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  1. How to download videos from camwhores.tv:
  3. Explanation:
  4. This is a guide on how to download videos from camwhores.tv, It may sound simple to download a video from any website, just look for the url in the source code right? Well... Not really. On camwhores they are using blob url the hide the actual url. In this guide i teach you how to find the real URL of the video. And the video can be downloaded from the real url of the direct link to the video.
  6. 1. Find any random non-private video on camwhores
  7. 2. Click on your choosen video and click F12 to open Dev Tools (Or you can right-click and click on Inspect Element)
  8. 3. Click on the network tab and refresh the page
  9. 4. Press ctrl+f to search in the networks and type in m3u
  10. 5. Now a list of extremly long urls and javascripts like (data:image/png;base, image_preview.js, kt_player.js, loader.js, zagent898.h-cdn.com)
  11. 6. Under zagent898.h-cdn.com you see one of those extremly long URLs, click on that long URL and to the right of that search box you should see a tab called "Headers", click that tab.
  12. 7. Now under general you will see something like Request URL: https://zagent898.h-cdn.com/camwhores/gen/www.camwhores.tv/get_file/51/c42653569b8a0711d81e6286092698ca28c07daf91/1976000/1976405/1976405.mp4/?rnd=1541715583609&hola&hrange=0-1048575&req_id=16_0&player=flowplayer&tech=html5&method=progressive&cdn=fast
  13. 8. And there we have our URL. We just need to remove this part "https://zagent898.h-cdn.com/camwhores/gen/" from the URL. And then paste the URL that you have in the address field and click enter as you normally do when you want to visit a website
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