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  1. The Last Crusade
  2. This story takes place in Timeline 04, a timeline where heroes don’t exist, the darkest timeline. In this timeline, a powerful Warlord and his allies subjugated an entire continent to his undead rule, where he opened a portal to the Abyss, and now leads a massive collation of undead, fiends, and monstrosities against the world. The main continent as we know it has been utterly destroyed, those who died fighting were brought back as undead soldiers and thralls, and those who ran were crushed under the boot of the Warlord. Your party is in the last temple of Pelor, in the last safe haven of the world on an Island near the horn of Abruast, there is one glittering hope for this dying world, a child. There is a child, born in the heart of the Warlord's Empire the first child to be born in years! A child, your diviner says can save this world. The issue is, there’s no one to save him but you.
  3.     If you take this path, nothing will be there as your ally. You’ll have to rely on your party to help pull you through. A cross-continent journey is what it will take to rid the world of this horror and if you can do it, you and your allies will be dancing with life and death every day and every night.
  4.     This campaign will start at a higher level than most to prepare you for the dangers of this new timeline.
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