Applejack Greentexts: Baking Pie

Feb 10th, 2015
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  1. >"Now, makin' a pie's real simple. Since we got the dough all made, all ya gotta do is press the dough so it sticks to the pan just right..."
  2. >Applejack spoke as she gave an example of how to press the pie into the pan, making sure the edges stuck out just a tad.
  3. >"Then, after that, you're ready to add the apple filling, and into the oven it goes!"
  4. "Sounds easy enough," you say, grabbing a piece of dough and pressing it into a small pan.
  5. >As you get the dough set in, Applejack puts the apple filling inside her own crust, then lays down another sheet of dough, this time on top of the pie.
  6. >"These ain't gonna be no fancy pies, but we still want 'em to look good, so we're gonna place a sheet a' dough on top of the pie and poke a few holes in the top for the air to escape from."
  7. >It's amazing how quick she is with the process as she pokes holes in the top crust with a fork, but you figure she's done this millions of times before.
  8. >You're still on the dough pressing part.
  9. >"Alrighty, now all we gotta do is set this thing in the oven an' let it bake."
  10. >She tosses the pie into the oven and grabs a timer, setting the clock for about forty minutes.
  11. >You're STILL on the crust.
  12. >Applejack eyes your slow progress, chuckling.
  13. >"Take all the time ya need, Anon. That don't need ta be ready for another forty minutes."
  14. "I'm honestly trying to go as fast as I can. The dough just refuses to stick."
  15. >Applejack stares at your fingers as you push the dough in, frowning.
  16. >"No, no, sugarcube. Ya gotta give it a bit more...oomph, ya know?"
  17. >You press down on the dough a little harder, but the orange pony shakes her head.
  18. >"Not that much, Anon. Ya gotta find the right amount of force."
  19. "I didn't think it got so technical."
  20. >"Trust me, doin' this fer years, ya learn all the ins and outs of bakin' apple pie."
  21. >She inspects the dough a little more.
  22. >You give it one final push, and she smiles.
  23. >"There ya go, Anon! Now it's time for the fillin'."
  24. "You're not gonna get super specific with this too, are you?"
  25. >"If ah didn't, we wouldn't have the best apple pies in Ponyville, Anon."
  26. >Rolling your eyes, you grab apples to fill the pie with, placing them on the outside of the pie and moving to the inside.
  27. >"Nice, ah like yer form."
  28. "Uh, thanks?"
  29. >Once the apples are all stacked into the pie, Applejack looks over the filling for flaws.
  30. >"Ah gotta say, this is pretty good, except that there's too much filling. It'll make the pie bake wrong."
  31. "Then why don't you fix it, pie master?"
  32. >She scoffs, grabbing the bits of extra filling.
  33. >"Ah'm just tryin' ta help, Anon."
  34. "You are helping. I watch you do it so I don't have to."
  35. >The farmpony sighs, placing the crust on top of the pie.
  36. >"Ya know, yer not always gonna be able to rely on others. Sometimes, ya gotta do things fer yerself."
  37. >She grabs a fork in her mouth and gives it to you.
  38. >"Now prove you can work for yerself by pokin' holes in that top crust."
  39. >You take the fork and use the handle to make small punctures in the crust.
  40. >Applejack nods at your work, this time silent about any mistakes you may have made.
  41. >The pie now sits on the counter, ready to go into the oven.
  42. "Okay, so is that it?"
  43. >"Yup. All we gotta do is wait fer this pie to finish. Then, we'll bake yours."
  44. "Good. ...so what'd you make me do this for, anyways?"
  45. >"No reason in particular. Just felt like havin' a bud to chat with. Figured since ya don't like farm work this was the closest thing we could do together."
  46. "No catch or anything?"
  47. >"Nope."
  48. >It'd be ridiculous to suspect some ulterior motive from applehorse anyways, wouldn't it?
  49. >Maybe some bonding time was all you needed.
  50. >You shrug, glad to have at least been able to hang out with Applejack and learn how to make an apple pie.
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