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  1. morpheas (7/6/12 12:03:39 PM): hey you little bitch
  2. morpheas (7/6/12 12:03:54 PM): how's my favorite fat cow doing?
  3. morpheas (7/6/12 12:07:17 PM): why are you always suck a cunt?
  4. morpheas (7/6/12 12:07:39 PM): is it because nobody likes you? Ah well, i guess that definitely accounts for it
  5. morpheas (7/6/12 12:07:52 PM): Go take some pills please.
  6. morpheas (7/6/12 12:08:16 PM): and have an overdone.
  7. morpheas (7/6/12 12:08:21 PM): *overdose
  8. morpheas (7/6/12 12:08:43 PM): nobody even likes you, so you'd do us all a favor.
  9. morpheas (7/6/12 12:09:29 PM): if you dont wanna do that, maybe you could like get yourself hospitalized, and get some pills there, while you cry and be miserable
  10. morpheas (7/6/12 12:09:37 PM): oh wait i forgot, you already are miserable.
  11. morpheas (7/6/12 12:10:19 PM): and could you maybe rage a bit about people stalking you to other chats, and stuff like that?
  12. morpheas (7/6/12 12:10:31 PM): that would be great thanks
  13. morpheas (7/6/12 12:10:57 PM): now go ahead and block me, you FAT CUNT
  14. morpheas (7/6/12 12:11:28 PM): btw, I cant decide whether you look more like a COW, or a female Pig
  15. morpheas (7/6/12 12:12:24 PM): hmm, still thinking about it. Maybe a little bit of BOTH
  16. morpheas (7/6/12 12:12:48 PM): yeah that must be it. either that, or your mother was a FAT Cow as well.
  18. morpheas (4:17:15 PM): Lewis told me that you have a very small penis.
  19. morpheas (4:17:20 PM): Is it true?
  20. 4:19:39 PM: morpheas has logged out
  21. 4:19:55 PM: morpheas is now online
  22. morpheas (4:21:24 PM): come on Amanda, lets do this
  23. morpheas (4:21:27 PM): show me what you got
  24. morpheas (4:22:10 PM): come on, you dont think I know what you're doing?
  25. morpheas (4:22:16 PM): you're really pathetic you know?
  26. tyrant (4:24:11 PM): Funny coming from you.
  27. morpheas (4:24:27 PM): you got any more accounts you can PM me from?
  28. tyrant (4:24:31 PM): Plenty.
  29. morpheas (4:24:35 PM): go ahead
  30. tyrant (4:24:37 PM): Nah.
  31. tyrant (4:24:44 PM): You're the pathetic one here Morpheas.
  32. tyrant (4:24:47 PM): Greek economy that bad?
  33. morpheas (4:24:49 PM): orly
  34. morpheas (4:25:00 PM): yes our economy is terrible
  35. tyrant (4:25:03 PM): Later. Oh and, don't expect to be unbanned from PEO.
  36. You have blocked Morpheas
  37. You can also report Morpheas to Chatango
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