32:25] <Rica> 1d20+2 remember last time when we did this and we'd roll CON but then we got mad at having good rolls so we started doing it in secret and only pointing out when we got nat 1s and shit just because we really wanted to be smashed little girls?
  124. [09:32:26] <DiceMaid-9001> Rica, remember last time when we did this and we'd roll CON but then we got mad at having good rolls so we started doing it in secret and only pointing out when we got nat 1s and shit just because we really wanted to be smashed little girls?: 14 [1d20=12]
  125. [09:32:31] <Rica> right okay
  126. [09:33:29] * Ali starts cuddling Rica's ears just because.
  127. [09:33:30] <Rica> "Mmmnnn..." She applauds for Mika but takes another gulp when it's done, worried. "Ali, are you enjoying this at all?"
  128. [09:33:54] * Rica looks up while speaking then, kind of mixed between worry and blush or something.
  129. [09:34:39] <Mikaela> "You two need a private room or somethin'? The booze helps too, with that." Mika grins and tries once again to offer Ali the alcohol.
  130. [09:34:58] <Ali> "Well i am! That is why i go-" He gives Mika a really disapproving look!
  131. [09:35:20] <Mikaela> "Oh c'mon, you're all over her!"
  132. [09:35:35] <Rica> "Eheh... well, I'm still trying to play the sibling role, Mika. What kind of sister doesn't want to see her brother enjoy himself?"
  133. [09:35:45] <Rica> "I... think that's how it works anyway."
  134. [09:36:13] <Mikaela> "S'okay to be honest with whatcha want, y'know."
  135. [09:36:47] * Rica looks straight down and takes another drink.
  136. [09:37:16] * Ali continues to stare at Mika with a look that curdle milk. "Just leave her, okay?"
  137. [09:37:25] <Rica> "Stop it, you two."
  138. [09:37:46] <Rica> "She actually IS right. I don't even know how a sister's supposed to act at all, either."
  139. [09:38:49] <Rica> "Sometimes you've got to just... let yourself go. I hate to think about it but I probably would've just crumbled under all the stress if I didn't start coming here."
  140. [09:38:59] * Rica takes another gulp.
  141. [09:39:00] <Mikaela> "S'cute how you dance 'round it, y'know? Doesn't mean much more than a bit of teasin'. Alright, c'mon next song's not queued up yet?"
  142. [09:39:42] <Ali> (huh)
  143. [09:39:48] <Ali> (my exam is actually TOMORROW night)
  144. [09:39:53] <Rica> (WHAT A PLOOT)
  145. [09:39:57] <Mikaela> (what a zooftonis)
  146. [09:40:00] <Ali> (thought today was 26/06)
  147. [09:40:03] <Ali> (Unyaa)
  148. [09:40:07] <Rica> (auuuuu)
  149. [09:40:20] <Ali> "Well, you... Could talk to my other ones."
  150. [09:41:15] <Ali> "My blood sisters." He takes off a cellphone from inside his clothes and shows it to Rica. Apparently the wallpaper on it is a little girl holding a Cleffa. She resembles Ali a bit too!
  151. [09:41:19] <Rica> "Other... siblings, you mean? Well I..." She just kind of stares at the empty glass. "... Nnng, I still haven't had enough to drink yet, we'll talk about it later. Pick another one if you want, Mika! Skip my turn too."
  152. [09:41:57] * Rica pauses to giggle a bit. "Oh.. my, she..."
  153. [09:42:33] <Rica> "Eheh... hehe. Hehehehe, she looks just like you, don't you think?"
  154. [09:43:13] <Mikaela> "Well, if ya say so." Mika snatches up the remote and punches in a song. "With the kids sing out the future! Maybe kids don't need the masters! Just waitin for the litte busters oh yeah"
  155. [09:43:23] <Rica> (OH YOU)
  156. [09:43:50] <Mikaela> (how does that qualify for oh u?)
  157. [09:44:11] <Rica> (it doesn't, I just couldn't think of other reactions)
  158. [09:44:36] * Ali is completely silent on that one. (Because that anime suuuucked)
  159. [09:45:06] <Mikaela> (huh? Ali reacted really well to FLCL in the past)
  160. [09:45:50] <Rica> (mad)
  161. [09:45:56] <Ali> (mad)
  162. [09:46:04] <Mikaela> (no just confused)
  163. [09:46:08] <Rica> (no I mean he's mad)
  164. [09:46:57] * Rica is already swishing another glass around and gulping it by the time it's over.
  165. [09:49:28] * Rica keeps looking at the ground, though. "I guess I just feel so..."
  166. [09:49:33] <Rica> "So..."
  167. [09:49:50] <Mikaela> "Somethin' wrong Rica?"
  168. [09:49:50] <Rica> "... Uh-oh. Mika, I'm getting mopey again- I think we might need to use that soon."
  169. [09:50:12] <Ali> (oh i thought it was another anime's opening)
  170. [09:50:30] <Mikaela> (zooftonis)
  171. [09:50:34] <Rica> (plutzoofis)
  172. [09:50:39] * Ali leans next to Rica and hugs her. "Hey, what is wrong? Turn that frown upside down~"
  173. [09:50:42] <Ali> (Auuu get fucked)
  174. [09:51:21] * Mikaela pulls out the bottle, clearly marked Haxorus Piss. "Already? Why dontcha speak your mind first an' if you can't get it sorted that way I'll pour us all a glass."
  175. [09:51:55] <Ali> "She doesn't need that." Frown at Mikaela again. "Seriously, it's bad enough that i tolerate you guys having her..."
  176. [09:52:33] <Rica> "Eheh, that's why I CAME here! It's just..." She faces Ali, a little pouty. "I don't want you to be left out if you came all the way here with us. It's not even unhealthy or anything- trust me, I'd be completely against it if it were."
  177. [09:52:58] <Rica> "Thing iiiiiiiis I'm pretty sure I DO need it."
  178. [09:53:28] <Ali> "You don't need to poison yourself!"
  179. [09:53:32] <Mikaela> "Why? You've been actin' weird lately. Words first, then I'll pour ya some."
  180. [09:54:27] <Mikaela> "Poison's a pretty unnecessary word, y'know. Just 'cause you can't handle your booze..."
  181. [09:54:52] * Rica flops over toward it. "Lately I'm just so... I wonder why I even came here. My exam results are subpar, I don't even need to learn about being a pokémon trainer if I'm going to be shoehorned into being a doctor anyway, Entei and the Shaymins are hiding from me..."
  182. [09:55:11] <Ali> "No liquor." He looks a bit dejected. "Please."
  183. [09:55:57] <Mikaela> "Well, we scared 'em shitless is why, y'know. Bella told me it can take years for someone to catch up to a roaming legend. Nab one 'fore the season's even over and on the first ball? 'Course the others are gonna be hidin'."
  184. [09:56:43] * Rica grins a little. "Hee... I sure wish I could be that optimistic about everything. I just have so much catching up to do- I mean, look, even his actual sisters are so cute, too!"
  185. [09:56:46] <Mikaela> "Whoever said you were gonna get shoehorned into anythin' anyhow? Once you're outta here you have the credentials to do whatever the fuck ya want, y'know?"
  186. [09:57:23] <Rica> "No... that's not true, my parents knew why they sent me here. And it's what I'm good at. I learned so much about medical practices and techniques, why wouldn't I?"
  187. [09:57:38] <Mikaela> "'Sides, ya haven't failed any exams have ya? Plenty others have so far."
  188. [09:57:51] <Rica> "Yeah... I've just failed a lot of other things."
  189. [09:58:20] <Ali> "W-well they are." He looks a bit embarassed at Rica's compliment.
  190. [09:58:32] * Rica looks the other way too.
  191. [09:58:35] <Mikaela> "I think you're just bein' silly. Pick a song." Mika shoves the remote and a mic into Rica's hands.
  192. [09:58:38] <Ali> "And yeah uh... You are doing very well!"
  193. [09:59:05] <Rica> "No, that's... hold on." Even though she's actually looking at the books and preparing to input something she still pauses.
  194. [09:59:09] <Ali> "If not, you'd be expelled or something..."
  195. [09:59:19] <Rica> "Ali..."
  196. [09:59:38] <Rica> "Don't you hate me for making up that brother-sister story just because I was afraid of rejecting you?"
  197. [09:59:50] <Ali> "And everyone here likes yo-Eh?"
  198. [10:00:17] <Mikaela> "...You two need a moment, dontcha?"
  199. [10:00:18] <Rica> "I do care about you, you're one of the nicest people I met. And you probably ARE like a brother-figure, but..."
  200. [10:00:26] * Rica nods a little. "Sorry, Mika."
  201. [10:01:14] <Mikaela> "...An' you're probably gonna want this for what you're 'bout to hear." Mika pours a glass of the haxorous piss and thrusts it at Ali, a stern look on her face. There's a bit of sympathy in her eyes though, shrouded by the drunkenness.
  202. [10:01:24] <Rica> "I brought him here because I wanted to have a fun time like the siblings we're supposed to be acting like, and it's great that I have somebody I can be close to and talk to about things."
  203. [10:02:28] <Rica> "But..." She tries really hard to look in his eyes. "After things like when we first met and you asked me to marry you, I was scared. Really scared that you actually had feelings for me or something, so I went out of my way to be as horrible as possible and find excuses to stop that from happening. Since I knew you'd only be hurt if you did."
  204. [10:02:35] * Rica sniffles a little. "I'm sorry."
  205. [10:02:50] * Ali just sits down and stares at her, holding the drink in his hand.
  206. [10:02:56] <Ali> "I..."
  207. [10:03:01] <Rica> "And now I can't even be a good sister to you either..."
  208. [10:03:13] <Mikaela> By this point, Mika's left the room in a bit of a hurry. "Gotta finda restroom, be back in a few."
  209. [10:03:27] * Rica totally starts tearing up.
  210. [10:03:43] * Ali approaches Rica and leans towards her, holding her face on his hands. "I see."
  211. [10:03:59] <Rica> "Please... say it. Say you hate me."
  212. [10:04:04] <Ali> And you know what comes next. Kiss time.
  213. [10:04:32] * Rica widens her eyes in shock for a second but gives in and takes it after a few seconds.
  214. [10:04:50] <Rica> "Mmph- ... mmmm."
  215. [10:05:41] <Ali> After bobbing his head back from her, he gives Rica a sweet smile. "I asked you to stop hurting yourself like that you know. But i really can't ever hate you, you know." A pat in the head follows.
  216. [10:05:42] <Mikaela> Out in the hall as she wanders somewhere not the room, Mika mutters into her arm. "People just gotta make love so complicated an' all, don't they." A Whimsicott head materializes out of the circuitry of the arm to respond. <I LOVE MY STATION!>
  217. [10:07:14] <Ali> "I mean, i already said i had feelings for you all that time! I-i mean..." He blushes for a bit. "Well, they did get stronger over time. Until now. And to be honest, i thought that you didn't like me, so i tried to take that position as your brother to at least be close to you without you rejecting me."
  218. [10:07:51] <Rica> She pulls back and looks down, but musters up the courage to face him. "I... just didn't want you to be the one I had to hurt, that's all. And I... still don't. Because I..." Instincitvely she reaches over for a glass but gasps a little when it's not there.
  219. [10:08:07] <Rica> "..."
  220. [10:08:50] * Ali stops her hand from reaching just in case! He holds it tenderly while pressing it to his face. "Please, just breathe."
  221. [10:08:59] <Rica> "I'm... in love with someone else. I thought it was a crush at first, but... no matter how hard I try to keep myself from believing it I know it's more than that."
  222. [10:09:27] * Ali suddenly freezes.
  223. [10:09:30] <Rica> "I thought if I had someone like you as an actual brother I could ask for advice... maybe find a way around it."
  224. [10:10:10] <Rica> "And I could teach you things about my friends too... about girls' feelings and that sort of thing..."
  225. [10:10:52] <Ali> "I... I see. That's the way that is then..." He sighs while kneeling his head on Rica's lap. She can feel some tears rolling there.
  226. [10:11:45] * Rica just bows her head down instead of folding her arms for once. "... I mean it. You're the nicest guy on campus. I never wanted to have to hurt your feelings at all... all this whole time I wished I could be like an actual sister to somebody."
  227. [10:12:16] <Rica> "But when things like this happen it seems like I can't after all. I'm horrible, horrible scum."
  228. [10:15:24] <Rica> "With that person... it's never going to work out, either. I'm doomed to fail no matter where I go."
  229. [10:15:29] <Ali> "Y-you are not."
  230. [10:15:45] * Rica drips a few tears down onto his face too. "I am. So please... tell me you hate me."
  231. [10:16:20] * Ali gets up, wiping his tears. "I don't hate you. I love you. And t-that is why i am not going to give up on having you!" He storms off the room crying.
  232. [10:16:57] * Rica just slumps back and waits in total silence for Mika to come back.
  233. [10:17:30] * Mikaela is out wandering the halls. Up to you Plut whether Ali runs in the same direction as her as he's storming off.
  234. [10:19:38] <Ali> He does almost trample Mika on the way out!
  235. [10:20:33] <Mikaela> "Ah, holy fuck Ali, she didn't let ya down easy did she?"
  236. [10:21:15] <Ali> He doesn't even respond to that, just running away from the place!
  237. [10:23:13] <Mikaela> "Well, nothin' I can say to him now. Just time an' booze for solvin' that, but he ain't havin' any of the latter." Mika sighs and returns to the room, settling down and grabbing her glass.
  238. [10:23:36] * Rica just continues staring at the wall when she comes in.
  239. [10:24:26] <Rica> "... All of it."
  240. [10:24:41] <Rica> "Pour me all of it. I want to drink until I can't breathe anymore."
  241. [10:25:43] <Mikaela> "Y'know, I'm not often the one who has to say this, but sounds like you've had enough for the night." Mika pointedly takes the glass that was Rica's and finishes off whatever remains in it.
  242. [10:26:14] * Rica just crashes back into her chair. "Uuuggghhhh."
  243. [10:27:37] <Rica> "Why is it always so hard for people to just take advice? It'd be SO much easier if he just avoided me from the start."
  244. [10:27:54] <Mikaela> "Now why's that?"
  245. [10:29:07] <Rica> "Because then nobody'd be hurting him like THIS. He's so emotional, I just want to see him be happy, that sort of thing."
  246. [10:29:24] * Rica curls up. "His sisters really were a lot cuter than me too."
  247. [10:30:53] <Mikaela> "Oh for fuck's sake, you can't get mopey 'bout somethin' like that, alright? You're cute as you are, an' you're not gonna play the self-loathing game with me t'night, 'kay?"
  248. [10:31:48] * Mikaela moves to sit down next to Rica. "An' you're not responsible for anyone's feelings but your own. Ali, he had his own feelings and choices, and sometime's things just aren't lined up to make everyone happy immediately, y'know?"
  249. [10:32:01] <Plutonis> (you can't compete with a little girl hugging a cleffa though. because nothing can)
  250. [10:32:08] <Rica> "Isn't that what the Haxorus Piss is good for? At least that way I'll be able to spend some time not thinking about it."
  251. [10:32:43] * Rica sniffles. "My feelings... I hate having them at all, they just don't do ANYTHING good for anybody."
  252. [10:32:50] <Mikaela> "Booze is for fun, not for runnin' away."
  253. [10:33:12] <Rica> "What am I supposed to do then? I can't just apologize to him now..."
  254. [10:33:42] <Plutonis> (B-but he said he's not mad to her)
  255. [10:33:53] <Mikaela> "Not now no, I bet he's halfway to the train station or somethin' by now the way he looked to me. Don't worry 'bout it, I'll cover his tab for the karaoke an' you can figure out whatcha want to say to 'im later."
  256. [10:33:55] <Rica> (yeah but that doesn't make her any less sorry)
  257. [10:34:27] <Rica> "Mm... yeah, I guess. This'd all be easier if I actually COULD return his feelings."
  258. [10:34:45] <Rica> "Let's just... a couple more, your pick, okay?"
  259. [10:36:32] <Mikaela> "It's tough sometimes, y'know? Understandin' these sorta things for me." Mika picks up a book and flips through it. "Back on the moon, nothin' like this would happen. Closed community an' all, people couldn't get all worked up 'bout love triangles or even exclusivity sometimes. Everyone's just kinda stuck together an' can't leave, y'know?"
  260. [10:36:52] <Mikaela> "Not sayin' that's how you've gotta think of it, 'cause I sure as hell know that ain''t how most of the world does, it's kinda downright weird."
  261. [10:37:32] <Mikaela> "But don't you ever blame yourself either for someone else's feelings."
  262. [10:37:51] <Rica> "Back at home... I just had oooone little crush," she makes a motion with her fingers, "and that was it, I was satisfied with that. I didn't really leave or do much, so I didn't talk to people often. Now, everything's different. People have all sorts of different views of me."
  263. [10:38:24] <Rica> "I guess that's what watching all the TV I watch did to me, isn't it? I envy how you can get by without thinking about it like that, I really do."
  264. [10:39:14] * Rica leaaaans to the side a bit. "No matter whose fault it is, I still think he should hate me."
  265. [10:39:21] <Rica> "... The person I'm in love with hates me too."
  266. [10:39:45] <Mikaela> "Everyone's gotta go through this once- no, that doesn't make any sense. Alexandre? The fuck gave you that impression?"
  267. [10:40:18] * Rica pauses and heaves a deep breath, fakesmiling a bit.
  268. [10:40:43] <Rica> "I... can trust you to keep a secret, right?"
  269. [10:40:43] * Mikaela jabs at Rica's cheeks with a cold metal finger. "Nuh uh."
  270. [10:40:47] <Mikaela> "Say whatcha mean."
  271. [10:40:54] <Mikaela> "An' look like you're feelin' when ya say it."
  272. [10:41:12] * Rica frowns instead. "Sorry."
  273. [10:42:03] <Rica> "But I'll tell you something if you promise you won't tell anybody else... at least, not until I can get over it."
  274. [10:42:18] <Mikaela> "An' 'course I can. If ya feel like second guessin' after you say it, just dump the bottle down my throat an' it'll maybe end up all a haze. Maybe. Y'know, the forgettin' part's been happenin' less since we've started frequenting more..."
  275. [10:43:19] <Rica> "Mmm... okay. Even if nobody's listening..." She looks left and right. "Come here." A motion with her finger.
  276. [10:43:35] * Mikaela obliges.
  277. [10:43:48] <Rica> Whisperwhisper.
  278. [10:44:06] * Rica leans back with an index finger to her lips.
  279. [10:45:00] <Rica> "There's a way I can fix this... I know there probably is. I just hate myself so much."
  280. [10:45:01] <Mikaela> "Um."
  281. [10:45:43] <Plutonis> (fucking blueballer)
  282. [10:45:55] * Rica nods a little, looking to the side. "It's... been that way from the beginning."
  283. [10:46:34] <Mikaela> "Mind 'splainin'? Cause it sure as hell doesn't click for me right now, an' that's not gonna help much with my ability to help."
  284. [10:46:51] <Rica> "It didn't for me either. It just... happened."
  285. [10:48:02] <Rica> "I guess it has to do with how I'm treated by people... 'be nice to the cripple' and that sort of thing. By the time I came here I was already sick about that." She flounders around for another drink. "And Ali's one of those too."
  286. [10:48:22] <Rica> -about +of
  287. [10:49:55] <Mikaela> "Well, romantic feelings don't ever really make a whole lotta sense in a good deal of cases. Maybe you can work it out or somethin', least figure out where it comes from, y'know?"
  288. [10:51:22] <Rica> "Yeah... I want to just put a stop to it. I don't want to feel the way I feel at all. Actually... I wish I could've told him myself, maybe he would've understood." Cough. "Ali, that is."
  289. [10:52:49] <Mikaela> "Then tell 'im."
  290. [10:53:05] <Mikaela> "He's gonna flip his shit though, but you know that."
  291. [10:53:09] <Rica> "Do you think he'll really understand? I mean... it doesn't make any sense. I don't know how to explain myself."
  292. [10:53:28] <Rica> "I don't make any sense."
  293. [10:53:43] * Rica just picks up and attempts to gulp an empty glass, kind of frantically.
  294. [10:54:03] <Rica> "I told him to hate me. I bet if he actually did I would've fallen for him too."
  295. [10:54:17] <Mikaela> "Feelings don't make sense a lotta times, 'specially if you're smashed." Mika takes the glass from Rica.
  296. [10:54:40] <Rica> "If I had the Haxorus Piss I at least could've told him I was too drunk to think straight as an excuse."
  297. [10:54:46] <Mikaela> "So, what, you're lookin' for someone who won't deal you the pity card just 'cause your legs don't work? You're takin' it a bit extreme there then, wantin' someone to hate you so you can be assured that."
  298. [10:55:39] <Rica> "... Yeah. I guess what I want is somebody who's... realistic. I learned so much about myself when we were together. Things I actually wanted to change about myself."
  299. [10:56:06] * Rica folds her arms. "I can only actually think about it and realize what all of that really means now, when it's too late to do anything about it."
  300. [10:56:49] <Mikaela> "Whatcha mean by realistic?"
  301. [10:57:02] <Rica> "Well... hmm, examples..."
  302. [10:57:17] <Rica> "Honesty, I guess."
  303. [10:57:44] <Rica> "Ali tries to tell me I'm cute. And... seriously? I don't put ANY effort into my appearance."
  304. [10:57:51] <Mikaela> "Honesty 'bout what? Y'think Ali isn't honest?"
  305. [10:58:36] <Mikaela> "Nah, he just thinks anythin' with two x chromosomes is cute an' for his takin'."
  306. [10:58:45] <Rica> "Well... he is about other things, I guess. But still, it's just..."
  307. [10:59:08] * Rica giggles a little. "I guess you're right. I actually really did want to help him with relationships, too, you know. As his 'sister.'"
  308. [10:59:10] <Mikaela> "Look me in the eye an' tell me y'think he's actually lyin' to you 'bout any of that. Any of it." Mika slowly turns Rica's chair.
  309. [10:59:36] * Rica looks down... up... to the side. Finally to Mika's face, but then back down. "... Okay, I'm sorry."
  310. [10:59:44] <Rica> "I'm just being paranoid."
  311. [11:00:52] <Mikaela> "He's a lecher and a creep who'd go after girls who've rejected 'im in the most clearcut of ways, but I don't think he's a liar 'bout any of his feelings. Shit, there's no way he'd be ABLE to hide 'em from what I've seen. He's a man of impulse and passion, y'know?"
  312. [11:03:07] <Rica> "Yeah.... I really do want to be friends with him. I guess an only child like me won't ever be able to be a sister, thogh. And... besides, don't you think it'd be cute if he hooked up with Felicia? She keeps to herself a bit too often." Chuckle.
  313. [11:04:22] <Mikaela> "I don't see it." Very flat response.
  314. [11:04:44] <Rica> "Oh, I'm just saying an actual relationship would be good for both of them."
  315. [11:04:54] * Rica giggles nervously again. "Wishful thinking on my part, I suppose."
  316. [11:06:38] <Mikaela> "So tell me again, whatsit you're lookin' for?"
  317. [11:06:54] <Rica> "Hmm, in a relationship you mean?"
  318. [11:07:16] * Mikaela nods.
  319. [11:07:44] * Rica leans back again. "Well... I don't know how trustworthy I'D be able to be, after all this. People are better off ignoring me after all, and with me... never following Aria's advice in the first place, I'm sure."
  320. [11:08:16] <Mikaela> "We're not playin' the self-loathing game tonight, Rica."
  321. [11:08:37] <Rica> "... Sorry. I'm just so used to it."
  322. [11:09:10] <Rica> "It's really all I've ever thought about. I never imagined I'd find myself falling for somebody at all, especially somebody like... THAT."
  323. [11:12:10] <Mikaela> "That's somethin' you're gonna have to figure out for yourself, y'know. I don't know shit 'bout how your feelings work, but I think it's pretty plain you've gotta get that all sorted out in your head 'fore you act or say anythin' more to others, dontcha think?"
  324. [11:12:58] <Rica> "Yeah. I actually brought Ali here so we really COULD teach him to drink and have fun... sorry it turned out like this."
  325. [11:13:03] <Rica> "I didn't expect this to come up at all."
  326. [11:13:31] <Rica> "But the problem is... I don't understand how my feelings work either. They just come from out of nowhere and expect me to go along with them."
  327. [11:13:51] <Mikaela> "Really? With Ali, y'didn't expect him to be all over one or the other of us and all that?" Mika cracks a smile.
  328. [11:14:35] * Rica can't help but grin back. "You know, I don't like to call him out like this, but I find it creepy that he'd think of touching all over his sister like that. I'm worried about what his actual siblings think of him."
  329. [11:15:20] <Rica> "You probably had every right to get onto him for getting too close," shrug, "but if that's the sort of thing he enjoys... I just wanted to see him be happy."
  330. [11:15:27] <Rica> "Aaaand now he's unhappy thanks to me."
  331. [11:16:39] <Mikaela> "Shit, no there are boundaries, an' he's gonna find himself unhappy a lot more often if he doesn't learn 'em now, y'know? Even if it woulda made 'im happy to continue on, it'd just cause misery in the future."
  332. [11:17:17] <Rica> "Yeah... that was the sort of thing I wanted to help him with too."
  333. [11:17:23] <Mikaela> "And like I said before, don't you ever fuckin' take blame for anyone else's feelings. What are you thinkin' you should've done? Lied to him? Tried to make him hate you? Think 'bout it for a second."
  334. [11:17:47] * Rica armfolds again. "I already did both of those things, and neither of them worked."
  335. [11:18:51] <Mikaela> "Y'think you both'd be happier if they had? I'm betting you'd feel pretty fuckin' miserable if you had succeeded there, an' I think Ali'd be crushed to have to feel hate for someone he cared for, right?"
  336. [11:19:52] <Rica> "... I guess I'm selfish, aren't I? I just wish the two of us never met at all."
  337. [11:21:00] <Mikaela> "Well, ya did, an' you're gonna make it worse if you try to run from that or pretend ya didn't. Work it out like adults. It's what we're gonna be in a year and a half once we're outta here, y'know. Might as well get a head start."
  338. [11:21:54] * Rica slowly nods, gulping. "You're right... I've been stupid. And I guess I ruined your fun tonight by doing this too, didn't I?"
  339. [11:23:21] <Rica> "Leeet's see, what can I think of to do to make up to you for that later..."
  340. [11:23:24] <Mikaela> "Shit, a ruined night's when you crash your space pod an' lose your arm so you gotta spend the next few weeks buildin' a new one with the only hand you've got left."
  341. [11:23:36] <Rica> "I..."
  342. [11:23:47] * Rica holds up a finger to say something but lets it down.
  343. [11:23:56] <Rica> "... You're right, sorry. But, um..."
  344. [11:24:09] <Rica> "Would you mind if I just had a LITTLE more to drink?"
  345. [11:27:20] <Mikaela> "Sorry, I'm claimin' the rest of the bottle to take back as a price for our little therapy session." Mika grins. "You've had a lot, by anyone's standards, y'know?"
  346. [11:28:23] <Rica> "... Hmph. All right, you're probably right this time. I suppose I'll just keep my feelings in check by working harder from now on."
  347. [11:28:41] <Rica> "Capturing Entei may help a bit."
  348. [11:30:11] <Mikaela> "We'll find 'im soon enough. Now pick a song. We have time for 'bout one or two more, but if ya don't hurry, we're gonna have to pay for another hour here, y'know."
  349. [11:32:00] <Rica> "Eeee! Sorry, sorry.... okay, let's pick a LOUD one. But if I'm not going to have any more to drink tonight that means it's my turn to be responsible and take you back to your dorm after this." Armcross. "So go ahead and get as smashed as you'd like."
  350. [11:33:06] <Plutonis> Rica can actually hear a few footsteps entering the room again due to her high WIS or something like that.
  351. [11:33:09] * Plutonis is now known as Ali
  352. [11:33:12] <Mikaela> "I did say I was gonna take this bottle back, y'know. An' that means part of the price is ya don't got tattlin' on me too. So go ahead an' pick."
  353. [11:33:13] <Rica> 1d20+6 really?
  354. [11:33:13] <DiceMaid-9001> Rica, really?: 26 [1d20=20]
  355. [11:33:16] <Rica> ... Yep.
  356. [11:33:27] <Ali> (Called it bro)
  357. [11:33:48] <Ali> "..." The prince silently sits on one of the tables, looking at the girls sullenly.
  358. [11:34:14] <Mikaela> "Aw fuckit, I'll pick then." Beepboop. Bohemian Rhapsody.
  359. [11:34:20] <Rica> "Okay, fine. Let's... this section, over here... maybe another one in K-" Rica already froze from the footsteps.
  360. [11:34:49] <Rica> (By 'tables' you mean outside the room, right?)
  361. [11:35:03] <Rica> (because I think there's a table in the room)
  362. [11:35:27] * Mikaela tosses a mic to Ali. "Cheer up, just for five minutes, an' I'll leave you two to an empty train car so you can talk everythin' out, alright? Nothin' left out."
  363. [11:35:34] <Ali> (I mean one in the room derp)
  364. [11:35:40] <Rica> (yeah okay)
  365. [11:35:46] <Ali> "Look, i..."
  366. [11:35:48] <Mikaela> (he said "entering the room")
  367. [11:35:54] <Rica> "... Mika's right."
  368. [11:36:13] <Rica> "We're going to have plenty of time later, and I'll be damned if we don't have fun tonight."
  369. [11:36:16] * Rica picks up her own mic.
  370. [11:36:18] <Mikaela> " 'Cause you two have got some shit to talk out, but just enjoy a god damned five minutes with each other 'fore you have to spill out your souls, 'kay?"
  371. [11:36:19] * Ali stares down at the floor. "I'd rather have you come with me but..."
  372. [11:36:52] * Rica grabs Ali's wrist with her non-mic hand after floating over and just silently nods, wearing a smile.
  373. [11:36:57] <Rica> Presumably when the song starts.
  374. [11:37:50] * Ali is still a bit frowny as he weakly holds the mic.
  375. [11:39:24] <Rica> The apology is in Rica's eyes, and kind of indirectly in her voice too. But she doesn't let go either.
  376. [11:40:40] <Ali> "Rica, i am not angry at..." He sighs before singing with the others. "Caught in a landslide..."
  377. [11:40:59] <Mikaela> "No escape from reality"
  378. [11:41:13] <Rica> "I know." That's all before she starts but the player hasn't memorized Bohemian Rhapsody I'm so sorry
  380. [11:42:56] <Rica> (I'M SORRY)
  381. [11:43:59] <Ali> "Look at the sky~" He weakly tries to keep on, but is just not into it!
  382. [11:44:50] * Rica squeezes his wrist.
  383. [11:46:12] * Ali gives her a sad look and puts the mic away. "I-i'm just... I'm sorry, i can't!"
  384. [11:46:51] * Mikaela continues singing but tries to catch Rica's eye, nodding toward the door.
  385. [11:47:08] <Rica> "... Damnit. Mika, I'm paying you back in the morning."
  386. [11:47:19] <Rica> "For ALL of us." She drags him out the door without another word.
  387. [11:48:13] * Rica continues to float, hand on tiny arabian man-wrist all the way through the buliding and out the door.
  388. [11:48:35] <Mikaela> Mika finishes singing the rest of the song, even long after Rica and Ali have left, her eyes fixed on the screen. "Nothin really matters, nothin really matters to me..."
  389. [11:48:44] <Rica> ( ;_; )
  390. [11:48:52] <Mikaela> She sets down the mic and downs the remnants of her glass. "Anyway the wind blows..."
  391. [11:49:10] <Ali> (Poor mika)
  392. [11:49:32] <Ali> "W-wait, what about her?" He points back to the still singing cyborg.
  393. [11:50:17] <Rica> "She understands. After all, that's why we're friends. I can't drag her into this- it's between you and me."
  394. [11:50:40] <Mikaela> Once the song's over and she's sure Ali and Rica are gone, she heads off to pay for the karaoke room, then to the restaurant and bar section of Nyan Nyan's to wait a good ten minutes before setting out into the night.
  395. [11:51:12] <Rica> (>implying we take more than 10 mi- ... okay we probably do)
  396. [11:51:34] <castfromhp> (the point is she catches a train separate from the two of them to head back)
  397. [11:51:59] <Ali> "She still deserves an explanation."
  398. [11:52:47] <Rica> "I've explained to her the most I could already. And she gets it- she's probably the best friend I could've asked for at a time like this."
  399. [11:53:49] <Rica> "Please, tell me: Why did you come back?"
  400. [11:55:27] <Ali> "Damn it!" He snaps back at her. "Do i even need a reason?" He stomps around, looking irritated. "I love you! I said it once and i say it again!"
  401. [11:56:33] <Rica> "Even after everything I said? Even after I... after I..." Sniff. "Arceusdamnit."
  402. [11:57:27] <Ali> "Like i care!"
  403. [11:59:05] <Rica> "I don't hate you at all! I want you to forget about me and find somebody else not just for you, but because I want you to HATE my guts! I'm a huge masochist and getting rejected turns me on!" Now she grabs his wrist again, digging her fingernails in. "When I heard about your blood magic I wished you'd used it on me instead just so I could DROWN myself in pain and stop thinking about things I can't stand, like the person I fell in love with who hates my guts."
  404. [11:59:36] <Rica> "I don't just think I'm a horrible person, I KNOW I'm a horrible person. You're so much better off without even knowing that I exist!"
  405. [12:00:32] <Ali> 1d20
  406. [12:00:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Ali, 1d20: 2 [1d20=2]
  407. [12:01:06] * Ali weakly tries to slap Frederica on the face, but his hand is too soft and feminine to actually hurt. It feels like she was hit by a pillow!
  408. [12:01:25] * Rica grabs his hand and forcefully drags it across her own face again. MUCH harder.
  409. [12:01:58] <Ali> "Don't you... DON'T YOU DARE SAY THAT!" He yanks the hand out of Rica and holds it closer to his. "D-don't you DARE want to such things to happen to you!"
  410. [12:02:51] <Rica> "... I can't help it. I've felt like this for years, ever since my 'accident.' I called myself worthless, I tried to hurt myself, all for a reason. And then I started to enjoy it."
  411. [12:03:15] * Rica pulls her arms back and folds them. "I didn't want you getting close to me because I know you hate that. I don't think I can change it with force of will alone."
  412. [12:04:25] <Rica> "I always thought, 'wouldn't it be better if horrible things happened to me instead of everybody else?' I liked thinking that. I put an effort into helping everybody, working to make them happy, healthy... so I could neglect myself."
  413. [12:04:32] <Rica> "And I enjoyed it."
  414. [12:05:11] * Ali yanks Rica out of her chair! "You... You say you want to hurt yourself? You say you want to feel pain, to die?"
  415. [12:05:33] <Ali> "Maybe... Maybe i should...!"
  416. [12:05:35] * Rica looks at his face with soulless eyes for what probably feels like hours. "... Yeah."
  417. [12:05:51] <Rica> "It'd be better if you did. Then I wouldn't be hurting you anymore, would I?"
  418. [12:06:03] * Rica just looks totally resigned.
  419. [12:06:50] <Ali> He then raises his hand at her, staring back. "I...!" He cries while pinning Rica to the floor. "I-i just want you... No, us to be happy! Can't you understand that?"
  420. [12:07:35] * Rica just stares soullessly to the sky. "I don't know if I'll ever be able to be happy the same way a normal person could."
  421. [12:07:58] <Rica> "I understand... but I can't comply. I'm sorry."
  422. [12:09:46] <Ali> "You are sorry? Very well then! I... Lost my patience at you!" He snarls at Rica while staring at her. "I promise you that...!"
  423. [12:10:20] <Ali> His voice then turns sad and softer. "I promise that i will make you truly happy. Happy without needing to hurt."
  424. [12:10:45] <Rica> "..."
  425. [12:11:03] <Rica> "Can you really do something like change who I am? Who I've been? By yourself?"
  426. [12:11:58] <Rica> "When I said I was 'in love'... it was with somebody who showed me how worthless I really am. Nothing ever made me so excited before."
  427. [12:16:32] * Rica rolls her head over and faces the side. "I can't make another person happy when only half my body works. It isn't possible."
  428. [12:18:54] <Ali> "Don't you think i wasn't happy when i was at your side that time?"
  429. [12:19:04] * Ali helps Rica back into her chair.
  430. [12:21:24] * Rica doesn't make any effort to move herself, flopping like a doll into the chair. "...I do think that. Why am I the one who's special? Just because I'm the first one you hit on when we were coming to the academy?"
  431. [12:22:07] <Rica> "That could've been anybody. Anyone would've been able to make you happy if you'd just take initiative to start a relationship."
  432. [12:22:42] <Rica> "If you asked me I would've helped you set up a date with somebody... even Felicia, she needs to get out of the dorm sometimes. Wouldn't that have been nice?"
  433. [12:25:24] <Ali> "You... You were the only one who were nice to me. You and Aria."
  434. [12:25:39] * Rica cringes at the end of that sentence. A HUGE cringe.
  435. [12:25:43] * Ali pats her. "And... You always listened, you always helped."
  436. [12:27:00] <Rica> "Why can't... why can't I just help from the sidelines? That shouldn't make me important; anybody can help people if they just want to."
  437. [12:31:28] <Ali> "You are important, damn it! YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO ME!"
  438. [12:32:07] <Rica> "..."
  439. [12:32:13] <Rica> "Will you forgive my lie?"
  440. [12:33:15] <Rica> "I don't understand what a brother is. I just made that up the first chance I had so I'd have an excuse to run, to hide."
  441. [12:34:12] <Rica> "He... the person I fell for... he'd only be able to make me feel miserable. And that feeling is what I thought would make me happy."
  442. [12:35:23] * Rica weakly reaches a hand up, still looking down instead of at Ali's face. "If there's really another way you can show me... I'll do all I can to take those feelings and erase them. Permanently."
  443. [12:36:14] <Rica> (in fact make it 'those feelings of mine' for clarification)
  444. [12:40:12] <Ali> "I will!" He holds her hand while looking at her. "I said once, i said twice, i said it thrice! I love you and... I... I'm asking you."
  445. [12:40:32] * Rica looks straight up to his eyes, now.
  446. [12:40:37] <Ali> "When i bring your happiness. Consider coming home with me."
  447. [12:41:00] <Rica> "..."
  448. [12:41:02] <Rica> "If..."
  449. [12:41:17] <Ali> "Not if. When." He is totally serious there!
  450. [12:41:50] <Rica> "If you can really do that... no... okay. When you show me a way to feel differently... to love myself the way I love others..."
  451. [12:42:14] * Rica sniffles again. "I will. I'll wait as long as I need to for that to happen."
  452. [12:42:17] * Ali hugs her. "You will come with me. You will be mine the same way i am yours."
  453. [12:42:21] <Ali> FADE TO BLACK.
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