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  1. 1.  Powiedz coś o sobie
  3. I am a student at the Wrocław University of Technology. I am a motivated and conscientious (konszijenszys) person.
  6.  I have a lot of interests. I like to create new things, that's why I chose being a programmer. I feel happy when I can see the result of my work. I like working in a group, because it gives more satisfaction and faster implementation. When I’m not working I like to spend time on creating or listening to music.
  8. I am passionate about music and I spend part of my time looking for new tracks from which I create something new. I When I write programs, the music which I made, flies in the background. this is strange, but it helps me concentrate This is my form of entertainment and trying something new.
  10. Some time ago, I became interested in creating models in 3D. I have created several projects such as Litography. This is a printed photo that transmits light and I created a figurine for my dad's birthday.
  13. in my life I try to look for new challenges and new opportunities that will help me develop my skills. This is the reason why I am here because I’m sure that internship in your company you will help me in my further development.
  17. 2.Co sprawiło ze aplikujesz o prace na tej pozycji?
  19. I would like to gain experience. I try to get skills if I have the opportunity, this is the reason why I participate in the student research group. We do various projects, from websites to applications. Internship is a great opportunity to learn new things and test my skills. ZF is one of the largest companies that's why I am convinced that I can learn a lot about new technologies.
  22. 3. Jakie sa twoje słabości.
  24. Like every person I have weaknesses. I'm too meticulous. I am accurate in what I do and it takes me a lot of time. When I finish the project I check if it can be done in a different way and I am doing research in Internet, and  when I find something, I am trying to make corrections in the hope that they are correct, but because of lack of experience, I am not always successful. I am still working on myself and I hope it will only get better.
  29. 4. Twoje mocne punkty w pracy? Dlaczego powinniśmy zatrudnić Ciebie, a nie innego kandydata na to stanowisko?
  31. I am a motivated and a fast learning person. I am skilled in dealing with problems. For example, during my studies, I studied two majors. I was struggling with problems that other students didn’t have such as: Stacking my own schedule, passing subject before the deadline and dozens of applications in the offices. But I really wanted to study what I'm interested in and I did it. I hope that the determination that I learned will be useful in my life.
  34. 5. Co jest ważnego dla ciebie w pracy? Jakie masz preferencje dla tej pracy.
  36. The most important for me is Getting experience at work, friendly atmosphere, group work, interesting tasks
  38. 6. W jaki sposób dowiedziałeś się o tym?
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  41. 7. o firmie
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  44. 8.Jaka jest Twoja wymarzona praca? Gdzie widzisz siebie za 5 lat? / Jakie masz cele zawodowe?
  46. I want to be one of the distinguished programmers. Do projects that will bring me happiness and satisfaction. My dream job would allow me to have a lot of free time, which I could devote to myself and others.
  48. 9. Jakieś pytania?
  49. //
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