Report from Moore-needs 05/21/13

OccupyNorman May 21st, 2013 1,058 Never
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  1. Report from the ground in Moore.
  3. One of our volunteers just reported back after a long day on site. It is absolutely devastating.
  5. Needed in Moore: bottled water, nonperishable foods that don't require a can opener to open, diapers, and formula.
  7. If you are volunteering: Don't expect to be able to drive all the way into the city. Bikes are the best way to get around. Be self sufficient! At the very least bring enough food and water for yourself. Wear boots and coveralls heavier clothing, workgloves. Bring tools that work for debris removal: chainsaws, axes, wheelbarrows and the like. Volunteers are asked to go to Home Depot in Moore 650 SW 19th St, Moore, OK 73160, at 7 am.
  9. Also, be aware that communications are unreliable.
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