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  2. Stansberry’s Investment Advisory Order Form
  4. I believe most Americans are in for a huge shock in the next few years. Most will lose a lot of money. The good news is that it is fairly easy and inexpensive to protect yourself, and even make quite a bit on your savings as these events unfold.
  6. When you take a no-risk, trial subscription to my firm’s flagship letter, called Stansberry’s Investment Advisory, I’ll show you, step-by-step, exactly what to do.
  8. Normally a one-year subscription costs $99. That’s what many others have paid. But if you take advantage of this offer today, you can save HALF-OFF the regular rate… you’ll pay just $49.50 for a full year. Your subscription includes:
  10. #1. 12 Monthly issues of investment reports, called: Stansberry’s Investment Advisory. On the first Friday of each month, I'll send you my monthly newsletter, Stansberry's Investment Advisory. I'll keep you up to date on exactly what's going on regarding this financial crisis, and I'll show you some unusual and incredible ways to make money now and as it all begins to unfold.
  12. #2. Research Report: The 4 Investment Assets You Do NOT Have to Report to the U.S. Government. Desperate governments do incredibly desperate things, so you should make sure you own at least one or two of the valuable assets that you do not have to report to the government. This is completely legal, and vital to getting rich in the coming currency crisis.
  14. #3. Research Report: The Gold Investor's Bible. My firm recently put together the most comprehensive gold resource in America. It’s 120 pages, and explains dozens of secrets and inefficiencies in the gold market. For example: How to buy gold with ZERO dealer mark-up… how to earn interest on your gold holdings… how to actually pay LESS than current spot price… where to store your gold… when to sell… and much more.
  16. #4. Research Report: Secrets of the Silver Market. I expect silver to soar at least 400% to 500% above today’s price, over the next few years. This thorough report shows you the best ways to buy, hold, and store silver. I’ll show you how to get really cheap silver, straight from the U.S. government… and even a way to store it cheaply in a private Swiss vault, if you’re interested.
  18. #5. Research Report: The Stock Quitter's Secret – The Easiest Way in the Markets to Make 100%. To me, this is the easiest and safest way to make a lot of money in the markets right now. And this unusual trading technique will get even more valuable as the looming currency crisis hits. Not 1 in 1,000 Americans knows this secret, but I’ll explain exactly how it works.
  20. #6. Research Report: The World's Most Valuable Asset in a Time of Crisis. Gold and silver are great investments right now… but there is one asset that’s even safer, and potentially more profitable. It has nothing to do with precious metals, stocks, bonds, or anything you’ve probably considered before. The numbers behind this asset are just incredible. It has crushed the returns of both stocks and gold by more 4,000% over the past 40 years… and has not had a down year since 1987 (when it went down 0.3%).
  22. #7. The S&A Digest. Also, every day after the markets close, I’ll send you the Stansberry & Associates Digest, my daily email that details what I think are the most important financial events of the day… and explains what my team of more than a dozen analysts are currently investigating. This is for paid subscribers only, and comes free with your subscription.
  24. #8. Subscribers-only access. You’ll also get subscribers-only access to my investment research archives. Right now, there are several other investments I recommend you consider buying immediately.
  26. Of course, by taking advantage of this opportunity today, you are agreeing only to TRY my research to see if it’s right for you.
  28. What I mean by that is, you’ll have the next four (4) months to review everything I’ve described here. If you think I’ve gotten the facts wrong in any way… or if you decide for any reason that my research is not right for you, simply let me know, and you’ll receive a FULL REFUND for the money you’ve paid.
  30. I hope you agree that’s fair. And I hope you take advantage of these opportunities right away. You will put yourselves among a very small group of Americans who actually come out ahead after this currency crisis unfolds.
  32. To get started, simply fill out the secure order form below. You’ll have access to all of my work in a matter of minutes.
  34. Good Investing,
  36. Porter Stansberry
  37. Founder, Stansberry & Associates Investment Research
  39. Stansberry's Investment Advisory
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  43. The Term for this Subscription is 12 months.
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  69. (No debit cards please) When you pay for a one-year subscription to Stansberry's Investment Advisory with your credit card, you will be billed $49.50. Each year after, we will automatically bill your card for $99, the lowest renewal rate we offer. You will receive a postcard reminder in the mail before your subscription is auto-renewed. With this auto-renew feature, you lock in the lowest available price, and guarantee that you never miss an issue. This "auto-renew" feature does not obligate you in any way, you may opt out of auto-renew at any time after this purchase. You will still have the next 4 months to review our research, risk free. And even if you cancel after that you'll get a prorated refund.
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