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  1. Dyrre: I am a very restless nugget.
  2. Collie: Nuggets sound good.
  3. Pyrre: mmmmm
  4. Pyrre: and same tbh
  5. Pawtatochips  Drinks my mostly flat rum soda.  
  6. Pawtatochips: oof, that has a lot of punch to it.
  7. Thordinary: cool.
  8. Thordinary: :p
  9. Pawtatochips: Hate the taste of drinks, but the effects are what I like.
  10. Pawtatochips: brb gonna take a hit of weed.
  11. Thordinary: I'm glad you're announcing that to everyone. /s
  12. Pawtatochips  shrugs.  
  13. Dyrre: There isn't a point in saying anything. It doesn't make a difference.
  14. Pyrre: that's honestly one i haven't heard before
  15. Pawtatochips: I mean, i'm not ashamed of it.
  16. Pawtatochips: So if I share it, oh well.
  17. Pawtatochips: I'm not the only one and surely wont be the last. :p
  18. Dyrre: Some people don't like drugs being mentioned, just saying.
  19. Pyrre: I mean I smoke pot, not ashamed, but not everyone wants to hear about drugs t-
  20. Pawtatochips: Alright.
  21. Pyrre: Thank you.
  22. Collie: So. I should inform you, Paw. Since you're such a stickler on English and spellings. Alright is actually not a word.
  23. Collie: Well.
  24. Collie: It's informal.
  25. KamunaChiz has joined the chat
  26. Eli2Fly has joined the chat
  27. Pawtatochips: Um okay.
  28. Collie: Fun fact I learned a while back.
  29. Pawtatochips: Cool.
  30. Pyrre: Just don't talk about dog breeding when you come back.
  31. Pyrre: Hoi Kam~
  32. Dyrre  shudders
  33. KamunaChiz: Ahoy there.
  34. Pawtatochips: Dog.. breeding?
  35. Pyrre: How are you? ^^
  36. KamunaChiz: I'm swell,you?
  37. Collie: You know, that thing you said.
  38. Eli2Fly has left the chat
  39. Pyrre: Yeah, you promised someone that you wouldn't be online after getting high or 'messed up' because of that one thing you said...
  40. Pawtatochips: I am barely high, and not messed up.
  41. Pyrre: k
  42. Dyrre: Riiight
  43. Pawtatochips: I am making sure I know my limits.
  44. Pyrre: that's good~
  45. Dyrre: Says the person who wanted to get two dogs, name them Collie and Sheltie and make them breed.
  46. Pyrre: brb again
  47. Pawtatochips: Jesus, if you all are gonna flash negativity on me, i'm outty. I came to chill out, not hear old drama.
  48. Dyrre: Thaaat you started.
  49. Thordinary: The problem isn't that you're not ashamed of it, the problem is that you feel like you have to specifically say "I'm drinking rum and now I'm gonna smoke weed", which from my point of view seems like you think it makes you look cool.
  50. Thordinary: There, I said it.
  51. Thordinary: e.e
  52. Pawtatochips: Not really, I said I had a drink and smoked alittle weed.
  53. Pawtatochips: -.-
  54. Thordinary: And that's different, how?
  55. Dyrre: You don't need to announce it to the world. Jsut say brb and brb.
  56. Pawtatochips: I am not the only one that shares that. Jfc.
  57. Dyrre: You're not the only one who gets asked either
  58.  Pawtatochips: Okay well whatever. Can we move on now?
  59. Collie  Flops across Py and Jasper, his form shrinking?
  60. Dyrre  pets his head.  
  61. Collie  Waggles his tail.
  62. Dyrre: NOt when you keep saying stupid shit. People remember things, you know.
  63. Dyrre: Like how you think autistic people use it as a crutch. :))))
  64. Dyrre: But I'm done.
  65. Pawtatochips: Drop it.
  66. SejiiKun has joined the chat
  67. Dyrre: I am autistic. I WILL NOT.
  68. Pawtatochips: That was none of your business. And I didn't mean it in a mean way.
  69. Thordinary: I wouldn't either if I caught someone saying that
  70. Thordinary: It is our business though.
  71. Thordinary: if you did say that.
  72. Pawtatochips: No it really isnt, it was between me and Drac.
  73. SejiiKun: Hi hi Paw~
  74. Dyrre: You said "Autistic people".
  75. KamunaChiz: Well I'm outs.Too much drama.
  76. KamunaChiz has left the chat
  77. Thordinary: Sorry, and take care.
  78. Pawtatochips: Sorry hun.
  79. Dyrre: And you don't have any idea what autism, anywhere on the spectrum, puts people through.
  80. Pawtatochips: Hi Seji! How are you?
  81. SejiiKun: I ish good ^3^
  82. SejiiKun: How are you?
  83. Pawtatochips: I'm am great!
  84. SejiiKun: good :D
  85. Pawtatochips: Come infor cuddles.
  86. SejiiKun: :3
  87. Thordinary: Lool.
  88. Pawtatochips: So whatcha up to today?
  89. SejiiKun: not much~ did some raiding on WoW for a bit on my fresh alt xD
  90. Collie: Be right back.
  91. Pawtatochips: K.
  92. SejiiKun: tyt
  93. Dyrre: Gods. You know what? You are selfish, self-centered, and cruel. You cause people physical pain with the STUPID shit you say, and I'm done. What Clo sees in you, I have no idea. But if she wants to stay friends with you, more power to you. You don't deserve to be friends with such a sweet and amazing girl.
  94. Pawtatochips  Wraps my arms around her and cuddles her.  
  95. SejiiKun: o.o
  96. Dyrre has left the chat
  97. Pawtatochips: WOW/
  98. Pawtatochips: Just fucking.
  99. Pawtatochips: Wow.
  100. Pawtatochips: You people really do like to stick your fucking nose into where it doesn't belong.
  101. Thordinary: Look who's talking though.
  102. Pawtatochips: I'm sick of people getting all up in my case when they werent even part of it.
  103. Pawtatochips: If you all have a problem with me go for it.
  104. Collie: Am back. o.o
  105. SejiiKun: webles~
  106. Pawtatochips: I know who I am. I am kind, nice, loving, caring, and strong.
  107. SejiiKun: Yeah I second that Paw
  108. SejiiKun: You're one of the nicest people I've met...
  109. Pawtatochips: No one is gonna change me.
  110. Pawtatochips: Or change how I feel.
  111. PaIkia: Okay okay enough
  112. Pawtatochips: Ignore me if you havw a goddamn problem!
  113. PaIkia: ENOUGH.
  114. Pawtatochips: Sorry Cath.
  115. Pawtatochips: I can't come here anymore Cath. I'm sorry.
  116. SejiiKun  waves "Hi Cath~"
  117. Pawtatochips has left the chat
  118. Pyrre has left the chat
  119. SejiiKun: o.o
  120. PaIkia: Henlo there <:
  121. PaIkia: Annddd that was...
  122. PaIkia: ene
  123. SejiiKun: I came in towards the end x3x
  124. Collie  Grumbles in poisoned candy
  125. SejiiKun: so idek what all went down.
  126. Thordinary has left the chat
  127. SejiiKun: o.o
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