Fiend's Contract Crest

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  3. A crest used by “demons” which are beings known as “fiends” and distinguished by a pattern that represents a heart along with the wings and tail of a fiend. Most of the insignia introduced by this author are for engraving on the body of a monster or human woman, but the “fiend's contract crest”, consists of a pair of two, each of which is to be engraved on the man and woman targeted. Since this insignia is engraved based on a contract, the consent of both the monster and the man is required, and along with that, it's required to produce a mana link between the human man and monster couple in order for the insignia take effect. Therefore, it won't work if engraved on a man and woman with no connection at all; however, like how a “married couple” is perceived based on monster values, even if they aren't officially married according to society, if the man and woman have fondness for one another and instinctively recognize each other as husband and wife, then the effect will appear. In most cases, demons engrave it on their own body and the body of their partner, the man who sealed the contract, but sometimes when a demon transforms a human woman she is fond of into a monster, she'll engrave it on that woman and the man who interests her, her spouse to be. It is used to bind a couple thoroughly together through sexual love, pleasure, and a contract.
  5. Regarding the place where it is mainly engraved, for women, it's the lower abdomen on the location of the womb, and for men, it's around the lower abdomen above the penis. This pair of insignia exhibits an effect whenever one of the couple's lust increases or becomes physically and mentally exalted. Not just one, but the insignia of both partners are activated so that the same passion and heat is induced in both of them, i.e., if the penis engraved with the insignia becomes erect, then the womb engraved with the other insignia will throb, secrete love juice, and prepare to quickly receive the penis. Conversely, if the womb greatly thirsts for essence, and begins to hotly throb, then the corresponding penis will quickly produce semen and become rigidly erect in a great towering manner to pour it inside and impregnate the partnered womb. In this way, it further solidifies the contract that “promises a man eternal pleasure in exchange for offering everything to the fiend” that demons form with men and forces compliance.
  7. It's effective even on parts other than the womb. By engraving it on each other's mouths, if one partner's mouth becomes lonely, they'll both start to mutually desire kissing and exchanging saliva. By engraving it on each others' arms, the arms will link together in response to one another's desires, with it being unclear who initiated it. They'll start holding hands, linking fingers, and spending their days actively embracing one another. It's also possible to engrave two insignia on different parts instead of on the same part. For instance, if the man has it engraved on his penis, but the woman has it engraved on her mouth, then when the penis becomes erect, large amounts of saliva will be produced inside the mouth, and it'll prepare to take the penis deeply inside, just like the womb. Conversely, if the woman becomes thirsty, the taste of essence comes to mind, and she licks her chops, then the penis will immediately become erect so that the woman can lick it, suck it, and slurp essence right away.
  9. Also, if the insignia is engraved on the man's penis as well as on the woman's forehead, which will influence her mind, then it'll exhibit a peculiar effect. No matter what the time and no matter how far away she may be, a woman with the insignia engraved on her forehead will sense it whenever her spouse with the insignia engraved on his penis gets an erection, and her mind will get carried away thinking about how that erection is ready to burst and that it got that way because of her. The domination of her mind by the love she feels toward the one who became aroused and erect for her will cause her to enter a state in which she can allocate the majority of her thoughts to her beloved and how she should service him and gratify his lust. And at the same time, naturally, if the insignia on the woman's forehead activates, then so too will the one on the man's penis. In other words, the penis will then totally react in response to an increase in the woman's lust and her state of arousal. If the urge to “suck it”, “insert it”, or whatever pops in her head, then the penis will become furiously erect in order to grant those wishes. The man becomes able to understand that his partner is thinking about him and lusting after him through his own penis. It becomes possible for the woman to incite the urge for sex and ejaculation in her husband's penis the more she thinks about him.
  11. In this manner, this insignia is a manifestation of the desire to dominate a man, but it's mainly preferred by those with a severely intense desire to serve, and tolerance, including “demons,” “kikimora” who belong to the radical faction, etc. rather than monsters with sadistic tendencies who prefer to dominate men by violating them and forcing them into submission with pleasure.
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