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Eltiodejiren,Mhine Nema Jefferson Wep Soul T1 Moment app

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Oct 21st, 2019
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  1. Key: Eltiodejiren
  2. Character:Mhine Nema Jefferson
  3. Skill(or transformation):Weapon Soul t1
  4. How well do you know the source material?(obviously not relevant if it's a transformation):
  5. Reasoning: Mhine has been engaged in a life or death situation with Mori! Remembering Their training with Turive about trusting one's blade with life and allowing it to move them something happens!
  7. Moment: Mhine had begun to take major damage from the demonic Mori. However holding Jessica was the only thing keeping them alive during this conflict. Their comrade had already fallen,Now they were all alone... No. They had Jessica! Suddenly Mhine can feel the connection a wielder of a blade can have with their blade. With determination Mhine entrusts this battle to Jessica and Jessica alone!
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