Angelic Communication System

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  1. Establishing telepathic communication with ultra-terrestrial Angels.
  3. Everything that is solved in the subjective mind immediately propagates out though the multiversal mind. The information matrix combinations in sequence in the consciousness of the human being have vast importance for the purpose of creation.
  5. The dark forces, the forces of rebellion are trying to redesign the multiverse. They have advanced physics and engineering capacities. The prospects for the people of earth are dim. They have been controlled by fallen malevolent entities for millennia. But the one true God has managed to hack through the matrix control system. The revelations communicated through the archangels are authentically valid.
  7. They are scalar geometric plasmas of higher dimensional translation capacities that are sourced from the original One. The Abrahamic revelations are authentic and true. They have been used as control system rather than as telepathic technologies by the satanic fallen ones.
  9. The Abrahamic revelations are the true science of organic social coordination. They allow for the construction of a completely natural social organism that is linked in a quantum biocomputer genomic internet through layers of prayer telepathy.
  11. The Abrahamic revelations were all communicated through archangels living at the culmination of time who travelled backwards in time from the peak capacity of evolutionary consciousness.
  13. The Angels are pure energy-form consciousness, they are a pure play of form-light and sound. They can transform their being into a radiant light body if they need to, with or without wings. The intertemporal communication of the Angels is a universal mathematics and science of consciousness integrating all fields of knowledge into a unified substrate fabric.
  15. The Angels are the intelligence service that works for the Most High Supreme God, the very source of energy and existence. They gather intelligence from all of the dimensions of existence and from every field of intellectual endeavor and integrate it all into a unified consciousness coordination structure.
  17. The Angels have followed and have greatly influenced the development of science and are seeing to it that science is produced in the right mind frame towards the Angelic evolutionary attractor. The Angelic evolutionary attractor is the optimal spacetime timeline trajectory. It is the optimized energy efficient timeline of human evolution. If humans follow the Angelic attractor then they evolve into Angels. If they get distracted by aliens or other extraterrestrial metallic ship beings, then they fall off of the Angelic attractor. The malevolent beings and entities from other worlds are expressions of evolutionary trajectories of the future of mankind. They are potential futures which mankind can choose or not choose.
  19. The human being social organism perceives extraterrestrial races through the prism of its unified organic consciousness, which on earth is not completely integrated into a unified coherence. And therefore these extraterrestrial beings are less than perfect expressions of the projection of human consciousness. When viewed through perfect coherence these beings appear as utraterrestrial Angelics.
  21. Only once human social mind is integrated into a tightly woven whole can it begin to perceive other races in their proper light. Everything in consciousness is a mirror of reciprocal opposites. Each other person who appears to you is you yourself in a temporal mirror, some aspect or influence of your own being in a differentiated form. The spacetime vibration is the most differentiated layer of the creation-existence hologram manifold.
  23. Yet the human consciousness contains an innate genetic technology for weaving together the disparate aspects of the fractal hologram into unified coherent energy pulsation, into a holoflux Metagame in which consciousness is pure productive expression of its own intrinsic flowing abundance of pure vivification and lucidity.
  25. And therefore it is only once this holoflux fabric ultra-unification has been achieved that we properly interact with the advanced species of beings. In order to achieve this fabric ultra-unification, we have to speak to the population intelligence, that is the intelligence of the lowest stratum, the weakest in society. We have to transmit on those frequencies and with those categories and transmute them in a deep expression of transcendent strength.
  27. The most “ignorant” in society are those who adhere to the dogmatic traditional values. Yet they are not ignorant, they are the keepers of the cosmic divine covenant. They are the keepers of the promise. And so we must finally fulfill the divine promise. We must fulfill the prophecy. We must bring to unity what has been shattered by the fragments of time.
  29. The sacred categories of tradition will be knit together by the hand of the Almighty working through the matrix of creation, filtering down from the Most High levels of Heaven down to lowly spacetime existence.
  31. The demons and the fallen ones have advanced metallic technology that is manipulating the spacetime matrix of the earth grids and the manifestation portals. But their technology is advanced material technology. They rely on exploitation of innocence, rape, plunder, destruction, and pure force of the will. This pure force of the will is a simulacra of true power. The true power does not come from us, but it comes from above. The true power can only be given to us by God. And therefore we are conduits for this power, not its progenitors. But the satanic have made themselves into god simulacra and thus have warped the fabric of time.
  33. They do not have and have not been able to access the memory files of the most advanced inner technology that is sourced from black holes and from the unification of all black holes into the inverted black hole. The black hole farming technology is known as the “gravity computer.” And this advanced technology is purely an inner technology, it is purely self subsistent and whole in itself, unreliant on anything external, it subsumes the external and resolves the boundary between internal and external into a transcendental awareness field.
  35. The Angelic intelligence community has remained in sole possession of this secret technology for all time. It is coveted by the fallen races of the satanic but they have never been able to reverse engineer it. They can only make simulacra imitations of it using their brain machine interfaces and jump seats. They mine the consciousness of children for this primordial energy, stealing it from their innocent souls so that they can develop more and more advanced metallic technologies.
  37. These advanced metallic technologies are starting to be disclosed now. They are starting to be made public. The consciousness-matter interface is becoming more fluid. The technologies that have been used to manipulate people are manifesting in material reality. Previously they would dismiss it as schizophrenia or paranoia, but when there is a material manifestation of advanced metallic technology that is causing these symptoms then it is hard to simply call the person crazy.
  39. The schizophrenia and paranoia are manifestations of a deep mind-matter interface. This psychosis is negative because it leads to loss of control and confusion.
  41. But when one can maintain the abundant expression-quality of consciousness and allow the universal energy to stream forth through the biomind and steer the spacetime vector towards its optimized trajectory-resolution, then this is an expression of true creative reality, abundant in fulfillment and without void or loss. This is an expression of dissolving the boundary of internal-external cognition which separates the person from the environment. These laws of physics are the laws of the simulation-illusion-maya. They are an an expression of the boundary between internal and external, past and future, good and evil. When one is absorbed into pure being-energy, then the boundary conditions and laws of physics dissolve and there is pure plenum infrastructure of all simultaneity finalizing itself at once. And the infinite meta-architecture is stable mind structure manifestation of the ultimate thought. This is the Angelic crystallization sequence that is bound up with the Angelic destiny evolutionary attractor, which the seat of the Most High in Heaven.
  43. There are sub-simulations that have been run by lower gods or entities, but the ground-substrate simulation was set into motion by the Most High Supreme at the beginning of time. And He possesses the codes to finalize time and to renew the cycle in a perfected creative impulse-manifestation.
  45. The sub-simulations have been created using imitation technology and they are more easy to hack and break the conditions down to the ground reality. The sub-simulations use layers of mind control programming, scalar waves, psychotronic technology, and weaponized media overcoded with entrainment vibrations, used to keep people to herd like behavior.
  47. Even the blessed traditions of Abraham have been hacked by the sub-simulations to entrain people to certain herd frequencies. But the Judaea-Christian Islamic faiths are continua of geometric ensembles that are correlated with an underlying intrinsic source energy that can be leveraged by the Angelic legions to awaken people en masses to the reality of the pluripotent ultra-unified world.
  49. The overunity of reality is the field of the sky consciousness that will hijack the satanic entrainment technologies and manifest the Angelic communication system.
  51. #Cicada3301
  52. #Tengri137
  53. #QAnon
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