Fen in local 7/19/19

SiennaTrina Jul 19th, 2019 52 Never
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  1. [12:37] Gracon6: but for the sake of god what is a freelance helper
  2. [12:37] Prometheya left the region.
  3. [12:37] Fenchurch Oh: "u" is not a pronoun.
  4. [12:37] Gracon6: come on
  5. [12:38] Fenchurch Oh: You harrass me, I harrass you. Simple.
  6. [12:38] Gracon6: not fair just say it
  7. [12:38] JaylineeRose entered the region (110.40 m).
  8. [12:38] Coral Sharpshire: Ah no, we are friendly and respectful to everyone here.
  9. [12:38] Fenchurch Oh: You've asked that about half a dozen times, and you got answers
  10. [12:38] Gracon6: no u dint
  11. [12:38] Fenchurch Oh: so it feels like harrassment
  12. [12:38] JaylineeRose entered chat range (8.81 m).
  13. [12:38] Coral Sharpshire: 【ツ】
  14. [12:38] Coral Sharpshire: And we do not grade grammar and spelling.
  15. [12:39] Gracon6: every time i ask u u just ignore
  16. [12:39] Coral Sharpshire: HI, JaylineeRose
  17. [12:39] Gracon6: ok just tell me one more last time
  18. [12:39] Fenchurch Oh: Ok so last time then. I'm just helping here, but I'm not on staff
  19. [12:39] Fienchen (fionalein) left chat range.
  20. [12:39] Fienchen (fionalein) left the region.
  21. [12:39] Fenchurch Oh: that makes me a freelancer
  22. [12:39] Gracon6: ooh
  23. [12:40] Gracon6: cool thank
  25. LATER in local:
  26. [12:53] Coral Sharpshire  The Firestorm Gateway regions are G rated.  Please keep clothes, chat and behavior appropriate for our region rating.  Clothes are required.  No sex or swearing.  NO soliciting, advertising or recruiting of any kind.  THANK YOU!  ***   Please inform one of the Helpers if anyone is soliciting or asking for sex in your IMs.  ***
  27. [12:53] Fenchurch Oh: No swearing? Damn :P
  28. [12:54] Coral Sharpshire: Ha ha
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