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  1. <align="center"><b><u>Rules</u></b></align>
  2. - Don’t be a dick.
  3. - You can say the N-Word but not with the hard r that’s a big no no. First offense will result in a verbal warning. Second time you will be banned permanently. If you want to be unbanned you have to make a video of your self (we have to see you) apologizing for what you did and why you did. Then send it to an admin then you’ll be given a second chance
  4. - Be respectful.
  5. - Offensive memes are allowed if it's not meant to hurt or be directed at someone.
  6. - No self advertising, or advertising anybody or anything else.
  7. - Post content in the right text channel or it will be deleted.
  8. - Have fun.  
  9. - Do not disrespect other players in any way shape or form.
  10. - Do not argue with staff members about bans or moderation.        
  12. We have a lot of plugins on this server, so feel free to suggest more.
  14. <u><link="">Discord</link></u>
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