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Looking out for one another during Winter Storm Gorgon

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Jan 5th, 2015
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  1. How to help your community stay safe and warm during this week's dangerous cold snap in Chicago:
  3. 1. Know where the nearest warming center is in your area.
  5. Click here for a list:
  7. And here for a map:
  9. IMPORTANT: The city will be extending warming center hours from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. thru 1/9/2015.
  11. 2. It may be difficult to find a listing of homeless shelters that actually have open beds during harsh weather. Many will be running at full capacity. If someone is in great need of a place to sleep, ask if they are willing to let you call 311 so you can ask about available options.
  13. 3. If the person says that they would not feel safe going to a warming center (there are any number of reasons that this might be the case), try to be aware of other options such as public libraries, which usually remain open during the harsh weather. To find the nearest library, click here:
  15. 4. If a person in need says that they would not feel safe going to an overnight shelter, and there are no other safe options, consider putting the person in need on the el train. During severe weather, $2.25 could keep someone alive.
  17. *It is unlikely that CTA personnel will kick someone off the el during the extreme weather, but if you want to make doubly sure that the person can remain on the train, give them a Ventra card with an extra fare on it. Carrying an extra card around with you to help someone in need might be a good idea.
  19. 5. Know where to find resources regarding tenants' rights during cold weather:
  21. 6. If you have extra gloves, hats, scarves, or other warm weather gear, consider packing them into a bag and keeping them with you while you're out and about this week. If you see someone in need, offer them the extra gear. Your extra gloves might save someone's fingers from frostbite.
  23. 7. Offer to shovel any snow accumulation or run essential errands for people who are too vulnerable to be out in the cold. The elderly, or those with compromised health or mobility may need some mutual aid during harsh weather.
  25. 8. Circulate this information, and any other options or ideas you come across. #Gorgon
  27. Remember to look out for each other. It's going to get rough out there.
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