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20 Questions About.....ThatOneEnderMan #2.

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  1. So, remember ThatOneEnderMan? The 2nd ever subject for 20 Questions? Well, seeing as how it's been WELL over a year since my last interview with him, I figured that it might be a good idea to see what he's been up to lately.
  4. Community Q's:
  6. Q1. Allergies? [MusicalKitty]
  7. End: "I'm super allergic to cow milk, and other natural forms of milk. Almond milk and other milks not made from animals seem to not get me sick though."
  9. Q2. Would you ever like to get an expanded role in the webcomic "Beta and Mega"?/ Would you like a spin off starring you and alto for beta and mega?? [MegaBossMan/MegaBoyX7]
  10. End: "So first off, I paired these two together since they both relate to each other. Now, I don't fell like I want an expanded role in it, but I do feel like backstories, like in chapter three, are needed for characters. For a example explaining who is Beta and how ZeroDXZ is different than the normal Zero in the X series. And on a unrelated note, if Beta is reading this, in the database in BaM, it says Skeleton Man is MCN-003, when he is MCN-002. MCN-003 is Blaze Man's number. Now, for the other question, I've been messing around with Gimp on my computer lately, and trying to see if I could do something with that. I might try to do it someday with a better computer than my crappy Linux bullcrap. But for now, you cam go ahead Megaboy, as along as you allow me to take over it once I get a better computer and learn how to make a ***good*** sprite comic."
  12. Q3. "What are your thoughts on both Mike's Mega Quiz and TailsMK4's Jeopardy game?" [MegaBossMan]
  13. End: "Mike's Mega quiz, like we already know, was a bit of a disaster. I missed big portions of rounds, and if I didn't miss parts of them, I missed them entirely. Some of the questions were actually pretty good, but let's be honest here, most people just copied off of Rhythm or Boss. Although there was the participation system, where it was the first one to answer correctly gets the points, but everyone that also answered correctly got a tenth of the amount of points. Unfortunately though, in Tails' quiz there was no participation point system, thus making everyone just copy off of Boss, including myself. They pretty fun things to happen, and it was nice to have something fully megaman related in a chat that most of the time talks about non-megaman things. If I can mention one last thing, it felt good to have zero points in the end in both games due to the whole final round thing. Heh. Last place is where all the winners are!"
  15. Q4. Chocolate Chip or Macadamia Nut, which cookie is the best? [MusicalKitty]
  16. End: "are you trying to torture me musical, I just had dinner like, a hour ago  Macadamia Nut is pretty good? I don't know though, both are amazing, and anyone who says otherwise is wrong."
  18. Q5. What are your thoughts on Minecraft? [MegaBossMan]
  19. End: "I haven't played Minecraft in a while, the last time I've played it 1.9 was still a snapshot and 1.10 didn't exist. Some of the updates, from what I've seen, are quite interesting. Like now there is shields and Polar Bears and what? I still remember when I first played Minecraft, when it was still in late 1.5, and 1.6 was about to come out. Man, things were a lot different back then...There wasn't maps that literally change everything you know about Minecraft, in Vanilla, none the less...There wasn't insane one command creations in a single command block in once again, vanilla minecraft, and the mods were-actually, the modding community hasn't changed much since then, besides just a few new more fancier mods, even though the modding community is slowly dieing to vanilla one commands combined with resource packs make some of the most insane things. Yeesh. Minecraft as a whole is pretty good though, but what isn't good though is Telltell games' Minecraft Story mode. Ugh, that thing is so boring it hurts. Like, I understand its aimed for kids that like minecraft because yotubers, but could they at least try to make any sorts of fun to at least watch? Speaking of Minecraft youtubers, people are now making toys based off of them, called "TubeHeroes." They are stupid. Its pretty weird to see toys and shirts in Target and whatever other stores based off of Youtbers. Final thoughts on Minecraft though? Its a great game, but most of the fanbase is horrible [then again, most successful indie game like Minecraft have horrible fanbases], but hey, there is pretty good mods and crap."
  21. Q6. What user would you like to see get an interview next? [MegaBossMan]
  22. End: "Now that Beta is in the top 50s again, I want to see him get a interview. That or Musical for a reinterview."
  24. Q7: Would you ever want to make your own Minecraft server? [MegaBoyX7]
  25. End: "Maybe? I might just try to find a bunch of SethBling's creations and put them on there, and maybe try to do something related to mega man on it, but all of that is only IF I even wanted to make one. Making a Minecraft server can be quite expensive, going from $5 dollars a month just for a small server, and for larger servers [most servers] it can be $20-$30 a month, and I don't have that kind of money, nor do I really feel like I would want to."
  27. Q8. If you had control over the Prototype's next update, what would be add/remove/modify? [MusicalKitty]
  28. End: "I WOULD REPLACE ALL WATER CORES WITH TRASH  Maybe adds the remaining MM6 bots? It feels pretty weird to have all of the MM1-MM5 bots and the MM9 bots, but not the MM6 bots. And since there has been random weapon updates lately, why not add the rest of the MM5 or the MM9 weapons? Oh, and one last thing, there has been at least one bot so far in all mega man games 1 through 10 [and one from MM&B, as well] so how about one MMV [for gameboy] stardroid?"
  30. Q9. If the MMRPG apocalypse comes about, what user would you want to team up with? [MegaBossMan]
  31. End: "I guess either Meta or MegaBoy? It really depends who will be playing Apocalypse when it comes out though. I personally can't wait for it, that demo Mike gave me and four other people a while back was so good."
  33. Q10. Can you define your definition of a Pet Peeve? :P [MegaBossMan]
  34. End: "Something that annoys you about your pets? Right? ...Right? ....Probably wrong."
  37. Mike's Q's:
  39. Q11. Boy, the Mega Quiz was really that bad, huh?
  40. End: "It wasn't too bad, but you really just need to triple check your research before the quizzes, along with get someone else to help [like Tails, perhaps?]"
  42. Q12. So, you really liked Prototype Armageddon, huh?
  43. End: "I did like the demo, but I feel like the new card system is...weird. The card designs themselves seem lazy, and truly, I think you need to learn to get a little bit better at spriting before continuing. The cards make it feel like a weird card game rather than a awesome story rpg. I did like the story from the demo though. Amazing, and honestly, if you took the entire script of it and made it a Fanfic, I would read it so many times. You are a great writer Mike, but your game designing is questionable."
  45. Q13. Speaking of Prototype, How have all those changes affected the game for you, personally?
  46. End: "The only change that has affected me is the BP Change, the rest were small add-ons/fixes/and few other things. The BP change has only affected me because it take me waaay longer to grind BP now, and I been wanting to get to first place, now I probably won't to due how long it takes to grind. Oh well, I guess I can just wait tell World comes out and everyone's BP will probably be reset, not sure though, so I'm not entirely betting on that."
  48. Q14. Is there an official MM game that you've always wanted to play, but, haven't, yet?
  49. End: "The only official MM games I haven't played are MM9, the legends series (although I don't want to play those), and starforce, but we already know what I think about those (although people now even on here or sprites inc are begging me to play starforce! Ugh!) Out of those, MM9 is the only one I want to play, but even then, its mostly because its the only classic Mega Man game I haven't played, and with the release of MM8BDM V5 being MM9, I kinda want to play it."
  51. Q15. If there was one thing you could change about Prototype, it would be.....?
  52. End: "I don't really play Prototype all that much, so I'm not sure. Perhaps for a button that allows the player to change a field's music for themselves? It gets annoying to listen TheLegendOfWhateverface's (or whatever he is called, and his name his name has changed since then) music as the only music there is to listen to, and it would be nice for a button that allowed for you to change the game's music, for a example, to like Rushjet1's remixes or the original, not remixed mega man music."
  54. Q16. In our 1st interview, you said you got a PC controller. How much do those run for, nowadays [I wanna get one]?
  55. End: "You can get them for around $20 dollars on Amazon."
  57. Q17. Do they work?
  58. End: "The one I got is based off the XBOX360's controller, and the LB button doesn't work, but it still works besides the one button not working."
  60. Q18. Could you tell me about the craziest thing to ever happen to you?
  61. End: "My life is really boring, and I forget things easily, so this is a hard one. Does shiny pokemon count? Or beating sans? I guess if you mean real life, uhh...There was a bunch of bikers this one time that has birds on their shoulders and they brought ice cream, since it was at some ice cream place. I think there was this other time when I found some old pokemon card from the 90s on the middle of the road. It apparently was a Psyduck, but with its condition, if I did sell it, it go for a nickel, at best."
  63. Q19. Could you tell me about the greatest thing to ever happen to you?
  64. End: "The time when I found a shiny pokemon when grinding at 4 Am in the morning a few years ago? Or like I said, beating sans, or uhh.....Finding this site? Yeah, that's good enough....Its not, but I can't think of anything that happened to me, soooo..."
  66. Q20. Why much you try to bash everyone who looks directly at you with bricks? xP
  67. End: "It's the way to beat anyone and everyone at a staring contest."
  69. That it is, especially when it knocks off a third of your health. xP
  71. By the way, Ender's taken up spriting since I last interviewed him. He even has a comic showcasing sprites that he and other prototypers have made. Check it out here: http://www.smackjeeves.com/comicprofile.php?id=155463
  73. He also has a YT channel that has become active again, recently. Check that out here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf8A1du1bpvTLVMlDdwaesA
  75. Special thanks to ThatOneEnderMan for being even better in this interview than he was in the last, especially concerning his honesty about his thoughts on my WIP RPG, Prototype Armageddon. Boy, do I plan on addressing all the questions people ask me about that. xP
  76. Additional thanks go out to MegaBossMan, MegaBoyX7 and MusicalKitty for their great suggestions, as well.
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