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  1. Do you want to make passive income? For free and no hassle?
  3. Follow these steps, its free and safe.
  5. First create an account on using this link
  6.  Second Create an account oh Helixxmine with this link:
  8. Both links are safe, Twitter will mark them as unsafe. Press "ignore this warning and continue"
  9.  You can also just search on google if you like, but I would prefer you using my links to help me as well.
  11. After creating an account on step one, you press "roll" every hour and get free bitcoins
  12. After creating an account on Helixx, you spread your link, and when people click on it, you will receive 0.07$
  13.  On helixx you use the funds from Freebitcoin and from Helixx from clicks, to purchase mining power.
  15. Withdraw when ever you like. Free passive income with minimal work.
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