Surgas the Sticky

Apr 15th, 2015
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  1. Name: Surgas
  2. Gender: Male
  3. Race: Changeling
  4. Class: Pathfinder (Smith/Tracker)
  5. Alignment: Neutral Evil
  6. Age: ???
  8. Skills:
  9. =Changeling Flight You have thin gossamer wings which allow you to fly unencumbered but somewhat slower than other races. This is about as taxing as running at full speed.
  10. =Shapeshifting: recharge 3; A Changeling can imitate almost anything the same size as itself. This acts as disguise, but can copy any specific person/object on success, with higher success rolls giving better quality to the shapeshift. The disguise is removed when knocked helpless, rolling a critical failure when attacking, or when dispelled by magic. Purchasing the disguise skill causes this ability to autocrit , but you cannot benefit from it otherwise. Changelings can tell each other apart via pheromones and can automatically see through any disguise you use.
  11. =Glop: recharge 1 after effect ends, requires helpless target; You secrete a sticky green goo that prevents the target from recovering from helplessness for each round the effect is maintained(i.e. you take no other action). A strong target instead receives a cumulative -1 penalty to their recovery rolls for the duration of the effect. If the combat ends before the target manages to recover, the goo hardens into a cocoon and escape without outside help becomes all but impossible.
  12. =Remote Charge: Ranged; Fires a sticky explosive onto any surface or target, which can be detonated as an Instant action. The explosion hits anything nearby, friend or foe, and can damage structures, clear light rubble or even knock down doors
  13. =Trap: spend 1 turn; starting next turn, first enemy to attack is helpless for 2 turns
  14. =Appraise: instant; Determine the number of remaining hits and wounds on an enemy, and possibly weaknesses. More powerful enemies may be harder to Appraise. Out of combat, quickly determine value of objects, study mechanisms and documents, size up other ponies, etc.
  16. Talent: Exploding Goo; +2 to Remote Charge
  18. Appearance:
  19. Greenish-black changeling with staunch, thick shoulders and thorax accompanied by an equally thick abdomen filled with green-glowing holes, large wings to match his girth. Average sized head somewhat small for his body with matching green eyes. Is an experienced glop-throwing changeling that varies from the sticky to the explosive in variety.
  21. Surgas is a low-level grunt whose platoon was recently wiped out in the ill-fated Canterlot Wedding. With his commanding drone out of commission, he sees this as his time to shine and step up to take command of the remaining changelings and lead them to glorious victory. The problem being lack of experience.
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