Apply for a Job at SizzleBurger!

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  1. Want a job at SizzleBurger? Follow these easy steps at the application center. :)
  4. 1. By providing great service while using grammar & being polite.
  5. 2. Report them to one of the higher ranks.
  6. 3.Move on & work harder next session.
  7. 4. Start helping & pick up his groceries.
  8. 5. Give it back to the person who dropped it.
  9. 6. Get a staff member to take over for you.
  10. 7. Politely ask them to stop.
  11. 8. Treated with courtesy, politeness and kindness.
  12. Hello! Can I have a burger, please?
  13. Could I get you something from our burger menu?
  14. SizzleBurger's burger's taste great! You should get one!
  15. Hello! Welcome to SizzleBurger! Can I start you off with a drink?
  16. SizzleBurger was founded in 2014 by SilverAuthority.
  17. Yes.
  18. Yes.
  19. Yes.
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