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Jul 5th, 2012
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  1. Tumblr Social Justice Dictionary
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  3. Ableism: Oppression of disabled people, or anything that implies that physical weakness, illness, paralysis, etc. are anything short of a blessing, depending on how insane you are
  5. Demisexual: Only being sexually attracted to people you are emotionally connected to. Not unique enough to deserve its own term, especially since only having sex while in a serious relationship is the social norm in Western society
  7. Dysphoria: The feeling that one's internal self does not match their body. Originally used for pre-op transsexuals but co-opted by people claiming they're a Homestuck character trapped in a human's body
  9. Fictive: An otherkin who identifies as a fictional character instead of a wolf or whatever (See Otherkin)
  11. Fronting: When a headmate in a multiple system switches to being the one controlling the conscious thoughts and body of the host. Not real (See Headmates and Multiplicity)
  13. Headmates: Something idiots pretend they have living inside their heads. Typically a Doctor Who character or something like that
  15. Multiplicity/Multiple system: People pretending that they have people, animals, abstract concepts or basically anything imaginable living inside their heads. None of these people have been diagnosed with multiple personality disorder or anything like that and nothing they claim to experience fits the criteria for any disorder other than being desperate for attention
  17. Otherkin: People claiming to be something other than a human trapped in a human's body. The mechanism for a non-human soul ending up in a human body is supposedly random but people always seem to end up with an animal or mythical creature heavily featured in TV shows and video games
  19. PoC/People of color: A term for people who are not white
  21. Queer: A blanket term for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and trans people that often gets co-opted by heterosexuals who are into BDSM or whatever
  23. Therian: I think this means an otherkin wolf or something
  25. Transabled: Identifying as a disabled person when you are able-bodied. When it isn't someone just making shit up, it can be a case of Body integrity identity disorder, a recognized medical condition where the brain treats a body part as foreign and the sufferer feels an urge to have it removed. Unlike with transgender patients, however, doctors never perform surgeries on patients with BIID and it isn't really treated as a "trans" thing
  27. Transethnic: Identifying as a different ethnicity than you were "assigned" at birth. Almost always white people claiming to have the soul of an Asian
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