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  1. couch genie
  2. [00:03] Carter McDarrin stretches and sighs out deeply as he steps into his new house, having just come back from a little celebratory dinner. His things were moved in, his furniture was set up... Everything was ready for him to start his new life out here, with a nice cozy home to go along with it. But now it was time to relax. After closing and locking the door behind him, he walked over to flop himself down onto the couch, leaning back against the cushions while he let out another sigh. Finally, he could just sit down and rest for a bit...
  3. [00:10] Sex Genie Shimmer ...or so he thought. as he laid down along the couch and leaned back into it, pink smoke began to seep out from under the cushions, a faint and very girly scent coming out of it, like the couch came directly out of a young girls room. as the smoke came out, it began to move in front of the couch, spiraling upwards as if something was manifesting from it
  4. [00:12] Carter McDarrin had closed his eyes by then, but the sweet scent confused him. Opening his eyes, he saw the smoke, and yelped before jumping off the couch and stumbling over, sitting up on his elbows while the smoke spiraled up to the middle of the living room, with him looking in horror at it.
  5. [00:15] Sex Genie Shimmer the smoke spiraled up idly for a moment, not seeming to form or do anything in its place. however, right in carters ear, he would suddenly hear a loud young and high-pitched voice say "BOO!"
  6. [00:18] Carter McDarrin jumped again, diving to the side to get away from the voice. Huddling himself up, he looked tentatively at the bundle of smoke, then slowly sat up and backed himself into a corner. "What are you...?"
  7. [00:23] Sex Genie Shimmer the smoke was gone now, no trace of it left, all there was in the room now was a pink-haired girl with a giant ponytail wearing a harem outfit and lots of pearl and emerald jewelry. And she was laughing hysterically at the frightened man "AHAHAHAHAHAHA, THAT WAS THE FUNNIEST ONE YET HAHAHAHA" she hollered as she clutched her sides, this girl also seemed to be floating in mid-air as well.
  8. [00:27] Carter McDarrin: (Sorry about that, Internet hiccup)
  9. [00:27] Sex Genie Shimmer: (it's ok)
  10. [00:33] Sex Genie Shimmer: (need a repost?)
  11. [00:33] Carter McDarrin: (Yeah, I didn't realize you posted)
  12. [00:34] Sex Genie Shimmer the smoke was gone now, no trace of it left, all there was in the room now was a pink-haired girl with a giant ponytail wearing a harem outfit and lots of pearl and emerald jewelry. And she was laughing hysterically at the frightened man "AHAHAHAHAHAHA, THAT WAS THE FUNNIEST ONE YET HAHAHAHA" she hollered as she clutched her sides, this girl also seemed to be floating in mid-air as well.
  13. [00:34] Carter McDarrin got to his feet with an angry expression, his fists clenched. "Are you one of the neighbor kids!? Where are your parents, how did you get into my house?!" Then, he realized... Her outfit, and she was floating. "Wait..." His arms fell to his sides. "Are you genie? Is this... Do you live here?"
  14. [00:34] Carter McDarrin: (I guess mine didn't go through)
  15. [00:42] Sex Genie Shimmer She calmed down from her laughing fit after he started yelling, then floated up to the couch, her legs crossed as she held her own hands "i didn't, you took me here" she stated as he began to realize what she was. "that's right, and now I do" she says as she suddenly vanished in a puff of pink smoke and reappeared directly in front of his face "and since we're housemates we can have have some fun together" she says with a wink
  16. [00:44] Carter McDarrin "What do you mean I took you here?" he mumbled, stepping away from the childlike genie. "I don't... Remember you from anywhere, you came out of the couch... Did I buy you, when I bought that thing? How did you even get here, what's going on? I don't want you in my house, this is my house!"
  17. [00:57] Sex Genie Shimmer "I mean you brought my home here" she says pointing to the couch "you're not too bright are you mister" teasing him by booping his nose before he backs away. "and of course you don't, we just met today. to answer everything else, no, from my world, you discovered a sex genie for the first time, you will soon enough, and not anymore" she nonchalantly says while laying back in midair and counting off her answers on her fingers
  18. [01:02] Carter McDarrin folding his arms, he sighed deeply and shook his head, moving over to the couch to sit down again. "And why will I want you in my house 'soon enough'? That makes no sense, why would I want a little kid genie thing living with me?" he mumbled, not quite making eye contact with her. "This is all so weird..."
  19. [01:06] Sex Genie Shimmer the little genie poofed and reappeared upside down in front of his face "helloooooo, i'm a genieeee" she states like it was the most obvious thing in the world "you really gotta be crazy if you wouldn't want someone like me around, Dontcha know what we can do?" she asks "and with that attitude i think you just need it"
  20. [01:11] Carter McDarrin "Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know genies can grant wishes and all. But why would you give me any? You're not bound to me or anything, I just bought a couch that happened to have you in it, somehow." He sighed and brought his knees up to his chest, hugging his legs while he looked into her large eyes. "What, do you want something in return for a wish?"
  21. [01:20] Sex Genie Shimmer flipped back up and floated back a bit from him "cause i wanna? and maybe to help stop you from being such a big grump?" she states tilting her head "well normally we do, but i'll make you a deal, i'll grant your wish first, THEN you can give me what i want" she offers coming back up to him, her light blue eyes gazing directly into his as she awated his answer
  22. [01:23] Carter McDarrin rolled his eyes playfully, wanting to spite her and wish for her to leave, but he was curious what she wanted at the same time... "Well, maybe I wish I'd be a bit happier about this," he teased, expecting her to just pout and ask what his real wish was, but she might not see it that way.
  23. [01:28] Sex Genie Shimmer smirked and lifted up a finger, a glowing yellow light coming from it as she said with a wink "wish granted~" and pointing it directly at him, the ball of light flying and hitting him, sending a positive surge of energy throughout his body. all those negative moody emotions getting downed out with happiness and a bit of giddiness too
  24. [01:29] Carter McDarrin "No, no, wait, that's not-" he managed, then got hit with the ball of light. Immediately, a smile spread over his face, and he laughed softly at his antics before. "Well, sorry about earlier... Not sure what I was thinking. Now, what did you want from me? I'd be glad to help!"
  25. [01:31] Sex Genie Shimmer smiled seeing his mood change, then her eyes lidded as she said "i want to have have sex with you" she says with a sly grin
  26. [01:33] Carter McDarrin Now that he was so happy, he saw nothing wrong with that. A genie in an eight year old's body, whom he just met? Sure! Nodding eagerly, he leaned back into the couch, putting his hands on the zipper of his jeans. "I'd love to!"
  27. [01:36] Sex Genie Shimmer "now that's more like it!" she says poofing away her clothes, wearing only her jewelry and hairband as she watched him take down his pants, floating onto the other end of the couch and sitting criss-cross for him "told you you'd want me soon enough" she teased with a wink
  28. [01:39] Carter McDarrin "I sure am glad I'm not being such a grump anymore..." he smiled, stripping himself down to nothing, letting out his hardening cock before tossing all his clothes onto the floor. "This is gonna be so much fun!"
  29. [01:43] Sex Genie Shimmer "just what I like to hear" she says licking her lips at his cock, crawling over to him and sitting up to his erecting peen, holding the underside in her hand and rubbing it "and it's just the right size too"
  30. [01:48] Carter McDarrin "I hope it'll fit," he smiles, gently cupping her cheek to plant a sweet kiss onto her lips. "Mmmh... You have magic, right? You could give yourself a nice coat of lipstick, or give yourself huge breasts..." His fingers moved down to her now-flat chest, playing with her perky nipples.
  31. [01:53] Sex Genie Shimmer upon being kissed she kissed right back, smooching and sucking on his lips before he pulled away "mmmm, i could, but that falls under wish magic, and you still gotta pay me for the first one" she says, shuttering a little and ooohing as he rubbed her perky little nipples, getting pretty erect already as she began to get wet
  32. [01:59] Carter McDarrin laughed lightly and grabbed her little body, rubbing her pussy against the tip of his cock. "So if I make you cum, then I get another wish to play with~" he laughed, still rubbing her nipples with his thumbs.
  33. [02:03] Sex Genie Shimmer shivered and moaned out a little as he rubbed her nipples and her pussy, her hips rubbing back against it eagerly with her wet and horny pussy "yeah, though i can ahhh, only do two more now" she says looking up to him eagerly as she awaited the first thrust
  34. [02:10] Carter McDarrin slowly began to push her down his length, splitting open her wet pussy to accept his thick, hard cock. "Mmf... Oh, God, you're so tight..." he mumbled, pulling her close as he kept rubbing and lightly pinching her nipples, feeling her insides squeeze hard down onto him.
  35. [02:14] Sex Genie Shimmer she easily took him in, gasping out from pleasure and eagerness as she got penetrated. her wet insides clenched hotly around him, she was tight around his cock, as she clenched around him, but it still was easy to thrust in and out of her, he could even see her belly bulge from his length too "ahhhhh, that right, bounce me on it, give me everything you got" she says looking up at him with lust, desire and childlike eagerness
  36. [02:19] Carter McDarrin began to bounce her up and down his length, pounding her hot, wet pussy. All the while, he planted soft, sweet kisses onto her lips, moaning into her mouth as her body begged his to fill up her pussy. She was so tight and soaking wet... And she hadn't even used magic to improve herself!
  37. [02:23] Sex Genie Shimmer moaned in his mouth and wrapped her arms around his neck, her own hips pumping against him as her juices soaked his cock. as he thrusted his cock into her, it felt as if there was no hilt inside of her, the deeper his cock went and bulged inside her it seemed as if most of her body was one big vagina
  38. [02:24] Carter McDarrin It seemed she didn't have a womb... Just as well, given how small she was. He simply kept pumping and pumping, watching the bulge in her belly appear and disappear each time he slammed inside her, then pulled back.
  39. [02:28] Sex Genie Shimmer moaned out into his mouth each time he slammed it into her, her little body bouncing on it with each push, her earrings swinging, necklace jumping and the emerald on her headpiece rolling around with each slam "ahhhh, ahhhh yesssss ahhh, faster!"
  40. [02:29] Sex Genie Shimmer she says looking up at him with one eye as pleasure rocked her tiny body
  41. [02:30] Carter McDarrin pulled out of the kiss and pressed her cheek into his chest, letting her cling to his body as he moved his mouth to one of her earrings. One of his hands moved to her little bubble butt, the other onto her hip as he began to lick and suck on her earrings, feeling the smooth gemstone against his tongue.
  42. [02:35] Sex Genie Shimmer she seemed to clenches and shiver more as he began to lick and suck at her pearl and emerald earrings, moving her owns hips faster and clenching tighter around him. as she moaned one of her hands moved to the one on her butt, urging it to rub it around and dig into the crack
  43. [02:39] Carter McDarrin began to rub that hand around her butt, into her crack, even teasing a bit at her tight hole down there. "I'm... Oh, God, I'm getting close..." he mumbled, his chest heaving as he kept pounding her harder and harder, sucking on her earrings harder
  44. [02:43] Sex Genie Shimmer feeling his finger in her butthole and his mouth licking and sucking on her earring made her clench harder around him, getting more wet as she held on tighter to the adult "Ahhhh oooooh m-me too!"
  45. [02:48] Carter McDarrin "Cum hard for me, cum all over me!" he mumbled, holding tightly onto her, pushing a finger into her butthole while he moaned around her earring, pounding even faster, producing more and more lewd squelches from her hot pussy...
  46. [02:51] Sex Genie Shimmer that extra push in her ass was all she needed, with a long loud moan she came, squirting all over his cock and spraying his waist in her young magical genie juices
  47. [02:52] Carter McDarrin came right along with her, pumping his thick, hot cum deep into her pussy, filling her belly enough to bloat her out slightly.
  48. [02:59] Sex Genie Shimmer shivers as she feels him cum inside her, putting a hand on her belly to feel herself bloat up with cum "ahhhhhh, that's the stuff, so warm and thick" she pants out smiling from getting her fill of cum
  49. [03:00] Carter McDarrin "Mmh... So good..." he mumbles, finally leaning back against the couch to pull her close, taking her earring out of his mouth while his fingers now play with her hair. "You feel amazing..."
  50. [03:02] Sex Genie Shimmer "told you you'll want me here now" she says winking to him
  51. [03:05] Carter McDarrin laughs and kisses her lips, relaxing on the soft couch cushions. "I guess you were right all along~"
  52. [03:08] Sex Genie Shimmer smiled with a mix of proudness and smugness "wanna do it again?" she asks as cum leaks out of her open pussy
  54. timmy and shimmer
  55. [16:16] Sex Genie Shimmer she sutters as her orgasm ends and as he fills her up, her pussy eating up all of his seed as some of it spilled out of her slit. her hips moved to milk out everything he had, holding him close to her and shuttering in her afterglow "awwwww yeaaaaah"
  56. [16:19] Timmy Young snuggles her as she shuddered and had her hips milk out those last droplets of seed, smiling and sighing sweetly as she huffed blissfully. He relaxes with her soon after, hugging each other nice and close. "Mmmmh... That was really fun~"
  57. [16:21] Sex Genie Shimmer "mmmm it sure was" she says kissing his cheek with the last bit of lipstick on her lips "wanna do it again?" she asks winking at him
  58. [16:26] Timmy Young blushes softly from the kiss, nodding after her wink. "Hehe, if you wanna, then sure~" He said as he rubs down her back gently.
  59. [16:32] Sex Genie Shimmer pulling herself off of his dick, she moves down toface his soaked cock and pumped it with her hands "i bet you taste as sweet as you are"
  60. [16:35] Timmy Young sighs contently as her satisfied cunny slid off his length, letting her adjust to face it and rub it in her soft hand to keep it firm. "Heh, well I always try to keep every part of me clean, lewd bits included~" He assured her.
  61. [16:42] Sex Genie Shimmer licking her lips she licked up his length, tasting the mixture of his cum and her juices while stroking it and cradling his balls in her other hand
  62. [16:45] Timmy Young felt his length gently twitch as her soft, warm tongue lapped along his boyhood, sighing contently as she tasted him and her mixture while her hand rubbed what wasn't being lapped up. He relaxes into her tender fellating with a soft hum, toes curling a bit as she massaged those warm and smooth orbs in her other hand too. "Hmm~ Mmh...~"
  63. [16:54] Sex Genie Shimmer: soon enough she took in his rod and began to suck on the tip, very quickly taking it all in and sucking up all of their juices, he tasted really good and already wanted more of it
  64. [16:56] Timmy Young loved feeling her tongue lather his length in her drool before feeling her suckle on his soft tip between her red lips. He lets out a happy, soft moan as she took every inch inside soon after and bobbed on it, replacing those fluids with her saliva as she suckled and sampled it so deep and thoroughly. "Ssss- U-uhhhn...~ Mmm...~"
  65. [16:59] Sex Genie Shimmer she sucked and bobbed on his cock with eagerness, swirling her tongue around it and stroking away at the lower half
  66. [17:03] Timmy Young sighs sweetly over the suckling noises she made, the suction and stroking and swirling of her tongue felt like a lovely combination as his shaft twitched a bit against her taste buds and between her lips. His orbs churned with more seed as she rubbed them in her other hand, nibbling his lip and finding it sweet she was having so much fun with his cute cock~
  67. [17:17] Sex Genie Shimmer the genie moaned and went faster on his cock, her jewelry swinging and bouncing with her movements and her hand rubbing over his churning balls, though they soon moved away from them and went down south to his butt
  68. [17:27] Timmy Young shudders softly when she moaned and bobbed faster, hearing the jingling of her jewelry over her slurps and groans. It twitched a bit harder as she kept going without stopping, letting her hand slide away from his orbs to feel his smooth and soft butt in her palm and digits. "Sss, ahhh...~ This is super sweet...~" He mumbled while his boyhood was nursed in her eager mouth~
  69. [17:30] Sex Genie Shimmer as she sucked on his cock she moved her hand to rub over his butt,sinking a bit into his crack and teasing his boy hole, taking long and slow yet hard sucks on his delicious rod now
  70. [17:36] Timmy Young pants lightly as she kept suckling away, her slow and harder suckles up and down helping coax a little precum out onto her tongue as her hand rubbed along his butt's cleft and along his clean hole. It flexed lightly from her rubbing and fellating, toes curling again. "Haa...~ A-ahh~"
  71. [17:45] Sex Genie Shimmer with a nice push she dug into his pucker and began playing with his insides too, swallowing his pre and sucking out any more he might have
  72. [17:51] Timmy Young shudders a little more as she slipped into his rim and rubbed around inside slowly, huffing as she suckled hard and slow to draw more out. It twitched constantly and his balls tensed up as she keeps going with her oral fun, nibbling his bottom lip with a little grunt. "Mmmmfff...~ It's getting tingly again Shimmer...~" He said after another minute.
  73. [17:52] Sex Genie Shimmer she smirks over his cock and curves her fingers inside of him, hitting at his special place as she gives him some extra hard sucks on his cock to draw out his second orgasm
  74. [17:53] Azazelthecutie Shyly entered the room, holding a blanket close as he was a very shy little demon boy.
  75. [17:57] Timmy Young smiles back at Shimmer as she curled her finger in there, shuddering as he came again a moment after. Her suckles drew out another healthy load of seed into her eager mouth, sighing blissfully as his rod pulsed hard and coated her tongue with that love-cream for a few more seconds~ "Haaaa, a-ahhhhnn...~"
  76. [17:59] Sex Genie Shimmer she lets some of it fill her mouth, but pulled away to let his seed cover and spray her face, getting coated in his sticky jizzle as she milked his orgasm with her hand pumping his cock and her finger hitting his prostate
  77. [17:59] Little Pervy Wanker: I'm a gross little brat that jacks off constantly, wherever and whenever, because my gullible slut of a mother thinks it's good for me, but I've gotten way out of her control. Looking for a mommy who now has to deal with me!
  78. [18:00] Timmy Young lets her finish milking that cute length as she pulled away to make what was left of those strands of seed cover and line her face, blushing deeper as it soon slowed to a gentle ooze on the tip and down his rod. "Gaaahhh~ Ssss, haaaa, wow~ Nice~" He sighed out cutely.
  79. [18:06] Fen Kira Kiya is curled up in a corner stareing at the floor...smol lonely fen
  80. [18:08] Sex Genie Shimmer scooped up some extra globs from his tip to suck it off her fingers "mmmm, you really do taste good" she says before rinning his cock over her face, smearing his seed messilyas she also licked it up from his cock too
  81. [18:10] Timmy Young sighs out softly and relaxes as she suckled up those last little bits and swallowed them down, smiling as she rubbed his rod all over her face while licking it too, chuckling a little. "Thanks~ I'm glad you're really enjoying it this much~"
  82. [18:11] Azazelthecutie Made his way over to a couch alone, shyly hiding himself in his blanket for warmth.
  83. [18:14] Sex Genie Shimmer "i am" she says before coming back up to him, laying behind him and hugging him from behind "watcha wanna do next cutie?" she asks with a winking eye
  84. [18:15] Timmy Young smiles softly as she laid with him and was hugged, taking a moment to relax. "Well, if you want, how about we fill up your butt?" He offered curiously. "I think that's the only one left...~"
  86. Cousin sex
  87. [02:20] Sex Genie Shimmer With her cousin in tow the little genie eagerly pulls him into her room, a dainty little girls room filled with pink, cute dolls, stuffed toys and more, but with lots of naughty sex toys and porn posters too. “Cmon tash, i wanna play our special game again” she says with a jump in her step, making her emerald and pearl jewelry jump and swing around, as well as her large breasts bounce around in her noticable cleavage
  88. [02:21] Tash leaned down to nibble at her ear, nuzzling and playing against her earrings. "Fine, just for you since you're my favorite cousin." He says as he starts to grope and massage her nice big tits, her cousin's cock getting stiff in his pants. "Maybe you can wear some cute long socks or stockings for me this time?"
  89. [02:27] Sex Genie Shimmer chuckled a little and leaned into him as he played with her ear and her dangling earrings, then as she was groped she sighed out, moaning a bit feeling them get massaged as she then nodded and made some pink thigh socks appear on her, her shoes disappearing as well as she then sat him on her bed and sat on his lap “mmmm, do the thing with your fingers again” she says getting wet from his breast fondling
  90. [02:28] Tash grins. "Which thing with my fingers? There are so many." He says as he tugs on her ear, then her nipples, then teased down to rub his fingers across her pussy lips through her panties. His cock swelling with eagerness, wanting to be inside of her bare.
  91. [02:32] Sex Genie Shimmer moans out from his ear and nipple pinching, soon poofing her clothes away and getting bare naked so he touches her pussy lips “ahhh, slide them into me again, it felt so good the last time”
  92. [02:33] Tash starts to finger her, as he plays with her in just her socks and jewelry. Fingers nudging into the young genie's slit and spreading her open slow at first and faster, making sure she was ready.
  93. [02:36] Sex Genie Shimmer “Oooooh yeeeeah” she moans out as he fingers her slit, producing some more warm juices out of her walls and clenching a little as he went faster. A hand went down to hold them into her pussy wanting it to last for a little bit before getting into the real fun
  94. [02:36] Tash rubbed his fingers in and out while his other hand worked on undressing himself just so he'd be ready, leaning down to lick and suckle her tits.
  95. [02:43] Sex Genie Shimmer Shivered and moaned out from the tit sucking, some milk starting to leak and spray out of them while her wet pussy clenched over his fingers. Her wetness dripped onto his digits and onto his pants the more he fingered her “ahhhh, ahhh this feels sooooooh gooood”
  96. [02:44] Tash tugged his pants off and kept fingering her and getting her pussy ready as he suckled milk from his little cousin.
  97. [02:48] Sex Genie Shimmer her pussy was nice and soaked now as she clenched and panted over his fingers, his spreading and thrusting made her shiver and hike her knees up as she was nice and loosened up for him, ready for his cock whenever he was, but wouldn’t mind some more fingering, especially if he wanted to make her cum
  98. [02:49] Tash kept fingering her and teasing her clit as he curled against her walls, sucking her tits to get milk as he tried to make her cum first, but had her over his lap ready to go.
  99. [02:52] Sex Genie Shimmer “Ooooooh yes, more!” she moaned louder getting her little nub rubbed and g-spot hit, she was getting close and his tit sucking only made it come closer as milk sprayed and dripped out of her tits tor him
  100. [02:54] Tash shoved his fingers deeper, faster, trying to make his little cousin cum. "Cum for me Shimmer." He pants, his cock throbbing and ready to be inside of her but he was patient.
  101. [03:03] Sex Genie Shimmer “haah haah ahhh AAAHHHH!” She moans out as she came, gushing her juices over his fingers and spraying some milk out of her tits. Her pussy clenched hard over his fingers and pushed into his chest as she squirted
  102. [03:03] Tash kept going until his fingers were soaked, pulling them out and licking them clean before he teased his tip against her snatch. "Your turn to milk me, Shimmer~" He teases.
  103. [03:07] Sex Genie Shimmer Panted out as her orgasm ended, looking at his erect tip and nodding eagerly “with pleasure~” she says spreading her pussy lips for him and pressing herself into it “ahhh” she pants out feeling his cock fill her up, unable to wait to BE filled up
  104. [03:08] Tash cupped her breasts as he held her on his lap, thrusting up into her to make those nice big jugs bounce. "Nnng, best little cousin ever." he says as her wet pussy grips his bare cock as he throbs inside of her, needing to flood her pussy.
  105. [03:15] Sex Genie Shimmer moans and pants as he pumps into her, her wet pussy slicking up his cock and her breasts and jewelry bouncing and swinging from his thrusts “ahhh, ooooh yeah, bounce me on it, ahhh pleeeease” she says wanting more
  106. [03:16] Tash loved how tight she was from her youth, milking his cock like she was a warmer-than-normal fleshlight. "Nnng, this is so perfect." The only thing better, he couldn't get. So instead he embraced the fantasy and bounced her on his lap, making her tits clap.
  108. The loli brothel
  109. [02:47] Jack Fredrickson Jack couldn't believe his luck as he looked at the couch sitting in his living room. A highly decorated and expensive looking couch left in the alley behind his apartment and it was all his. After some negotiating with some neighbors about helping him move it. It was finally there in his living room adding a touch of class to the place. He stared at it and smiled, wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. He took a deep breath and sighed as he turned around and leaned back into the seat, coming down on it rather hard. He saw some dust puff out in a large cloud and he coughed and waved his hand about as the dust seemed to get thicker
  110. [03:00] Sex Genie Shimmer as the man sat down on the couch, a pink cloud of smoke puffed from out of the couch cousins, seeping out around him and growing in size and getting thicker and thicker with each passing second. As it poured out a very sweet and feminine scent followed it, one you would often smell in a young girls room, as it wafted out with the cloud of pink smoke, a silhouette materialized in it, one that could only be described as a floating black figure with long hair a fair distance in front of him.
  111. [03:01] Jack Fredrickson He coughed and hacked as he smelled the smoke and he looked around "W-what the hell is going on?!" He yelled as he saw the smoke swirling and then he saw the silhouette. "W-who are you?" He said pressing himself back into the couch.
  112. [03:27] Sex Genie Shimmer Suddenly as the pink smoke had appeared, it began to vanish in thin air, as it disappeared the black figure began to reveal itself. Bit by bit he could see a long pink ponytail tied up by a purple hairband decorated in glistening pearls, then he could see a pair of striped purple harem pants with matching harem shoes. The rest of her was a light purple top with a frontal pattern adorned with pearls with puffy shoulders and a glittery vest with a white outline, her arms were a light brown with gold armcuffs adorned with teardrop shaped emeralds and pearls. As her face was revealed he could now see that it was a child, one with blue eyes, and quite a cute face too, along with being adorned with teardrop emerald and pearl jewelry in the form of dangling earrings, a necklace, and a headpiece. The floating girl gave a loud yawn with a stretch of her arms as she rubbed her eyes awake “mmnnnn finally i’m awake, you can only stay in those things for so long until it starts to run out of space” the girls says beofre noticing the human in front of her, blinking to adjust her eyes before a wide smile grows on her pink lips “heya, didn’t see you there” she says floating right up to his face, awake and alert now and seemingly very energetic and excited now
  113. [03:30] Jack Fredrickson He watches in awe as the smoke swirls and twirls and turns into someone right before his eyes. His eyes go wide and he looks her up and down, transfixed by her outfit and the jewelry that adorns her. He coughs a few final times and looks at her, mouth agape. "W-who are...WHOA!" He tries to back up even more but he can only go back so far. He looked her in the eyes, his eyes darting all over her body and back to her eyes. "W-what are you? Who are you?" He asked confused and concerned as he grips the fabric of the couch in fear
  114. [03:37] Sex Genie Shimmer took note at how he looked her up and smirked a little before saying “well i’m a genie of course, couldn’t you tell from all the colorful smoke and the fact than i can fly?” She asked not moving from her too close distance “as for WHO am I, you can call me shimmer, your new housemate and sex genie” she says with a wink
  115. [03:39] Jack Fredrickson He heard what she said but he couldn't believe it. "W-wow, there must be something in that dust." He said as he looked her body over again. He reached and touched her nose with his finger. "Y-you're real!" He said as he recoiled and held his hand. "W-wait, sex genie? so I get wishes...but for sex?" He asked, putting together somether rather simple in his head
  116. [03:46] Sex Genie Shimmer blinked a bit but chuckled as he booped her nose “of course i’m real, what did you think i was a giant dust bunny?” She says before heading his next part “that’s riiiiight~, i can make any want or desire you wish to become true and fulfill it ten fold. And you’re lucky too because now you can have sex with me anytime you want mr. Pedo” she says in a chipper voice
  117. [03:48] System: Added Tash to your bookmarks
  118. [03:48] System: Removed Jack Fredrickson from your bookmarks
  119. [03:48] System: Added Jack Fredrickson to your bookmarks
  120. [03:48] Jack Fredrickson He looked at her as she laughed and then heard her schpeel and then his eyes went wide and he moved around her and leapt off the couch. "Whoa whoa whoa, wait a minute. Who's a pedo here?" He asks looking at her indignantly. "I am not a pedo and trust me I will not be having sex with you." He says his eyes darting over her body again before meeting her eyes
  121. [03:52] Sex Genie Shimmer floated a little bit above him with a sly, smug look on her face “yeah, then why do you keep looking over my body like that, my eyes are up here, not back here” she says pointing to her eyes first, then turning around and mooning him with her jiggly little rump and teasing him by shaking it and winking to him with her tongue tauntingly sticking out.
  122. [03:54] Jack Fredrickson He blushes and looks away "B-because you keep flaunting it around like that." He turns and walks around. "So you mean I can wish for anything sexual? anything and it's mine free of charge?" He said, his mind racing with desires and lusts and wondering if the smoke effected him a bit
  123. [04:00] Sex Genie Shimmer Laughed put loud seeing him turn red and pulling her pants “see? You blushed after seeing an 8 year olds butt, you’re totally a pedo” she says before listening to his excuse “yep, sounds like something a pedo would say.” After hearing his question she answered “yep, though if you want to make a wish, you gotta have sex with me first” she says before following up with “but i like you mr. pedo, so i’ll make your first wish free of charge” she says taking a seat over the back of the couch, crossing her legs and resting her arms along it
  124. [04:00] Sex Genie Shimmer *laughed out loud
  125. [04:02] Jack Fredrickson He looked at her indignantly and then shook his head like it was no matter to him. "I am not a pedo and I"ll prove it to you. For my first and only free wish. I wish that I could go to a brothel, legally, and fuck any woman I want there." he said, not being very specific about the brothel or how there would be other clientele there as well but figuring he wanted the full experience. He nodded "Transport me there!" He commanded
  126. [04:08] Sex Genie Shimmer “You’re wish is my command” she says creating a bright glowing pink light in her hands and creating a bright flash that teleported him to the entrance of a brothel with the name “the platinum angels” above “here we are” she says poofing behind him “go ahead and prove me wrong mr. Not pedo” she says as a man waiting outside eagerly invites him in
  127. [04:12] Jack Fredrickson He sees the door and the bouncer and chuckles at the sudden appearance of the brothel. He looked down and saw he was no longer in his attire he'd been wearing but was now in a suit and he adjusted his tie and turned winking at her. "You're gonna eat those words baby." He said confidently as he was ushered inside. He walked down the dimly lit hallway to the room at the end of the hall where he could hear sitar music playing. He swallowed hard and pushed into the door. He walked in and his eyes went wide at the site as the door closed and locked behind him. "T-theres gotta be some mistake..." he muttered to himself as he looked around the room. All around he could see little ones running and playing and laughing, wearing next to nothing. Around them were a few adults who were hugging and rubbing and kissing the kids. He watched for a moment and turned to try the door back out. It was locked and above the door he read the sign 'Proof of play required for exit.' He sighed and turned around looking over the room again feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed in place
  128. [04:22] Sex Genie Shimmer All around him cute little lolis were running around wearing sexy and very revealing clothing, some with explicit body writing, some wearing makeup, some adorned with jewelry, and some with toys in their holes and in their hands. Lots of men were kissing and fondling then, others masturbating to them and spraying their loads in their petite little mouths, some outright fucking in the main floor, getting blowjobs and handjobs and bukkaking some lucky girl in pigtails. One nude 6 year old girl wearing small curved hoop earrings saw the man standing by the door and up to him “hiya mistah” she says in an happy girl voice “awe you new’s hewe?” She asked
  129. [04:27] Jack Fredrickson He looked around and could barely believe what he was seeing. He was lost in a daze and then shook his head clear as he heard the voice below him. He looked down and saw the little naked girl. He blushed and turned away "Oh uh yes, I think there's been a mistake. I was supposed to be going to a brothel with adult women in it." He said as he looked down and tried to maintain eye contact with the girl. His eyes slipped to her nipples and back to her face and he looked away again. 'I uh I'm not sure how to get out of here actually" He said trying to see if there was another exit anywhere
  130. [04:36] Sex Genie Shimmer The girl came closer to him taking a grab at his pants “das not twue, nobody can come hewe unless they noew othah kids awe hewe” she says as she looks up to him “and da rules aww yous can’t weave until you has sex wiff one of us” she says twirling her hoop earring around her finger and rubbing her lobe with her finger and thumb “if yous want’s to go you can have sex wiff me mistah” she says cutely looking up at him while already tugging at his pants
  131. [04:42] Jack Fredrickson He hears her talk and sees her try and be seductive with her hoop earnings and her little baby talk and he cleared his throat. "Oh. n-no thank you." He said curtly and made his way deeper into the brothels main room, into the throngs of children. He saw little ones run all around him giggling and some goosed him and grabbed his ass. He turned and caught the bedroom and 'come fuck me' eyes of a few little girls probably no older than 4 masturbating each other on the couch. He looked and saw a sign pointing down a hallway that said 'bar' and headed in that direction hoping not to get stopped along the way
  132. [04:49] Sex Genie Shimmer “awwww” the little girl says watching him go, more of them watching him and goosing him. In the bar room two girls were giving lipstick kisses to a horny mans cock and covering it in messy red kiss marks while continuously applying it to their lips. Some of the more drunken men were eating out a nude girls snatch, licking one of their feet, cumming inside one of their pussies, and multiple fingering and rubbing a petite little loli in a pink dress and making her squirt over and over again.
  133. [04:52] Jack Fredrickson He balked seeing all this and made his way to a stool. He sat down and rested his head in his hands. He sighed and then looked up and yelpped as he saw a flat bare chest on display in front of him. He jerked back and heard the little girl behind the bar laughing. He smiled at her ruefully and she placed her top back on. "C-can I please have a double no, make it a triple" He said resting his head in his hands again
  134. [04:57] Sex Genie Shimmer The girl at the counter nodded and went to get his drink, then in a puff of pink smoke a familiar face appeared in the seat next to him, only instead wearing a very skimpy belly dancer outfit with lots of see through leggings and some makeup on her lips, nails and eyes. Holding a compact mirror and adding some blush to her cheeks she asked “so, how’s the wish going?” She nonchalantly asked wbut with a sly smirk on her shiny red lips
  135. [05:02] Jack Fredrickson He heard the puff of smoke and looked up at her. "You! You did this" He said accusingly. "I-I told you I'm not a pedo. I don't like this..." He looked over and saw a girl sitting on a pedestal in the bar spreading her pussy lips open and winking at him. "A-any of this." He said shaking his head and looking away. "w-why would you send me here?" He asked, feeling a small twinge inside of him, a twinge that had been there since he entered and felt it start to grow
  136. [05:16] Sex Genie Shimmer “Yeah, i did” she says calmly, almost tauntingly so “you wanted a brothel of women to fuck, and look at all the open holes you have available” she says finishing adding the pink to her cheeks and making the makeup poof and vanish in thin air before looking to him “you know for someone so sure he’s not a pedo you sure don’t sound like it, i picked out one of my favorites for you too, or do you need me to help you come out of the closet” she says before a loud orgasmic cry could be heard from the girl getting fingered all over, now all the horny and drunk men were whipping out their dicks and stroking them to her with one about to bounce her on his cock. “Ahhhh, p-please more, m-make me feel good everyone” she says before gasping out as she then got fucked “see that, that could be you right right now pumping into that cute little girl, and it ain’t to late to join in either” shimmer says teasingly. The young loli then cane by with his drink, handing it to him before winking to him and wigging her rump to him as she turned around to serve another customer “and by the looks of it some of then wanna do you too” she says giving him some rather seductive bedroom eyes with her hands holding up her chin
  137. [05:19] Jack Fredrickson He watched as the orgasmic orgy started very near to them and he swallowed hard and turned around. He took the drink and looked at the young girl's rump and then turned away. He cleared his throat and took a long drag of his whisky. "I-I told you. I'm not a pedo. I don't how could you...what could a little girl like you even do for a man like me?" He asked, sounding angry but hoping to mask his curiosity
  138. [05:36] Sex Genie Shimmer Chuckled a little at his question, not even remotely phased by his anger in the slightest “you really wanna know?” She asks crocking an eyebrow a little, then with a snap of her fingers a very large photo album appeared on the table in front of him that said “the best of shimmer Vol 3. ”and opening it up with her magic gave him a look at dozens upon dozens of pictures of her with lots of different men, and quite a lot of bizzare scenarios too, one of which was a man who was cumming inside her overflowing pussy with a clock next to him that said ‘we fucked for 17 hours 53 minutes 03 seconds” and another with a man fucking a fully tied up and latex outfitted shimmer in a sex dungeon. Another showed her getting fingered in a movie theatre with an x-ray peek through a bag of popcorn, and one more showed her sucking off a guy in bed just as he was waking up “i’m a sex genie mr. pedo, we can make ANY of your deepest desires come true, cmon, tell me the one thing you always wanted to do but never could, i can make it come true for you right now” she says before floating behind him and rubbing his shoulders before magically flipping though more pages of her lewd photo album “i can make aaaall of your wishes come true” she whispers in his ear
  139. [05:39] Jack Fredrickson He looked through the book and he started to feel that twinge grow into more and more excitement. He started to breath heavy and cleared his throat. "A-any fantasy? E-even...the one where I have a little girl sit on my face and the other bounce on my cock?~" He asks his admission that he is indeed a closet pedophile. He's jerked off many many times to loli porn and has always wanted the real deal
  140. [05:43] Sex Genie Shimmer “Mmhmm, i can even have two more lick your balls too” she says seductively, her head leaning over his shoulder and flipping to a page that had his exact fantasy with shimmer and a horde of other little girl in a massive reverse gangbang with a super horny man bouncing shimmer on his cock while eating two others out and the rest masturbating, kissing and licking his body and playing with his balls
  141. [05:45] Jack Fredrickson He slammed his finger down on the page "That...I want that~" He said throwing caution to the wind and damning tomorrow. He wanted that today...right now~
  142. [05:48] Sex Genie Shimmer “alrighty then” she says making the book disappear and taking his arm to lead him out of the bar and towards one of the open fucking rooms, finding a nice empty one with a fairly unused bed and poofing over to it, sitting on the edge while crossing her legs and fluttering her long lashes at him “ready to make some magic happen?” She asks teasingly slipping down her harem pants
  144. Milking
  145. [21:02] Timmy Young agrees! Too many people wanting to be milked, not enough wanting to help them.
  146. [21:02] Bugz: right!? like.. they're not gonna' milk themselves, are they!
  147. [21:03] Sex Genie Shimmer Poofs in in a cloud of pink smoke “did i hear that someone needed to be milked”
  148. [21:04] Timmy Young nods softly. "Lots do, at least when this is active." He said with a snicker, waving at Shimmer as well as Simon!
  149. [21:06] Fluffy Simon politely waves back with a smile as he took seating onto a vacant couch, nibbling away on what seemed to be peanut brittle. "Tends to happen, aha~ These hands can't always milk what they want to though.." He hummed out as he took a chance to sprawl right onto that couch he claimed, keeping warm with that oversized purple sweater of his.
  150. [21:07] Sex Genie Shimmer waved back to timmy, making an orgy mat appear and laying on it “well, let get it active then”
  151. [21:08] Timmy Young smiles and stretches his arms. "True, which is why we got mouths, butts, cunnies and so on to help too! Don't gotta just use hands." He said with a little snicker, looking over to Shimmer putting the mat on the floor.
  152. [21:09] Sex Genie Shimmer Smirks and invites the boys over to her
  153. [21:17] Timmy Young snickers a little at her invitation, someone was eager~ He hops off where he was sitting, plopping his behind down on the mat with her.
  154. [21:19] Sex Genie Shimmer Watched him come over and snapped her fingers to make both their clothes vanish
  155. [21:22] Timmy Young smiles and stretches as his clothes vanished mid-stretch, chuckling a little as he keeps his legs spread a bit to let her see his cute bits~
  156. [21:23] Sex Genie Shimmer Looked to said bits and moved up to him, going between his legs and feeling his cock, then stroking it
  157. [21:25] Timmy Young lets her approach, smiling at the genie and giving her nose a kiss to be cute as she rubbed and felt up his smooth and soft length, humming as she stroked it back and forth to help wake it up~
  158. [21:28] Sex Genie Shimmer Chuckled from the kiss, then in return she tackled him on the mat and gave him a deep and lustful makeout session, holding him in her arms with her pussy rubbing over his tip
  159. [21:30] Timmy Young lets out a little "mmf!~" as she glomped him and kissed him as they laid on the mat, blushing deeper as she kissed him much deeper. He already felt all warm from this and this made him a lot warmer as his boyhood rose up to life when she rubbed her warm flower on his tip~
  160. [21:32] Sex Genie Shimmer Once he was nice and hard over her pussy lips she slid herself down onto it, her walls were wet and soft as they clamped over him and her hips began to move, milking his cock and making out with him
  161. [21:36] Timmy Young looks down towards Shimmer's soft butt as she sunk her cunny down onto his length, toes curling as her soft and warm inner depths hugged it nice and tight. He hums as she kissed him some more and started riding that stiff thing in her genie pussy, happy she was feeling good from it as much as he was. "Hmmff, mmh...~"
  162. [21:37] Sex Genie Shimmer Moaned in his mouth as she rode his cock, already moving faster on him and tightening up. Her tongue slipped into his mouth and started to explore and wrestle with his
  163. [21:38] Alex Direfang waves as he walks in. ''Hello all.''
  164. [21:40] Timmy Young lets Shimmer's tongue in as his length was milked so tight and sweetly in her flower, panting through his nose as she tightened up more and sped up bit by bit, loving her bountiful hips rolling and butt bouncing against him, making his cute shaft twitch reflexively inside~
  165. [21:40] Fluffy Simon merely waves from his spot on the couch lazily.
  166. [21:45] Sex Genie Shimmer she kept on going with the boy, making out with him and pumping her hips onto his shaft, getting it wet in her juices and hugging their naked bodies close
  167. [21:47] Timmy Young slowly hugs back around her upper body, smiling as she kept going and going and soaking his boyhood in her warm juices~ He was loving the affection and milking feeling from her as they made out, tongues and all as her healthy hips kept bouncing up and down on him. "Mmuuaa...~ Haaa, you feel really amazing Shimmer~"
  168. [21:50] Sex Genie Shimmer “Ahhhh, haaahh, i know timmy, you feel good too” she pants out as she kept on moving, panting and sweating as their bodies rubbed against each other and hips moved together
  169. [21:51] Timmy Young smiles softly as she kept going and going, feeling her start to sweat and get all heated as his shaft twitched a bit harder inside her hungry and eager flower. "Hmmff, warm and tingly too...~" He said as his boyhood leaked a little precum inside.
  170. [21:54] Sex Genie Shimmer Huffed and moaned feeling pre leak inside her, moaning a little louder and getting more wet as her pussy clenched and rippled down his cock “ahhhh hope you’re getting close, nnnnngh too” she says feeling tingly in her pussy
  171. [22:01] Timmy Young smiles and shivers from the sensation as she clenched hard and rippled around his boyhood, twitching happily from the feeling until he soon ended up cumming, letting out a happy moan as he lets out several strings of yummy seed right into her eager and awaiting flower, second after long second~
  173. Sexy time
  174. [03:01] Gear Monkey pokes the tiny genie~
  175. [03:01] Sex Genie Shimmer pokes back
  176. [03:02] Gear Monkey grins and hugs her up. "How're you?"
  177. [03:03] Sex Genie Shimmer Huge back some “im doing fine”
  178. [03:03] Gear Monkey already is pulling down those cute little pants, nodding. "Glad to hear~"
  179. [03:06] Sex Genie Shimmer Smiled a little as he pulled her pants down, hoping he fingers her first
  180. [03:07] Gear Monkey does indeed, kissing her adorable face as he spreads her thighs, thick fingers tracing along her pussy.
  181. [03:09] Sex Genie Shimmer Chuckles and gives him a deep kiss on the lips back, her pussy already getting wet for him
  182. [03:09] Gear Monkey: A calloused digit slowly works up into her, pumping away as his tongue slides into her mouth and bulges her cheek lewdly
  183. [03:11] Sex Genie Shimmer Sucks on his tongue and wrestles it with hers, moaning in his mouth and clenching some over his fingers
  184. [03:11] Gear Monkey: Pumping two fingers in the genie now, he spreads them, stretching her pussy out as he frees his cock with his other hand, the thick thing throbbing as he moans against the kiss
  185. [03:13] Sex Genie Shimmer Her juices leak out over his fingers and drip down to his cock, moaning more from the pumping and getting more horny as her hole was spread
  186. [03:14] Gear Monkey: Tugging them loose...he breaks the kiss and drags her up to let him eat the genie out, slowly lapping at her muff greedily.
  187. [03:15] Sex Genie Shimmer Gasps and moans out feeling him lick at her pussy, her addictive genie juices leaking out for him as she grinded herself against his taster
  188. [03:16] Gear Monkey: That tongue worked into her mound, slicking along her inner walls as both hands slowly paw at her tiny ass, the man's dick throbbing as he looks up to watch her expression.
  189. [03:20] Sex Genie Shimmer her mouth was open and panting with pleasure, eyes closed as she enjoyed the moment, her hips moved with his tongue and soon clenched some around his taster too
  190. [03:21] Gear Monkey slurped at her folds, sucking at her clit and labia as he curled and flexed his tongue, spreading her cheeks to tease her asshole with a fingertip
  191. [03:24] Sex Genie Shimmer “oooooh yeeeeeeah~” she moaned out getting wetter and clenching more, her orgasm approaching as she moved her hips more
  192. [03:26] Gear Monkey: The finger dug in slowly, spit from his greedy drool slicking her tight little hole as that pumped into her little butt, the big man eager to lay claim to the adorable genie and wanting to make her squirt hard as he rolled his tongue around within her.
  193. [03:27] Sex Genie Shimmer The fonger sliding into her butt was all she needed as she let out a loud orgasmic yell and came, squirting her juices directly into his mouth
  194. [03:29] Gear Monkey gurgled around the gushing rush, but swallowed most of it, slowly pulling his lips from her muff and kissing her belly. "Good genie~" he cooed as the finger tugged around inside her little butt
  195. [03:31] Sex Genie Shimmer Panted and huffed a little, petting his head and saying “good toy” her butt clenches around his finger as she looks down to his erect cock “wanna keep going?”
  196. [03:33] Gear Monkey: "You know it, cock-sleeve~" he teases, kissing her so she can taste herself on his tongue before starting to lower her towards the fat cockhead
  197. [03:37] Sex Genie Shimmer Swirled her tongue around his mouth to taste her own sweetness and watched as he lowered her to his cock head, her wet juices keeping her nice and moist and her fingers spreading her pussy for it
  198. [03:39] Gear Monkey: The foreskin-covered tip pressed hot against her slick folds, the finger in her ass tugging loose so he could grip both her thighs...and then he was stuffing up inside her, her belly bulging over that massive prick.
  199. [03:45] Sex Genie Shimmer let out a long gasping moan as he stuffed her up, clenching around his tip and feeling her belly bulge with his cock
  200. [03:46] Gear Monkey pumps her up and down his dick like a toy, sinking in inch by inch in her tight twat.
  201. [03:47] Sex Genie Shimmer Moaned and shivered as she was bounced on his cock, her jewellry jumping and swinging around with each thrust as she clenched more around him eagerly
  202. [03:48] Gear Monkey sat down, hugging her close against his chest and humping up against her, his balls finally clapping against her tiny little legs as he bottomed out in her, every chain she wore jingling loudly
  203. [03:50] Sex Genie Shimmer rubbed the bulge in her belly as he went balls deep, nibbling her lip and panting out as her juices soaked his cock
  204. [03:52] Gear Monkey moaned for her, and that finger that'd been in her butt wormed in again, pumping rapidly as he pounded to the hilt again and again within her, precum already mixing with her juices.
  205. [03:55] Sex Genie Shimmer Shivered all over as her holes tightened around him, moaning out more and pushing herself against his back “Ahhhh oooh ke-keep going, oh god don’t stop!” She says loving every moment of this
  206. [03:56] Gear Monkey: "Not stoppin' until you cum, itty bitty, I want you milkin' my dick dry in your tiny little pussy~" he groaned as his balls clapped against her with a hard, heavy rhythm, his teeth chewing at his lower lip as he pinned her to the floor and churned her up.
  207. [03:59] Sex Genie Shimmer Her hips moved against him as he changed positions, their hips clapping together as her pussy started to ripple with pleasure, her second orgasm coming as she moved a hand to rub at her clit
  208. [04:00] Gear Monkey: Hugging her tight against him, he slammed 'home' inside her and she could feel him starting to pump thick seed deep into her cock-sleeve cunt, her belly swelling as she toyed with her little love button. His finger pumped ruthlessly in her rump, making it feel like his palm was smacking her ass as the finger dug inside her.
  209. [04:02] Sex Genie Shimmer He sure knew how to hit all her right buttons, because in just a few moments she came, squirting hard over his cock as he filled her up, cum already overflowing and splashing out of her cunt while she milked his cock with her hips
  210. [04:02] Gear Monkey did indeed, slowly dragging the finger from her tender tush before dragging her off his softening cock and turning her over so she could be smeared in the sticky spunk dribbling from her snatch
  211. [04:07] Sex Genie Shimmer her mouth opened to catch his cum in her mouth from her snatch and swallowed it “hehe, that was fun”
  212. [04:09] Gear Monkey nods and cuddles the small genie warmly. "Very much so~"
  213. [04:10] Sex Genie Shimmer Hummed and cuddled back, kissing his cheek before she began to fall asleep
  216. Morning wood
  217. [2019/12/23]Sex Genie Shimmer in the early morning sunrise, shimmer sneaked into her housemates room, noticing a visible tent poking from the sheets and sneaking over and into the sheets to tend to it. She slipped his pajama pants down and licked her lips before licking up his length
  218. [2019/12/23]Carter McDarrin stirred and groaned in his sleep, then woke up to the sight of a bulge under the covers, and a warm feeling on his length. And after lifting up the sheets, he smiled softly and put his hand on Shimmer's head, then leaned back to enjoy her morning wake-up blowjob.
  219. [2019/12/23]Sex Genie Shimmer She hummed a little from the head rubbing and kissed up his hard on too, soon slurping up to the top and taking it into her mouth, sucking on it and taking it in nch by inch
  220. [2019/12/23]Carter McDarrin "Mmmh, that feels amazing..." he mumbled, surprised that such a tiny girl could take so much of him. But he wasn't complaining, of course! He simply arched his back with a slight groan, feeling her warm, wet mouth engulf his length.
  221. [2019/12/23]Sex Genie Shimmer She easily took it all in and began to move up and down his musky cock, taking in his taste and sucking it like a pro.
  222. [2019/12/23]Carter McDarrin "God, Shimmer, you're gonna make me cum..." he mumbled, his breathing turning into panting as she sloppily sucked his thick cock.
  223. [2019/12/23]Sex Genie Shimmer Hearing that made her take long slow sucks up his length, swirling her tongue around it and rubbing his balls with her hand
  224. [2019/12/23]Carter McDarrin Finally, he gasped out lewdly and came hard into her mouth, painting the back of her throat with his thick, hot spunk.
  225. [2019/12/23]Sex Genie Shimmer Smiled as he came, milking his cock with her hands as she swallowed and gulped down his load. She didn’t miss a single drop and sucked out all his leftovers, pulling away once he was done and cleaning his tip with her tongue
  226. [2019/12/23]Carter McDarrin gently ran his fingers through her hair as he sat up, then leaned down to kiss her forehead. "That felt amazing~" he murmured, laughing softly as he said it.
  227. [2019/12/23]Sex Genie Shimmer Grinned getting kissed on the head “i figured you’d want a good wakeup for your morning wood” she says plsying with his soft and floppy cock
  228. [2019/12/23]Carter McDarrin "It's quite a way to wake up, for sure!" he laughed, watching her play with his cock as it softened. "I can't believe I didn't want you here at first~"
  229. [2019/12/23]Sex Genie Shimmer “Me neither” she says crawling up to him and cuddling up to his chest “it’s always nice to have someone to toy with, especially a pedo”
  230. [2019/12/23]Carter McDarrin "I can't believe I'm a pedo, either..." he murmurs, snuggling up to her, his arms around her tony body while his fingers gently rub the back of her head.
  231. [2019/12/23]Carter McDarrin: tiny*
  232. [2019/12/23]Sex Genie Shimmer Smirked and cuddled into him
  234. Loli gangbang
  235. [17:02] Sex Genie Shimmer Floats her way in
  236. [17:03] Number 28- Pit: Pit Concerned How can she fly?
  237. [17:03] Trainer Sahtra: I don't know, but I'm going to headpat her!
  238. [17:04] Sex Genie Shimmer Is a genie, she can do lots of things flightless angels can’t
  239. [17:04] Number 28- Pit shrugs and goes to give her a headpat as well
  240. [17:04] Immortal Loli Gwen: Oooooooooooh shit~
  241. [17:04] Trainer Sahtra proceed to also headpat the floating genie with smuggish grin.
  242. [17:05] Sex Genie Shimmer Didn’t understand the obsession of heatpats, but allowed it to happen
  243. [17:05] Immortal Loli Gwen will also join in and head pat the fierce little genie with a snicker
  244. [17:05] Number 28- Pit: Pit Miffed Didn't have to rub it in you know...
  245. [17:06] Trainer Sahtra let his second hand reach for Gwen's head in order to double his headpat capacity. "multi threading head-pats!"
  246. [17:07] Number 28- Pit: multitrackdrifting
  247. [17:07] Trainer Sahtra finger guns Pit "my man"
  248. [17:08] Number 28- Pit is a memer at heart
  249. [17:08] Sex Genie Shimmer weeeaboooos
  250. [17:09] Trainer Sahtra: With pride!
  251. [17:12] Number 28- Pit pats the genie's head more then!
  252. [17:14] Sex Genie Shimmer Their head patting has satisfied their local genie, as a reward she snapped her fingers making all of their clothes dissapear!
  253. [17:14] Elegant Pom Pom: hello
  254. [17:15] Immortal Loli Gwen blinked a couple of times, looking down to see her dress had been magically removed, and let out a little chuckle, “Thats usually how it comes off, but it feels weird when someone else does it~!”
  255. [17:15] Trainer Sahtra frowns a little as his expensive suit would vanish, leaving him with nothing and his attributes displayed to anyone. "Hoy hoy .... I don't have a spare for this one!" He frowns as he would stop head-patting the genie and crossed his arms without hiding his virility.
  256. [17:17] Elegant Pom Pom blushed as she squeaked
  257. [17:18] Sex Genie Shimmer “relax, they’re all neatly folded away in a secluded part of the spirit world” shesays waving away his worries.
  258. [17:19] Number 28- Pit quickly covers up "GAH! H-how? Why?!
  259. [17:21] Trainer Sahtra wasn't that convinced by the words of the genie yet decided to shrug it off. After all it wasn't like he could do something about it for now. "I hope so.... Hopefully this place is not too cold. Last thing I want is to a cold."
  260. [17:21] Immortal Loli Gwen floated up beside the genie with a snicker, seeing the way the males reacted to their sudden nudity. “Whats the matter? Youre not embarassed are you?” She asked as she casually wrapped an arm around Shimmer’s back, making no effort to hide her own naked frame, and her prick was slowly rising from the excitement
  261. [17:24] Sex Genie Shimmer Chuckled at the angel’s reaction “cause it was funny” she simply says with a smug look on her face, not minding at all the other loli’s touch as she floated up to her. Infact, she glanced over to her with a devious little grin as they looked to the two makes “but if you want them back, you gotta do something for me”
  262. [17:28] Number 28- Pit gulps lightly "S-sure thing! What is it?!"
  263. [17:28] Trainer Sahtra sighed a little at the words of the genie. "Oh and what could that something possibly be?" He asked as he let his eyes wander on the duo of lolis who started to get rather close to eachothers. This alone was enough also wake up his attributes which started to slowly rise to the sky. He had his idea about what she would ask yet he wanted to confirm it.
  264. [17:30] Immortal Loli Gwen glanced back to the genie and caught that devious grin, matching it with her own, the little demon leaned closer to the genie girl as she continued to lightly pet her hand against Shimmer’s hip, holding her close as she and the males eagerly awaited her request, whilst her erection continued to grow from their light contact
  265. [17:32] Sex Genie Shimmer Licks her lips seeing one of them get erect and making her own clothes minus her jewelry vanish with a snap of her fingers “give me your cum, and i’ll give you your clothes” she simply says floating down to them and showing them her ass and pussy. Letting the thee of them decide which hole hole they want to take
  266. [17:36] Number 28- Pit blushes more as he slowly pulls his hands away, his cock starting to grow quickly as the small genie got naked in front of them "O-oh my...I-I'll take her mouth if that's alright!"
  267. [17:39] Trainer Sahtra nodded a little to Pit as he remained there with his arms crossed for a little. "Well take your pick Gwen, I'll stuff what remains." He commented with a devlish grin as he eventually unfolded his arms so one of his hand could start to stroke his length a little. He lett his fingers run from the base to the tip of his length to make sure that he was ready to get better acknowledged with that genie.
  268. [17:40] Immortal Loli Gwen floated down with her to join the bashful males, the little demon giggling with delight at the terms of her little hostage situation. Gwen’s eyes danced over the genie’s naked body, eying all three of her holes with delight, And seeing the way the angel eagerly threw himself towards her mouth. She licked her lips as she eyed down Shimmer’s pucker, nodding with a grin, “Ill take her ass then, you enjoy her womb human~.”
  269. [17:44] Sex Genie Shimmer Licked her lips seeing them agree on how to take her, using one hand to spread her ass and cunny for the loli and motioning for the human and angel to come to her and gangbang her
  270. [17:47] Immortal Loli Gwen: (Is she laying down or bent over?)
  271. [17:47] Sex Genie Shimmer: (Bent over)
  272. [17:49] Number 28- Pit nods and eagerly strokes his cock, moving over to the genie's front as and rubs the tip of his cock against her small lips "Why do genies always have to be sexy, even the smaller ones?"
  273. [17:54] Sex Genie Shimmer “cause we can, and cause it’s fun” she says as she opens her mouth to take in his cock, her soft small lips wrapping around it and already eagerly sucking on it and swirling her tongue around his cock
  274. [17:54] Trainer Sahtra stretched his arms a little as decisions were made. It seemed that he will have the honor to pound her little lovehole after all. The trainer grinned yet again to himself, as he would slowly make his way to the petite genie. Since Pit was already taking the front, he slowly walked behind her to face the two arses of the genie and the demoness. Since Gwen could fly around and wouldn't struggle too much to plug herself, he decided to take the initiative. The human put both of his hands around the genie wastes and brought his erected rode against her crotch, eagerly grinding his tip against her labia. "I guess that might a genie thing Pit heh~"
  275. [17:55] Immortal Loli Gwen floated up to that bent over, exposed backside, hovering down so that the crown of her cock was naturally kissing the genie’s spread pucker. She waited as the others got situated, snickering at the angel’s remark as she waved her hand, in a poof of pink smokencentered around her cock, disappating to reveal her cock was now slick with lube, smearing it against the genie’s asshole, before roughly thrusting inward.
  276. [17:57] Number 28- Pit gulped and moans out as she quickly wrapped her small lips around his cock, holding onto the small genie's head as he started to push hard inside her mouth, stretching his wings out as he started to fuck her mouth eagerly
  277. [18:00] Sex Genie Shimmer She hummed around pit’s cock as she felt those cocks tease her holes and clenched her ass around the loli demon’s cock as she was already digging into her ass. Letting out an eager moan she pushed herself back into sahtra’s tip, getting him inside her too. Now that all of them were in her, the fun could really begin, sucking eagerly on pit’s cock and pushing herself against the two cocks filling her holes
  278. [18:02] Trainer Sahtra tilted his head as the genie seemed to be a little more eager than he was. Snickering a little he tightened his grip on her hips and started to rock his hips violently, pushing his fully erect length deeply into her cunt since mercy wasn't an option it seemed. The trainer let one of his hands slowly run from her hips to her belly, then to her little chest so he could catch one of her nipples and gently twisted it as the fun indeed started.
  279. [18:05] Immortal Loli Gwen propped herself up against that eager backside as she felt it push back against her, spreading her legs for a better angle as she drew herself back before starting to thrust hard against that small, magical ass, feeling that clenched inner tunnel strangling her cock with every motion, making her shudder hard with a breathy moan. Her hands came down to rest against her back, petting slowly up and down her spine as the little demon’s body floated with a firm, steady rhythm
  280. [18:10] Sex Genie Shimmer the eager thrusting from all three of them made her moan and clench/suck harder around their cocks, getting fucked by all 3 levels of divinity, an angel, a demon and a human, how lucky she was. As she took in their cocks she moved in rhythm with them, her head bobbing on pit’s rod while her hips pushed against gwen and sahtra’s, her nipples getting hard and erect from the humans rubbing and moaning more from it
  281. [18:12] Number 28- Pit gasped and thrust harder inside the genie's mouth, pushing his cock down her throat as she eagerly bobbed up and down on his cock, sweet precum starting to leak from the tip as his hand moved down her side, groping at her other nipple as he fucked the small genie's mouth more
  282. [18:15] Immortal Loli Gwen: (Damn im getting pulled away >w< )
  283. [18:17] Trainer Sahtra continued to play with her nipples as he he pushed his length deeper and deeper into her tight hole. Enjoying the massage her inner-walls were giving to his member as he let out a deep sigh of pleasure. He continued to drill her without hesitation. After genie were magical beings, so even if she was small she could surely take all that he had without being hurt. Soon enough the sound of crotch crashing against her cunt would fill the place.
  284. [18:19] Mayliah walked in with a yawn and made her way towards the nearest empty couch, flopping down with a groan and stretching.
  285. [18:23] Sex Genie Shimmer She certainly could, in fact, most of her hody felt like he was pounding onto a giant deep pussy with almost no end. She moved her head and hips around those two cocks, getting them wet in her body juices and clutching them in her body, her emerald and pearl earrings, headpiece, and necklace swinging and jumping from their movements as light danced off of them, her ponytail getting a bit messy as she was so roughly fucked by the two of them
  286. [18:26] Number 28- Pit groaned and panted harder as his balls hit against the genie's chin with each of his thrusts, holding the back of her head as his cock thrust harder into her mouth and throat, more precum leaking out as his cock started to twitch hard inside her "A-ahh! S-soon...!"
  287. [18:30] Trainer Sahtra chuckled a little as he heard the little angel stating that he was getting close to his climax. The human was far from done as he continued to ravage every accessible inches of her magical depth. Trying in vain to reach a top that might be stuck in another dimension just like their clothes. "Oh~ getting tired already boy? Come on~ hold it up a little for this cute genie, you want to get your clothes back as I do after all. At least I hope so!" He commented as he continued to move his length back and forth letting his hand continue to teas the loli's nipples while his other one eagerly slapped her arse.
  290. Sixty nine
  291. [09:16] Sex Genie Shimmer was sitting on a couch, her pants pulled down and rubbing her pussy infront of everyone
  292. [09:17] Number 28- Pit: Pit Blush That' way to enter.
  293. [09:18] Sex Genie Shimmer *the only way to enter
  294. [09:19] Number 28- Pit blinks "R-right..."
  295. [09:23] Number 28- Pit shrugs and moves over near the genie, watching her finger herself
  296. [09:25] Sex Genie Shimmer didn’t mind the angel watching her, shoving a finger into her snatch and winking at him
  297. [09:27] Number 28- Pit gulps and pulls his shorts down, moving next to the small genie and stroking his growing cock "Nice to see you again!"
  298. [09:29] Sex Genie Shimmer “You too” she says reaching over to help him stroke himself
  299. [09:31] Number 28- Pit smiles as she grabs at his cock, his hand moving down and rubbing up and down her small body, pulling her top off, leaving her naked on the couch
  300. [09:32] Sex Genie Shimmer Smirked feeling him pull her clothes off, her hand moving to rub his balls as she suddenly leaned over to take his cock in her mouth
  301. [09:35] Number 28- Pit moans lightly, his hand rubbing and groping her body, moving down and helping her rub her pussy lips as she starts to suck on his cock
  302. [09:36] Sex Genie Shimmer She eagerly moves her head up and down on his rod, moaning over it as he starts to touch her and rub her wet pussy around
  303. [09:37] Number 28- Pit smiles and lays back on the couch, letting the genie bob her head up and down on his cock, licking his fingers "H-hey, mind turning around so I can taste that sweet pussy of yours?"
  304. [09:39] Sex Genie Shimmer She instead floated her lower half onto his chest, pressing her moist lips right up to his face while she was upside down sucking on his cock
  305. [09:42] Number 28- Pit quickly pulls her in, pushing his tongue eagerly inside her pussy, licking at her wetness as he started leaking sweet precum into her mouth
  306. [09:44] Sex Genie Shimmer She gulps down his pre as her tongue swirls around his cock, her sweet juices tasting like candy as her hips pumped into his mouth
  307. [09:47] Number 28- Pit grips and massages the genie's ass cheeks, licking his tongue deeper inside her as he starts to thrust into her mouth, panting lightly as he started fucking the genie's mouth
  308. [09:48] Sex Genie Shimmer Started to suck with his thrusts, swirling her tongue around as her lips got wetter, pumping back into him too as her butt moved around from his massaging
  309. [09:51] Number 28- Pit groans lightly as more precum leaks into her mouth, kissing and licking at her pussy more as his cock started to twitch hard in her mouth, getting close to cumming quickly
  310. [09:52] Sex Genie Shimmer Her pussy began to clench around his tongue as more juices leaked out, taking in his entire cock as he throbs in her mouth so eagerly
  311. [09:54] Number 28- Pit squeezes hard at her ass cheeks, pushing hard in her mouth as he started cumming, pumping his angelic cum hard inside the genie's mouth "A-ahhhhh!"
  312. [09:56] Sex Genie Shimmer Hums and gulps down the angel’s cum, soon letting out a long moan as her pussy orgasms, squirting into his face with her sweet genie juices
  313. [09:59] Number 28- Pit licks at the genie's juices eagerly, holding his cock in her mouth for a bit before quickly pulling out, turning the genie over and stroking his cock over her small body, shooting a few more strings of cum onto the genie's body
  314. [10:01] Sex Genie Shimmer Gulped down the last of his cum before licking her lips, scooping up some that sprayed on her body and licking it up “mmmm, you have some tasty cum angel guy” she says before letting out a yawn
  315. [10:03] Number 28- Pit smiles and reaches down, rubbing his cum against the genie's body "Yea, that's what people tell me! Getting tired already though?"
  316. [10:04] Sex Genie Shimmer Nodded” yeah, thanks for the fun though” she says before poofing away. Though poofing back beside him to kiss his cheek and leave a red kiss mark on him before vanishing again
  317. [10:06] Number 28- Pit: Pit Sheepish Hehe, thanks!
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