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  2. Pilltacular ☼: Hi.
  3. Pilltacular ☼: How can I help you?
  4. GaG I'm ХромчЫк: Hi
  5. GaG I'm ХромчЫк: I want to buy gunsliger
  6. GaG I'm ХромчЫк: strange
  7. Pilltacular ☼: "Oh yeah, and don't offer individually or I'll add you to a hypothetical hit-list."
  8. Pilltacular ☼: Basically, selling as a set only.
  9. Pilltacular ☼: Unless you're offering 48 keys...
  10. Pilltacular ☼: Also, " Posting is much preferred to adding."
  11. GaG I'm ХромчЫк: I have max hat...
  12. Pilltacular ☼: Hmmm...
  13. Pilltacular ☼: Is it level 1 or level 7?
  14. GaG I'm ХромчЫк: 1...
  15. Pilltacular ☼: Mm.
  16. Pilltacular ☼: Well, I do like Maxes. But I'm really not looking to break up the set, and I use the Gunslinger a lot.
  17. Pilltacular ☼: If you want to offer on the collection, go ahead.
  18. You have accepted the trade request from GaG I'm ХромчЫк.
  19. GaG I'm ХромчЫк: i want to see this set
  20. GaG I'm ХромчЫк: i only want to buy gunsluger
  21. Pilltacular ☼: It's selling as a set... Sorry.
  22. GaG I'm ХромчЫк: THATS ALL- SET???
  23. GaG I'm ХромчЫк: ?
  24. Pilltacular ☼: All 94 stranges in TF2.
  25. GaG I'm ХромчЫк: i can give u BMOC and max
  26. GaG I'm ХромчЫк: oK?
  27. Pilltacular ☼: For the set?
  28. GaG I'm ХромчЫк: ...
  29. GaG I'm ХромчЫк: yes
  30. Pilltacular ☼: Dude, this is all of the stranges in TF2. The low value is a bit over 160-170 keys...
  31. Pilltacular ☼: S. Kritz is 1.5 buds alone.
  32. Pilltacular ☼: So is S. Gunslinger.
  33. Pilltacular ☼: Level 1 Max and BMOC are about 2 buds together.
  35. Pilltacular ☼: Then find somebody selling one! :P
  36. Pilltacular ☼: There are plenty of trades on Outpost.
  37. Pilltacular ☼: Mine's a collection.
  38. Pilltacular ☼: I'll find you one.
  39. GaG I'm ХромчЫк: =(
  40. GaG I'm ХромчЫк: please...
  41. Pilltacular ☼:
  42. Pilltacular ☼: He's selling for 38 keys
  43. Pilltacular ☼: Level 1 Maxes can be quicksold at 43 keys.
  44. GaG I'm ХромчЫк: U can give me...
  45. GaG I'm ХромчЫк: supper
  46. GaG I'm ХромчЫк: ?
  47. Pilltacular ☼: Supper?
  48. GaG I'm ХромчЫк: gunslinger + supper
  49. Pilltacular ☼: What's the supper?
  50. GaG I'm ХромчЫк: spy
  51. Pilltacular ☼: Sapper?
  52. GaG I'm ХромчЫк: Sentry
  53. Pilltacular ☼: That's a Sapper. :P
  54. GaG I'm ХромчЫк: oh yea =))
  55. GaG I'm ХромчЫк: Sorry im Russia
  56. GaG I'm ХромчЫк: =)
  57. Pilltacular ☼: If you want the two it'd be 60 keys pure because it would break up my set, and the Slinger has some good parts on it. :\
  58. GaG I'm ХромчЫк: og
  60. GaG I'm ХромчЫк: my max isnt dup
  61. GaG I'm ХромчЫк:
  62. Pilltacular ☼: That doesn't really matter, one because Valve wiped item histories, and two because people will not pay full value for level 1 or 7 maxes regardless of cleanliness because of the stigma surrounding them.
  63. Pilltacular ☼: I'm sorry, but I don't want to sell the without the accompanying stranges. As I said a few times, it's a set. You would have to pay over what normal market value is - 48 keys - and I need pure for that. I can't rely on a hat that may or may not be duped, and therefore worth less.
  64. GaG I'm ХромчЫк: =(
  65. GaG I'm ХромчЫк: look at trade
  66. Pilltacular ☼: Which one?
  67. GaG I'm ХромчЫк: all this
  68. Pilltacular ☼: Dude, that's around 30 keys at the most.
  69. Pilltacular ☼: And that's before resale comes into play...
  70. Pilltacular ☼: So you're looking at 18-23 keys value
  71. Pilltacular ☼: and I can't take that.
  72. GaG I'm ХромчЫк: look now
  73. Pilltacular ☼: I don't need vintage hats, sweets, or anything like that. Clean Maxes, buds, keys, and some unusuals.
  74. Pilltacular ☼: I'm looking at it...
  75. GaG I'm ХромчЫк: Its all for gunsliger
  76. Pilltacular ☼: I know, the Gunslinger is worth more than that.
  77. Pilltacular ☼: You've got some expensive stuff in your backpack. Why don't you offer me that? I don't need nor want things I can't resell easily for keys and buds.
  78. Pilltacular ☼: ~28 keys pure, with resale factored in.
  79. Pilltacular ☼: ~32
  80. Pilltacular ☼: I need about 48 keys if I'm to keep a collection and not break it for a long period of time.
  81. Pilltacular ☼: Because it has parts, and it's a hassle to find a new one, get the parts, and re-open the collection trade.
  82. Pilltacular ☼: I have an idea. Can you sell your things for pure, then come back - or find another seller, that would be easier - and buy it?
  83. GaG I'm ХромчЫк: wait pls
  84. Pilltacular ☼: I'm patient. But I have around 30 minutes.
  85. GaG I'm ХромчЫк: Its mean - no?
  86. Pilltacular ☼: It means I want pure or clean Maxes. :l
  87. GaG I'm ХромчЫк: OK
  88. GaG I'm ХромчЫк: Its mean - no
  89. GaG I'm ХромчЫк: =(
  90. Pilltacular ☼: Why don't you offer on the trade I linked you? He's selling the Gunslinger individually.
  91. Pilltacular ☼: He'd be more open to offers.
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