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  1. Vance
  2. Vance, like his Unit Alpha brethren, is special. He is a superhuman. As an Orphan, life was hard enough. Unfortunately, it got even more difficult when Vance found himself somehow imprisoned within a strange facility at the age of five. When he was released fifteen years later, Vance was a young adult. As the youngest of Unit Alpha, many of the others doted on him. Due to Vance not attending school like regular children, he is illiterate. He can also be a little clueless at the best of times. Vance looks up to, _____ (leader dude/chick/) as an elder sibling, or even a parental figure, as he was deprived of that at such a young age. Vance specializes in stealth, he can slip in and out of areas with the grace of a panther. Vance is cheerful and optimistic, despite what he has gone through.
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