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  1. •   Oats We Sow •
  3. username: velvetvevo
  5. password: gregory and the hawk
  7. • August Moon •
  9. name: kim zunyeol
  11. nickname:
  13. — zun : it is pronounced as "z-uh-n" and it was created by jux themselves who often pointed out how zunyeol was like the sun and happy virus of the group
  15. — sun of the group : this was made by fans who noticed how zunyeol was always and noticeably happy and energetic. they made her the "sun of the group" because of her lasting energy and activeness.
  17. — cheddar-yeol : despite being a happy virus or happy pill, zunyeol is also the weird jokester herself. she creates cheesy dad-jokes and with that, her manager teases her and calls her cheddar-yeol
  19. DOB: april 29 1996
  21. age: 21
  23. nationality: korean
  25. ethnicity: asian (korean)
  27. height: 162 cm
  29. weight: 45 kg
  31. blood type: O
  33. face claim + backup: blackpink jisoo + sulli
  35. birthplace: daegu, south korea
  37. hometown: daegu, south korea
  39. • Doubtful •
  41. slot + back up: obvious + so sad so sad
  43. background:
  45. — zunyeol was born to a musically-inclined family. a family where their passion is simply the art of singing, interpretative dancing and performing on stage. she grew up in a small town in daegu, south korea with her grandmother who was formerly a bar singer in the 60s to early 70s. zunyeol had life everything planned out for her. she would go to school at the age of 4 and graduate high school as an honor student. she would be entering college and in her fourth year, she would audition for cube entertainment. zunyeol of course abided this life plan for her. she believes that she could be an idol somehow and make sure her family's hopes and dreams to be an aspiring artist never fades into the shadows. zunyeol, who is the oldest among the three children of the kim family is a girl who helped her mother take care of her siblings a lot. not until both of her parents took her siblings to a foreign country to give them a better life while she stayed in the little town in daegu. high school and college was easy for her; she mingled and made tons of friends but only kept a few close to her. her group of friends supported her along the way when she auditioned and when she finally got in. all of them were super loving and are even planning to train with zunyeol too. zunyeol's audition was a success and her parents were very proud; in fact, they even flew all the way across the world to south korea just to celebrate zunyeol's big achievement. from then on, zunyeol worked her, keeping that big smile on her face and bringing the dream farther.
  47. personality:
  49. — if you could describe zunyeol with one word it would be bright. genuinely, zunyeol is a girl who loves being with people and socializing. she's confident and acts like the whole world's energy pill that spreads happiness everywhere she goes. she makes sure to put on a smile on everyone's face as she talks to them. its a thing for zunyeol; she wants to make everyone happy. whenever zunyeol sees someone frowning or in a really bad mood, she never lets it go but instead, tries to lift their mood and feelings up a bit with her different antics. zunyeol is truly a genuine person. she never fakes her personality in front of anyone; if she dislikes you, she won't fake a smile in front of you. zunyeol won't even bother with people who are irrelevant to her. she lets them live and respects them, just as long as they respect her too. zunyeol, when she has her best friends with her, becomes absolutely brighter and happier. aside from cracking cheesy jokes and puns, zunyeol begins to be a complete chatterbox. who could ever avoid the chatterbox zunyeol who blabbers about everything she finds fascinating to tell or talk about. she could never run out of stories to share. and her topics aren't limited as they can vary from being about that cute panda on animal planet to pondering about wether saturn is really called saturn or wether dogs name their owners or not. whatever you want to talk about, zunyeol will happily talk about it with you. despite being the bright energy pill she is, zunyeol can be a bit too over-exaggerating. some of her actions can be misinterpreted as her trying hard to be cute or funny when in reality, she just does it because she wants to do it. also, zunyeol can space out a lot and by a lot, i mean A LOT. she pays attention to most things and situations but there are times where her mind completely turns blank as a paper. she could go from being an obnoxiously loud chatterbox to a quiet observant girl. although there are times where she seems to act like the most confident girl in the world, zunyeol is generally a shy and curious person. she an be awkward too, especially when talking to someone with big titles or someone who is incredibly handsome. she can stutter at times but she shrugs it off as if it were unnoticeable and as if if was nothing. her awkwardness can sometimes be too much that she just freezes in her spot and turns blank. for the curious part, well kim zunyeol loves to learn and discover things on her own. she has google by her side and treats like a best friend she's never had. with every question that pops into her mind, she quickly takes it to google. with her fascination with google and always acting curious, the fans have called her "the walking google" since despite always turning to the famous website for answers, she studies a lot and knows tons of information that doesn't really affect your life in any way but is still good to know. overall, kim zunyeol is the tender hearted idol that loves google and her friends.
  53. — berries
  54. — the colors white, purple, yellow, red and bright blue
  55. — mornings
  56. — sweater paws
  57. — dogs
  58. — listening to music
  59. — long road trips
  60. — scented candles
  61. — cute stage costumes
  62. — making nicknames for everyone
  64. dislikes:
  66. — being disturbed
  67. — fighting
  68. — people who are ignorant
  69. — hate comments
  70. — being late
  71. — tomatoes
  73. talents:
  75. — acting
  76. — MCing
  78. hobbies:
  80. — painting
  81. — drawing
  82. — cooking
  83. — searching random stuff on google
  85. trivia:
  87. — her favorite color is white
  88. — all of her social media accounts is under the name of zunyeol_kim
  89. — she has 2 pet dogs named rory which is a pomeranian husky and genie which is a shih tzu
  90. — she admitted that she has a huge crush on lee jong suk and jang geun suk
  91. — she was involved in a dating scandal with pentagon's wooseok
  92. — zunyeol is a great cartwheeler and can cartwheel up to four times in a straight line
  93. — she is flexible
  94. — zunyeol saves her comeback photos and makes it as her wallpaper
  95. — she admires 4minute and was really devastated when they disbanded
  96. — she wants to get close with pentagon and bts
  97. — her favorite number is 79
  98. — she likes the word "winter"
  99. — the name of her fans is "one in a mil-yeols" (one in a million)
  100. — she likes skinship and links her arms to their maknae when they're together
  101. — she is fluent in japanese, english and korean
  104. what do they do in their free time:
  106. — zunyeol paints or takes aesthetic photos and posts it on her public instagram. she sometimes helps write lyrics but is usually occupied with playing the piano in their dorm.
  108. •  Grey Weather •
  110.  stage name: zunyeol
  112. stage persona:
  114. — zunyeol changes from her actual personality. instead of becoming a bright and smiley girl, she becomes more charismatic, confident and serious. her moves become swifter and she never fails to be extra. she bites her lip a lot or playfully winks whenever. although there are times where her fancam gets very popular around korea since she sometimes creates funny or adorable faces but she tries to refrain from doing more of those since she gets scolded a lot by her leader and the group's manager.
  116. stereotype: happy virus
  118. public persona:
  120. — two words. absolutely kind. zunyeol likes to wave at everyone and sends them finger hearts. when she walks back to their car, she always smiles and stops by for a few fans and playfully poses for them. she even dances and fulfill their requests by singing certain songs. whenever someone hands her a gift, she accepts it gratefully and gives them a big and bright smile. when she's with some other idols backstage, she's genuine and acts like her true self. sweet and happy.
  122. audition song(s):
  124. — iu - friday
  125. — iu - good day
  126. — iu - the shower
  127. — park boram - beautiful
  128. — baek a yeon - so so
  130. scandal:
  132. — zunyeol's biggest scandal was her first and last dating scandal which was the one that involved pentagon's wooseok. it was written in one article that she was throwing herself at him and forcing him to go on a date with her so wooswok dated her however these were all deemed false by cube entertainment themselves
  134. — zunyeol's other scandal was about how she was smoking outside cube entertainment's building. she was allegedly seen outside the entrance of the building and was holding what seemed to be a cigarette stick but it was soon revealed that it was a match stick she was lighting up.
  136. — another one of her scandals is her being rude to jux's leader. a fan photo taken when they were shooting a music video showed zunyeol in an angle as if she were confronting the leader of jux. she seemed to be yelling or mad at the older girl but the fans defended her from the netizens and said that the two were shouting at each other because the music playing was very loud.
  138. — zunyeol was accused of  having a fake personality on one variety show; hello counselor. the hosts had noted about her overflowing energy and had talked about how she was always so happy. while the audience and crew seemed to love the aura she brought upon the show, the netizens seem to think otherwise. therefore, it led to bashing her and koreaboo had created an article how netizens think that zunyeol was never really the zunyeol everyone sees. zunyeol made a response to this and had written a lengthy statement on her instagram regarding the issue.
  141. how are you in fanmeets:
  143. — during fanmeets, zunyeol remains zunyeol. she treats the fans like best friends reuniting. when she gets gifts, she also returns the favor by giving them a small card with a picture of jux inside. she tells them little quotes and gives them a random fact before watching them leave. zunyeol also likes to give them advice and tells them to put a smile on their face. it is clear that zunyeol cherishes them a lot.
  145. closest to which member :
  147. — despite always hanging out with the maknae, she is the closest to their leader (girls like you)
  151.   • Voice Like A Bell •
  153. album song suggestions:
  155. — Matilda - You Bad! Don't make me cry
  156. — Red Velvet - Automatic
  157. — Girl's Generation - You Think
  158. — Girls Generation - Catch me if you Can
  159. — AOA - Miniskirt
  160. — AOA - Like a Cat
  162. any solo songs/performance:
  164. — Luna - Free Somebody (solo song)
  165. — Taeyeon - Why (solo song)
  167. jux's fandom name:
  169. — juxury (like luxury)
  172. personal fandom name: one in a mil-yeol's
  174. fandom color: rose quartz (pantone)
  176. •  Stone Wall, Stone Fence •
  178. love interest + backup : lee taeyong + jeon wonwoo
  180. interactions:
  182. — beginning | zunyeol and taeyong's first interaction was when jux had gotten their 1st win. while jux's leader thanked the fans, viewers and supporters of the group, zunyeol can't help but be distracted with the confetti softly landing on the other members' hair and her own. so her being her she took the confetti off of the hair of the other girls without realizing that someone was helping her out with her hair. it was lee taeyong who voluntarily helped remove the remaining confetti on zunyeol's hair. when she took notice of this, she quickly turned around and saw taeyong retrieve his hand and smile brightly at her. she only smiled back then awkwardly gave him a fist bump before proceeding to speak on the microphone as it was being passed on. this began their friendship. where at almost every award show, taeyong would somehow be helping zunyeol out wether it'd be grabbing her arm when she falls off the stage or fixing her coat or taking confetti off of her. they had some sort of relationship or bond going on.
  184. — middle | of course, after tons of small yet meaningful conversations and lots of helping out each other, taeyong and zunyeol eventually exchanged numbers and considers each other as a best friend. they always deliver food to one's dorm or video chat with them. their members often pointed out that they act like an couple when they're together or whenever they have interactions. taeyong and zunyeol was then given a chance to MC or take part in a variety show (something like weekly idol or hello counselor) where they have to talk with each other. of course, zunyeol gives off the fresh and bright aura and taeyong gives off the cool and sweet vibe. they soon consider each other as really close best friends.
  187. — end | this is where zunyeol thinks it'll end. comeback after comeback, their friendship gets stronger but zunyeol begins to have feelings that she isn't supposed to have for him. admiration. she starts to like taeyong in the middle of both of their busy schedules and various talkshow appearances that it'd be hard or rare to see each other. somehow, with their strong bond and close friendship, they manage to make it happen and always makes time for each other. zunyeol develops romantic feelings for taeyong and tries to distance herself away from him since she doesn't want her feelings get in the way of everything. but it just never happens. taeyong however has a tiny crush on zunyeol but didn't think of his feelings too much unlike the latter. in the end of scandals, rumors and gossips, taeyong and zunyeol starts to date happily but no one knows if they'll get the happy ending or not.
  189. •  Ghost  •
  191. requested scenes:
  193. — During Jux's 1st win, Taeyong takes the confetti off of Zunyeol's hair and fans take note of this
  195. — When Zunyeol and Taeyong appear on one variety show, the trend #ZunYong or #TaeYeol
  197. — Jux collaborates with another group
  199. — Jux covers a boy group's song
  201. — Jux gets their own reality show
  203. — Zunyeol is picked to MC with Taeyong
  205. — Zunyeol and another member of Jux gets to appear on a variety show together
  207. any other notes/questions:
  209. — for the love interest part (the interactions part), i wanted to let you choose wether #ZunYong will stay or eventually break up
  211. message to me:
  213. hi :) merry christmas in advance !!!
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