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  1. TwilightToday at 5:33 PM
  2. even if he replies, I'm still basing my opinion off everything I can see
  3. yeezy is out and viv isn't even playing just ignore them if they meme around xd
  4. JuunToday at 5:35 PM
  5. wait viv didn't even sign up
  6. pussy
  7. smh
  8. TwilightToday at 5:35 PM
  9. he's been busy and isn;t involved enough with the meta
  10. JuunToday at 5:36 PM
  11. then why is he council
  12. TwilightToday at 5:36 PM
  13. he's following the meta through helping with dpl and playing a few games when he can
  14. JuunToday at 5:36 PM
  15. ah yes
  16. the esteemed
  17. discord premier league
  18. TwilightToday at 5:36 PM
  19. i mean it's not like he doesn't play ladder
  20. because he does
  21. JuunToday at 5:36 PM
  22. i've never seen him ladder like ever
  23. TwilightToday at 5:36 PM
  24. he just isn't on as frequently as he could be
  25. JuunToday at 5:37 PM
  26. i mean
  27. he's on plenty
  28. he just
  29. never plays
  30. lol
  31. TwilightToday at 5:37 PM
  32. well he's somehow tilted to mid 1400s but he does play. I've watched him most of the times he had
  33. has*
  34. JuunToday at 5:37 PM
  35. not surprising
  36. he thinks that dumbass ho team is good
  37. TwilightToday at 5:38 PM
  38. araq has magic coat and toxic back, he's gonna pop off
  39. JuunToday at 6:06 PM
  40. i hope not
  41. he's becoming insufferable lately
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