Claires Trolling public version

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  1. xSexiiSallyx has joined the chat
  2. CorruptedPrincessEva: hi there
  3. (Name Removed) has joined the chat
  4. xSexiiSallyx: hi dear :)
  5. CorruptedPrincessEva: =3
  6. xSexiiSallyx whispers: who this ?
  7. CorruptedPrincessEvaCorruptedPrincessEva > xSexiiSallyx: a sub
  8. CorruptedPrincessEva > (Name Removed): she always wants to fuck
  9. CorruptedPrincessEva > (Name Removed): troll her
  10. xSexiiSallyx whispers: why you invited her ?
  11. CorruptedPrincessEva > (Name Removed): make it seem like you want to fuck but then turn her down
  12. CorruptedPrincessEva > xSexiiSallyx: she likes to fuck
  13. CorruptedPrincessEva > xSexiiSallyx: she loads slow
  14. xSexiiSallyx whispers: hon i wanted to be we both alone
  15. (Name Removed): hi sally
  16. (Name Removed) whispers: >.>
  17. (Name Removed) whispers: why do i want to troll her
  18. xSexiiSallyx: hey there
  19. CorruptedPrincessEva > (Name Removed): she dosent speak correct english
  20. CorruptedPrincessEva > (Name Removed): and is totally fken weird
  21. (Name Removed): How are you?
  22. CorruptedPrincessEva > (Name Removed): you like to fuck
  23. xSexiiSallyx: ok and u
  24. CorruptedPrincessEva > (Name Removed): thats what I said so she wouldnt leave
  25. xSexiiSallyx: whats your name
  26. (Name Removed): Im ok just waking up
  27. (Name Removed): Claire
  28. xSexiiSallyx whispers: answer me
  29. xSexiiSallyx: nice name
  30. CorruptedPrincessEva > xSexiiSallyx: I already said
  31. (Name Removed): thank you Eva gave it to me
  32. CorruptedPrincessEva > xSexiiSallyx: she likes to fuck
  33. CorruptedPrincessEvaCorruptedPrincessEva CorruptedPrincessEva : Mhm
  34. CorruptedPrincessEva: After me of course
  35. CorruptedPrincessEva: Because I am SinClaire
  36. CorruptedPrincessEva: ;D
  37. CorruptedPrincessEva > (Name Removed): Gotta make it look like you want to fuck
  38. CorruptedPrincessEva > (Name Removed): I say
  39. CorruptedPrincessEva > (Name Removed): get into some revealing clothing
  40. CorruptedPrincessEvaCorruptedPrincessEva > (Name Removed): and ask about cock
  41. CorruptedPrincessEva > (Name Removed): then troll her
  42. xSexiiSallyx whispers: and i said i wanted you only
  43. CorruptedPrincessEva > xSexiiSallyx: Come on
  44. CorruptedPrincessEva > xSexiiSallyx: you'll like her
  45. CorruptedPrincessEva: So claire
  46. CorruptedPrincessEva: are you ready for cock?
  47. (Name Removed): where did you guys go
  48. CorruptedPrincessEva: Still out here
  49. CorruptedPrincessEva: Atlease I am
  50. (Name Removed): I am not sure if I am
  51. (Name Removed): - blushes -
  52. CorruptedPrincessEva: ~giggles~
  53. xSexiiSallyxxSexiiSallyx Whisper: im vip thats why you cant do any action
  54. xSexiiSallyxxSexiiSallyx Whisper: you should add me
  55. CorruptedPrincessEva: See
  56. CorruptedPrincessEva: I knew you would like claire
  57. xSexiiSallyx: so nice
  58. (Name Removed): what no foreplay
  59. xSexiiSallyxxSexiiSallyx Whisper: how old are you
  60. (Name Removed): im really 56 irl
  61. (Name Removed): Im a 56 year old guy that likes it up thhe ass
  62. CorruptedPrincessEva: Its only a number babe
  63. (Name Removed): oh yeah baby right there
  64. (Name Removed): pound my faggit ass
  65. (Name Removed): that is it baby
  66. (Name Removed): daddy likes it when you slap his faggit ass
  67. xSexiiSallyx: slaps your ass
  68. xSexiiSallyx: mmmm
  69. (Name Removed) : You like that wrinkle old ass don't you
  70. xSexiiSallyxxSexiiSallyx Whisper: slap
  71. xSexiiSallyxxSexiiSallyx Whisper: mmmmmm
  72. (Name Removed): mmmmm baby
  73. (Name Removed) : I hope you don mind shit because i need to go
  74. (Name Removed): plug up my ass
  75. xSexiiSallyxxSexiiSallyx Whisper: ok
  76. (Name Removed): bitch cum in my filthy shit hole you dirty fucking slut cum in daddies ass
  77. xSexiiSallyxxSexiiSallyx WhisperxSexiiSallyx Whisper: spank
  78. xSexiiSallyxxSexiiSallyx WhisperxSexiiSallyx Whisper: spank
  79. xSexiiSallyx: mmmmmmm
  80. (Name Removed): is that piss or cum
  81. (Name Removed): fuck girl that gotta have shit all over my legs
  82. (Name Removed): well girl thank you for fucking this old fart ass of mine
  83. xSexiiSallyxxSexiiSallyx Whisper: i love old woman
  84. (Name Removed): Im a guy
  85. xSexiiSallyx: whatever
  86. CorruptedPrincessEva: Come on
  87. (Name Removed) has left the chat
  88. CorruptedPrincessEva: Work that back!
  89. xSexiiSallyx: come to me eva
  90. CorruptedPrincessEva: You really got trolled
  91. xSexiiSallyx: what ?
  92. xSexiiSallyx: whats wrong ?
  93. CorruptedPrincessEva: You dont get it do you? You just got TROLLED!
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