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  1. #Author Jsane
  2. #!python3
  3. import os
  4. print('Make Sure to Have psvimg files in psp game folder')
  5. PspFolder = input('input folder with psp game/psvimg tools:')
  6. os.chdir(PspFolder)
  7. print('Get key from')
  8. key = input('input your key:')
  9. os.system('psvimg-extract -K ' + key + ' game/game.psvimg game_dec')
  10. print('Download trinity and copy pboot.pbp to game_dec pspemu temp folder')
  11. answer = input('done copying pboot files?:')
  12. if answer == 'y':
  13.     os.system('psvimg-create -n game -K ' + key + ' game_dec game')
  14.     print('almost finished')
  15.     print('Now remove game_dec folder and psvimg files from psp game folder')
  16.     print('refresh databse in qmca settings')
  17.     print('copy game back to psvita')
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