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  1. [21:10] Striding out into the grassy field, Cheska reached down to her waist and unclipped the sturdy nyeshk gauntlets from her belt; slipping her hands into them and cinching the clasps shut.
  3. "So - training it is. I'm afraid I don't typically use a sword - but I do know a thing or two 'bout fighting. Why don't we start with a quick practice match so I can see where you're at?" Metal-clad fingers flexed - metallic fingers clattering against her palm as digits curled into a fist and sparks began to flare from nyeshk knuckles and wind swirled up around her arm.
  5. "Come at me with everything you have; do your best to bring me down, alright?" With a sharp, sudden fwoosh golden flames erupted from hand to shoulder, engulfing her right arm in brilliant incandescence - forming a burning claw of heat and fire. "Don't hold back, Amy."
  6. (Cheska Railen)
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  9. [21:24] Amy nodded in response to Cheska and slowly reached to her back, unsheathing a small double-edged short sword. She held it in front of her, trying her best to stop her arms from shaking. For a moment she would stand there, taking deep breaths and reassuring herself in her head.
  11. "Calm down. Cheska wouldn't hurt me, right? I'm not bothering her by asking her to train me, I'm not."
  13. The girl calmed herself, her grip with now firm and her mind was focused. A thin veil of fire shrouded her figure, cleansing the area of the night's darkness.
  15. "G-Good luck!"
  16. (Amy)
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  19. [21:25] Cheska Railen says, "Good luck, Amy. "
  20. [21:25] Amy says, "I-I know I'll need it."
  21. [21:35] It was, well, about what she expected in truth. From the girl's unsteady stance to her hesitation to actually hurt someone else - or take a hit. To her credit, at least, Cheska had held back some. Her blows stopping just short of impact; allowing hot jets of air to throw the younger girl back rather than inflicting damage with the heated metal of her gauntlet.
  23. But it was hard to be overly critical of a young, and inexperienced, a fighter as well. And between the girl's haphazard blows she stepped forward - weaving between unsteady strikes - pushing outwards with her palm to unleash a jet of hot air. Throwing Amy down to the ground, flat on her back.
  25. "Alright. There's a lot to work with, Amy. But for a start? Let's work on the most obvious things..." Stepping forward and bending over - holding out her cool, flameless, left hand to help the girl up. "Your stance."
  27. Tugging the girl up onto her feet without much difficulty and walking behind her, the taller woman took hold of the sword in her burning fingers and pulled it upwards. Reaching down with her clear hand to make sure Amy was gripping the sword tightly.
  29. "You have to maintain a firm grip on your sword or your swings will go wild. If your enemy sees any hesitation or weakness, that makes it easier for them to move in and just knock you over - like I did."
  30. (Cheska Railen)
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  33. [22:00] Despite her previous calmness, the girl starts to panic as soon as the fight starts. The way Cheska fought was intimidating to say the least. Gauntlets meant that she used brute force to fight. One direct, full strength hit would probably send the tiny girl flying to the stars she so deeply admired.
  35. Amy's legs were frozen with fear, her entire body quivered and tensed up when her mentor approached. Her swings were erratic, as if she were swatting a fly, desperately trying to keep it from coming closer to her. But of course, she was unsuccessful and blasted to the ground.
  37. Sitting herself up with her hands clutching her head, Amy would reach for her sword which escaped her grip after she was knocked to the ground. When she looked up she saw Cheska, accepting her hand to pull herself back to her feet.
  39. She stood there with her eyes closed, breathing heavily to catch her breath when suddenly her sword was yanked out of her weak hold. Her head darted to the left, then the right.
  41. "W-Where'd it-"
  43. When the girl eventually turned around she saw Cheska holding her sword. A look of defeat appeared on her face, nodding as her teacher lectured her.
  45. "R-Right.."
  46. (Amy)
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  49. [22:10] Shaking her head - Cheska found it hard not to laugh at the poor girl's anxious nature. Holding the sword out for the girl to take, she'd make sure this time to let Amy get a hold on it. Her own hand moving down to carefully press the girl's small fingers over the grip of the weapon.
  51. "You're not trying to strangle a chicken, Amy." She said, pressing one digit between the girl's fingers - nudging her hands upwards to better balance her positioning. "Hold it firmly and steadily - Once you've gotten stronger you can decide to change things up. But for now, just work on getting a solid swing.
  53. Releasing her hold on the would-be swordsman's hand, she strode to the girl's side; one foot nudging outwards to push one of Amy's feet forward while reaching out to tug her shoulders back so she stood more upright. "When something comes at you, Amy. You have three options. Guard, dodge or strike. If you hesitate and waver - you're going to get hurt. Be ready and active - if you don't know what to do, then move. Stay loose and ready to avoid something rather than taking a fatal hit."
  54. (Cheska Railen)
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  57. [22:31] Amy stood there, untensing her body to allow Cheska to make adjustments to her stance, softly giggling at her comment of strangling a chicken. Once her body was straightened and stance corrected she stood there, paying extra attention to make sure she maintained the stance.
  59. She listened attentively but didn't speak, as if it could somehow cause her to accidentally ruin the stance. One tip stood out to her most, "If you don't know what to do, then move.". That sounded like a very good idea to her, be ready to dodge and avoid attacks. That was something she was confident doing, running. Her lips remained pursed as she tried to sear the formation into her memory.
  60. (Amy)
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  63. [22:35] It wasn't perfect, of course. How long had it been since she, herself, had wielded a blade? She'd never even truly mastered the art before losing her own sword in a fit of frustration and resorting to her fists like some crude ape...
  65. But - this would do for now. She'd managed to impress some degree of fundamentals onto the girl, the rest was, hopefully, something she could pick up through proper training and practice. Staying mobile, learning to use her magic in tandem with her physical capabilities. Developing, in other words.
  67. "One day we'll have to go into more detail about your magic..." She mused - taking a step back and taking a deep breath. "But, until then? Why don't we go another round? See if this helps any. Remember; stay mobile. Hit where you can, but try to keep out of striking range when you can't figure out where to get any blows in yourself."
  68. (Cheska Railen)
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  71. [22:39] Cheska Railen says, "Already an improvement over the first time. You'll be beating me in no time, I'm sure of it."
  72. [22:44] Like with their first test - Cheska was careful to pull her punches. Every dash in had her fist stop just short of the girl's body; flames sizzling but not quite meeting her body. Every dash stopping just shy of full impact, relying instead on potent jets and gusts of wind to simulate a much softer and less damaging impact in its stead.
  74. She was glad to see what little advice she could offer working - seeing the girl quicker on her feet. Whether that was actually due to what she'd said, or just the child's increasing familiarity kicking in - she couldn't be certain. But she was almost proud to notice that Amy didn't go down quite as easily as last time.
  76. Rather than throwing her onto her back; she stopped with her fist poised right in front of the girl's face and dismissed her flames. Fingers flexing, gauntlet steaming, and after a moment offered her a pat on the head. A brief one, so as not to burn her newest student.
  78. "Like I said. You're improving already. You just need to work on your confidence a bit, and I'm sure you'll be beating people all over."
  79. (Cheska Railen)
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  82. [23:05] This time the girl was nimbler than before. She was able to successfully sidestep a few attacks, swinging her sword immediately afterwards. All of her strikes were avoided, but the intent was there. Cheska's advice had certainly helped her but she was still incredibly inexperienced in weak and eventually she was left staring at the nyeshk gauntlets. The heat radiating from them warmed her face which was absent of her last expression of defeat. She noticed the improvements and smiled as she was patted and praised.
  84. "T-Thank you Cheska.. Thank you so much."
  86. She felt accomplished and hopeful. Her past doubts were briefly cast aside. Maybe she really could learn how to fight. It was possible, she could actually help her family. Soon tears would slowly flow down her face as she was overwhelmed with happiness. The girl lunged forward and wrapped herself around Cheska, hugging her with all her might.
  87. (Amy)
  88. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  90. [23:09] When the girl rushed forward to hug her, Cheska was left standing awkwardly - one hand still held outwards in the evening air - steam rising from the hot gauntlet. Not entirely certain what to do at this point. Children were something she was never quite certain how to deal with, she was certain that other one still hadn't forgiven her for that concussion...
  92. "It's no problem, Amy." She said after a moment, relenting and giving the girl another pat on the head - turning to look at Dhyne, almost silently pleading for help. What were you supposed to do when tears happened, she was not equipped to deal with this. "You did most of it on your own. You just, y'know. Needed some help realizing it."
  93. (Cheska Railen)
  94. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  96. [23:13] The drakanite simply smirked, folding her arms across her chest and shifting weight from one foot to the other. Consider her lack of interference punishment for all Cheska's anti-child speech in the past.
  97. (Dhyne Railen)
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  100. [23:14] Amy continued to tightly hug Cheska's waist. Their height disparity was much more apparent when they were right next to each other.
  101. (Amy)
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  104. [23:19] Cheska is simply stuck, with a child latched on to her. She's pretty sure she had nightmares like this at some point. Oh no.
  106. "So, uh. If you've ever got any other questions - or need some more help. I'm usually around and available. S'no problem to help you get into shape. Could always use more competent fighters around here."
  107. (Cheska Railen)
  108. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  110. [23:21] Amy looks up momentarily to nod and continues to hug Cheska.
  111. (Amy)
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  114. [23:23] Cheska Railen asks, "I guess we should head back, then. No sense in standing around here all night long - right?"
  115. [23:23] Dhyne continues to smirk.
  116. (Dhyne Railen)
  117. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  119. [23:23] Amy says, "T-The square is empty anyways.."
  120. [23:23] Cheska Railen says, "Usually, yes."
  121. [23:24] Cheska Railen says, "But it does have more lights."
  122. [23:25] Amy says, "It's okay..."
  123. [23:29] While the girl seemed insistent on continuing the hug, Cheska carefully began to take off her gauntlets. Taking her time and reclipping them to her belt before looking down at the small drakanite. Then, without any prompt, she reached down and picked the kid up, tucking her under one arm as if she were nothing more than a sack of potatoes. A solution to that problem, certainly.
  125. "Vampires have been known to lurk outside the city in the dark. I'd rather not have to fight 'em off. I get bitten enough already..." Shaking her head, she walked back towards dhyne, not giving Amy much of an option in this matter.
  127. "You ready to head back, too?"
  128. (Cheska Railen)
  129. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  131. [23:29] Dhyne Railen says, "Of course, dear~."
  132. [23:29] Dhyne giggles softly at the sight of the small child draped under Cheska's arm.
  133. (Dhyne Railen)
  134. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  136. [23:30] Amy doesn't resist but is very disapproving of being carried like a sack of potatoes.
  137. (Amy)
  138. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  140. [23:32] Setting Amy down in the grass, Cheska dropped herself down, sitting in her usual spot on the cliff. Back in the square, where there was plenty of light to see by.
  141. (Cheska Railen)
  142. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  144. [23:32] Dhyne does the same, plopping down in the grass on the amazon's right side.
  145. (Dhyne Railen)
  146. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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