David Secor 2012

Grashopa Oct 4th, 2012 97 Never
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  1. The tweet heard around the gay world:
  3. 3 Oct David B Secor David B Secor ‏@DavidSecor2012
  5. @MikeFlynn14 Since your kind likes poles go to your favorite gay bar and enjoy.
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  13. 12:32 AM - 3 Oct 12 · Details
  15. His first email to me:
  17. I do apologize for the intensity of my response.  My only reason, not to be confused with excuse, is I take this entry into politics, the incompetent ideologue we now endure and may well continue to endure, very seriously.
  19. David
  21. My first reply to him:
  23. I take it that's politico for "I'm sorry." I bet you even expect me to say "aww it's just water under the bridge" so you can just walk away scott free without accountability like your kinds always does, huh? Well sir, I hate to inform you but I'm not the one that you need to apologize to. For every angry, loud mouth, moron like me, there are hundreds of young gentlemen just coming out and unsure of themselves, some of which possibly suicidal and they don't need your special brand of ignorance on twitter. Believe it or not, not every gay bar has sex in it. In fact, very few do. I'm 44 years old, I've had to endure much slander of your brand. As a proud gay man, I have come to the ability to endure it. It's your inability to contain your limited intelligence that frustrates and concerns me for your potential constituents.
  25. Secondly, For being a "pole smoker" me and "my kind" have much political power especially in your district. That is why I forwarded your tweet to Dr. Delores Jacobs, CEO of The Center and CCing her this in this email as well. I'm sure she has had much experience dealing with people like you. Like it or not, you and your kind need to be held accountable for your actions and speech just as we less fortunate than you must be.
  27. As for me, you'll find no friend here, sir. You are exactly what is wrong with America today and I don't care if that offends you. You are bad for your constituents and bad for your country. You're a power grubbin' money pilferin' politician. It is your kind "the government" that I rage against and I think the whole lot of ya should be fired, across the board and many of you sitting in the general populous of prisons.
  29. Frankly sir, if you're like this with me on twitter; what the hell you going to be like "on the floor?!" You need to get back on twitter and apologize the the LGBT community on twitter but I need to caution you damage done is, well, damage done. Much like Mitt Romney you've exposed yourself for what you really are...a bigot.
  31. Contemptuously yours,
  32. Mike Flynn
  33. Evergreen, CO
  35. Ps Guess it's a good thing I'm not in your distict. I'd work to keep you from election.
  37. David Secor's second reply to me:
  39. It doesn't matter to me what you say, think or as here, imagine.  You leave the impression that prior to you saying so, I could possibly have known or even guessed that you are gay. I would not direct such a comment to a man I knew was gay.
  40. This may come as a shock to you, but straight men do throw such comments at each other.  I don't suppose there is anything similar occurring in the gay community. You are not the "victim" you pretend to be.  You're just a howling childish ass.
  42. Your initial unsolicited responses to my tweets deriding me, and dismissing my campaign against Duncan Hunter II (who an un-informed self-possessed taunt-addict like yourself wouldn't know, is a genuine front-line homophobe), show that regardless of your sexual orientation, you are just an egocentric yet self-loathing, derisive worm.
  44. A 44-year-old adult of any persuasion that acts like a 15-year-old is not worthy of respect.  A gay man behaving as you do is harmful to the LGBT community, which I am sure does not endorse nor appreciate an adult member mindlessly throwing juvenile barbs on Twitter for his personal enjoyment.  Both straight and gay cyber-bullies are the same -  the first to attack, actually seeking out opportunities to insult and demean.  You and your kind, gay or straight, are who need to be held accountable.  I pity any young person coming out who might encounter someone like you and adopt your acerbic attitude, juvenile behavior, and venom-filled worldview.  You are a sick man.
  46. For the record, YOU are the only one using the term "pole-smoker."
  47. YOU are the one who initiated the "your kind" epithet, which you suddenly find offensive when it's turned on you.
  48. YOU made the money-grubber accusation when my Twitter bio clearly states I take NO contributions over $100.
  49. You admit your rage against politicians, "my kind," is indiscriminate. They're all the same?  That's what homophobes say about gays, isn't it.  You are in fact the homophobe's twin and equally repulsive brother.
  50. You call me power-hungry - based on what? My campaign materials include my support for term limits for Congress.
  51. My stepson is gay and though more than 10 years younger than you, is far more mature.
  53. I do not want friends or supporters so loaded with bile. I did not apologize to you, nor will I.  If anyone, of any sexual orientation, would read my initial tweet, and then your pre-teen responses that began this back-and-forth, it's clear you are the perpetrator.  I don't want or expect an apology.  I've met "your kind."  It has nothing to do with sexual orientation.  Straight or gay, a 44-year-old petty insult machine is simply that. Nothing more, nothing less. I don't expect you to let this go, no big deal, water under the bridge, because you can't.  You're not capable.  You're not adult enough.  You only thrive on bile.  Without it you'd go into withdrawal convulsions.
  55. I would be more than happy to meet with Dr. Jacobs at a time and place convenient to her.  I'm sure she has had much experience dealing with gay adult men like you, must endure them and their tantrums.  I will cc her this so she may if she'd like ask for a meeting.
  57. I'm finished with you.  You may respond if it is therapeutic, but I won't read your responses.  It's best, easiest to write one more good one, pretend I read it and was filled with remorse, guilt and shame.  Then let it go, and start on someone new.
  59. My last and final reply to him:
  61. This ends right here right now. I am officially informing you I wish to no longer have any contact with you. Cease and desist contacting me. If you do not stop, any further communication will be turned over to the Jefferson County, Colorado Sheriff's office and since this crosses many state lines their counterparts in the FBI. STOP NOW!
  63. It was funny but now you are just scaring me.
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