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  1. Fitz
  2.  Excellent job with training and delegating. Steve and Emily are much more confident. Also good work learning what Faybik and collaborating with Concha.
  3.  Organization, patience, diligence
  4.  Teach back to the team what you learn from SkyCAST or what does he see
  5. Priorities
  6. -Training
  7. -Testing SkyCAST
  8. -Nov Sked
  9. -Personal goal for the year
  11. Brent
  12. Great job in Q4, NP101 and the day I the field went great. Completed first Sat Sked on your own while leading the team in using design studio and version 3.4.
  13.  Good relator, passionate about doing the work and doing it well, organized
  14.  Continue to learn all the facets of Optimization thru Oct Sun and Nov Sked
  15. Priorities
  16. -Oct Sun and Nov Sked
  17. -Culture committee chair or leader
  18. -Personal one based on yearly goal
  19. -Be able to OTP Optimize
  21. Ricardo
  22.  Excellent Q4 training of Jeremy, creating and fleshing out Adapt scenarios for Optym. What else... Quickly up to speed on design studio and quick to add the recording capability to help with bug reporting.
  23.  Always ready for what's next, hard worker, organized, good team player
  24.  Making sure team Optym has a clear understanding of our needs for Adapt
  25. Priorities
  26. -Oct Sat and Nov skeds
  27. -Supporting Adapt Optimization
  28. -Helping Jeremy with Nov Sat Low
  29. -Look for CI opportunities in production
  31. Spears
  32.  Continuing to learn editing tasks. Great work trying to move ICOs and mktng days to produce a better Labor day (bringing Sked design knowledge to Sked Dev). Able to represent NP at gate exceptions committee
  33.  Not afraid to ask questions, always joyful and a source of joy for others
  34.  Use experience from Design to make Nov Holiday skeds the best possible working with Aitor and Dustin
  35. Priorities
  36. -Labor day and Thx Thursday and Friday skeds
  37. -Continue learning editing tasks and what makes a good sched
  38. -Personal goal based on yearly goal
  39. -Strengths disciple of the team?
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