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  1. What are each of our learning goals for this project? What drives us in this project?
  2. Learning about OAuth, making APIs calls and consuming APIs, learn how to work efficiently with somebody else's code base. Learn how to send emails from a Rails app. We would like to have something we can present to potential employers.
  4. What is your collaboration style? How do you feel about pair programming vs. divide-and-conquer approaches?
  5. It's important to us to do the set up paired and as we move along in the project we can start dividing the user stories if needed.
  7. How do you communicate best? How do you appreciate receiving communication from others?
  8. We both want to have a lot of communication between each others. Honest, straightforward and kind feedback.
  10. How would you describe your work style?
  11. We would like to have as much done as early as possible to avoid anxiety. Always TDD everything.
  12. We will work at Turing during the weekdays. During the weekend, we will pair online.
  14. What are each of our strengths? How can our strengths complement each other?
  15. Julia is good at communication. Tim is good at taking baby steps and try not to go too far on what we need to do after.
  17. What’s gone well or poorly in your previous projects?
  18. When people feel that they all have the best idea and it's hard to reach to compromise. What's gone poorly was the only time she felt that there was not enough communication.
  20. How will we set direction and make decisions as a team?
  21. We will talk about the decision as we have to make them while we pair.
  23. How will we overcome obstacles?
  24. With communication. Also learn when to ask for help.
  26. What do you need (resources, environment, communication) to do your best work?
  27. We are adaptive.
  29. What scheduling restraints do you have? What are your scheduling preferences?
  30. We will work mostly in the evenings.
  32. What is your style for giving feedback? Does anything ever hold you back from giving feedback?
  33. Straightforward, honest, kind, empathetic. We all need to be receptive to feedback during this project. We have to understand that feedback is a good thing.
  35. What do you identify as being your biggest strength(s) technically, as they relate to this project? Where do you feel you could use improvement in your technical skills, as they relate to this project? How can our team help support you in improving these skills?
  36. We are good at learning things quickly.
  38. What tools do you want to use to manage the project?
  39. Git hub project management
  41. How do you want the group to solve problems when members run into issues with features of the project?
  42. Since we will be parining mostly, we will talk through it together.
  44. How do you know if a project is successful? How can we achieve that as a group?
  45. We want to keep a good pace throughout the project so we can feel that we are contributing, learning and also avoiding stress and anxiety.
  47. How will we recognize each other's successes and celebrate them?
  48. Celebrate the little things, cheer others up often and loudly!
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