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  1. It's completely baffling how Phuture Doom got signed to OWSLA despite not releasing anything beforehand. I mean it's very clearly the alias of someone who holds enough clout in electronic music to be able to say "hey, give me a label and a massive budget for a multimedia project that i'm gonna do under an alias with no ties to my actual fanbase". Someone would have to have Connections. Have a history with the people who own the label. Be able to provide something else to said label that would guarantee profit so it wouldn't be a loss to fund their passion project.
  2. Noisia and Skrillex have a bit of history together: they remixed Scary Monsters back in that era, remixed Bug Hunt for the Wreck-it-Ralph soundtrack, rumor mill claims that Noisia programmed all of Skrillex's bass patches when he was still signed to deadmouse's label, and they've even played sets together.
  3. I Am Legion, a collaborative project between Noisia and Foreign Beggars (two huge names in electronic music) was released in 2013. Now, mind you, most of Noisia's releases have been on their own Vision Recordings. But I Am Legion was, for some reason, a joint release between Vision and OWSLA. Why would that be? "Be able to provide something else to said label that would guarantee profit."??
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  5. During the early phuture doom days, someone asked skrillex who they were and he said "they're well known people. like if their names got out, you'd recognize them", so that means this band's a side project. Which is interesting because every time Noisia disappears or reappears, phuture doom does the same.
  6. Noisia, who were prolific as hell pre-2010, released close to fucking NOTHING between 2010-2013 (1 EP and 5 Singles). 2013 hits and they come back with the DmC soundtrack and the I Am Legion album. this is the same year phuture doom releases their first single/album (worth noting their First single and the DmC soundtrack were released only ONE DAY APART)
  7. Noisia disappears AGAIN between 2014 and 2016 (2 EPs, a 4 track collab, 1 single, 2 remixes). Phuture Doom also disappears around this same time. Come July of this year, Noisia announces a new album, their first solo album in 6 years. In the EXACT SAME WEEK Phuture Doom makes a youtube livestream called "are you there?". it's 48 hours of footage of someone flying close to the ground over farmland. This is the first time Phuture Doom have posted ANYTHING since 2014.
  8. Speaking of that new Noisia album, here's a quote from an interview with them about said album:
  9. "Martijn: We weren’t ready for it until now. After Split The Atom we wanted to explore other worlds again for a little bit. Then, after that, we felt the urge to make some proper drum & bass again."
  10. "Explore Other Worlds" is a really weird way to describe a period of time where all they released 2 EPs, a 4 track collaboration, and two singles.
  11. Here's a quote from an OWSLA talent scout from last year:
  12. "DeAngelo: Yeah, sometimes. I think that vision manifests itself in a bunch of different ways. The two examples you just named are really good ones. With Phuture Doom that vision is trans-media intellectual property. They’ve got a comic book in the works, they have mini feature films in the works, all that. That is the vision for that project."
  13. Those things, the things he says Phuture Doom are trying to do, sound a lot like "exploring other worlds"
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  15. The post is gone now but during their first live show, i remember someone asking if they got any idea who it was. that person said "no, they AND their show crew were all wearing hoods, but i got close enough to hear them speaking in a european language that sounded like dutch". Noisia are from The Netherlands, etc etc etc.
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  17. The most important piece, the real smoking gun here for me... Before Phuture Doom disappeared, the last inkling of music we heard from them was a 15 second preview of a song they were making with Jonathan Davis, of Korn, posted by Davis himself on the facebook page for his solo act. This clip was deleted within like 48 hours of posting (it is, however, archived here This was a huge red flag to me; why in the hell is Jonathan Fucking Davis, From The Band Korn, making a song with this group of people who have one album to their name. This band, signed to Skrillex's record label, who make extremely niche music. Why would he work with them?
  18. Easy.
  19. Remember Korn's dubstep album? From like 2011? Guess who produced 3 songs on that album. Fucking Noisia. (
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  21. The more and more I dig into this the more and more one name keeps coming back up. One name can be tied to literally every weird thing, every interaction, every person associated with this group. It's Noisia. They're the linking factor here.
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