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  1. Gritzenizer - Last Saturday at 7:44 PM
  2. >himura is defending the thinking of this BS player with the animal cruelty logic
  3. Why am I not suprised
  4. "if him killing cats to relieve his mental stress is immoral... then how is someone else killing 10 times as many chickens moral?"
  6. Gritzenizer - 05/08/2017
  7. him and himura got into a forum arguement
  8. bs steam
  9. Todd Chavez - 04/24/2017
  10. New theory: lame is himura. Discuss(edited)
  12. Circlejerk - 04/23/2017
  13. that's nothing
  14. himura got banned from this discord for being too short!
  16. Noon Onyx - 04/18/2017
  17. the last time I was here to see people talking about height, himura was saying some awfully dumb shit
  19. ♔ eBunny - 04/13/2017
  20. I'm gonna have to b& you guys for talking behind Himura's back
  21. we don't tolerate that kind of behaviour around here
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