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Assignment 1

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  1. <p>Who can shove a Contra up your ass?  Beat Khadaffi with a touchdown pass?
  2. Who's got chunks of J.F.K.'s head
  3. Floating in a jar of <button>formaldehyde</button> under his bed?
  4. Who sucks off the <q>Pope</q> behind closed doors?
  5. And spits the cum into your open sores?
  6. Who can squash republics like bananas?
  7. And try to <em>pick-off</em> cigar smokers in Havana?
  8. Who can snake a tire iron down your throat
  9. And laugh as you're falling in the moat?
  10. Who'll hand-feed a Zionist with a spoon?
  11. And kick the Palestinians to the moon?
  12. Who can plant a car bomb in Beirut?
  13. And make <strong>peasants</strong> suck on united fruits?
  14. Who gives you a piece of the rock?
  15. As you're sucking-off their ugly cock?
  16. Who can slip a needle in your arm?
  17. Three days later you have bought the farm
  18. Who can train <q>guerillas</q> by the dozen?
  19. And send them out to kill their <button>untrained</button> cousins?
  20. Who can stab a rumor in your back?
  21. So when you bleed it's documented fact
  22. Who wears black and drives around in big dark cars?
  23. And takes to the sky in silver bright cigars
  24. Who can steal the jungles of Zaire?
  25. And then wish you a happy new year
  26. Who can take the sugar from the sack
  27. Put in <button>L.S.D.</button> and pour it back?
  28. Who's behind the death of Malcolm X
  29. And thousand others while you're having sex?
  30. Who can kill a general in his bed?
  31. Overthrow dictators if they're red?
  32. Who can build a <em>pyramid</em> overseas
  33. From Pretoria to Tel Aviv to Washington D.C.?
  34. Who can take Egyptians, Saudis, and Jordanians
  35. And turn them against the Libyans, Syrians, and Iranians?
  36. Who delivers Bibles to Iran signed by <button>Horsecock</button> Phepner?
  37. <h1>C.onfusion I.nterwoven A.s we speak</h1>
  38. <h2>C.entral I.mpotent A.merica</h2>
  39. <h3>C.omittee to I.nflict A.trocities</h3>
  40. <h4>C.ontrolling I.ntravenous A.pathy</h4>
  41. <h5>C.onspiracy of I.nternational A.ffairs</h5>
  42. <h6>C.onmen I.ndustrializing the A.mazon</h6>
  43. <h6>C.horeographed dis-I.nformation A.pes</h6>
  44. <h6>C.omputer I.nformation A.ccumulation with the</h6>
  45. <h6>C.remation of I.ndonesians A.ssociation carrying out</h6>
  46. <h6>C.overt I.ndulgence in A.frica while</h6>
  47. <h6>C.ontinually I.nstigating A.rabs paid for by the</h6>
  48. <h6>C.ouncil to I.nduce A.rmageddon legislated thru</h6>
  49. <h6>C.ongressmen I.ndebted to A.ipac which is really a</h6>
  50. <h6>.olony of I.ntergalactic A.liens</h6></p>
  52. <p>Or maybe it's the: <ul>
  53.                                                         <li><button>K.G.B.</button> </li>
  54.                                                         <li>the B.O.S.S.</li>
  55.                                                         <li>the <strong>D.I.N.A.</strong></li>
  56.                                                         <li>the FBI </li>
  57.                                                         <li>the IRS </li>
  58.                                                         <li>the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS</li>
  59.                                                         <li>the IMF-WORLD BANK MAFIA </li>
  60.                                                         <li>the NATIONAL SECURITY</li>
  61.                                                         <li>STATE DEATH SQUADS</li>
  62.                                                         <li>THE PERSIAN GULF <em>APPLE PIE</em> DICTATORS</li>
  63.                                                         <li>THE VATICAN CITY OPIUM FARMERS</li>
  64.                                                 </ul></p>
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