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  1. Join «The Army» A Sword Art Online Fan Group
  3. [b]Hey there![/b]
  4. Are you a SAO(Sword Art Online) fan? Do you want to talk to people who also likes SAO? Do you want to learn more about SAO in general?
  6. Come and check out my Fan Group called [link url="http://www.crunchyroll.com/group/Aincrad_Liberation_Force#s=/group/Aincrad_Liberation_Force/info"][Aincrad Liberation Force][/link]
  8. It's a group I made recently to talk about Sword Art Online, both the novel and the anime! We have stuff for everybody!
  10. [crimg]_lazuli_:61422989[/crimg] Regularly updated news corner for latest SAO news
  11. [crimg]_lazuli_:61422989[/crimg] Wide range of forum discussions and topics about SAO and interact with other members! Such as Q&A's, latest episode discussions and more!
  12. [crimg]_lazuli_:61422989[/crimg] Extensive collection of albums and photos related to SAO such as Novel Illustrations, GIFs, etc.
  13. [crimg]_lazuli_:61422989[/crimg] Detailed information about the SAO universe including Sword Skills, Characters, and more!
  14. [crimg]_lazuli_:61422989[/crimg] RP corner for people that want to roleplay both SAO players or unique characters. Help us clear Floors, create your own house, and guild, even make a Headquarters for it!
  16. If you're already part of the army, don't forget to invite your SAO buddies! Thank you for your time.
  17. [user]_lazuli_[/user]
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