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  1. 11/23/09
  2. Episode 3: Shaymew goes apeshit
  3. Ever since Kaiorga purchased a bottle of tonkatsu sauce for Super_Luigi over GSBot deals, the trend has followed through for various users in the Pokeworld realm of the IRCniverse.
  5. Corruption is a key theme with the various transactions all across the board. You see people buying status when they didn't earn it. You see people buying restricted access to a server.
  6. You even see people purchasing chromosome distorting items.
  8. The main issue that will soon preside over the PokeWorld community and wreck havoc in the channel, is Shaymew.
  10. Shaymew mysteriously returned to the PokeWorld realm on a limb by Zuko who let her back in. But the oh-so-wonderful stipulation of the returning was that if she were to cause any problems,
  11. out the door she goes.Even before the purchase of the sauce, Shaymew has been contemplating the idea of using real world money to enhance her PokeWorld account. Lala time goes on, and
  12. after Kaiorga purchases that mother fucking bottle of donkey piss, Shaymew decides to join in on the luxurious activity of buying text!
  14. Truly things did not really gain momentum until the speaking of the Ultimate Shiny Rush. It was planned that ther be would be two rushes, one in the morning and one in the evening to make up for
  15. complications with timezones. Shaymew, obviously, paid 12 real world dollars to participate in both rushes. So it was said. But, wild_shadow_lucario, who is now Hello (what kind of nick is that anyway?),
  16. fed Shaymew a lie that the evening rush took place. Shaymew, being who she is, rose up and slammed her raging fury on the channel. But the rage spiked tenfold when she found out what Hello said was a lie.
  17. Shaymew, unable to contain her temper, rage, and emotions, relentlessly abused her status, that she bought with real world dollars, by kicking numerous people who spoke against her (hey sounds like Hitler!).
  18. Roxas intervenes with the ape raging Shaymew by kicking her but it does little for her rage cannot be stopped for, hey, IT IS SHAYMEW! Eventually things die down but Kaiorga doesn't really know because he
  19. was too busy managing MysticAdv, which you should all play when it's complete.
  21. Super_Luigi arrives past the deadline for the proposed timing for the shiny rush and the event spill forth and he decrees that Shaymew is stripped of her status for three days. This would soon be the second spark
  22. of the powder keg.
  24. Shaymew just oh-so-casually slips on #Pokeworld and this follows:
  25. (11/23/09 04:23:53PM) (+Shaymew) Roxas, Zuko, both of you get out bastards
  26. (11/23/09 04:23:58PM) (+Shaymew) I know one of you did it
  27. (11/23/09 04:24:06PM) (&Roxas) did what?
  28. (11/23/09 04:24:08PM) (+Shaymew) You removed my status
  29. (11/23/09 04:35:34PM) (Shaymew) We all hate Zuko. It's natural
  30. (11/23/09 04:35:44PM) (Shaymew) He's such an asshole to everyone
  31. (11/23/09 04:35:51PM) (+Zuko) is everyone = you?
  32. (11/23/09 04:35:58PM) (Shaymew) Probably because everyone hates you
  34. Things begin to fire up as Shaymew, once again, starts to freak out over something she purchased with real world dollars.
  35. Hajime, so innocently, sensitively, and kind, asks Shaymew tries to give Shaymew a hug but this is her reaction:
  37. (11/23/09 04:38:34PM) (Shaymew) Get out
  38. (11/23/09 04:38:35PM) (Shaymew) faggot
  39. (11/23/09 04:38:42PM) (Shaymew) faggot
  41. Hajime asks what he did and Shaymew says "everything". Then this argument of friendship, call it if you may, between Hajime and Shaymew is thrown into discussion. Shaymew says Hajime has used her when breeding shinies
  42. when clearly she did not breed a single shiny for him. Everything Hajime has done, that was not in intent to incriminate or defile Shaymew magically did not exist. Hajime also references the friendship before she bought access, it
  43. apparently did not exist. This constant confusion knocks back and forth as Shaymew is completely oblivious of who she is upsetting. Hajime - who has done nothing but stick up for Shaymew has been shot down with no
  44. dignity and swept away like a particle of dust.
  46. Kaiorga, trying to not get into the matter, simply asks Shaymew this, and let's watch it unfold, if you please:
  48. (11/23/09 04:42:26PM) (&Kaiorga) do u hate me shay
  49. (11/23/09 04:42:30PM) (Shaymew) yes
  50. (11/23/09 04:42:39PM) (&Kaiorga) for what
  51. (11/23/09 04:42:42PM) (Shaymew) Everything
  52. (11/23/09 04:42:43PM) (Shaymew) You suck
  54. Kaiorga, being completely baffled at what was completely said to him, reacts:
  55. (11/23/09 04:43:04PM) (&Kaiorga) you can get fucked you insensitive immature bitchface
  56. (11/23/09 04:43:05PM) (&Kaiorga) cunt
  57. (11/23/09 04:43:52PM) (Shaymew) Nathan, you need to go to hell
  59. Once again, Shaymew totally has no idea who she's alienating. Two people who were neutral/independent of the situation were pushed away while Shaymew rages over the tiniest of problems.
  61. 11/23/09 04:44:04PM) (@Hajime) Not the one person who tries to constantly be nice to you.
  63. Roxas steps in and warns Shaymew for op harassment which is funny because it is rare people get warned for that these days.
  65. </Skipping pointless retarded shit>
  67. Roxas now decides to use an mirc exploit to get back at her, w00t if you're reading, you hit the nail on the head with the g-line *woot* *woot*.
  69. Back and forth many different ops take a swing at the kick command and they can no longer tolerate the patheticness Shaymew has yet to invoke in the channel.
  71. Scrolling down more because this is boring.
  73. Shaymew finally calms down and then begins to ask why does Kaiorga hate her. You know, after reading this episode so far, it's kind of DIFFICULT TO SEE WHY HE WOULD BE. Let's face it, how would you
  74. feel, after someone you were being nice to, all this time, trying to comfort (well not really, I asked her if she hated me) them and then get smacked in the face with a big fuck you?
  76. Shaymew blames her emotions and saying she was in a bad mood and that anything, ruthlessly cruel, mean, and stupid meant nothing at all even though it was said.
  77. It looks like she's some innocent person being completely IGNORANT of what happened before. You'd question if she suffers from bi-polar disorder.
  79. All in all, the revival of Shaymew has caused more pain, suffering, and not to mention problems, to the channel. Let's also face it: phobia` wasn't even as dense as Shaymew, *woot* *woot*
  82. Shaymew goes apeshit (again!) ~ 12/12/09
  83. Today was just like any other day. But as always, when chaos errupts within Pokeworld, all fingers point to Shaymew. Having a history of casuing disturbances and annoynces, Shaymew has once again gets this
  84. right on the money. A simple opinion, casted by _Inu_yasha__ sprouts an argument of religion.
  86. First Shaymew bashes people who follow religion and throws insults to people who believe in god. Mark kindly asks people to stop bashing others for their beliefes but Shaymew ignores his sensible requests
  87. and continues to throw insults. Countless of times Zuko continues to ask to stop but Shaymew just doesn't quite get it. This results in Zuko warning her multiple times. After returning from the consequences
  88. of the warn, yet again she continues to bash people and their beliefes. Shaymew does not respect people. She does not care how people feel or what she does is insensitive. She has the mentality of
  89. doing whatever she wants and not caring of the consequences that follow:
  91. (12/12/09 12:59:52PM) (@Mew) I do what I want
  92. (12/12/09 01:00:00PM) (@Zuko) that attitude is going to get you killed
  93. (12/12/09 01:00:05PM) (@Zuko) seriously
  94. (12/12/09 01:00:15PM) (@Mew) So?
  95. (12/12/09 01:00:17PM) (@Mew) Doesn't matter anyways
  96. (12/12/09 01:00:20PM) (@Mew) I'll just kill them
  98. (12/12/09 12:56:48PM) (@Zuko) i am so honestly pissed
  99. (12/12/09 12:56:52PM) (@Zuko) im not a devout christian
  100. (12/12/09 12:56:57PM) (@Zuko) but someone as fucking retarded
  101. (12/12/09 12:57:01PM) (@Zuko) as her, saying IM fucking retarded
  102. (12/12/09 12:57:04PM) (@Zuko) for respecting a higher being
  103. (12/12/09 12:57:06PM) (@Mew) Because you are
  104. (12/12/09 12:57:09PM) (@Mew) higher being my ass
  105. (12/12/09 12:57:13PM) (@Mew) It's all lies and shit
  106. (12/12/09 12:57:30PM) (@Mew) So go on believing what the fuck you want
  107. (12/12/09 12:57:34PM) (@Mew) It's all bullshit
  108. (12/12/09 12:57:42PM) (@Zuko) it doenst mean you have to bash and insult everything
  110. (12/12/09 12:57:45PM) (@Mew) So?
  111. (12/12/09 12:57:46PM) (@Mew) Too bad
  113. As this chaos sprouts, Shaymew plays the popular 'you-used-me' card on Roxas. I'm sure you aren't surprised because she has played this card on Hajime when he did absolutely nothing.
  114. She states that Roxas was using her just to get the bot to himself and then akick her. Things take a spiral towards hell as Shaymew has an emotion breakdown. (By the way it makes her a hypocrit for denying
  115. that she get emotion over text. roo_boy wins bye)
  116. You always seem to notice this side of Shaymew. The one that acts irrational, inconsiderate that is identifical to a sick, twistded-minded, mentally crippled person.
  118. Later Shaymew tells everyone that her parents have hid the knives and that she wants to kill herself. Over text? Oh come on, if you're going to suicide over text, you need to get a real life - one that does not
  119. involve WASTING money on text. With all that money, I'd love to have a PS3 :(.
  120. Some people, who are sensible in the world, don't get what they want.
  121. Yet the people who act like complete selfish, idiotic, annoying cunts, like Shaymew, get everything in the world.
  122. Shaymew is too unstable to inhabit IRC or live in the real world. She must be suffocated in a gas chamber. I hold no regret for stating the things I've said. But when you truly meet someone as BI-POLAR as Shaymew,
  123. you don't hold ANYTHING back. And I'm positive everyone has this similiar sentiment.
  125. Shaymew COMPLAINS that everyone hates her and how people keep using her.
  126. 1. YOU offer people FREE stuff. How is that using you? When you're voluntarily distribution things?
  127. 2. The only reason why people hate Shaymew is because she fuels the hate. She does all this stupid shit you expect people to like you? Get a grip on life child.
  128. 3. You LIE about people using you. Is this some sort of scapegoat when you can't win an argument? And what people say is true?
  130. Episode 2: Shaymew and her hate list ~ 12/14/09
  131. Out of Shaymew's own accord. She has compiled a list of people who hate her/want her to die. She has continuously spammed the list and keeps asking "Anyone else". First off all, she should know by now that
  132. everyone in the whole channel hates her and shows no sympathy towards her. So why should anyone care about the damn list in the first place.
  133. Kaiorga has been extremely annoyed by her list.
  135. Episode 4: The Dictatorship of Roxas ~ 12/13/09
  136. Within the month of December. There has been much contemplation by Roxas in terms of buying the bot. This has caused quite a stir for many people.
  137. Much discussion has been afloat with pwipes, status modification, and future plans for the bot.
  139. First the status list.
  140. Roxas and others (Zuko) were going about picking viable candidates for promtions/demotions and other things. Among the discussion, Hydro throws a bitchfit over who gets status and who doesn't.
  141. Hydro believes he should be the only one entitled to cf and imprudently calls out the shots when he possesses no jurisdiction to do so otherwise.
  143. Along the way Zuko was compiling the planned list of people who will receive status. Time to time Zuko would show this list in the channel. But the real kicker is that Zuko has two different lists. One being the official
  144. and another being a 'fake' list. Zuko believes this would calm people down. May the community be ignorant of the truth now, later the fury will unleash tenfold.
  146. The community has been deceived of the real truth. Many say "Roxas said this" or "Roxas will do this", but in the end, Zuko denies all claims made by such people. When do the lies stop? When the real thing
  147. happens will chaos erupt yet again? Resentment, anger, and rage are slowly building to the peak - this is a prelude to disaster.
  149. As the date marches closer and closer, Roxas has drafted a contract between Super_Luigi regarding the can do's and cannot do's over the future of the bot.
  150. At first it seemed all right, then proposals began to get out of hand such as: talking shit about sports teams, paying people to play the bot, and other things that make Roxas no differant than Hitler.
  152. Episode 5: The Fall of Shaymew ~ 1/5/10
  153. Well. As always, this episode of the Pokeworld Drama revolves around Shaymew. And ever since she came back, she's been the cause of all the new drama emerging!
  154. It all started with a PM to Kaiorga. Shaymew questions Kaiorga about how much hate he has for her. Kaiorga, as everyone hates her A LOT. Period. Next she asks what does she have
  155. to do in order to stop being annoying. Ironic of her to ask don't you think? So Kaiorga lists some things:
  157. (01/02/10 08:22:02PM) (Shaymew) How much do you hate me
  158. (01/02/10 08:22:05PM) (Shaymew) Really
  159. (01/02/10 08:22:14PM) (Kaiorga) you're annoying, what more is there to it
  160. (01/02/10 08:23:04PM) (Shaymew) Well what do I have to do to quit being annoying
  161. (01/02/10 08:23:09PM) (Shaymew) I don't see what i'm doing wrong
  162. (01/02/10 08:23:20PM) (Kaiorga) yappin about your pigs
  163. (01/02/10 08:23:21PM) (Kaiorga) >_>
  164. (01/02/10 08:23:29PM) (Shaymew) Ok that's one
  165. (01/02/10 08:23:34PM) (Kaiorga) XD
  166. (01/02/10 08:23:34PM) (Shaymew) What else?
  167. (01/02/10 08:23:44PM) (Kaiorga) having raging moments
  168. (01/02/10 08:23:46PM) (Kaiorga) and causing problems
  169. (01/02/10 08:23:48PM) (Kaiorga) i have logs
  170. (01/02/10 08:23:56PM) (Shaymew) Ok, what else
  171. (01/02/10 08:24:05PM) (Shaymew) These pills are hopefully going to contain my rage
  172. (01/02/10 08:24:16PM) (Kaiorga) do u suffer frm some mental disorder
  173. (01/02/10 08:24:17PM) (Kaiorga) '-'
  174. (01/02/10 08:24:20PM) (Shaymew) Kinda
  175. (01/02/10 08:24:39PM) (Shaymew) I'm not sure what it's called, but the pills never work and I get pissed off easily
  176. (01/02/10 08:26:23PM) (Kaiorga) ask parents!
  177. (01/02/10 08:26:34PM) (Shaymew) They'll go like "what do you need that information for"
  178. (01/02/10 08:26:36PM) (Shaymew) And i'll be like
  179. (01/02/10 08:26:37PM) (Shaymew) .
  180. (01/02/10 08:27:28PM) (Kaiorga) 'i want to know more about myself'
  181. (01/02/10 08:29:07PM) (Shaymew) Ok, got it
  182. (01/02/10 08:29:17PM) (Shaymew) Oppositional defiance disorder
  184. Kaiorga thought it'd be mean to say into the channel "SHAYMEW HAS OPPOSITIONAL DEFIANCE DISORDER", so instead, he pmed Roxas the information he googled on ODD:
  186.     *  Frequent temper tantrums
  187.     * Excessive arguing with adults
  188.     * Often questioning rules
  189.     * Active defiance and refusal to comply with adult requests and rules
  190.     * Deliberate attempts to annoy or upset people
  191.     * Blaming others for his or her mistakes or misbehavior
  192.     * Often being touchy or easily annoyed by others
  193.     * Frequent anger and resentment
  194.     * Mean and hateful talking when upset
  195.     * Spiteful attitude and revenge seeking
  198. Roxas explodes into laughter and then creates a link that lists all of these things and sticks it in the topic. Shaymew marches back to Kaiorga with words:
  200. (01/02/10 08:35:40PM) (Shaymew) You bastard
  201. (01/02/10 08:35:47PM) (Kaiorga) lmao
  202. (01/02/10 08:35:51PM) (Shaymew) Go
  203. (01/02/10 08:35:52PM) (Shaymew) to
  204. (01/02/10 08:35:53PM) (Shaymew) hell
  205. (01/02/10 08:35:54PM) (Shaymew) Son of a bitch
  206. (01/02/10 08:36:06PM) (Kaiorga) funny how u trusted me to tell that to me
  207. (01/02/10 08:36:07PM) (Kaiorga) :<
  209. (01/02/10 08:36:39PM) (Kaiorga) ok
  210. (01/02/10 08:37:05PM) (Kaiorga) okay now u can forgive me
  211. (01/02/10 08:37:06PM) (Kaiorga) :<
  212. (01/02/10 08:37:14PM) (Shaymew) FORGIVE YOU?
  213. (01/02/10 08:37:16PM) (Shaymew) WHY THE FUCK SHOULD I
  214. (01/02/10 08:37:29PM) (Kaiorga) i just pasted what odd is thats all!
  216. (01/02/10 08:38:39PM) (Shaymew) GET THE FUCK OUT
  217. (01/02/10 08:38:54PM) (Shaymew) WORTHLESS SHIT
  219. (psst. pretty bi-polar yeah?)
  221. Since Roxas created that link, Shaymew decides to tell Chatspike staff that Roxas has been evading and they gline him.
  222. Roxas, pissed off, evades the gline and is repeatedly glined. Shaymew barks out cries in #Chatspike saying who is Roxas or not. She assumes
  223. a user from #Chatspike, Xhu, as Roxas just because he joined #Pokeworld.
  225. 1/5/10 -> It is discovered that the word 'Roxas' was added to the Chatspike filter. And it automatically bans users who have triggered the filter excessively.
  226. This onset occurs accordingly:
  228. (01/05/10 04:31:43PM) • Quits: PokeWorldBot ( : [ G-Lined: Spam sucks ]
  229. (01/05/10 04:31:43PM) • Quits: Super_Luigi ( : [ G-Lined: Spam sucks ]
  230. (01/05/10 04:31:46PM) • Quits: shadi (shadi@F00E10.E009A9.C8DFFE.DB9E96) : [ G-Lined: Spam sucks ]
  231. (01/05/10 04:31:47PM) • Quits: Shaymew ( : [ G-Lined: Spam sucks ]
  232. (01/05/10 04:31:47PM) • Quits: Nosuko ( : [ G-Lined: Spam sucks ]
  233. (01/05/10 04:31:47PM) (&Zuko) .
  234. (01/05/10 04:31:47PM) (&Zuko) LMFAO
  235. (01/05/10 04:31:47PM) • Quits: Zuko ( : [ G-Lined: Spam sucks ]
  237.  There is an additional gline trigger and Super_Luigi and Hydro are affected.
  239.  A marvel of spectators join #pokeworld and see the brutality ensue. Hydro is getting pissed and does things and adds Shaymew to akick *crowd cheers*.
  241. Finally Brain steps into the picture and adds Super_Luigi to eline and autokills Shaymew.
  243. (01/05/10 06:23:27PM) * +Shaymew ( Quit (G-Lined: [#884] Many many many complaints, and no action from anyone on channels. Youre outta here!)
  244. Do we now see The Fall of Shaymew?
  246. Additonally Roxas' gline has been lifted.
  248. Oh here's some fun stuff:
  250. (01/05/10 05:38:36PM) (@Roxas) Shaymew
  251. (01/05/10 05:38:45PM) (@Shaymew) God i'm being fucking used here
  252. (01/05/10 05:38:48PM) (@Roxas) once your parents get home
  253. (01/05/10 05:38:55PM) (@Kaiorga) you've always been used
  254. (01/05/10 05:39:17PM) (@Roxas) i removed
  255. (01/05/10 05:39:23PM) (@Roxas) now
  256. (01/05/10 05:39:27PM) (@Roxas) if you dont buy bot off
  257. (01/05/10 05:39:32PM) (@Roxas) im shunning you on paidnode perm
  258. (01/05/10 05:39:36PM) (@Shaymew) See? Threatening
  259. (01/05/10 05:39:38PM) (@Roxas) getting adam to perm akill you
  260. (01/05/10 05:39:45PM) (@Shaymew) For no reason
  261. (01/05/10 05:39:49PM) (@Roxas) you're already perm shunned on ipef
  262. (01/05/10 05:39:56PM) (@Roxas) from mushi
  263. (01/05/10 05:39:57PM) (@Shaymew) Again, for no reason
  264. (01/05/10 05:39:59PM) (@Shaymew) .
  265. (01/05/10 05:39:59PM) (@Shaymew) lmao
  266. (01/05/10 05:40:02PM) (@Shaymew) What an idiot
  267. (01/05/10 05:40:06PM) (@Roxas) so you're stuck with lag ass LC and PS
  268. (01/05/10 05:40:11PM) (@Shaymew) Nope
  269. (01/05/10 05:40:54PM) (@Roxas) buy the bot off
  270. (01/05/10 05:40:57PM) (@Roxas) and ill do it
  271. (01/05/10 05:41:01PM) (@Shaymew) No you won't
  272. (01/05/10 05:41:02PM) (@Roxas) i wont*
  273. (01/05/10 05:41:07PM) (@Roxas) but
  274. (01/05/10 05:41:11PM) (@Roxas) if you dont come up with the deal
  275. (01/05/10 05:41:13PM) (@Roxas) you're gone
  276. (01/05/10 05:41:48PM) (@Shaymew) Eh, figures
  277. (01/05/10 05:42:12PM) (@Shaymew) Also, get them to ungline me from CS
  279. Sparks:
  280. Sparks are things that lead to more chaos, not necessarily events.
  281. Spark 0: Shaymew was born -> starving kids in Africa deserve more of a life than she does
  282. Spark 1: Shaymew tells Kaiorga she has ODD
  283. Spark 2: Shaymew rats Roxas out and gets him glined
  284. Spark 3: Roxas contines to evade the gline and people from #pokeworld troll #Chatspike about the gline evasion (namely Shaymew)
  285. Spark 4: Several people are glined causing havoc
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