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  1. Q: So isn't this going to get Nintendo'd?
  2. A: "No!" This won't get C&D'd because of a loophole. Because YOU are supplying the ROM data (from your legally purchased Pokémon™ game cartridge), this game breaks a grand total of ZERO copyright laws.
  4. Q: I can switch regions? What happens to the Pokemon I already have?
  5. A: Yes, after you've obtained your 4th Gym Badge from whichever region you started out in you'll be able to switch to the other two regions freely from a ship in a 'port town' (Vermilion/Slateport/Castelia). The Pokemon in your party will be sent to the PC (All region's PCs are linked to each-other) the first time you visit a region and you'll get to play through that region's start, obtaining that region's starter of your choice. Upon all subsequent visits to a region, your party Pokemon will stay in your party.
  7. Q: What the heck is a Level Cap?
  8. A: Each region has a level cap that rises after each Gym Badge has been obtained. Leveling past this cap is impossible, gaining experience that would cause your Pokemon to level up past the cap will result in that experience being stored for later and your Pokemon not leveling up. Upon gaining a new Badge and obtaining 1+ experience points, all the stored experience will come rushing back in. However if you bring a Pokemon from another region (or buy one off the GTL) who's level exceeds the cap, it will faint itself on the same turn it is sent into battle. You may still use these Pokemon as HM Slaves.
  10. Q: GTL?
  11. A: Global Trade Link. An Auction House accessible from the PC after obtaining your 4th Gym Badge in your starting region.
  13. Q: Why can't I nickname my Pokemon?
  14. A: You can. Open their Summary and click the Notepad next to their name. Name Raters still let you rename (but only in Kanto/Hoenn).
  16. Q: Where's the Phenomena, dude?
  17. A: Phenomena work a bit differently here. There will be only one phenomena in the entire Unova region, and it changes every 15 minutes. However everyone is able to benefit from the same phenomena, so if you see rustling grass don't forget to call it out in Global/Team/Channel chat.
  19. Q: Where's the Hidden Abilities, dude?
  20. A: Only NPC trainer's Pokes can have HA ATM. They'll be implemented for players when Dungeons are added.
  22. Q: Where's the SINNOOOOOOOH, dude?
  23. A: Sinnoh VERY Soon™. The Private Testing Server has already gone live and finished as of July 26 - July 28th. So after any bugs that may have cropped up with the PTS have been fixed, SINNOH will arrive.
  25. Q: Where's the Legendaries, dude?
  26. A: Only Rayquasa and Mew-Two are available ATM and instead of one-time encounters, you catch them in the wild. Catching them alerts everyone to your position and as long as you hold that Pokemon, you will be unable to refuse duel requests. You'll be unable to Box the legendary, unable to use the Fly/Teleport/Dig/Escape Rope and logging off/not battling anyone for a while will cause the Pokemon to get bored of you and leave. If someone defeats you while you hold possession of the Pokemon, they'll steal it from you and the process will restart for them. It's a glorified CTF mode. Non-uber legendaries/mythicals intend to be implemented (without the CTF gimmick) when Dungeons are added.  
  28. Q: I just bred some pokes. Where's the parents, dude?
  29. A: He already told you that you weren't getting them back. Losing parents provides a money sink in the form of buying 'breeders' (High IV mon) and stimulating the economy by making the act of catching and selling these 'breeders' a lucrative occupation.
  31. Q: Are TMs reusable?
  32. A: No. You can buy more TMs from other players. Non-reusable TMs stimulate the economy.
  34. Q: Is it really necessary to get a 6x31 IV'd mon for competitive?
  35. A: No. 31 in Speed if it's a mon you intend to outspeed others with, 31 in your relevant Attack stat (You're not going to need 31ATK 31 SPATK if every move on your set is Physical) if it's not something like Chansey, 31 in HP and the relevant Defense stat if you intend it to tank hits (like a Ferrothorn), 20+ for everything else.
  37. Q: This new breeding is hard. My brain hurts. How do I breed a 6x31 Godmon?
  38. A: or
  40. Q: How do I make money?
  41. A:
  43. Q: What if I want to get into Comp?
  44. A:
  46. Q: Anyway to boost Happiness in Kanto?
  47. A: Buy berries that boost happiness (any of the EV reducing ones) off the GTL
  49. Q: Sinnoh isn't here but there are Sinnohmon, and only some... Which ones AREN'T available?
  50. A:
  52. Q: How do I evolve my Eevee into Leafeon/Glaceon? How do I evolve my Magnemite into Magnezone
  53. A: Level Eevee up in the Pinwheel Forest/Twist Mountain, level Magnemite up in the Power plant/New Mauville/Chargestone Cave
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