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  1. Hi Enrico,
  3. Hope you are well?
  5. I wanted to discuss In Win sponsorship / advertising within a gaming team. I know you know I own my own organisation and want to touch on what we could potentially put together.
  7. To give you some idea, Rasta Gaming is one of the largest European Multi Gaming Community Organisations. We have global reach but are most heavily focussed in the UK. Our reach is to hundreds of thousands of unique gamers through our servers, our gaming teams and our management. We have teams ranging from top European to your regular fun, community teams. I have a full proposal you can look at but its a lot to digest initially so I thought I would give you some figures first.
  9. You would have access to over 1,000 members on the website which reaches over 10,000 unique gamers every month. You would then have further access to another 100,000 unique gamers through our gaming servers themselves. From events we hit another 5 - 10,000 unique gamers each event not including our online exposure where we are regularly featured on the main news sites.
  11. I want to discuss this now as we have several announcements for Q1 in 2012 and I would like In Win to become a part of this. Currently advertising on the above is done in tiers and I know you are looking to start small so I would suggest looking at the smallest tier initially which is £300 a month exc VAT. How does this sound to you initially Enrico?
  13. Kind Regards,
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