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Aug 26th, 2019
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  1. Username: Narutashi
  2. IC Name :Lilithiana
  4. Tier 2 Skill limit Break Roleplay:
  5. Lilithiana would wake Owain from bed as she was interested in knowing how he had learnt break his limits.
  7. Owain:" What is it Lilithiana? Are you ok? Are we under attack??"
  9. Lilithiana : "No but remember the fight we had? Where you used a special skill that made you go beyond your human limits?"
  11. Owain :" Yeah, you were the one that suggested it to me last time. When I was searching for a way to go beyond what I could normally, since my body is very weak. The only thing is it has it's draw backs. Why are you asking me this at this time??"
  13. Lilithiana:" Well I was sleeping but then I woke up thinking about what if a Heran like me could go beyond my own limitations as well? Since you have been able to do it I thought I would like to try it out too ,you know?"
  15. Owain was surprised that she would want to go through something like that.
  17. Owain: "Are you even sure you wanna learn something as dangerous as THAT technique? I mean I haven't even told you the consequences that comes with learning or even activating it! Are you sure you want to still go through with it? I mean it takes a toll on your body, it can shred your muscles and even your bones for forcing your body to go beyond it's limit. I only learned it as a last resort to be able to save you. You're my wife so it seems right that I push as hard as I can to save you and-"Lilithiana cuts him off
  19. Lilithiana: "Owain I understand you wanna protect me and everything, I understand it's normal for your Human race to protect women, but as a Heran I still have my dream to fulfill . My mother entrusted me with her dream and her goal and right now, we're gonna be at war soon. I wanna be able to protect as many people as I can. I wanna be able to protect my friends! I pledged my loyalty to Annie so I wanna see this war through until there's peace. If that's what I have to do to be able to keep the peace then so be it, i'll pay any price to be able to make it happen. I understand you have some scuffles with Annie but she's really misunderstood. People make her out to be a monster but she is only doing what's right to keep order and peace, locking someone up won't change there ways, they will continue their path into darkness regardless so the only solution for her is execution. She never wanted to be in that position ,she wants to live a normal life like everyone else without being harassed or assassinated. I wanna be able to make her dream of peace come true as well. She's a role model ,a very strong female and I see a lot of my mother in her, so this is why I decided to assist her in this revolutionary war that's about to unfold. That's why Owain i'm asking you to please teach me THAT technique please...."
  21. Owain remains silent for a while, having an internal struggle with his emotions and whether or not to teach her the technique
  23. Owain: "Sigh, there's no changing your mind I can tell you that. Once you're determined you'll let no one stop you....alright i'll teach you, just promise me that when I do, you'll be careful ok?"
  25. Lilithiana then nods
  26. Lilithiana: "I promise i'll try to be careful with that new technique~" excited that Owain had agreed to help her.
  28. Owain: " Well can I at least get some clothes on Lilithiana .I don't wanna be in trouble going outside half naked..."
  30. Lilithiana: "Alright " Lilithiana giggled as she closed the door behind her.
  32. [A few minutes later]
  34. Owain: "Alright i'm ready, come to the mountains. We don't know how your body will react to this training so I don't wanna risk you destroying the place and getting us arrested or executed..."
  37. Lilithiana: "Alright." SHe giggled
  39. [30 minutes later both Owain and Lilithiana reach the mountain outside of Ironblood City]
  41. Owain: "And here we are the mountains"
  43. Lilithiana was amazed that she finally sees what the outside looks like.
  45. Lilithiana:" Wow I never seen the sky here before~ All I remember is how I fell from the sky, the air out here is nice~"
  47. Owain: "Alright Lilithiana you need to focus, we only have a small amount of time. We don't know if the Tribals will be happy with us being over here on the surface"
  49. Lilithiana: "Alright I'm sorry, when can we start?"
  51. Owain: "First you need to understand the technique and what it's capable of doing before even being able to learn it."
  53. Lilithiana: " Awwww I still have to wait...."
  56. Owain: "Just letting you know what this technique does, the drawbacks and consequencesof it before trying to teach you something this dangerous. Now then, have a seat somewhere i'll make this short"
  58. Lilithiana takes off her jacket and sits on it as she's ready to listen to Owain.
  60. Owain: "Alright so this technique is called Limit Break. It allows you to unlock your restraints and go beyond what your body is normally capable of, increasing your overall Speed, Strength, Acurracy and so forth. What you're normally capable of doing increases by 2 folds or more depending how much energy you want to expend, sounds great right? It is ,but now comes the bad part, the draw backs. So basically, we have limiters to be able to control how much we are able to do, so as not to cause our body harm. Well with Limit Break those limiters are unblocked and will ignore that safety switch, stressing the body and causing it to break down from the strain.For example ,a normal Human can't lift a 20 Ton Boulder because they are limited on what they are capable of, their body tells them to stop, it's too heavy. But when a Human uses Limit Break, they will be able to lift that boulder over head, however they will have torn their muscles and have shattered most of their bones due to removing those safeties. So when they stop using it, that is when they will then start feeling the pain and I can tell you from experience it's unbearable. So basically you're in an addrenaline state once you use Limit Breaker, you gain positives but the moment you deactivate the technique, you will then have to suffer the negatives as a draw back for gaining more power then your body is capable of holding. You have to sacrifice one part of yourself to be able to gain the other and that's it for that lesson. Now we go into teaching you the technique, stand up and listen closely"
  62. Lilithiana stand up in excitement and concern at the same time as she gets in a power up state.
  65. Owain:" Alright you need feel a sensation of true loss, imagine someone you wanna protect, but you can't because you're not strong enough. If you're able to lift this 200 Ton Metal cube then you will have activated your Limit Breaker. I know Herans have immense strength so I had to increase the weight. I'll sit here and watch, if you get hurt let me know"
  68. Lilithiana: "This is easy I don't think i'll need to use the Limit Break~" She said as she attempts to lift the metal cube but fails, hurting her back for a little. Standing back up she cracks her back to make it feel better.
  70. Lilithiana: "Wow you weren't kidding it's heavy alright."
  72. Lilithiana then powers up and tries again and again.
  74. [5 hours later of attempting to lift the cube]
  77. Lilithiana: " THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE I feel like I can't do it! This is stupid!!!!"
  79. Lilithiana smashes her fist on the ground as Owain looks from a cave in the mountains while it rained. Lilithiana then gets truly upset as she starts bulking up , veins start bulging from her body as she remembers the moment her mother got beaten up infront of her. She was helpless to save her and watched her die before her very eyes, all because of how weak she was.
  82. Lilithiana: " N-no more...….I don't want to be weak anymore...…. I want to become strong mother, I.....I will AVENGE you!"She said with a mighty shout.
  84. Lilithiana's Aura goes out of control as she tries to lift the 200 Ton metal cube. The cube slowly rises as Owain eyes widen to the fact that she is even able to even lift it at all. Lilithiana then lifts it half way from her as her ribs shatter her muscles tear, shredding inside her, but the adrenaline she has doesn't allow her to feel the pain. She manages to lift it overhead however, it then falls on her.
  87. Owain: " LILITHIANA!!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!"
  89. Owain was in shock as he stares at the cube, feeling like he just killed his wife.
  91. Owain: " No this can't be HAPPENING I KNEW I SHOULDN'T HA-"
  93. As he get's upset he was interrupted by the 200 ton cube flying from the ground. She was alive ,but bleeding badly as her clothes were torn , her right breast exposed .
  95. Owain: "Lilithiana! Oh no this is bad, I have to take you to the healing chamber immediately!"
  97. Owain puts her on his back and takes her to the chamber.
  99. [24 hours later]
  101. Lilithiana wakes up with bandages all over her except for her eyes.
  103. Lilithiana:" What's going on? Why am I home in bed?"
  105. Owain: " Well you lifted the cube I made for you and it crushed you. That was when you then exploded with energy at the last minute and sent it flying into the sky, but you were pretty beaten up. I thought you died on me learning the technique. I'm glad you're ok, I'm proud you were able to learn it."
  107. Lilithiana: " Thank you Owain, I hope this new found power will aid me from the war that's about to unfold." She said as she yawns
  109. Lilithiana: "Mind if I sleep in abit more?"
  111. Owain "Sure you deserve it, I'll be here when you wake up"
  113. Lilithiana falls back asleep as Owain touches Lilithianas hair.
  115. Owain "One day you will become a monster of a woman with that determination.You're the reason I keep trying to be stronger, rest well."
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