Session 3F - THE EPILOGUE (of a totally different campaign)

Jan 20th, 2012
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  1. [21:27:30] <Balthazar> It's Summer 17 at noon! The place: In front of Maka's library. Our favorite derp couple is carrying a wheelbarrow full of books into it!
  2. [21:28:10] * Clarity is slightly more serious when doing so! Just slightly. That doesn't stop her from humming and swaying along while doing so, nor does it keep the following Shinx from rolling his eyes. He's looking forward to seeing Dos again, anyway, even if he doesn't show it.
  3. [21:29:19] <Balthazar> *Knock knock!* goes the door as Balth starts banging on it.
  4. [21:29:42] <Maka> "The door's always." A quiet voice makes its way out the library.
  5. [21:29:56] <Clarity> WHOMPWHOMPWHOMPWHOMPWHOMP. A certain somebody follows the two knocks up before falling over forward once it opens and rolling in.
  6. [21:30:16] <Clarity> "Moooooooooornin, 'Ka! We brought stuff~!" Sky prances in slowly, however.
  7. [21:30:49] <Balthazar> "Stuff i found on ze vorkshop basement! A lot of books!" Balthazar says while bringing the pile inside.
  8. [21:31:30] <Maka> "B-books?" Maka looks up from her front desk, eyes wide as she sees the wheelbarrow. She nearly drops Sartre, who she'd been picking up and cuddling at the moment.
  9. [21:31:56] <Clarity> "Uh-huh!" Clarity claps her hands together and gives a big nod. "And it's not like we're gonna read 'em, so I was like, 'Hey, why not bring them all here?'"
  10. [21:32:05] <Clarity> "And... then we did."
  11. [21:33:02] <Maka> " should read books. E-everyone should read more...that's um...that's why I keep this place open." Maka's face is a strange mixture of delight and disappointment now. It's really nice to get books, but hearing people don't want to read them makes her sad.
  12. [21:33:39] <Balthazar> "Vell i actually sort of read zhem already..."
  13. [21:34:02] <Clarity> "Wellllllllllllllllllll~" A lean. Maybe a bit too much of a lean, but the Shinx' glare alone keeps the teen from falling over. "I didn't! But it's better to share them here where people who do want to read will, yeah?"
  14. [21:34:07] <Balthazar> "But zhey vere taking space on ze 'shop zhat i could use to make more stuff, eh?"
  15. [21:35:33] <Maka> "Oh um, I...I g-guess that's better then." Maka shoots a quick disappointed glance at Clarity but smiles at Balth. "So, so..." She makes an uncharacteristically energetic bound toward the books. "What kinds do you have there?"
  16. [21:36:27] <Clarity> Nothing new! Clar gets to work scooping them out and doing all the physical work because that's just her role in this relationship. Sky prances off to the back, taking Salt with him, and oh-so-fortunately Smoke is still in a ball.
  17. [21:37:10] * Maka picks up the thickest volume she can carry and begins examining it in earnest.
  18. [21:40:37] <Balthazar> "Oh lemme show you 'ere, eh?" He huffs while trying to put the pile of books down. Their titles appear to be the following: (
  19. [21:41:10] <Balthazar> "Some vere gifts from family though, so you better take care of zhem, eh?"
  20. [21:42:25] * Clarity is already WHOMPing all of them down on the front desk without even reading their titles. WHAT A SHAME.
  21. [21:43:26] * Maka is excitedly examining PUNCH. "H-hey...this...this is from Uncle Brick!"
  22. [21:43:35] <Maka> It's probably not the thickest book there. By far. But oh well.
  23. [21:44:01] <Balthazar> In fact it's barely fifty pages long!
  24. [21:44:17] <Balthazar> And it mostly is composed by pictures of positions to take while beating people up.
  25. [21:46:59] <Balthazar> "Uncle Brick? I zhink 'e is mentioned on some of ze ozher books too."
  26. [21:46:59] <Maka> "Are these...t-they're from that um...expedition Uncle Brick was on..." Maka picks up GODS AND SHIT and is probably intensely puzzled by its contents.
  27. [21:47:14] * Balthazar points at 'Southern Odyssey'.
  28. [21:48:18] <Clarity> "Uh-huuuuuuh. I looked at some of the pictures on the way here-- none of 'em are really as exciting as that 'mango' stuff you have though." Another crisp nod. With a bit of glancing around, she's almost ready to dash of to go reread all the Boldorano volumes again. But... it doesn't happen.
  29. [21:49:07] <Clarity> Additionally, Sky would be reading the pancake manual if he'd learned how to read yet. But he hasn't.
  30. [21:50:13] <Balthazar> "Raven also read some of zese books, so she might 'ave more!" He nods while saying that.
  31. [21:53:07] * Maka has moved back to her desk by this point, fretting over a clipboard and some sheefs of paper. "Now um...w-where do I sort these..." she mumbles to herself as she catalogs the new books one by one.
  32. [21:54:54] <Balthazar> "On Alphabical order, eh?"
  33. [21:55:37] <Maka> (Probably some variant of Dewey Decimal, if it existed back then)
  34. [21:57:32] <Clarity> "In the empty spots, right? Like, where there aren't books already and stuff?" A head-tilt. Then another upon realizing Sky disappeared.
  35. [21:58:10] <Maka> "N-no, don't just..." Maka wheels around to make sure Clarity isn't making chaos out of her organizational system.
  36. [22:00:40] <Clarity> Too late! It's already happening. "Southern Odyssey" is already grabbed and being crammed into a bookshelf, backwards and upside-down.
  37. [22:00:58] * Balthazar starts trying to organize the books in alphabetical order! "Vait, i think it should go before 1001 Pancake Recipes!"
  38. [22:02:02] <Maka> " no....S...s-stop that Clarity!" Maka darts over and grabs the book out of her hands, placing it in its proper location.
  39. [22:03:23] <Balthazar> "She is trying to 'elp, leave 'er alone!"
  40. [22:03:53] <Clarity> "Whoops!" One of her hands kind of... forgets to let go of the book when it gets snatched, forcing it open.
  41. [22:06:22] <Balthazar> (Forcing as in tearing it in half? D:)
  42. [22:06:50] <Clarity> (Forcing as in flipping it open to a point of being readable)
  43. [22:07:15] <Clarity> (Maybe even onto the ground for maximum drama)
  44. [22:07:37] * Maka is no fun allowed and quickly snatches it up to be filed in the proper place.
  45. [22:08:45] <Balthazar> "Clari, i think you should uh, leave Maka do it?"
  46. [22:09:31] * Maka however does pause to read a bit of GODS AND SHIT because hey if the title is in all caps it has to be interesting.
  47. [22:09:36] <Clarity> "... Sorry." A bit of a pout follows, and then... sitting on the front desk.
  48. [22:11:00] <Balthazar> The first page that she opens has a drawn picture of a red-haired man in a suit.
  49. [22:11:30] <Maka> "He um...d-doesn't look very...g-godlike..."
  50. [22:12:08] <Balthazar> "The Deciever" is written under it. The text near it appears to be a bunch of ranting.
  51. [22:13:48] <Maka> "H-hold on..." Maka's eyes dart toward Clarity and she opens her mouth before remembering yeah, only she remembers that shit happening. A frantic look fills her eyes as she returns to examing the book, reading anything else that's listed about the Deceiver.
  52. [22:13:51] <Balthazar> The rest of the book has chapters much like it, with pictures of a Whiscash, a Medicham, a Spiritomb and various others.
  53. [22:14:26] <Balthazar> 6) Love and Decay - The Deceiver - Magcargo
  54. [22:14:40] <Clarity> "That's not the one with the pictures, is it, 'Ka?" And then she hops off the desk to look over the timid girl's shoulder in an incredibly obnoxious way.
  55. [22:14:57] * Maka continues flipping through the book, eventually turning to a page with an Unown on it. She promptly slams it shut on the poor thing in shock.
  56. [22:15:53] <Clarity> "... Oh, that's new."
  57. [22:16:32] * Maka holds the book closed a few seconds, then opens for a peek.
  58. [22:17:28] <Balthazar> "Vait a minute, zhat one is not on ze chapters!"
  59. [22:17:28] * Clarity doesn't blink and just stares at the letter on the page.
  60. [22:17:40] * Balthazar points at the Unown. "Seriously!"
  61. [22:18:33] <Clarity> "Huuuh? Did something get stuck on there?" Clarity just leans against Maka's back and reaches out with a grabbyhand to peel the thing off of the book.
  62. [22:18:52] <Maka> "I...I k-know! I...H-hey w-what are you..." But Maka doesn't stop her.
  63. [22:19:39] <Clarity> 1d20+1 let's just see if I can get another nat 20 though, for old time's sake
  64. [22:19:40] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, let's just see if I can get another nat 20 though, for old time's sake: 2 [1d20=1]
  65. [22:20:29] * Clarity grabs at air, not even leaning far enough.
  66. [22:20:51] * Balthazar pulls her back gently. "Come on. :I"
  67. [22:20:52] <zoofman> The page Maka found the Unown on contains a picture of a Medicham, well, meditating, with the name "The Broken Lord" near the top. Under that is the subtext, "The Lord of Verve and Solitude."
  68. [22:21:55] <Clarity> "Awwwwww, okaaaaaay. Just looked funky, is all!"
  69. [22:23:25] * Maka leans away from book.
  70. [22:23:47] * Maka flips back to the Deceiver page, trying nto to flatten the Unown this time.
  71. [22:24:42] <zoofman> Along with the image of the man in a suit, there is a Magcargo. "Love and Decay" are his domains.
  72. [22:25:10] <Maka> (you're shitting me, he's a Magcargo?)
  73. [22:25:32] <zoofman> (not shittin' ya)
  74. [22:26:22] * Maka finds it hard to stifle a laugh.
  75. [22:26:33] <Balthazar> (I didn't even knew that too)
  76. [22:27:20] <Clarity> (Sounds like he'd been deceiving you all then)
  77. [22:28:07] * Maka reopens the page to the Unown and gently sets the book down on her desk, moving on to...Southern Odyssey.
  78. [22:29:58] * Clarity stifles a pout, having wanted to read that one! And... being a little too blatant earlier. Fortunately when you're childhood friends with somebody who's no fun, you begin to learn how fun they're not. Maka isn't fun at all.
  79. [22:30:14] <Maka> (;_;)
  80. [22:30:49] <Balthazar> Page 59: "As the Krookodile tore my tendons with his teeth, i could only think 'That really hurts' as his serrated teeth cut through flesh and bone, ripping my arm off..."
  81. [22:31:10] * Balthazar hugs Clarity. "No need to get angry!"
  82. [22:31:46] * Maka goes pale and slams this book shut too, handing it to Clarity. " can have a turn."
  83. [22:31:55] <Clarity> "I-I'm not! I was just wondering, is 'Ka gonna read all this stuff? I mean... what's even in them?"
  84. [22:32:42] <Balthazar> "Vords."
  85. [22:33:03] <Clarity> "... Exciting words or like, biography-words?"
  86. [22:34:24] <Maka> "T-these...should be pretty exiciting. It's's about the adventure my Uncle Brick went on when he was younger."
  87. [22:35:42] * Balthazar shrugs. "Vords. You know, great-uncle vrote zhat book, Maka... And some ozhers, although i think most of zhem are pretty uninteresting." He picks up the Airships!!! one. "Now zis. ZIS is a book!"
  88. [22:35:43] <Clarity> "Whoa whoa whoa, hold on here. ADVENTURE?" Clarity's arms cross with a totally determined stare. "And this kinda stuff is just going on a bookshelf now? Isn't that the kind of thing, y'know, everyone should know about? I mean, it's ADVENTURE!"
  89. [22:36:18] <Maka> " can be the first to borrow it if you'd like." Maka beams and shoves a clipboard in Clarity's face.
  90. [22:38:16] <Clarity> Clarity, who was herself beaming, stops. "But... why like that? Reading alone's just what I do to fall asleep! If it's a REAL story, shouldn't there be like, a big group of guys reading it really loudly and eating lots of food or something?" Even she has no idea where she got that idea.
  91. [22:38:37] <Break> A muffled buzzing sound echoes overhead. Whatever it is, it's pretty high up.
  92. [22:38:54] <Balthazar> "Zhat is not reading as far as i know!"
  93. [22:39:06] <Balthazar> "It ruins concentration. :<"
  94. [22:39:57] <Maka> ", you can read it aloud in the town square?"
  95. [22:40:06] <Maka> "I'll...I'll go listen too."
  96. [22:41:14] <Break> The buzzing fades away, almost into nothingness, before increasing in volume again. Is it coming back around?
  97. [22:41:15] <Clarity> "Okaaaaay! I can be loud!" A big fistpump! ".. But would people actually come?"
  98. [22:41:28] <Clarity> "... Maybe not as loud as whatever that is."
  99. [22:41:35] <Maka> "I can um...advertise it in the library."
  100. [22:42:42] <Balthazar> "Or you could read it loud enough so everyone can hear it no matter vhere zhey are, eh?"
  101. [22:42:56] <Maka> "P-please don't..."
  102. [22:43:54] <Clarity> "Well, I COULD sing it..." Cough, cough. "But nah, everyone can sit around for big sis Clarity's storytime!" Halfway through scribbling her name - very messily - on the clipboard, the action pauses. "... I didn't pick a name today, did I?"
  103. [22:44:16] <Maka> "...P-please don't do that either."
  104. [22:44:32] <Break> The buzzing grows louder, and the sound of noisy hydraulics engaging hisses through the skies.
  105. [22:45:04] <Break> Two heavy whomps, like the heavy beating of wings, follows shortly afterwards.
  106. [22:45:31] <Maka> "...W-what...what was t-that?!"
  107. [22:45:50] <Clarity> "Maybe Sky evolved?"
  108. [22:46:02] <Break> A loud crack and whoosh! Something's breaking the sound barrier!
  109. [22:46:56] <Break> The whoosh and the buzzing diverge slightly.
  110. [22:47:09] <Break> Both are, quite audibly, getting closer.
  111. [22:47:16] <Balthazar> "Vhat..." He exists the library, looking at the sky!
  112. [22:48:09] * Maka grabs Sartre and squeeeeeezes, nervous eyes darting around.
  113. [22:48:10] <Clarity> "... Not that sky, my Sky!" Still, Clarity follows and looks up too, though typical and lazily.
  114. [22:48:33] <Break> Balthazar looks up. THey are still but shadows in the sky, but both have the same basic shape - slender, with jutting blades, a long tail, and a distinctly hammer-shaped head.
  115. [22:49:02] <Break> The larger of the two seems to be going for the edge of town. As it approaches, it becomes clear it's painted a gunmetal grey.
  116. [22:49:10] <Balthazar> "I... I think i saw it before, eh?" He starts flipping AIRSHIPS!!! looking for a page in particular.
  117. [22:49:22] <Break> The smaller of the two is a deep blue, with a yellow underbelly.
  118. [22:49:27] <Break> It might be ALIENS.
  119. [22:49:57] <Break> Or it might be someone quite familiar to Balthazar, indeed! This figure flies closer to the library.
  120. [22:50:31] * Clarity squints. "... Are they from the moon?"
  121. [22:51:50] <Balthazar> "..."
  122. [22:51:54] * Maka is waiting in the library to hear of what the fuck is going on
  123. [22:52:02] <Balthazar> "Auntie?"
  124. [22:52:35] <Balthazar> "Ze Galette... Page 108..." He waves at Clarity. "Clari, call Maka 'ere, eh?"
  125. [22:52:40] <Break> The smaller figure descends in a spiral overhead, with a distinct cackle echoing through the air.
  126. [22:52:58] <Clarity> "Uhhh. 'Kay." A nod before turning around and giving a big wave. "HEEEEEEEEEY 'KA! OVER HEEEEEEEEEERE!"
  127. [22:53:05] <Break> A woman, wearing all black, is riding on top of what is now obviously a Garchomp!
  128. [22:53:25] * Maka pokes her head out of the library. "G-g-g-garchomp!" And the door is quickly slammed again.
  129. [22:54:08] <Clarity> "Oh come on!" A sigh before turning back around. "I can take hits from those things, they're nothing!"
  130. [22:54:26] <Balthazar> "I-it's okay, Ein is tame, eh?"
  131. [22:54:43] * Maka isn't listening and is probably hiding behind her desk now.
  132. [22:54:54] <Clarity> "... Who?"
  133. [22:56:22] <Break> The rider leaps off of the Garchomp early as soon as she's about a hundred feet from the ground, with the mount following shortly after.
  134. [22:56:32] <Break> Wait, a hundred feet? What kind of crazy ninja lady is this?
  135. [22:57:21] <Clarity> "Oooooh." A wince partway through the fall. "That's not good, is it?"
  136. [22:58:04] <Balthazar> "She vill be okay. I guess. Auntie is sort of accostumed vith zis stuff."
  137. [22:58:49] <Clarity> "Ohhh. So if it's someone you know then it's totally okay!" With a quick spin, some more shouting. "HEY 'KAAAAAAAA! IT'S OKAY, THEY'RE GOOD GUYS!"
  138. [22:59:41] <Break> "Pish-posh! An artificer is always prepared!"
  139. [23:00:13] * Break dusts off her pants and adjusts her coat, standing up to her full height. Ein simply walks around, looking intimidating. Not exactly something he can help.
  140. [23:01:38] * Balthazar walks to Auntie Theresa and... Hugs her. "Hey Auntie!"
  141. [23:02:02] <Theresa> "Hello there, Balthazar! Sorry I've been away!"
  142. [23:02:13] <Theresa> She ruffles her nephew's hair. "You know how work is."
  143. [23:02:46] <Theresa> Ein STOMPS up to Clarity.
  144. [23:02:59] <Theresa> Judging eyes size her up.
  145. [23:03:49] <Balthazar> "Any news from mother?"
  146. [23:04:01] <Theresa> "She misses you, as always!"
  147. [23:04:13] * Clarity stares straight forward and tilts her head to the side. "You're his aunt? Reaaaally?" Of course, after turning back, her eyes shoot Ein what almost looks like a challenge!
  148. [23:04:24] <Theresa> "And she tells me you chew you out because you're not doing anything with your life!"
  149. [23:04:39] <Theresa> "But let's both agree that I yelled at you for, like...two hours? Is that reasonable?"
  150. [23:04:44] <Theresa> "And you cried. God, how you cried."
  151. [23:04:50] <Theresa> "And said how I'm the meanest aunt ever."
  152. [23:04:59] <Clarity> "Oh, okay then! ... Wait a second, what."
  153. [23:05:07] <Clarity> "..."
  154. [23:05:07] <Balthazar> "But you are not! Und i 'ave been vorking 'ere you know!"
  155. [23:05:09] <Theresa> "And then swore how you'll SHOW US ALL."
  156. [23:05:22] * Clarity nods. "Well, that doesn't sound TOO far off."
  157. [23:05:33] <Theresa> "I know, I know! I'll just tell her that happened. That's only on the condition that you show me what you've done, okay?"
  158. [23:05:36] <Balthazar> "I built a lot of stuff! Like my phaser und ze camera!"
  159. [23:05:47] <Clarity> "Okay! Welcome to our boring ol' village then, Auntie! And big guy!"
  160. [23:05:50] <Theresa> Ein CHALLENGES....and then shakes Clarity's hand with both claws. :D
  161. [23:06:07] * Clarity happily obliges with a massive, energetic smile!
  162. [23:06:19] <Theresa> "I don't think I've met the rest of you....and nor has Einaudi here, for that matter!"
  163. [23:06:24] <Clarity> "You look really tough, let's fight sometime!"
  164. [23:06:28] * Balthazar takes Theresa and Clarity's hands and yells at the library. "Maka!"
  165. [23:06:38] <Balthazar> "Oh yeah Auntie, did you saw Raven yet?"
  166. [23:06:44] <Clarity> "I'm... oooh, I relaly DIDN'T pick a name today."
  167. [23:06:47] <Theresa> Ein frowns at the word "fight". That's not very fun when people get hurt!
  168. [23:06:58] <Theresa> "Hm? I don't think I have."
  169. [23:07:04] <Theresa> "Brought the old man with me, though."
  170. [23:07:33] <Theresa> "He's still in the Galette with Zbigniew and Sollima, though. Landed at some edge of town."
  171. [23:07:53] <Clarity> "Hahaha! Don't worry, big guy! You couldn't beat me up anyway!" The shake subsides, as the wacky teenager pouts a little. "Oooh... I can't think of one, I guess I'm Clarity today then."
  172. [23:08:20] <Theresa> "Gar!" :D Nice to meet you, indeed.
  173. [23:09:00] <Clarity> "Come OOOOOOOOON 'KAAAA! ... And bring Sky with you!"
  174. [23:09:38] <Balthazar> "Old man... You mean Mister Bokor?"
  175. [23:10:07] <Theresa> "Yep!"
  176. [23:10:20] <Theresa> "Though if he doesn't have any other business, he might show up here first any moment now."
  177. [23:10:39] <Balthazar> "Vait... Is 'e still alive?" Balth is really impressed by it!
  178. [23:11:03] <Theresa> "Still alive! Still crotchety! Still drunker than something quite drunk indeed!"
  179. [23:11:25] <Theresa> For someone as old as Balth's aunt is, she's -still- quite youthful.
  180. [23:11:27] * Clarity spins around and goes for a handshake with Ts- I mean Theresa. "I dunno what either of you're talking about, but you're just called Auntie, right Auntie? So I can call you Auntie?"
  181. [23:11:41] <Theresa> "Hm."
  182. [23:12:14] <Balthazar> "She is Theresa, Clari. Mom's sister!"
  183. [23:12:28] <Balthazar> "She vent on an ADVENTURE vith great uncle und Raven's grandpa!"
  184. [23:12:33] <Theresa> "Well, technically, you call your friends' -mothers- Auntie. Extending that metaphor a bit, I'd be your step-Auntie. Or Auntie-once-removed, or something like that."
  185. [23:12:50] <Theresa> "But just Theresa is perfectly fine by me!"
  186. [23:12:55] <Balthazar> "Und Maka's uncle as vell!" And now he notices how much of the EO cast has family here. What a weird coincidence.
  187. [23:13:55] <Clarity> "Oh! So this is one of the people from the ADVENTURE I was gonna tell the village stories about? Ooh ooh, I wanna here it then, Reesy!" Nicknames already. Of course she follows up with an understanding nod... maybe without actually understanding herself, though.
  188. [23:16:56] <zoofman> There's an elderly man in a suit walking up the hill, aided by a cane. His pace is slow, but steady. His hair grey, long, a mildly trimmed beard. Heavy eyes, eyes that have seen some shit, man. A Houndoom that looks comparatively as old as him leads his path, looking back every now and then, not wanting to get too far ahead of his master.
  189. [23:17:03] <Balthazar> Meanwhile, Balth enters the library to drag Maka out if necessary. Time for her to not be a Hikki!
  190. [23:17:15] <Theresa> Ein perks up at the mention of ADVENTURE. Fuck FIGHTS, this ADVENTURE shit sounds like the real deal!
  191. [23:18:24] * Clarity joins, dragging Ein along because he looks like a cool guy. Of course there are enough shouts accompanying this to drag the Shinx out of the back room and into Clarity's arms, though reluctantly on his end. He's still wearing an Omanyte as a hat.
  192. [23:18:56] <Theresa> Ein's pretty happy to be dragged along for ADVENTURE. It's honestly pretty silly watching this big, goofy landshark being dragged around by someone half his size.
  193. [23:19:34] <Gramps> "Ya could have signaled them to park a little closer, Tsvai." An unusual accent for these parts.
  194. [23:19:44] <Balthazar> "Come on Maka, Clarity vill be SAD if you are not zhere!" He says while trying to drag the girl along with his girly strength.
  195. [23:20:23] <Clarity> "Zweye?" The peppy teenager pauses in her tracks. "... Huh, that's really weird-sounding."
  196. [23:20:38] <Theresa> "You know, I.....yeah, it is."
  197. [23:20:51] <Theresa> "It's why I legally changed my name. Too hard to pronounce for most folks."
  198. [23:20:53] <Theresa> "But that's okay!"
  199. [23:21:51] <Clarity> "You're right! Reesy's a lot bette- ... Waiiiit a second, who IS this?" Sky, already used to this, only stares curiously at the elderly man. Not as curious as Clarity herself, though.
  200. [23:23:27] <Gramps> He pauses at the top of the hill, looking over the valley. "Pretty quiet place. Hm."
  201. [23:23:41] * Balthazar returns, a bit disappointed. "Hey Clari, i think she is too engrossed vith the boo-Oh hi Gramps!"
  202. [23:23:51] <Balthazar> "Did you came to see Raven?"
  203. [23:25:38] <Gramps> He turns slowly as the Houndoom practically tackles Balth with a happy bark. "Heh. Hey kiddo. Yeah, here to visit. Among other things."
  204. [23:26:27] <Theresa> "Was just checking on something first."
  205. [23:26:41] <Clarity> "So Reesy's your Auntie, and... this guy's your grampa?"
  206. [23:26:58] <Balthazar> "Checking? On vhat?" He taps his food on the ground, looking interested. "No, no, 'e is Raven's grandpa!"
  207. [23:27:37] * Clarity staaaaaaaares at him, then tries to remember Raven's apparent age off the top of her head. Her confusion shows.
  208. [23:27:37] <Theresa> Ein scoops up Clarity into his dragon-shark arms.
  209. [23:28:08] <Gramps> He eyes the younger girl. "Pht, that'd be news to me." This man looks -old-, there is no debating that.
  210. [23:28:11] * Theresa looks over to Clarity. "Oh, don't worry too much about that."
  211. [23:28:17] <Theresa> "He's more or less asking if you want a ride."
  212. [23:28:21] <Clarity> "Oof! Hey, easy there, Big Guy!" With a bit of a laugh she lets herself get scooped.
  213. [23:28:41] <Clarity> "He's a lot nicer than the ones like him here! They tried to beat me up."
  214. [23:28:51] <Balthazar> "Aw, i vant to ride Ein too."
  215. [23:28:54] * Clarity coughs, toughly. "'Course, they couldn't even when they tried."
  216. [23:29:22] <Theresa> "Ein's a lot nicer than most Garchomps! He loves people."
  217. [23:30:07] <Clarity> "Okay! Sure, Eyen, we'll take rides!" The Shinx in her arms doesn't look thrilled about this at all.
  218. [23:30:22] <Gramps> "So what the hell is this place?" he points toward the building before them. "Picked a weird landin' spot if you ask me."
  219. [23:30:36] <Theresa> "This is Oran Valley. Maybe you've heard of it, old man."
  220. [23:30:42] <Clarity> "Oh, this is 'Ka's library! There're books here, but nobody reads them."
  221. [23:30:47] <Clarity> "... Except 'Ka."
  222. [23:31:00] <Hestia> "Thereeeeeesa!"
  223. [23:31:03] <Hestia> "Oh, there you are."
  224. [23:31:11] <Theresa> "Hestie!"
  225. [23:31:29] * Theresa clings to Hestia like an old friend. Probably because they -are- old friends, jerks!
  226. [23:31:33] * Clarity snuggles up in Ein's dragon-shark arms. "This isn't your grandma, is it?"
  227. [23:31:38] <Balthazar> "I read books too!"
  228. [23:31:54] <Balthazar> "It's just i just donated ze ones i already read before!"
  229. [23:32:04] <Gramps> He bops her on the head with the cane. "Don't be a smart ass, Tsvai. I remember we came here before, yes. And that my granddaughter lives here. I meant the buildin'."
  230. [23:32:07] <Balthazar> "And i don't think so, Clari."
  231. [23:32:12] <Theresa> Ein motions to his back.
  232. [23:32:15] <Balthazar> "Miss Hestia is not zhat old."
  233. [23:32:15] * Hestia scurries after Tsvairesa, her movements somewhat hampered by both Theresa and a very large, very cold snake draped around her shoulders.
  234. [23:32:17] <Clarity> "Oh! Your mom, then?"
  235. [23:32:27] <Hestia> "I'm not anyone's mom?"
  236. [23:32:32] <Hestia> "I think?"
  237. [23:32:32] <Clarity> "... Sister?"
  238. [23:32:37] <Clarity> "..."
  239. [23:32:39] <Clarity> "Naaaah."
  240. [23:32:41] <Hestia> "I mean, I'm pretty sure - nope. Only child."
  241. [23:32:51] * Balthazar whispers to Clarity. "Miss Hestia doesn't have a husband."
  242. [23:33:32] * Clarity listens and nods, before a big smile as she leaps from the Garchomp's arms and sets Sky in place instead. Of course she extends a cheerful hand. "Oh, me too! Let's be friends then, whoever you are - I'm Clarity!"
  243. [23:33:52] <Theresa> Ein exchanges confused looks with the Shinx.
  244. [23:34:07] <Theresa> "There was something I wanted to look at while I was here."
  245. [23:34:12] <Theresa> "Something that crashed."
  246. [23:34:15] <Clarity> The Shinx shrugs. After any pleasantries, Clarity of course leaps on his back.
  247. [23:34:17] * Gramps raises an eyebrow. "You think. Ya know what, I'm gonna rest inside a bit." He whistles, calling back the Houndoom, and approaches the library.
  248. [23:34:24] <Clarity> ... The Garchomp's, not the Shinx'.
  249. [23:34:30] <Hestia> "I'm Dr. Hestia Freed."
  250. [23:34:34] <Hestia> "
  251. [23:34:38] <Theresa> Ein places the Shinx on his back, as well.
  252. [23:34:39] <Hestia> "Pleased to meet you."
  253. [23:34:48] <Hestia> "This is Jormungandr."
  254. [23:34:57] <Clarity> "What are all these people doing in this boring old village? Nothing ever happens here, y'know."
  255. [23:35:02] <Theresa> He's simply content to plod around, arms wide!
  256. [23:35:04] <Balthazar> "Hi Jormy!" He pats the icesnake.
  257. [23:35:13] <Balthazar> "They said zhey vere taking care of thins 'ere?"
  258. [23:35:33] <Theresa> Eventually, he takes wing, but at a slow speed, and close to the ground. :D
  259. [23:35:40] * Clarity hangs on tight and giggles along during the ride! Sky is terrified and hops off the first chance he gets, taking his Omanyte hat with him. He approaches the snake and tilts his head, in his own brand of curiosity.
  260. [23:35:45] <Theresa> He restricts his route to circling the library, for the most part.
  261. [23:36:49] <Hestia> Jormy bumps his face into Balth's hand a few times, then goes back to curling up against Hestia.
  262. [23:37:43] <Clarity> After a one of the rounds brings them back to where group is, the hyper young girl shouts at the top of her lungs to be heard. "But what's there TO take care of in this craphole?"
  263. [23:38:26] <Hestia> "That's..."
  264. [23:38:27] <Hestia> "Hm."
  265. [23:38:29] * Balthazar shrugs. "I dunno... So... Is Great-uncle vith you guys?"
  266. [23:39:44] <Theresa> "Nope. Sorry, kiddo."
  267. [23:40:13] <Theresa> "Unless he attached to the bottom of the Galette with his MAN-GRIT and MAN-LEGS or something."
  268. [23:40:24] <Clarity> "Just how big a family do you HA-" ... And then around the library again.
  269. [23:40:27] <Theresa> "Wouldn't put him past it to try. You're free to check the Gal's underbelly if you want."
  270. [23:40:43] <Theresa> Ein slows to a stop for his last round.
  271. [23:40:51] * Balthazar hmphs. "I should know better! 'e never ansvered my letters. Und sent me to zis 'craphole' in first place."
  272. [23:41:40] <Theresa> "Anyway! Crash! This area! Probably made quite a show!"
  273. [23:41:44] <Theresa> "Know anything about it?"
  274. [23:42:19] * Clarity leaps off Ein's back and gives him a pat of thanks with a beaming smile as she lands on the ground. "Uh... like, the UFO? 'Cause that was a while ago."
  275. [23:42:59] <Hestia> "Wait, wait wait."
  276. [23:43:04] * Gramps returns after a bit. "Door's locked." He says with a grunt.
  277. [23:43:07] <Hestia> "Great-uncle?"
  278. [23:43:10] <Hestia> "You mean..."
  279. [23:43:11] <Balthazar> "Yeah i am sort of rebuilding it anyvay."
  280. [23:43:42] * Hestia boggles.
  281. [23:44:22] * Gramps leans on his cane a bit, looking down the hill to the village thoughtfully. "So what's all down there, anyway?"
  282. [23:44:23] <Clarity> "That's okay, old man! 'Ka is always scared of people anyway."
  283. [23:44:55] <Balthazar> "Yeah, und she is scared of Garchomps!"
  284. [23:45:01] <Balthazar> "Dunno why though."
  285. [23:45:16] <Theresa> "Hm."
  286. [23:45:19] <Theresa> "HMMMMMM."
  287. [23:45:24] <Clarity> "Really! It's not like even mean ones can get past ME." Triumphantly, she points a thumb to herself.
  288. [23:45:47] * Gramps shrugs. "We all got our fears."
  289. [23:45:51] <Theresa> "Well, I couldn't get down here quickly enough due to red tape. Lots of it. Stickiest stuff, that tape is."
  290. [23:45:52] <Clarity> "But there's really nothing in thie village. What I wanna know is, weren't you guys all on some ADVENTURE? 'Cause I heard something about an ADVENTURE."
  291. [23:46:10] <Balthazar> "Oooooh it might be vhy zhey came 'ere!"
  292. [23:46:11] <Hestia> "No! Of course not."
  293. [23:46:12] <Theresa> "I need to take a look eventually, though - the Guilds are abuzz."
  294. [23:46:14] <Hestia> "Not an adventure."
  295. [23:46:18] <Balthazar> "For an ADVENTURE!"
  296. [23:46:21] <Gramps> "Nothing my ass, girl, a village is a village."
  297. [23:46:30] <Hestia> "Just business. Boring business."
  298. [23:46:33] <Clarity> "Well, nothing FUN."
  299. [23:47:01] * Clarity claps her hands toghet and peps up. "Oh! Can they come on the ADVENTURE to the moon too?"
  300. [23:47:47] <Balthazar> "Ze spaceship vill be too cramped!"
  301. [23:48:15] <Theresa> "Well, it's just some analysis."
  302. [23:48:20] <Theresa> "Getting a report written up."
  303. [23:48:21] * Hestia looks so lost.
  304. [23:48:25] <Gramps> "And what sorta bullshit you and Raven been feedin' kids around here about that business, Balthazar?"
  305. [23:48:32] <Theresa> "Maybe looking for information on the pilot...."
  306. [23:50:59] <Balthazar> "Vhich business?"
  307. [23:51:11] <Gramps> "Adventurin'"
  308. [23:51:29] <Clarity> "Well, I know adventures are fun."
  309. [23:51:34] <Balthazar> "I didn't mentioned zhat. It vas Clarity vho saw 'ze book'!"
  310. [23:51:51] <Hestia> "Adventures are...not always fun."
  311. [23:51:55] <Clarity> "Mhm! But didn't you say Reesy was part of some ADVENTURE a long time ago?"
  312. [23:52:04] <Hestia> "There's something to be said for living quietly and publishing theses!"
  313. [23:52:09] * Balthazar opens a Pokéball, releasing an Elgyem from it. <Salutations.>
  314. [23:52:12] <Theresa> "They really, really aren't."
  315. [23:52:12] * Clarity stares and gets a little droopy. She also scoops the Shinx into her arms.
  316. [23:52:17] <Theresa> "Maybe we're just getting too old for them."
  317. [23:52:20] <Balthazar> (fuck didn't wanted to spoiler it derp)
  318. [23:52:21] <Theresa> "...."
  319. [23:52:23] <Theresa> She thinks for a moment.
  320. [23:52:25] <Theresa> "Naaaah."
  321. [23:52:39] <Balthazar> "'e vas on ze Ship, Auntie. You might ask 'im?"
  322. [23:52:42] <Hestia> "I'm just counting up all the times we almost died :C"
  323. [23:52:51] <Theresa> "Oh, hello! You're the pilot, I presume, uh...." She's stuck when it comes to the name.
  324. [23:53:41] * Gramps frowns. "It's...a rough lifestyle, kid. What that book is about."
  325. [23:53:45] <Clarity> "Oh, so all you have to do is be TOUGH to go on adventures, then? That's fine, I'm tough!" Her other arm scoops around Balthazar's shoulders, bringing him close. "I can totally cover for both of us!"
  326. [23:53:46] <Balthazar> <The Human named this unit. "Señor X". While this unit thinks it is a bad choice, it is stuck with it.
  327. [23:53:56] <Gramps> (oh god can't read)
  328. [23:54:28] <Theresa> "Senor X, then! It's good to meet you! She walks away from the group, eager to interview the Elgyem one-on-one about the ship and the events that led to its crash."
  329. [23:54:31] <Balthazar> "Oh Clari!" Balth blushes a bit when Clari gets SO CLOSE TO HIM. "Uh, you know, ze one talking about ze Southern Island adventure!"
  330. [23:54:46] <Clarity> "Hmmmm~"
  331. [23:55:01] * Gramps just eyes the two of them for a moment. :T. "Uh."
  332. [23:55:24] * Clarity just brings him tighter, smiling. "So if the WHOLE VILLAGE hears the story getting read, maybe these guys should stick around too? After all, everything that was written in that book was real stuff, yeah? ... Yeah?"
  333. [23:56:41] <Balthazar> "It vas i guess! I mean, Raven said zhat she found a 'ditto priestess' earlier!"
  334. [23:57:11] <Hestia> "WHAT."
  335. [23:57:13] <Gramps> "The one Floyd wrote? Fuck no. We never fought ninjas on pirate ships he made that whole thing - what."
  336. [23:57:19] * Hestia grabs onto Balthazar's shirt.
  337. [23:57:20] <Hestia> "What."
  338. [23:57:29] <Hestia> "Explain. Now."
  339. [23:57:57] <Gramps> "Hope it was one that won't butten it's god damn shirt."
  340. [23:57:58] * Balthazar is totally grabbed! "A-argh!"
  341. [23:58:18] <Clarity> "... Wait, what?" Clarity seriously doesn't remember whether she heard about this or not. Still, she makes an attempt to stop the grabbing. Kinda.
  342. [23:58:22] <Balthazar> "Y-you should ask 'er. She said a Lillipup ate 'er!"
  343. [23:59:12] <Gramps> "That's even dumber than the section your uncle made up about the Amazons kidnappin' him to be their king."
  344. [23:59:33] <Clarity> "... Maybe these guys should just tell the story instead?"
  345. [00:00:53] <Balthazar> "I-i guess so!"
  346. [00:01:13] * Hestia lets go, glances over to Theresa. WHAT.
  347. [00:01:59] * Theresa is still interviewing Senor X with gusto! She seems unaware of new developments.
  348. [00:02:21] * Gramps just sighs. "I haven't picked up a sword in two decades. Ain't me whose gonna clean up that mess."
  349. [00:02:29] <Paradox> 1d20
  350. [00:02:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d20: 13 [1d20=13]
  351. [00:03:06] <Paradox> 5d12+20+35 and Poisoned on EVERYBODY~
  352. [00:03:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, and Poisoned on EVERYBODY~: 83 [5d12=5,11,7,2,3]
  353. [00:03:26] <Hestia> (ogodwat)
  354. [00:03:29] * Clarity gasps! And... then just head-tilts.
  355. [00:03:29] <Paradox> Suddenly, GUNK SHOT
  356. [00:03:35] <Paradox> perception
  357. [00:03:39] <Gramps> "Oh sonofa-"
  358. [00:03:44] <Gramps> 1d20+13
  359. [00:03:44] <DiceMaid-9001> Gramps, 1d20+13: 29 [1d20=16]
  360. [00:03:52] <Theresa> 1d20-2 welp
  361. [00:03:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Theresa, welp: 5 [1d20=7]
  362. [00:03:55] <Clarity> 1d20-3 kyaaaa
  363. [00:03:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, kyaaaa: 0 [1d20=3]
  364. [00:04:01] <Hestia> 1d20 ohgodwat
  365. [00:04:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Hestia, ohgodwat: 20 [1d20=20]
  366. [00:04:44] <Balthazar> 1d20+2 oh what the hell
  367. [00:04:45] <DiceMaid-9001> Balthazar, oh what the hell: 17 [1d20=15]
  368. [00:04:50] <Paradox> Alcyone and Bob see Mac in a nearby bush! He seems to be holding a granade launcher.
  369. [00:04:55] <Paradox> Clarity finds a penny!
  370. [00:05:03] <Hestia> "What the heck. :I"
  371. [00:05:08] <Paradox> +1 gold!
  372. [00:05:26] <Gramps> "...Well shit, is that you, Mac? You look like shit," he laughs.
  373. [00:05:29] <Theresa> "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT OTHER OLD MAN"
  374. [00:05:40] * Clarity picks it up! Clearly that'll be part of their MARRIAGE FUNDS. ... Also Sky goes way, way down, but is just held even tighter.
  375. [00:05:53] * Theresa has at -least- seven devices extended out of both of her gloves.
  376. [00:05:59] * Balthazar was almost KO'd by that shit. Being a low level character is suffering.
  377. [00:06:32] <Paradox> "I didn't in my wildest imagination DREAM that you'd be so easy to find! I didn't even have to try!"
  378. [00:06:44] <Paradox> Mac says, but in a very un-Mac tone of voice.
  379. [00:07:09] * Hestia stomps over, pushing a button on one of the randon STEAMPUNK-LOOKING DEVICES hanging from her dress. It extends into a vicious-looking broom.
  380. [00:08:00] <Clarity> "Oh boy, I just KNEW something exciting was gonna happen!" Blink, blink. "... Uh, Sky?"
  381. [00:08:08] <Clarity> "... Aw come on."
  382. [00:08:10] <Balthazar> "Vho is zhat! Vhat is 'appening?"
  383. [00:08:29] * Gramps reaches into one of his suit pockets and pulls out a voodoo doll. "Hm...that ain't the tone I recall." He attempts his trade.
  384. [00:08:31] <Paradox> "What is happening is the first of many steps towards the take-over of the glorious Ditto race!"
  385. [00:08:34] <Gramps> 1d20 hypnosis
  386. [00:08:35] <DiceMaid-9001> Gramps, hypnosis: 2 [1d20=2]
  387. [00:08:41] <Gramps> Obviously, he is out of practice.
  388. [00:08:58] <Paradox> Mac changes into the form of the Priestess, that you once saw well over two decades ago.
  389. [00:09:13] <Balthazar> "Vho is 'er? Vhat ze 'eck?!?"
  390. [00:09:28] <Hestia> "You :I"
  391. [00:09:38] <Gramps> "Man I told you guys we shoulda tossed her ass off a cliff."
  392. [00:09:51] <Hestia> "I thought you did!"
  393. [00:10:09] <Gramps> "Hell no you wanted to keep her for interrogation!"
  394. [00:10:12] <Clarity> "Does... this kinda thing happen every day to you guys?"
  395. [00:10:18] <Gramps> "Then Urmabutt tossed us into that fucked up dream thing and welp"
  396. [00:10:24] <Balthazar> "Ze book said so!"
  397. [00:10:42] <Paradox> "Enough talk! Eat hot lead! Children!"
  398. [00:11:04] <Paradox> 10#1d20
  399. [00:11:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 10#1d20: 12 [1d20=12], 1 [1d20=1], 2 [1d20=2], 15 [1d20=15], 10 [1d20=10], 17 [1d20=17], 18 [1d20=18], 9 [1d20=9], 13 [1d20=13], 3 [1d20=3]
  400. [00:11:11] <Paradox> 2d20
  401. [00:11:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 2d20: 31 [2d20=19,12]
  402. [00:11:52] <Paradox> 8#1d10+2
  403. [00:11:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 8#1d10+2: 4 [1d10=2], 9 [1d10=7], 12 [1d10=10], 10 [1d10=8], 10 [1d10=8], 12 [1d10=10], 6 [1d10=4], 12 [1d10=10]
  404. [00:12:20] <Paradox> You're all pelted by little thorn-bullets! It's probably just annoying for those of you with any sort of damage reduction.
  405. [00:13:04] <Theresa> "Ow! Hey! HELP!"
  406. [00:13:10] <Gramps> dink dink dink dink.
  407. [00:13:10] * Clarity of course just blinks all of them off, stepping a little closer to Balthazar because the poor guy's going to get hurt without her around. ;_;
  408. [00:13:14] <Theresa> "I'm being MILDLY INCONVENIENCED!"
  409. [00:13:24] * Balthazar takes cover and gets even more hurt ;_;
  410. [00:13:38] * Clarity embraces him in a hug! A... protective hug.
  411. [00:13:39] <Gramps> The thorns just seem to pink off him, for the most part. "I'm gonna have to get this suit tailored now!"
  412. [00:13:54] <Paradox> You see 4 Dittos with weird guns pop up from the bushes, and spray at all of you machine-gun style.
  413. [00:14:00] <Paradox> ANYWAY COMBAT
  414. [00:14:05] <Gramps> (ahahhaa)
  415. [00:14:49] <Gramps> (dex 10, Kasim speed 24, then)
  416. [00:15:13] <Balthazar> "'ow did ze dittos got zese guns! I vill get some!"
  417. [00:15:23] * Clarity shoves the unconscious Shinx and Omanyte over to somewhere safe near the library or something, popping out a level 1 Koffing instead. Clearly a good idea! "Uh... hi, Smoke! These guys don't even really hurt at all, you can take 'em! C'mon!"
  418. [00:15:24] * Theresa hops on Ein! "Let's get 'em, bud! Sorry, Senor X! We'll continue this later when we're not being annoyed by douchers who don't know when to quit!"
  419. [00:15:33] <Balthazar> (Dex 16 X Speed 3)
  420. [00:15:40] <Clarity> (Hurfa durfa dex 12 koffing spd 4)
  421. [00:16:28] <Theresa> ( Dex 30, Ein's speed is 60 )
  422. [00:17:17] * Paradox changes topic to 'Alcyone > Tsvai > Balthazar > Clarity > Gramps > Priestess | Ein 60 > Kasim 24 > Ditto x 4 14, Koffing 4 > SENOR X 3'
  423. [00:17:24] <Hestia> Dex 8 speed 29 Jormy
  424. [00:17:38] * Paradox changes topic to 'Alcyone > Tsvai > Balthazar > Clarity > Gramps > Priestess | Ein 60 > Bestsnake 29 > Kasim 24 > Ditto x 4 14, Koffing 4 > SENOR X 3'
  425. [00:18:17] <Paradox> Alcyone is up to do being AERODYNAMICALLY CURVACEOUS!
  426. [00:18:26] <Paradox> I assume that's how that feat works anyway
  427. [00:18:35] <Hestia> sure we'll go with that
  428. [00:18:56] <Hestia> How many can I hit with a thunderbolt
  429. [00:19:40] <Paradox> 2 dittos, or the priestess
  430. [00:20:49] <Hestia> Let's go with the dittos before they transform
  431. [00:20:52] <Hestia> 1d20 thunderbooolt
  432. [00:20:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Hestia, thunderbooolt: 2 [1d20=2]
  433. [00:20:57] <Hestia> :I
  434. [00:21:02] <Paradox> dicemaidooo
  435. [00:21:09] <Paradox> TSVAI I mean Theresa
  436. [00:21:12] <Gramps> "Beena while, eh?"
  437. [00:21:13] <Clarity> (... LMHYWT/+ can't apply to ACs, right?)
  438. [00:21:15] <Gramps> "Same here."
  439. [00:21:23] <Paradox> ( no that's silly )
  440. [00:21:27] <Clarity> (DREAMS)
  441. [00:23:29] * Theresa charges in on Garchomp back, and tests out a new prototype weapon - the revolver glove!
  442. [00:23:36] <Theresa> 1d20 take aim AC 5
  443. [00:23:37] <DiceMaid-9001> Theresa, take aim AC 5: 20 [1d20=20]
  444. [00:23:54] <Theresa> 8d12+40 MINDBULLETS ON PRIESTESS
  445. [00:23:54] <DiceMaid-9001> Theresa, MINDBULLETS ON PRIESTESS: 91 [8d12=4,7,6,12,10,1,1,10]
  446. [00:24:22] <Theresa> (( Sorry, +30 ))
  447. [00:24:27] <Paradox> Tsvai MINDBULLETS the Priestess right between the eyes, knocking her on her ass!
  448. [00:24:30] <Paradox> "ARGH!"
  449. [00:24:37] <Paradox> Terry!
  450. [00:24:52] * Balthazar tunes a dial on his raygun and shoots the Priestess. "ZIS is vhat i made, Auntie!"
  451. [00:24:57] * Clarity watches the action with a lot of starting. "So are you guys all really strong or they, like, really weak?"
  452. [00:25:02] <Balthazar> 1d20 Set Phasers to Stun!
  453. [00:25:19] <Balthazar> "I guess ve are ze veak ones? :<"
  454. [00:25:21] <DiceMaid-9001> Balthazar, Set Phasers to Stun!: 8 [1d20=8]
  455. [00:25:31] <Clarity> "If we were weak they'd actually be HURTING me though!"
  456. [00:25:46] <Clarity> "... Wouldn't they?"
  457. [00:25:54] <Clarity> "I mean I'm pretty tough but, y'know!"
  458. [00:26:01] <Balthazar> 2d10+30+3 didn't paralyzed but oh well
  459. [00:26:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Balthazar, didn't paralyzed but oh well: 42 [2d10=3,6]
  460. [00:26:17] <Paradox> CLARITY
  461. [00:26:23] * Clarity shrugs, then prances over to one of the minor ditto and kicks it in the face!
  462. [00:26:27] <Clarity> 1d20 hurr
  463. [00:26:28] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, hurr: 4 [1d20=4]
  464. [00:26:29] <Theresa> "I like it! The Mech Gloves Mk. VII Revision 76 are working BEAUTIFULLY!"
  465. [00:26:40] <Clarity> 1d4 nothing damage or fall-on-ass, your choice!
  466. [00:26:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, nothing damage or fall-on-ass, your choice!: 2 [1d4=2]
  467. [00:26:48] <Gramps> 1d20 ac check before I fluff this and look silly, AC 2
  468. [00:26:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Gramps, ac check before I fluff this and look silly, AC 2: 18 [1d20=18]
  469. [00:27:27] * Clarity then realizes that ditto don't really have faces. That may have been part of the problem.
  470. [00:27:51] * Gramps looks to the Dittos and smiles. "You serve a fallen god who considered himself The Architect, and I serve the lord of Destruction, this endevour was a foolish one." He lightly taps the ground with his cane.
  471. [00:28:13] <Gramps> "Tremor."
  472. [00:28:19] <Gramps> 4d12+17+45 Earthquake centered on the priestess, blast 5
  473. [00:28:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Gramps, Earthquake centered on the priestess, blast 5: 81 [4d12=5,1,7,6]
  474. [00:28:31] <Balthazar> "I thought you beat zose guys before?"
  475. [00:29:13] <Paradox> She gets roughed up some more, and two dittos go blasting off team rocket style!
  476. [00:29:27] * Paradox changes topic to 'Alcyone > Tsvai > Balthazar > Clarity > Gramps > Priestess | Ein 60 > Bestsnake 29 > Kasim 24 > Ditto x 2 14, Koffing 4 > SENOR X 3'
  477. [00:30:01] <Clarity> "Well, they must be pretty tough if they came back after getting beat up before! .... Then again, I've NEVER been beat up! Ahahahaha!"
  478. [00:30:18] <Gramps> "Your turn, priestess."
  479. [00:30:25] <Paradox> The Priestess stands back up quickly. "Alright! Enough of this! Squadron B! Squadron C! Move in!"
  480. [00:30:34] <Paradox> She then unleashes a...
  481. [00:30:35] <Paradox> 1d20
  482. [00:30:36] <Jessie> Paradox, 1d20: 8 [1d20=8]
  483. [00:30:48] <Balthazar> "I am sort of beat up though..."
  484. [00:30:48] <Theresa> "How many squadrons do you even HAVE?"
  485. [00:31:20] <Paradox> 4d12+17+35 Earthquake on her own! Hits everyone but Terry, Bestsnake, and Sexor X
  486. [00:31:21] <Jessie> Paradox, Earthquake on her own! Hits everyone but Terry, Bestsnake, and Sexor X: 77 [4d12=7,12,2,4]
  487. [00:31:25] <Clarity> "Oh, but you have me! So that means you're not beat up by... uh, what was it called? Like, transitive property or something?"
  488. [00:31:36] <Paradox> She then transforms into Ein!
  489. [00:31:43] <Paradox> speaking of which, his turn.
  490. [00:31:47] <Theresa> "Oh, dammit all. DAMMIT."
  491. [00:32:03] <Theresa> "Ein, bud! CHARGE!"
  492. [00:32:13] <Theresa> 1d20 DRAGON RUSH AC 4
  493. [00:32:13] <Jessie> Theresa, DRAGON RUSH AC 4: 4 [1d20=4]
  494. [00:32:32] * Theresa cork-screw tackles the Priestess, but flies harmlessly by!
  495. [00:32:33] <Gramps> "Oof, right, you could do that as well."
  496. [00:32:49] <Hestia> "Ow."
  497. [00:32:58] <Clarity> (Haha oh man up by 1 HP I think- oh, that's a DST on the koffing btw)
  498. [00:33:09] <Paradox> ( doesn't koffing have levitate? )
  499. [00:33:23] <Clarity> (Actually I'm pretty sure it doesn't, or not this one anyway)
  500. [00:33:42] <Paradox> ( oh no what I have done ;_; )
  501. [00:34:24] <Clarity> (I do have Step Aside! though)
  502. [00:35:08] <Paradox> ( ;_; well up to you if you use it, otherwise DST I guess )
  503. [00:35:39] <Clarity> (NOPE got this)
  504. [00:35:59] * Clarity falls over and turns it into a dive, knocking the koffing into the air!
  505. [00:36:24] <Clarity> ".. Okay, so that kinda hurts a little, I guess."
  506. [00:36:38] * Jessie is now known as DiceMaid-9001
  507. [00:36:45] <Gramps> (revenge of the bestsnake)
  508. [00:37:03] <Theresa> "The rest of you should fall back, you know!"
  509. [00:37:15] <Theresa> "I don't want to talk to your mother if anything terrible happens, Balthazar!"
  510. [00:37:32] <Theresa> "Medical bills are THROUGH THE ROOF, your great-uncle's achievements notwithstanding!"
  511. [00:37:42] <Balthazar> "O-okay auntie!"
  512. [00:38:11] <Gramps> "This is a troublin' find...looks like my little grand daughter is gonna have her hands full here. Oof."
  513. [00:38:58] <Clarity> "Oh! Oh! I'll take you somewhere safe, climb on!" The 17-year-old bends over to give the 16-year-old a piggyback ride! Think on that a second while it happens.
  514. [00:40:05] <Gramps> (Anise? :C)
  515. [00:41:42] <Hestia> (sorry)
  516. [00:41:55] <Hestia> !tick on the priestess
  517. [00:41:56] <Botherer> Tick, tock! Tick, tock! Your on the priestess just used Snore
  518. [00:41:59] <Hestia> :I
  519. [00:42:05] <Hestia> can I reroll that
  520. [00:42:10] <Gramps> (it's snake's turn)
  521. [00:42:13] <Balthazar> "I can valk, sill!"
  522. [00:42:14] <Hestia> oh
  523. [00:42:14] <Hestia> herp
  524. [00:42:42] <Hestia> Jormy rears back and breathes icy fire all over everything he can!
  525. [00:42:54] <Hestia> 1d20 ICE BURN
  526. [00:42:54] <DiceMaid-9001> Hestia, ICE BURN: 8 [1d20=8]
  527. [00:42:54] <Clarity> "Aww, I always wanted to do that though." ;_;
  528. [00:43:37] <Hestia> ac 4 so i'ma prob control that
  529. [00:43:39] <Hestia> 1d20 ICE BURN
  530. [00:43:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Hestia, ICE BURN: 10 [1d20=10]
  531. [00:43:44] <Hestia> good enough
  532. [00:43:48] <Paradox> roll it
  533. [00:44:09] <Hestia> aiming at the priestess and everything else in a 2m column
  534. [00:44:50] <Hestia> 5d12+61+30, pushes
  535. [00:44:51] <DiceMaid-9001> Hestia, pushes: 126 [5d12=9,1,12,12,1]
  536. [00:46:21] <Paradox> Jormy knocks the Priestess down once more, and completely destroys Squadon C behind her!
  537. [00:46:42] <Paradox> The unconscious dittos x______X as they're thrown back against a tree by a the gust.
  538. [00:46:47] <Paradox> KASIM
  539. [00:47:30] <Gramps> (so what's still up? Priestess and Squadron B?)
  540. [00:47:40] <Paradox> ( yes )
  541. [00:47:57] <Gramps> "Let's end this, Kasim," He Heat Waves toward Squadron B and the pesky priestess
  542. [00:48:01] <Gramps> 1d20 ac4
  543. [00:48:01] <DiceMaid-9001> Gramps, ac4: 19 [1d20=19]
  544. [00:48:14] <Gramps> 4d12+2d10+28+25 and burned
  545. [00:48:14] <DiceMaid-9001> Gramps, and burned: 81 [4d12=4,5,10,1; 2d10=2,6]
  546. [00:48:51] <Paradox> and Kasim takes out Squadron B! CrispyFriedDitto
  547. [00:49:03] * Paradox changes topic to 'Alcyone > Tsvai > Balthazar > Clarity > Gramps > Priestess | Ein 60 > Bestsnake 29 > Kasim 24 > Koffing 4 > SENOR X 3'
  548. [00:49:18] <Paradox> Koffing/Senor X's turns if they're not passing
  549. [00:49:47] <Clarity> "Oh, heyyy, I wanted to do that!" The Koffing isn't pouting, though. He has no idea what he just avoided!
  550. [00:50:02] <Theresa> "GO! NOW!"
  551. [00:50:07] * Balthazar points a finger at the Priestess as he uses a weird SATURNIAN POWER! (Heal Block)
  552. [00:50:47] <Clarity> "UH... Uh... Oh, I know! Let's do this!" The koffing gets a foot to the back as Clarity kicks him like a soccerball into the priestess! ... Which is an even worse idea than having him out in the first place!
  553. [00:50:53] <Clarity> 1d20 tackle I BELIEVE IN YOU
  554. [00:50:54] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, tackle I BELIEVE IN YOU: 5 [1d20=5]
  555. [00:51:05] <Balthazar> (lol)
  556. [00:51:08] <Clarity> (^)
  557. [00:51:26] <Gramps> "Balthazar, your little friend here is batshit insane, you know that?"
  558. [00:51:37] <Clarity> 6d6+5 if that hits, which I... really really doubt it does
  559. [00:51:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, if that hits, which I... really really doubt it does: 32 [6d6=6,3,5,5,4,4]
  560. [00:51:52] <Balthazar> "Girlfriend actually."
  561. [00:52:09] <Clarity> "Yep! Getting married! ... Oh yeah, we should probably get out of here first."
  562. [00:52:10] <Gramps> "That's even more troubling."
  563. [00:52:12] <Balthazar> "I-i guess so... Let's go Clari! It's -dangerous- 'ere!"
  564. [00:52:37] <Clarity> "Get off the ground, Smoke! Let
  565. [00:52:44] <Clarity> 's uh, go inside and take a nap. A long nap."
  566. [00:52:52] <Paradox> The Priestess gets KOFFINGBALL in the face!
  567. [00:53:13] <Paradox> It falls slowly to the ground in a slow THUD
  568. [00:54:12] <Hestia> "Well."
  569. [00:54:18] * Gramps grunts, calling Kasim back to his side. "Well, Alcyone, Tsvai, plans?"
  570. [00:54:44] <Gramps> "Gut feelin' says kill her and not repeat this, but..."
  571. [00:54:52] <Paradox> The Priestess really isn't looking all that swell.
  572. [00:54:59] <Theresa> "I think I still have a bottle."
  573. [00:55:07] <Theresa> "Induce transformation and bottle her."
  574. [00:55:13] <Hestia> "Right."
  575. [00:55:24] * Hestia snaps her fingers.
  576. [00:55:27] <Hestia> !tick
  577. [00:55:27] <Botherer> Tick, tock! Tick, tock! You just used Thunder Fang
  578. [00:55:29] <Paradox> She has ink smudges from where the koffing hit her face, and dirt on her ass from when Tsvai knocked her over, and her face has gone a bit . ____ .
  579. [00:55:40] <Paradox> ( oh god Alcyone bites her )
  580. [00:55:42] * Hestia makes things worse by biting her. :I
  581. [00:55:47] <Gramps> "..."
  582. [00:55:54] <Gramps> "Well, that's not the hands on approach I had in mind."
  583. [00:55:56] <Clarity> "... Huh."
  584. [00:55:57] <Hestia> BZZZZZZZT.
  585. [00:56:03] <Gramps> (and then Alcyone was Thunder Fang's great great great great great grandmother.)
  586. [00:56:20] <Hestia> 1d20 oright accuracy
  587. [00:56:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Hestia, oright accuracy: 20 [1d20=20]
  588. [00:56:22] <Hestia> WHELP
  589. [00:56:27] <Clarity> (GG)
  590. [00:56:32] <Hestia> 2d12+32+31+10
  591. [00:56:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Hestia, 2d12+32+31+10: 84 [2d12=1,10]
  592. [00:56:38] <Paradox> BZZZZT
  593. [00:56:48] * Gramps can't help but chuckle.
  594. [00:56:49] <Paradox> She collapses backwards into a goopile, becoming a ditto once more.
  595. [00:57:02] <Hestia> "Bleh! Blech bleccch."
  596. [00:57:15] <Hestia> "Ew."
  597. [00:57:25] <Hestia> "Quick, someone get a bottle."
  598. [00:57:26] <Balthazar> "V-v-vhat!"
  599. [00:57:42] <Gramps> "
  600. [00:57:49] <Theresa> "Got it, Hestie-lady!"
  601. [00:57:50] <Balthazar> "Use a Pokéball! Ze book said it vorks vith another Ditto, no?"
  602. [00:57:57] <Gramps> "I got a few of these friggen' Love Balls I never used back in the day, I think..."
  603. [00:58:02] * Theresa flies over on Einchomp with a glass bottle and cork stopper.
  604. [00:58:10] <Gramps> "Or a bottle, that works too."
  605. [00:58:12] * Gramps shrugs
  606. [00:59:13] * Clarity stops in mid-motion when attempting to grasp Balthazar's hand and run off, instead just staring. "... Oh, huh. That wasn't so bad!"
  607. [00:59:47] * Hestia resumes trying to get the taste of ditto out of her mouth while Jormy just staaaares.
  608. [01:00:00] <Balthazar> "Zhey are really strong!"
  609. [01:00:19] * Gramps swaps out for Lebowski, and slowly takes a seat. "Let's see what this is about..."
  610. [01:00:23] * Theresa slowly gets the Dittopriestess into the bottle and corks it.
  611. [01:00:32] <Clarity> "Uh-huuuuh. I never thought I'd find out what EVERYTHING HURTING AT THE SAME TIME feels like."
  612. [01:00:41] <Theresa> "Well, now! We meet again! Probably in the best of circumstances....from our perspective, really."
  613. [01:01:15] <Hestia> "Give that to me, please."
  614. [01:01:27] <Gramps> "What of her little posse, ya think?"
  615. [01:01:34] <Paradox> ( shake it like a polaroid picture )
  616. [01:01:40] <Theresa> "Sure, sure, but what are you going to do with her?"
  617. [01:01:40] <Balthazar> "Vell it doesn't feel good!"
  618. [01:01:51] <Paradox> There's at least two dozen dittos X____x'd all over the ground
  619. [01:02:00] <Clarity> "Actually it kinda does! It's a good hurt."
  620. [01:02:10] <Theresa> "Should we bottle these up, too?"
  621. [01:02:25] <Gramps> "Bottle em, up take em back to Imperia with us, or some shit, yeah."
  622. [01:02:29] <Paradox> 2800 EXP for Senor X and Koffing!
  623. [01:02:31] * Hestia SHAKES THE BOTTLE >:I
  624. [01:02:34] * Clarity coughs and prances over to grab the LITTLE KOFFING WHO SURVIVED, patting him on the head. "Uh... I don't think 'Ka wants any. Or anyone."
  625. [01:02:47] <Gramps> "This was something we neglected, after all."
  626. [01:03:01] <Clarity> (Fuck yeah straight from 1 to 14)
  627. [01:03:08] <Paradox> "WHAAAA"
  628. [01:03:15] <Paradox> the shaking wakes her up
  629. [01:03:24] <Balthazar> "You really should ask Raven 'ow it got 'ere!"
  630. [01:03:31] <Paradox> ";_; I give up you're all dumb I hate you."
  631. [01:03:39] <Balthazar> "Or Mister Canute? 'e is ze one living on ze tower vhere zhey found it."
  632. [01:03:50] <Hestia> "You were the one who attacked us."
  633. [01:04:13] <Hestia> "By the way, Floyd made your dress into a tablecloth." She may or may not be lying.
  634. [01:04:15] <Gramps> (Is Vodun w/ Bobcore, or is he still aloof? )
  635. [01:04:51] <Balthazar> (He actually alchemized it, derpnise)
  636. [01:05:01] <Paradox> " ;____; That was a special gift from Urmaresheron! "
  637. [01:05:06] <Balthazar> (It's Red Knight's floral toga now)
  638. [01:05:55] <Clarity> "Urmawha?" The derpiest of head-tilts. "... I really should read more."
  639. [01:05:56] <Theresa> "Well, Urmaresheron has been defeated."
  640. [01:05:59] <Gramps> "Bah, I'll ask her later, this is pertinant. And canwho? Whatever, that can wait."
  641. [01:06:01] <Theresa> "For like....twenty-odd years, even."
  642. [01:06:12] <Theresa> "By us, even! We've got the t-shirts to prove it, and everything."
  643. [01:06:21] <Hestia> (Balth: but that will piss her off less)
  644. [01:06:23] <Gramps> "That's bullshit and you know it."
  645. [01:06:31] <Gramps> "The T-shirt part, that is."
  646. [01:07:16] * Balthazar pats Clarity. "I'll explain to you later, Clari!"
  647. [01:07:49] <Clarity> "Ohhh, I wanna hear their story though! They're not gonna just like... teleport away, are they?"
  648. [01:09:00] <Hestia> "Probably not if we're holding onto the leader."
  649. [01:09:15] <Clarity> "... No, I mean you guys."
  650. [01:10:12] <Theresa> "No, I'm serious, really!"
  651. [01:10:26] <Hestia> "Oh."
  652. [01:10:28] <Hestia> "Ohhh."
  653. [01:10:30] <Hestia> "Whelp/
  654. [01:10:32] <Hestia> "I'll uh."
  655. [01:10:44] * Theresa pulls a t-shirt out of an inner coat pocket. It's blue, and reads "I DEFEATED AN ELDER GOD, AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS LOUSY T-SHIRT"
  656. [01:10:51] <Theresa> A green Spiritomb is pictured below it.
  657. [01:11:03] <Gramps> "Pht." He waves dismissively. "Naw, here to visit, got some business to attend to before I - ...why didn't I get one?"
  658. [01:11:25] <Hestia> "Why did you make that, Theresa?"
  659. [01:11:28] <Hestia> "I mean."
  660. [01:11:59] * Clarity marvels at the shirt before grabbing Alc- I mean Hestia's hand and staring up with SPARKLY EYES. "That was SO COOL! You can teach me how to eat monsters too, right? Right?"
  661. [01:12:03] <Gramps> "But this is all aside the point. What are we gonna do with our old friend here?"
  662. [01:12:20] * Gramps pokes the bottled priestess with his cane.
  663. [01:12:21] <Theresa> "Why -not- make it? What part about it -is not awesome-?"
  664. [01:12:28] <Clarity> "I mean Sky can too, but-" Her eyes sulkingly shoot over to the unconscious shinx by the wall.
  665. [01:12:38] <Hestia> "Auuuugh."
  666. [01:12:47] <Hestia> "No, no I really can't."
  667. [01:12:54] * Hestia attempts to pry Clarity off.
  668. [01:12:59] <Clarity> "... Oh."
  669. [01:13:06] <Hestia> "It's simply an end result of the various forces at work in the universe."
  670. [01:13:08] <Balthazar> "I could... I could let it on space, eh?"
  671. [01:13:25] * Clarity is very pryable with 1 HP left, woozily spinning around.
  672. [01:13:26] <Balthazar> "Ve are travelling to ze moon, me and Clarity, so i could bury 'er on a moon rock?"
  673. [01:13:34] <Balthazar> "No one vill search zhere!"
  674. [01:13:51] <Clarity> "Well, if other people go to the moon to get cheese there..."
  675. [01:13:52] <Gramps> "Better question, what the fuck are they doing here?"
  676. [01:14:25] * Hestia stuffs a Sitrus Berry in Clarity's face.
  677. [01:14:51] * Clarity nomnomnom... chomp chew munch.
  678. [01:15:32] <Theresa> "That is a -very- good question."
  679. [01:15:37] <Hestia> "Anyway, we might as well try tossing her into the ocean this time."
  680. [01:15:41] * Theresa shakes the Priestess's bottle.
  681. [01:15:46] <Theresa> "Yeah, what -are- you doing here?"
  682. [01:15:50] <Balthazar> "No moon? :<"
  683. [01:15:57] <Theresa> "Maybe they were finding....IT."
  684. [01:16:07] * Theresa is being intentionally vague. They can't give away too much.
  685. [01:16:07] <Gramps> "Good guess, I'd wager."
  686. [01:16:32] * Clarity still keeps trying to get a taste for the thing, making scruncy-faces and the like. "Uh... Wasn't there somebody who like... did something... in the water... or something?"
  687. [01:16:34] <Hestia> "Maybe."
  688. [01:16:44] <Balthazar> "Finding vhat?"
  689. [01:16:54] <Balthazar> "You mean Iona?"
  690. [01:17:02] <Balthazar> "Ze... NEPTUNIAN?"
  691. [01:17:05] <Clarity> "... Oh! No, I mean me. I'd probably fish it up!"
  692. [01:17:19] * Clarity conks herself on the head. "Just forgot, silly me!"
  693. [01:19:00] <Hestia> "Well, uh, you could just throw it back?"
  694. [01:19:11] * Hestia glances over at Bobcore. <what in the world is wrong with this town>
  695. [01:20:33] * Gramps shrugs. "I grew up around evil shamans and voodoo witches. This is pretty tame by my book."
  696. [01:21:16] <Clarity> "... Or sell it. Or maybe Food Guy could make some, like, food from it?"
  697. [01:21:27] <Hestia> "That's probably a bad idea."
  698. [01:21:30] <Clarity> "I mean, if you bit it that means anyone can eat it, right?"
  699. [01:21:34] <Hestia> "I heard it got fed to a lilipup?
  700. [01:21:35] <Hestia> "
  701. [01:21:44] <Balthazar> "Canute vould like to experiment on it, eh?"
  702. [01:21:57] <Balthazar> "...Yeeeah you should talk vith 'is owner about zhat."
  703. [01:22:03] <Clarity> "Oh yeah! Newt's all about this stuff."
  704. [01:22:12] <Gramps> "I don't exactly plan to extend my visit here over this. Hell, was just gonna visit my granddaughter, harass her boyfriend a little, now might have to shoot the shit with ol' Mac..."
  705. [01:23:08] * Clarity suddenly shoots her hand into the air! "Oh! I know!"
  706. [01:23:26] <Clarity> "Why don't you all stop by Neffy's place? She has REALLY good curry, y'know."
  707. [01:23:57] <Balthazar> "Ve could, yeah!"
  708. [01:24:14] <Gramps> "Probably somethin' we can leave to the folk here if we give them propper warnin' n' such. See this Canute fella, maybe." He turns to the youths. "Who?"
  709. [01:25:12] <Theresa> "Who?"
  710. [01:25:29] <Clarity> "Neffy! She runs the bar where the Guard Lady lives at now." A few seconds to blink a few times, turning to Balthazar. "... Whose grandpa did you say he was again?"
  711. [01:26:19] <Balthazar> "...Raven?"
  712. [01:26:48] <Clarity> "Yeah! She's the guard! And... Oh."
  713. [01:27:17] <Gramps> "Hah! I was headin' there anyway, then."
  714. [01:28:17] <Theresa> "You guys go on ahead."
  715. [01:28:25] <Theresa> "I have a delicious interview to carry out."
  716. [01:28:58] <Clarity> "Okay~! Then let's all meet up there later!" The hyper teen prances over to pick the KO'd mons up, not even noticing the Koffing... rolling around, apparently. She also kicks a few dittos out of the way. "You can TOTALLY tell stories of ADVENTURE and HERO STUFF, right?"
  717. [01:29:23] <Balthazar> Balth is suddenly knocked out from the poison that the Ditto priestess threw at him!
  718. [01:29:30] <Gramps> "By later ya mean now," Lebowski plucks the girl up and tosses her on.
  719. [01:29:46] <Theresa> "No. Nooooononononono! THERE IS SCIENCE TO BE DONE DAMMIT"
  720. [01:29:49] <Theresa> "ALIEN"
  721. [01:29:51] <Theresa> "FUCKING"
  722. [01:29:52] <Theresa> "SCIENCE"
  723. [01:29:59] <Gramps> "Now lead the way."
  724. [01:30:13] * Clarity grabs unconsciousazar too! "Yep! It's thattaway, old man!" ADVENTURE!
  725. [01:30:41] <Theresa> "Fine, I'll interview him -there- if you insist. But no boozeahol for me! That stuff is bad for you."
  726. [01:31:20] <Gramps> "Let's go, Lebowski!" He gives a shrill chirp of sorta, and plods off toward town!
  727. [01:31:48] * Hestia follows Bobcore. Oh god what is with this town
  728. [01:32:11] <Gramps> And the adventure of life goes on? :3
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